Happytime Butterfly Girl

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Yoshi is a happy girl. She likes to be the center of attraction for the group parties where she is the only female and all the guests are men. Her desire is to please the men and make them happy even if she has to reach down deep to keep them satisfied.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Water Sports   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   Public Sex   .

Yoshi was proud of her tongue technique when sucking her partners. She had learned many tricks from the Lord Takimoto who gave her extensive training in oral love-making. She never encountered a cock or a pussy that she could not bring to a happy ending making her partner explode in a frenzy of juicy liquids. She had even gotten the nickname of "Juicy" because of her expertise.

The one thing that Yoshi was afraid of was to be asked for anal copulation. She had been impaled back there a few times much to her dismay. It seemed that when a thick cock was inserted into her rectum, she could not help but to clench her channel tightly and try to prevent deeper entry. It was very frustrating both for her and for her anal partner because she closed up as tight as a vault and rejected even the most determined probing.

Many times she had been beaten for her willful distaste for anal activities. Eventually, she was able to bring happy smiles to anal minded partners by allowing them to slide their equipment, either cock, tongue or fingers along her crease and opening her pucker slightly just to gauge her tightness. She knew just how to move her bottom to make her partners spill their seed or satisfy their tongues on her anal skin and flesh without probing too deeply into her secret depths.

She had discovered that the anal minded persons also enjoyed some reciprocal licking and kissing of their posteriors and she excelled in delivering an internal massage with great skills. It didn't really matter if it was a male or a female; they equally enjoyed her oral ministrations deep inside their tight little channels. Yoshi liked the sound of her anal-loving best of all. The slurping and the suction of the entry and the little whimpers her subjects were forced to give up. It never failed to make her pussy wet and she tested their resolve with her fingernails on their backside without breaking the skin. Sometimes, when she was deep in a male's bottom attending to his prostate, they would be forced to let go of their man-juices so forcefully that they would shoot all the way across the chamber and adorn the decorated wall separator with oozing lines of creamy cum.

Yoshi liked to get on all fours and take a cock from behind while she watched the dribble slide down the beautiful painted screen. If it was a female partner, she would look at the puddles on the floor with great interest while the other girl explored her female slit with consistent strokes of a wet and willing tongue. When she got close enough, she would reach out with her tongue and taste the sticky residue on the screens or even lap at the puddle at her ankles. It seemed like such a dirty thing to do and it made her little pussy slit tingle with excitement to speculate at the extent of her perverse nature.

Yoshi liked to be the center of attraction at the special parties when a large group of men took turns shooting their sticky loads right onto her hair and her face. Even though she was the butt of the fun, she had to agree it was very funny when the stuff would drip down onto her naked breasts and cover her nipples with slimy goo. The only thing she didn't like was when some would go into her eye and make it hard for her to see the long hard cocks right next to her face.

She didn't understand why a lot of the girls didn't like the parties because it was more like a game than the serious business of trying to widen her sphincter muscle open enough to admit an ass-loving cock.

The party she was at tonight was so exciting.

Yoshi already had almost 20 loads on her head and face and she was rubbing her clitoris hard under the table out of sight of the men crowding the room. They were all lining up and trying to get their turn just when they were ready to shoot their load. Sometimes she had to hold her face up and wait for the release of the creamy liquid onto her face. When they seemed a little slow in shooting, Yoshi would open her mouth and lick her lips with her tongue like she was ready to swallow the load right down into her tummy. In all honesty, she had to admit that she seldom swallowed the sticky stuff because it seemed to catch in her throat and the taste was seldom desirous to her. But she would do it just to make the men think she wanted to get it inside her very much.

The other girls usually had another girl or two to help out with the crowd of men making deposits on their face. Yoshi never did that because she felt it was like cheating. She wanted to handle the entire group without turning it over to another to finish for her.

Tonight was a bit different because some of the men wanted to push their fingers into her butterfly pucker hole in back. She agreed to it because it was a lot better than getting hard cocks shoved up her tiny little anus instead. It was a change but still was something that she could handle without any degree of difficulty. Yoshi found that the exercise in her backside was distracting her attention from the loads raining down on her face and she was shamefully cruising close to a level of arousal that could only end in an embarrassing orgasm right in front of all of the men in the room.

She had pretty much finished off all of the deposits of cum on her face when one of the men slid underneath her backside and cradled her ass cheeks making her bounce right on the end of his rock-hard cock. It was a bit uncomfortable but after a short time, Yoshi started to enjoy the feel of the cock pushing hard against her glistening wet labia. In fact, she was grunting like a dirty girl giving "happytimes" to her fellow co-workers at the office or even a submissive wife giving friends of a husband who was too drunk to notice their depraved use of his spouse's pussy.

A last load of man-juice landed right inside her open lips causing her to swallow just to get the stuff off her tongue. It was at that moment when she was distracted that the cock probing the rear end of her pussy edged it open and slid inside until the entire eight inches was treading water in her flooded vagina.

She knew it was inevitable that she would be slow-fucked to the finish now and she relaxed and let nature take its course.

The nasty fellow in her bottom was laughing and bragging about his conquest of her secret woman hole and the other men were congratulating him on his good fortune.

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