Sister-in-law in the Woods

by bevicious

Copyright© 2013 by bevicious

Erotica Sex Story: I have to take my brother's drunk wife back to my place before our parents return from the airport. The walk home was not as straight-forward as I expected...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   InLaws   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

I've been into my sis-in-law since the first time I saw her. She's 5'2", dark skin, pert breasts and a beautiful ass. No part of her is too big or small for her body, she's just perfect. Ever since we've met she's been like an older sis to me. As I'm younger than my bro and her, she's often been playful with me and loves to stroke my head or back if we're talking or give me a quick kiss as we part.

She doesn't have many weaknesses, no smoking or drugs, but her one weakness is she can't handle her drink at all. I mean, one glass of wine can make her feel drowsy and she'll sleep for the rest of the night. Even though she knows this, she can't help herself if there is wine available. Conversely, my bro doesn't drink at all, so the stories are usually about him having to take care of her as she was in la-la land.

So, back to the story, on this particular weekend, my bro, sis-in-law, a couple of their friends and I were having a lazy afternoon in the sun. The men were watching football while the girls were chatting away. We'd all had quite a few drinks and that was fine as none of us were planning to do anything useful for the rest of the day. As the afternoon wound up, I could see that my sis-in-law had passed out on the sunbed outside and so my bro called it a day and packed off the guests and it was just the three of us.

My bro and I cleaned up as my sis-in-law snoozed away. Just as we're finishing up he got a call, our parents were in town and we had to go get them. It was an annoying habit but they love surprising us, but this was not the best of times. The fact my sis-in-law had passed out drunk wasn't something that he wanted our parents to see (we're Indian, they would not have understood). We quickly came up with an idea, he'd take her back to my place, which was about 15 mins walk through the woods, and I'd go get our parents. He'd pack a few things and she could recover over there, get ready and come back later, I'd just say the both of them were out with friends and therefore would join us for dinner.

The problem was, I was easily over the limit and neither he, or I, would ever drive in that state. So, we switched roles, I'd take care of my sis-in-law, he'd go get our parents and say that she and I had gone out shopping or something. I woke up my sis-in-law the best I could, holding her up and explaining that we're going to my house because mum & dad were coming over. Nothing registered but that didn't stop me, we had to get going.

I think you'll only appreciate the beauty of the rest story if I put you in my position, so the rest is in first-person:

So 5 minutes later, you're walking through the woods, she's still basically passed out and saying useless things but she's tiny so you can easily support her and her bag. Most of the walk is on a trail, but about half way through you need to cut through the trees, through some old camping areas and onto another trail. Mostly the woods are empty, but they are used for walking groups etc. Thankfully not many children/hoodies, though.

Anyway, you're walking through the trees and bushes and she trips and stumbles into the ground. As you pick her back up, you can see she stumbled as her dress got caught on a branch and it's ripped now. Your cock hardens as you see her stomach through the cut in the dress, but you keep walking as your house is only 5 minutes away. You walk a little further and into a clearing when you realise that you left the bag behind when she stumbled earlier. As there was a table and a bench, you sit her down and jog back to get it (you don't want to risk her getting hurt again).

You grab the bag and as you're walking back towards the clearing, you hear some noises, so you slow down and peek through the bushes to see what was happening. A group of old guys in sweatpants and t-shirts who must have been going for their daily walk. There are about 5 of them and they are circling her like vultures on prey. She has no clue what was happening, she is mumbling a few things but nothing useful. They are cracking a few smiles and a couple of them make a joke that has the group laughing.

You should have gone and stopped them but you're stuck, blood is pumping and you are hard thinking about what they might do to her. In a friendly tone, you heard them refer to her as 'cunt' and 'slut' and one of them decides it was time to help her up. He does, but not without cupping her breasts from behind as he does, giving them a tight squeeze and she moans.

He looks up to the rest of his gang, all the old cocks starting to get harder seeing this cunt dazed, confused and half-naked in the middle of the woods with no one else around. The guy holding her assures her that he'll take her home and leads her further intot he wood, to a nice quiet spot that he knows as he and his friends use it for doing some group wanking sessions.

You follow them further into the woods, keeping your distance but still being able to keep an eye on everything that's happening.

The quiet stop they lead her to is a clearing with tall bushes all around, covered by old trees, with some benches for sitting on, and a picnic table in the middle. Families probably use this place for picnics during the summer, but now that the weather is terrible, it's used during the day for these old guys to release some pent-up cum and during the night for dogging.

You can make our used condoms and stains on the table in the middle, someone had a good time last night. The leader of the gang leads your sis-in-law to the table and props her up on it. She sits up on the edge for a second, you see her bra has been pulled aside, and you can make our her panties now as he jeans are around her thighs. She manages to stay upright for about 10 seconds before she begins to lay back.

By now the gang have rid themselves of their winter jackets and the jogging bottoms they were wearing are around their thighs. They are stroking themselves as one of the older ones moves forwards and helps her jeans off, the leader, a big black old timer, undoes her bra and takes off her shirt. Her clothes are discarded onto the floor, a cunt doesn't need clothes, now she's dressed appropriately for her role in life.

They move forward and start to grobe her, hands ever where, black and white, feeling everything. Two of them started at her feet but are how quickly running their hands down her thighs and reaching her pussy. Two more are roughly groping her breasts, and the black guy has got two fingers in her mouth, moving them in and out like it were his cock. You can see her squirm under all those hands, she's moaning, she likes it! Confused as hell, thinking that she must be dreaming, she's going with the flow without knowing she's being initiated as a cum slut, something that's going to change her forever.

Soon they get tired of kneading her breasts and fingering her pussy and ass hole, so they spin her around and move her off the table so now she's bending onto the table, with her ass high up in the air on one end and breasts and head off the edge other end.

The hands have been replaced by cocks, two of them are slapping their cocks on her tight bum while two others are using her hands to wank themselves and the black guy is rubbing his cock against her lips.

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