Corresponding Intents
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Husband's resolve for rhetoric to become reality is preempted by shy wife's altered perspective.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Wife Watching   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Workplace  

Voyeurism rouses resolve for rhetoric to become reality is inspired by another erotica site author dr13bone's posting entitled Shy Wife's Forced Black Hand Job.

Background: A tacit agreement between a married couple, Melissa and John, to leave work at work has been a contributing factor in the success of both their careers and marriage. Collaborating on finalizing periodic reports with a congenial work colleague during the past year naturally developed into friendship between Melissa and Eric. Their working friendship evolved into a reciprocally flirtatious relationship not long before a party incident. Although inebriated, the over six foot tall very dark Eric was discreetly convinced to abandon improper attention by the shy and embarrassed Melissa. John only knew Eric as a drunk making an easily fended off pass at his wife at a party.

Learning his wife had not only lost a bet on the Presidential election, but also the inequitable terms prompted a barely even tempered exploration of options ranging from reneging only to be constantly badgered to her husband's undisclosed imagery of fulfilling the terms. The titillating image of a shy, traditional White wife with long brown hair, cute nose, cuter smile, long, lightly tanned body, nice round ass and 34B boobs giving a hand job to a black cock intrigued John enough to licentiously encourage Melissa to quickly live up to her end of the bargain and "git-er-done."

John assured Melissa he was neither angry for losing the bet nor would be at her for fulfilling her end of the bargain. Melissa's concern that her capitulation would be filmed at Eric's or another neutral site inspired John to plan on using a webcam wifi connected to his laptop computer for recording. The couple agreed to meeting the bet's terms in their home and John would hide in his basement man cave in case Melissa needed to renege.

Saturday while Melissa was shopping John secretly installed a webcam in the living room focused on the sofa. Melissa spent some of Sunday cleaning in preparation for her guest's arrival the next evening. Discovering the webcam motivated her to look until she found the computer connected to the intrusion into her privacy. Reviewing the laptop's recent internet history gave Melissa a pretty clear indication of just how far John expected his wife to go with her black guest. Rather than confront John she lay awake weighing her options that night long after her husband began snoring.

Monday Eric joined Melissa for lunch in her office as they had to spend the afternoon finalizing quarterly reports. As expected he flirtatiously inquired when she was going to honor her bet. Melissa responded with an invitation to her home that same evening. Melissa concluded lunch with disclosing her husband's internet history along with his evident intent to watch them with a webcam.

They spent the afternoon verifying each other's quarterly reports along with exploring that evening's options. Devising a plan for that evening included getting the shy, conservative white wife to quietly role play when and how to use unfamiliar vocabulary. Gradually combining physical with verbal role playing enabled her to overcome initial difficulty with adapting to her task. She at first started to block his hand after hearing his intent to feel her tits, but then decided against it. Letting him touch her right booby and gently squeeze her tit spontaneously prompted concurrent exclamations, "Oh yeah that feels good!" Quietly Eric added, "Who'd think such a shy white wife would let this black man feel her tits. Looking at your body every work day enhances the pleasure of being in the office."

In spite of deeply held conservative values, her black colleague's continued compliments were flattering to hear. Behind her closed office door she openly stared at Eric's phallic bulge for the first time. Seeing something so huge her hand barely fit around when it was only semi-hard scared her at first. Taking a completely uncharacteristic risk during the work day, her first attempt at giving a hand job to a black cock surprisingly easily fell into a rhythmic motion. As Melissa captured his cum in a handful of tissues Eric whispered, "Oh that feels so fucking good baby!" Melissa's passionate hug accompanied by a tantalizing French kiss before departing the office was intended to convey her willingness to take their relationship to the next level during and after meeting the bet's terms.

After work Melissa remained in a business suit tailored to emphasize her assets. John tersely suggested K-Y lube to get it done quicker. While having a nerve relaxing beer Melissa asked John, "You are not going to be mad at me?" After his assurance that she was making a bigger thing of this than she had to the doorbell rang. John went down into his man cave and booted up the webcam making sure to turn down the volume.

Out of webcam range at the front door, she clandestinely greeted her black houseguest with a scintillating kiss. For benefit of the webcam's microphone she shifted into their mutually agreed upon role with a frosty verbal greeting. Stilted small talk accompanied Melissa getting Eric a beer. Adjusting her glasses signaled Eric she was in role. Keeping the illusion intact she asked him is there any way to get out of the bet. She acted crestfallen upon hearing a deal was a deal as he sat down on the couch motioning for her to sit next to him. Playing to the webcam Melissa clarified, "Look, I am going to do this but what happens here stays here. Tell your buddies and I am going to deny any of this ever happened."

After doing nothing for a minute he told her to get to work. Remembering her role Melissa bemoaned, "I can't believe that you are going to really make me do this." Like practiced that afternoon she hesitantly opened the clasp and undid his belt and then pants snap. Slowly pulling down the zipper Melissa had to show restraint while reaching into Eric's pants and pulling out his cock.

"So what do you think of it?" Eric asked her. For the webcam she forced a puzzled expression.

Similar to their office practice earlier that afternoon Eric repeated, "My cock, my big black cock. I bet mine is way bigger than your husband's?" For effect she hesitated, remaining silent. Eric asked again, and Melissa reluctantly admitted that this black cock was bigger than John's. She got up and squirted a bit of lube in her hand and then sat down and slowly began jerking him off.

"That's it. Twist it a little with your hand. Mmm! That is good!" Eric exclaimed. Playing to the webcam as he reached for her booby, she chided Eric with, "That is not part of the deal."

Exactly as rehearsed earlier in the day Eric bragged, "Well in that case I can keep from coming nearly all evening. I wanted to get off sooner but since you'd rather I stay here all night I will do so." They sparred for another five minutes before she pretended to be willing to let Eric touch her breasts. He declined quipping that ship has sailed. Catching her off guard Eric announced, "I want you to use your mouth."

"No way! I am not blowing you." She sincerely retorted.

Holding his hands palms out toward her Eric reminded Melissa that is not what he meant with clarifying, "I want you to talk dirty to me."

"What am I supposed to say?" she pretended to be confused. As planned Eric offered, "If you don't want to sit here all evening, then admit how you really feel about black cock."

Faking reluctance she muttered, "I like black cock." After a minute's pause she repeated a little firmer, "I really like black cock." Melissa concluded with far less pretense what she had been dying to say in front of the webcam since Sunday afternoon, "I might love a black cock that is so much bigger and harder than my husband's."

When asked if she had ever thought of having sex with a black man, her role play line was to tell him no. As previously agreed Eric followed up with asking her if she would consider now that she had seen how big black cocks could be. She intended to convey to John she was telling the truth when she said "I might." Knowing in advance her reply Eric smilingly asked her if she would one day suck a black cock. With equal, if not more conviction she again stated she might.

When asked how she would dress for her black lover, she emphatically responded, "Sexy!" Eric retorted, "Then get out of your work outfit and change into something sexy." It only took twenty minutes to put on her tight leather clubbing dress without bra and panties, large hoop ear rings, a black choker, more provocative than normal make up and five inch "come fuck me" high heels. She asked, "Will this do?" Lustfully looking her over Eric exclaimed, "Yes! You definitely know how to dress for your black master."

Pouring lube into her hand Melissa amorously clasped her fingers and palm around his cock and subtly nudged his ribs with her elbow. Remembering they agreed to repeat the gist of that afternoon's most significant conversation for John's benefit Eric asked, " Would you want me to stick my black cock bareback into that tight little pussy of yours or not?" Feigning innocence Melissa asked him what is bareback. Verbalizing that it was sex with or without a rubber cued Melissa to declare "I could get pregnant so a rubber would have to be on your black cock!" Retaliating for invading her privacy with a webcam Eric tormented her husband with, "If you agree to sex with a black man he'd talk you out of that rubber and cum deep inside of you. If you got pregnant then you'd truly be black owned."

Intending to fulfill John's recent internet interest with voyeuristic affirmation, Melissa's voice definitely had a ring of sincerity while declaring, "I love black cock. I want to be fucked by a black man." Having practiced all afternoon Melissa found it very arousing to repeatedly describe how much she loved black cock frequently including her desire for bareback sex with a black extramarital lover.

"Please cum" she begged Eric. Smiling he told her he would, if he could cum on her tits. At first she said no but after a couple of minutes she slipped her tits over the top of her dress. Kneeling on the floor in front of Eric she urged, "Come all over my tits baby. Please come all over my tits Black master."

On cue he responded, "If you truly believe I am you black master, then I will cum on your beautiful boobs." Going off script Eric added, "Right after you kiss my cock. Kiss it and I will do it right now." Surprised and seeking assurance Melissa asked, "You won't cum in my mouth?" She waited a second after confirmation before telling him she would. She ecstatically bent forward and laved the top of his gorgeous black cock with her tongue slowly from the base to crown and wantonly French kissed the slit in the center of her prospective lover's cock knob. Then she pulled away and cradled his cock in the cleavage between her tits. About a minute later Eric shot a huge load of cum all over her tits.

Further taunting her voyeur husband she continued stroking her Black Master's cock for another minute. Melissa got up and moved out of the webcam's coverage. Locking eyes with Eric she repeatedly drew her index finger through his cum coating her boobs and slid it between her lips. Only for her voyeur husband's benefit did she wipe her lover's cum off with a towel while Eric told her that her bet was paid off. Eric made sure they were centered on the webcam. Going off script again he taunted her husband with openly clasping her buttocks while declaring, "I firmly believe you might be seriously thinking about going black!" Amorously returning Eric's long deep soul kiss candidly signified Melissa had chosen not only to go black, but also her extramarital lover.

After changing back into her work clothes Melissa went down to the basement. When asked if she was okay with satisfying the bet, she replied she had and was okay so he let it go at that. John was clueless his wife was aware of not only him knowing exactly what she said and did to Eric, but also of his recent interracial internet history revealing a secret scheme to convert her from a conservative, faithful, shy wife into a black cock slut. However, her husband has no idea this afternoon and evening solidified her equally secret intent to go black. John also has no idea Melissa accepted Eric's invitation to visit his place after work tomorrow with the understanding going black and bareback will formalize their extramarital relationship. Manipulative white John seeing and hearing his formerly shy white wife Melissa repeatedly express her love for big black cock clearly indicated corresponding intents.

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