Undercover Operative

by Ronski46

Copyright© 2013 by Ronski46

Erotica Sex Story: Julia was tied to the post, her arms above her head. Hugh Green told her,"Now we need to know who you are, why you are here and who you are working for. This lady is Marina, she has my permission to do anything she likes to you to extract the truth", Julia knew she was in serious trouble.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Rape   Fiction   BDSM   Rough   Torture   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Double Penetration   .

Julia knew she was in trouble when she came round to find herself with her arms stretched above her head and unable to bring them down to her face to relieve the awful headache. She knew she was standing and as her eyes came into focus she saw a plain brick wall in front of her, she could feel what appeared to be a post of some kind pressing into her back, her arms pulled up and tied behind the post above her head causing her to arch her back and thrust her body forward as the thick pole ensured her arms were high behind her head.

She tried to move her feet and could touch the floor with her toes, her arms ached from being stretched so she guessed she had been here for some time, but when she tried to bring her feet together she realized they were tied to a bar spreading her legs wide apart, but at least she still had her pale blue silk evening gown on and she did not appear to be hurting or damaged apart from this bloody headache.

Her training kicked in and she started to assess her predicament and what she could last remember, being at the party being thrown for her target Hugh Green, a so called businessman with contacts throughout the world but based and living in the UK.

His business being a very convenient cover for his underworld activities, drug dealing and people trafficking that made him an extremely powerful man who used his contacts to remain one step ahead of the law, never getting his hands dirty with the goods and allowing others to take the fall if things went wrong. Nobody ever told tales, they were well paid and their families cared for until they gained their freedom.

Those who did cross him paid a very high price, their families suffering badly in front of them before they died. The forces of law and order knew of just two men who had defied Green and both had watched as their wives had been abused and raped, their son's killed and in one case his 13yr old daughter also abused and raped before he died. Their bodies would then be left to be found, making sure that all the other members of his organization knew the penalties of defiance.

Julie's father had been one of these men, her mother gang-raped and abused before dying and her brother raped and killed. Julie aged 14 and her sister Jane aged 9 had been extremely lucky to have been on holiday with an aunt in Cornwall at that exact time and the police getting to them and whisking them away before Green's thugs could locate them.

Both then given new identities and cared for until they were ready to make their own decisions, both had joined the police and been recruited as undercover operatives, both determined to avenge their family and bring down the man who had destroyed them.

At 26 yrs old, 5'6'' tall, long blonde hair, blue eyes, 36d/26/36 body, stunning looks and highly intelligent Julie found undercover work was her forte. Using her looks and body to worm her way into the organizations under surveillance she had been responsible for bringing many wanted people to justice. She had no qualms about using her in-built sexuality to get the information required and would often bed both men and women in obtaining the evidence needed, getting great satisfaction from their downfall.

Nobody in the force knew of her background so when the opportunity came to infiltrate Green's organization she grabbed it with both hands.

Ensuring her sister Jane was appointed to be her main contact to pass along the relevant information they built a small team of four to collate the evidence that would ensure Green's downfall. The four being Julia and Jane, another younger officer Bernadette, (Berni to her friends)an absolute computer whizz and an older male officer Jake who was their security and protection man.

Julia has been working her way undercover through Green's gang for the past six months and had finally been invited to a private function and party at Green's villa in Spain.

She had been helping in her undercover role to arrange the transportation of young girls from Eastern Europe, Russia and the Far East to work in brothels around the world.

She could do nothing to stop the trade as this would jeopardise her role, as a result she had been tasked with supplying the girls for the villa get together, which she had done successfully. She had talked to the others in her team and it had been agreed she would make sure she went along as well to see who else was there, as it was intended as a meeting for the heads of several criminal organizations and would help to pinpoint them for law enforcement around the world.

Julia had been at the party last night, looking her stunning best, carefully made up, with her long blonde hair hanging loose down to her waist and wearing her favourite pale blue pure silk evening gown, the one she liked to call her ' fuck me' outfit. The dress was a fantastic creation that clung to her every curve, tied with a bow behind her neck, the two pieces at the front accentuating her breasts and cut in a low 'V' before cinching in at her waist then falling to just below her ankles, showing off her black 6" stilletos. Dipping low at the back to just cover her ass before flaring out around her hip's which she would sway as she walked, getting the attention of both men and woman alike. She looked totally stunning and never wore a bra with this gown and just a tiny thong that barely covered her pussy so as to not spoil the fall or look of the gown, her nipples and ass cheeks very obvious as the gown clung to her body as she moved.

Carefully noting who was there and taking pictures with the covert camera in her watch, which were then directly up-loaded to Berni's computer via the internet, she had moved from group to group and had spent time flirting with several of the men to gain their trust for future possible use by intelligence and police forces around the world.

At one point even allowing one crime boss, who was of special interest, to waylay her in a toilet, putting her arms around his neck and letting him move the front of her gown aside to expose her perfectly formed breast's and play with her pale brown medium size nipples, making them grow hard before sucking them one at a time into his mouth to make them hard and bring a groan of sexual excitement from her lips. Julia for her part was playing with his hard cock through his trousers and could feel herself begin to get wet, so she called a halt telling him she would meet him later and spend the night with him, anything to get the information she needed being Julia's motto.

The last thing she remembered was being offered a drink by Hugh Green and him thanking her for all her work in helping to make the weekend a complete success. Soon afterwards she felt the need to sit down and then nothing until she came too in what she could now see was some sort of cellar.

Part Two

Julia experimentally moved her head first to the right and then to the left, seeing nothing but the wall and the door slightly off to her right, several metal rings were embedded in the wall around waist height but nothing else of interest. Her head was clearing now and she tried to work her hands and feet around to get some circulation going, she had to be ready to burst into action at the first opportunity if she was to get out of this situation, all of her training was geared towards escape if she was ever caught. She also needed to prepare herself to endure whatever was coming, so as to give her team time to find her, or escape themselves. She knew the evidence was safe as it was being transmitted back to base as soon as Bernie had collated it.

The team had established themselves in a house in a nearby village to monitor her and be on standby if needed, so she had to hold out long enough for rescue to be attempted.

Julia had no illusions about what could happen to her but what she couldn't figure out was where her cover had been blown, what was the mistake that had ended with her here tied up in a cellar.

Just then the door handle moved and the door opened, she swung her head to see who was entering. Hugh Green walked in wearing denim jeans and an open neck white shirt, he was followed by the man from last night in white shirt and trousers, a woman in her early forties she had never met, wearing leather trousers and a black blouse and two of Greens henchmen, both big men with hard bodies and wearing just workmen's overalls buttoned down the front.

They all walked round to stand against the wall looking at her.

Hugh Green stepped forward until he was 2 feet from her, then looked her up and down,

taking a long time to linger on her nipples, before lowering his eyes to take her in from head to toe. Looking her in the eye he said "Well Julia you do not disappoint me, I suspect you are wondering how your cover was blown, aren't you"?

Julia said nothing and Green laughed, " Let me enlighten you, the lady here is Marina Berovski, I see by your eyes the name means something too you, it should, because of you her brother was convicted and sent down, he died in that prison when he was stabbed, a contract killing. But he sent her a picture taken on his phone of the woman he believed to be responsible for his downfall. When Marina visited me in the UK six weeks ago she was devastated to see that woman, you Julia, working within my organization, it was then just a case of seeing how far you would go to maintain your cover and ensuring you came here"

Green then continued, "Now we need to find out who you are, who you are working for and why, and also of course to allow Marina her revenge, I have promised her she can do anything she wishes with you to extract the truth"

"We are going to hurt you Julia, badly, we will inflict a lot of pain on you and you will tell us what we need to know, even though you probably think you won't"

"We have had you followed and know all about your little team in the village, my people have been dispatched to collect them up and bring them here as well, so a rescue attempt will not happen, you are here at our mercy and you will feel pain beyond anything you have ever had done to you before"

Green reached forward and ran the fingers of his left hand down her face from her hair line to her chin, it made her cringe and turn her head away to try and escape his touch, he laughed and continued down, running his hand over the material of her gown until he came to the top of her full 36d breasts, going around her left breast to cup it in the palm of his hand before bringing his fingers up to caress the nipple, which had gone hard and puckered from fright.

Squeezing the nipple between his finger and thumb he started to twist and pull it, Julia cried out as a searing pain shot through her nipple. "My, my" said Green, "these are very sensitive I think everybody needs to see those lovely breasts and nipples, don't you"?

Julia tried to wriggle from side to side but trussed as she was she could only move her head, and with the post pushing her forward she seemed to be offering her breasts to be abused.

Trying desperately not to scream she could only watch as he moved forward and reaching behind her head he started to undo the bow holding her gown up at the front, as it came undone he let it fall, exposing her perfect generous breasts to everyone, thrust forward with the perky nipples standing out. Green then walked round behind her and she could hear him pick something up from what she guessed was a table. When he came back into view he was carrying a very sharp looking chef's knife, he stepped towards her and turning the blade he ran the back down across her nipples, first the left, then the right.

Stepping closer to one side so that the others could see what he was doing he ran the point under her breasts, the sharp point drawing a bead of blood from her sensitized skin.

He then ran the flat blade under the waist of her dress and started to cut downwards, as it fell away it left her totally exposed, just the tiny thong covering her completely shaved pubic mound, he finally cut through the whole dress and it fell as a pool of silk at her feet.

He then brought it back up and cut first one side then the other side of the lace holding her thong in place, it joined her dress on the floor, leaving her naked to their gaze, feeling exposed and totally vulnerable.

Bringing the knife back he ran the blade up the tender flesh on the inside of her thigh, first one side then the other, until he reached her pussy. Julia stopped moving and stayed very still, her whole body tensioned waiting for whatever was to come next, trying desperately not to scream she felt the blade run across the lips of her vagina before being joined by Greens fingers as he opened her outer lips before bringing the blade between them, rubbing it backwards and forwards and making sure it touched her clit, as he forced it hard up against her cunt a gasp of fright escaped her lips and she started to shake as she waited for the pain to start as he cut her.

Green then laughed and withdrew the knife from between her legs, stepping back he said

"Julia that was nothing, just the back of the blade, you will wish you had never crossed me by the time we have finished"

Part Three

As Green stepped away the man from last night came forward, he raised his hand and slapped Julia hard across her left tit, then repeated it with her right tit, making the flesh turn red as he continued this treatment four or five times. Julia screamed after the first two, her body squirming and twisting trying to escape the pain. He then took each nipple in turn and sucking first one then the other it into his mouth, running his teeth across the tender tips until he bit down on the puckered flesh. Julia thought he was going to tear them from her body, unable to move away she screamed until she ran out of breath. As he did this he started to explore her pussy with his fingers, pushing first one and then two into her flesh he pinched and pulled the outer lips before taking her clit between his forefinger and thumb and twisting and pulling it making Julia scream again and again as he finger fucked her, forcing his hand hard up against her pubic mound.

Julia nearly passed out, but before she could he withdrew his hand and stepped away, leaving her in pain and hanging from her bound arms. Julia knew she had to hang on as long as possible if Interpol were going to act on the information received in London, and this thought stopped her from begging them to stop. She knew that worse was to come and she would probably be raped at some point, her trainer had warned her that if she was ever caught she had to hold on as long as possible, that rape and sexual torture was the norm for any female operative captured and held. Her captors would be determined to break her.

The second man now beckoned the two henchmen forward and instructed them to hold her still, they went either side of Julia and grabbed her hair at the same time forcing her arms further back against the post using their forearms to hold her hard against the post ensuring she could not move her upper body. The man then took out a packet of cigarettes and using a gold Dunhill lighter he applied the flame to the cigarette and inhaled deeply, blowing the smoke in Julia's direction he inspected the end, he then stepped forward blowing the ash from the tip as he did so.

He then instructed the men to each grab a breast and hold it tight, they did so, making Julia gasp as she felt their fingers tighten, their hard hands making the blood race to her beautiful full perky young breasts, the fine nipples sitting high, pointing upwards as the man approached and inspect each nipple in turn. Julia watched in horror as he very, very slowly brought the hot tip towards her left breast, she knew she was going to scream and small gasps escaped her lips as she fought to hold the scream in, as the glowing tip came close to her left nipple she lost control of her bladder in fright, she could feel the urine trickling from her and as the hot tip touched the underside of her nipple her scream was finally released as she felt the burning begin. Just as she thought she would pass out he removed the cigarette and sucked the nipple into his mouth, biting it and pulling hard with his teeth,

Julia screamed and screamed but he stopped just before she could faint to relieve the pain.

He then moved to her right nipple and applied the hot tip to the top of this one, again denying her the blessed relief of passing out in pain, before repeating the sucking and biting.

Julia was now released and her body sagged as far as it could, straining her arms as her legs buckled. She finally raised her head to look up and see them all watching her, the men with hard cocks straining against their fronts and the woman with a look of pleasure and satisfaction on her face from watching her pain.

Julia suddenly realized they had not asked her a single question during her ordeal, they had simply been enjoying her pain and had no intention of questioning her yet.

Part Four

Green stepped forward and held her face by the jaw, lifting her head up and staring into her eyes he said "We have only just started on you Julia, we will make an example of you, nobody will dare to defy me again once they have seen the video of you and your friend's ordeals at our hands. I will make you scream and beg me to stop, you will tell me everything you know and betray everyone involved in trying to bring me down"

Green turned and told his men to prepare her and then invited his guests to join him for lunch, as they left the room his men walked towards her, each of them mauling her tit's and fingering her pussy, pushing thick fingers hard into her and opening her pussy lips, pinching and pulling her clit, making her writhe to try and ease the pain as their teeth found her abused nipple's. Tears formed in Julia's eyes and rolled down her cheeks to drip onto her breasts, the men laughed and stood back slightly enjoying the sight of her heaving bosom as she sobbed uncontrollably. They then bent down to untie her legs and cuff them together at the ankle's before reaching up and un-hooking her hands from behind the post, allowing her to sink to the floor before un-cuffing her hands, then gripping an arm each pulling her to her feet and dragging her across the room towards a metal table bolted to the floor.

Julia struggled and fought in vain to escape her captors but she was helpless in their grip as they lifted her up and pushed her down on her back along the table, while one held her in place the other one pulled her arms above her head and fixed the handcuffs to a clip at the top of the table.

One of them then placed metal braces in each side of the table before releasing the cuffs and spreading her legs apart. Bending each leg in turn it was placed into the long cups on either side, leather straps then pulled tight around her ankles and just below her knee's.

The braces were adjusted towards her head pulling her legs wide apart and back to expose her pussy and anus to their gaze, Julia helpless to prevent them.

Next they went to the top of the table and un-clipped the handcuffs, they undid them and pulled each arm beneath the table and used the cuffs to join them together, forcing her arms together and again causing her breasts to jut upwards as her shoulders were pulled down. Julia was now firmly tied in place with her breasts and nipples again poised for abuse, the soft flesh of her inner thighs and her pussy fully accessible, the vulnerable inner lips and clit of her pussy ready to be exposed.

Julia fully expected to be raped but instead they each took turns to pinch and pull her nipples and finger her pussy while rubbing their hard cocks against her hips. Try as she might she could hardly move her body to prevent anything they wanted to do to her.

They then held her head and put a bottle of water to her lips, allowing her to drink and ease her parched and sore throat before walking from the room.

Part Five

Jane, Berni and Jake were clustered around the computer terminal watching the pictures from Julia's wristwatch camera as they downloaded, Berni working to re-send them on towards London as they arrived. So concentrated on the task in hand they failed to hear the outer door being unlocked as the group of six men dressed in black entered. The first they knew of being in danger was when the inner door burst open, as the men rushed into the room Jake tried to pull his gun from its holster, but just as his hand grasped it a cosh crashed into his shoulder and neck, felling him from his seat. As he fell another man brought a gun barrel down on his head and he passed out.

The two girls jumped up Jane's training kicking in as she tried to fight back, but two guys jumped on her forcing her to the floor before a hypodermic needle was plunged into her arm and she fell unconscious. Berni was quickly overpowered by the remaining man who pushed her to the floor and fell on top of her taking the opportunity to fondle her petite breasts as he did so.

The three of them were quickly tied with their hands behind them, the men then dragged them out the door and into a van parked right outside, throwing then in the side door and slamming it shut before collecting up everything in the room, clothes, computer, paperwork, anything that indicated they had ever been there and bringing it out to the van as well.

Closing the doors they drove carefully away so as not to attract attention.

After a couple of hours they arrived at the remote mountain farmhouse that Julia was being held at, a location unknown to the authorities as the party villa had simply been rented for the purpose. The whole team were now off the radar, the office in London aware something was wrong, but no idea what was wrong or where their operatives were.

Arriving at the farm the three operatives were manhandled from the van and marched through a trapdoor set into the floor of the barn and down the stone steps into a large cellar area built under the barn situated in the grounds. Pulled and pushed along a corridor they were each put into separate cells and their tied hands attached to rings in the wall to ensure they could not walk around.

Hugh Green was informed they had arrived and with his two head security guards left his study and went to view them. Arriving at the cell holding Jake he entered and looked him over before ordering the men who had captured him to strip his clothes off and prepare him. The men stepped forward and using knifes they proceeded to cut his clothes off until he was completely naked, they even removed his shoes and socks, two holding his ankles while this was done. Jake tried to fight them off but it was pointless with his hands tied and secured behind him. The men holding his legs then pulled them apart and Green stepped forward and grabbing his balls in one hand started to squeeze, as his grip tightened Jake started to gasp for breath as the pain increased until he was forced to scream as it became intolerable. He then turned to one of the men and told him to continue with the torture using whatever method he wanted to get the answers they required, who were the others, who sent them, what was their brief and where did Jake live.

Berni's cell was next and Green entered with his two men behind, walking straight up to Berni who was very scared, she had not been trained for this, she was just a computer nerd and was supposed to be sat at a desk, not tied up in a cell. The men stood still and looked her over, taking in her small petite frame, Berni was just 5'2" tall with bob cut short strawberry blonde hair and a 32B-22-32 figure. Her small elfin features inherited from her Irish mother she looked no older than 16 yrs old but was actually 19 yrs old and a brilliant hacker. Green could see the fright reflected in her face and asked her who she was and what was her job. She told him straight away having heard Jake scream before and starting to scream again as the information was being extracted from him.

Green smiled and reaching out towards her he tore the t-shirt from the neck down, using both hands he tore at the material until it hung from her shoulders and arms. She wore no bra, her small perfectly formed breasts exposed to their gaze as she tried to shrink back into the wall. The two men stepped forward and started to undo her jeans, preventing her from kicking out with their legs pressed hard against her.

As soon as they had undone the button at the top they pulled down the zipper and tugged both her jeans and her panties down until they were around her ankles. Her sparse pubic hair did little to hide her pussy lips from them as one of them stood on her jeans effectively holding her in place and then forced his knee between her legs. Hugh Green stepped forward and placing his hand on her pubic mound he started to push a finger into her pussy.

Berni screamed begging them to stop as she felt his finger begin to explore the inner lips of her pussy. As his finger pushed further in Green stopped and started to feel around, he then grabbed her hair and pulling her head back he asked her if she was still a virgin, she said she was, that she had never allowed anyone to touch her tits and pussy, she was saving herself for marriage as her religion dictated.

Green then asked her the same questions, who were they, who was in charge, who sent them and where did she live. One of his men noted down what she told them so that they could compare the answers against the others. Green warned her if she told them lie's they would return and rape her, Berni was too scared to tell them anything but the truth.

The next cell held Jane, Julia's sister, 24yrs old and almost a mirror copy of Julia, except she had long black hair with the same stunning looks and superb body. Jane's eyes were green and flashed with hatred as she looked at them, she started to shout abuse at them, telling them to go to fuck she would tell them nothing. Green just laughed and told her," I will so enjoy breaking you Jane".

Jane was shocked he knew her name but realised by the screams coming along the corridor

How the information had been obtained. Green then told her they had her sister and what they had already done to her, that they would show no mercy to either of them and fully intended to get every bit of information from them both.

He told his men to bring her along to the room where Julia was being held.

Part Seven

Julia lay strapped to the table waiting for what would happen next, her mind running wild and praying the others has escaped to safety. Her wishes were shattered when Green walked into the room closely followed by two men roughly pulling her sister along between them, "No, no", cried Julia as she realized her worst fears had come true.

Jane was thrown to the floor and two more men entered, between the four of them they held her down and started to rip the clothes from her body until she was naked, her lovely toned body exposed, her large dark brown nipples erect, her breasts quivering in fright.

Her legs were pulled apart and they all took great delight in pinching and pulling her nipples, and fingering her partly shaved pussy. Jane had just a small strip of pubic hair on her mound, her pink and delicate pussy lips were being pulled open and her clit pinched and pulled as they roughed her up, at the same time pushing her long legs back over her shoulders to expose her puckered anus.

Green pushed two fingers roughly into Jane's pussy making her gasp in pain, he wriggled them around commenting on how tight she was before pulling them out and using one finger he pushed it into her ass. Jane screamed and fought to escape the invasion but it was useless as she was pinned down and could do nothing to defend herself, she continued to scream as the finger went in as far as it could reach.

Jane was then picked up and thrown across a single bed in the room, her hands un-tied and spread to either side. As two of them held her down the other two took one arm and tied it to the metal frame at the head of the bed, taking the other arm it was then tied to the metal frame at the foot of the bed.

They repeated this with her legs so that she was now spread-eagled onto a single bed her legs spread wider than they had ever been. Taking two more ropes they tied them around her legs just above her knees and around the metal frame of the bed, her legs were now at right angles to her body, her pussy completely exposed and her hips on the edge of the bed, her head hanging off the opposite side with her hair falling to the floor.

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