Mom, Uncle Tom.... and Me

by RonBo

Copyright© 2013 by RonBo

Erotica Sex Story: I catch my mom doing her brother. It makes me horny as hell! See what happens.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

In 1957 I was fourteen years old. We didn't have the internet or easy access to porn magazines so I would borrow my mother's "Lady Magazines" and masturbate to the half dressed women in the adds and articles. Just the sight of the side of a breast would have me jacking my dick while I stared at the picture. So like any other teenage boy I jerked off a lot, as often as I could.

Aside from stroking myself to a messy conclusion my next favorite thing to do was to go to the Saturday and Sunday matinees at the local theater which was only a block from where I lived with my widowed mother Jan, in a small five room ranch style house.

My Dad had died in the Korean War in 1953 when I was only ten, so I remembered and missed him. The only man in my life was my mother's older brother Tom. He visited most every Sunday and usually gave me a dollar to go to the movies. Doesn't sound like much now, but back then it was thirty five cents for the ticket. For the remaining sixty five cents I could get a popcorn, candy bar and a cold drink. It made for a good day.

One Sunday in the spring of 1957 I went to the movies to see the latest Elvis Presley movie, Jailhouse Rock. I was a fan and was looking forward to the movie. Elvis always had nice looking babes in his movies. Disaster struck!

The movie hadn't been going more than ten minutes when the projector died. Things were different back then. Film was always breaking and you had to wait for the projectionist to splice it back together but this time it was the projector itself that malfunctioned and couldn't be fixed in time to continue the show.

The theater refunded our money and I headed home very disappointed. I walked up the driveway avoiding rubbing against my uncle's shiny new convertible and went into the kitchen through the backdoor. I didn't see my mother or uncle and figured that they must have gone for a walk to the nearby park which they occasionally did.

I walked down the hall to where the bedrooms were. Mine was the last door on the right and my mother's room was directly ahead at the end of the hall. Both doors were wide open as usual. I heard a faint unfamiliar noise as I reached my room. I looked into my mother's room and my mouth dropped open. They hadn't gone for a walk.

Mom and Uncle Tom were both naked. I had never seen my mother nude before so I took a good long look at the side view I had of her big tits. It was the first time I had seen a woman's nipples. My cock started to rise quickly as any teenage boy's cock would.

It stiffened to it's full length inside of my jeans or as we called them back then Dungarees. I had measured my erection more than once and knew that it was decent sized for my age. It was only a smidgeon short of six inches. I knew from peeking in my gym class that it was above average.

My cock ached as I watched what my mother was doing to her own brother. She was kneeling on the bed between Uncle Tom's legs. Her tongue was running up and down his massive cock. It had to be eight inches long and thick and veiny. Mom looked like she was enjoying licking her brother's cock. Her eyes were half closed as she grasped his cock with her hand and pursed her lips to kiss his drooling cock head.

She pulled her lips from his cock and I saw a string of Uncle Tom's precum stretching between her puffy lips and the head of his big dick. Her tongue slipped from her mouth to clean the silky deposit from her lips before she started licking her brother's cock once more.

Uncle Tom was making low whimpering sounds as his sister licked every inch of his erection until he finally told her. "Jan, that's enough. Climb up and fuck me."

I watched as my mother pulled her head from my uncle's cock and sat astride of him burying his thick cock into her pussy. From my angle I couldn't actually see his cock penetrating my mother but from the way she was bouncing up and down and the look on Uncle Tom's face I knew it wouldn't be long before he shot his load into his sister's hot cunt.

I knew that they would be finished soon and the last thing I needed was for them to know I was in the house and had watched their incestuous coupling. I decided that I was the one who needed to take a walk to the park. Before I left the house I pulled my T shirt out of my jeans and let it fall to cover my obvious bulging cock and headed for the nearby park.

I sat on a park bench trying to will my erection to go away but it persisted. It didn't help that only a few feet away were a teen couple playing Frisbee. Every time the young girl ran for the ball her ample breasts would jiggle even restrained by her brassier. Then her tight ass would catch my attention while she bent to pick up a missed Frisbee. Her tan shorts would pull into her ass crack whenever she bent over. So, my cock remained hard. I needed to jerk off before I exploded in my pants.

I got up and walked down a nearby path through a heavily shrubbed area with large evergreen trees. I had jerked off in this area before. It was pretty isolated as long as you walked in about a quarter of a mile or so.

I found a big rhododendron bush that was at least ten feet tall. Some one had trimmed all the dead stuff from the inside of the bush and once I climbed inside I was pretty much invisible if someone walked by.

I lowered my jeans to my ankles along with my white briefs so I could expose my throbbing cock to the afternoon air. I gripped my pecker in a very familiar way and only pulled on it two or three times when I heard voices coming down the path. I froze as a couple, a little older than me, came into view and stopped directly in front of my hiding place. Just my luck!

"No one can see us here." The guy said as he pulled his pudgy partner close and kissed her hard as he pawed at her massive tits.

The dark haired girl tried to pull away but the boy held her tightly and continued to kiss and aggressively fondle her breasts finally using his other hand to unbutton her blouse all the way to her waist.

I could see her breasts trying to escape from her tight bra. The guy yanked at her bra pulling one cup up far enough to expose one of her massive melons. He put his mouth on the bare tit and began sucking on her nipple.

She wasn't trying to pull away any longer. She was running her fingers through his hair mumbling something that I couldn't quite hear. But I could hear him fine. As he pushed on her shoulders he said. "You know what I want."

She dropped to her knees in front of the boy and after looking furtively all around she unbuckled his belt. He was in a hurry so he helped her to drop his pants and underwear exposing his smallish but very hard cock.

Without hesitation the plump girl wrapped her lips around her boyfriend's thin cock and began bobbing her head allowing the boy to guide her speed and depth with his hand gripping her dark tresses firmly. I could tell that this wasn't the first time that this girl had had his cock in her mouth. She knew exactly what to do.

I took this opportunity to start stroking myself as I watched. This was better than a porno flick. I hoped I could climax at the same time the boy shot his load, hopefully into his girlfriend's mouth.

He was grunting as he began to piston his cock into her waiting mouth no longer content with her bobbing head. He held her tight as he arched his back and spurted his cum into her mouth. I came also. I shot stream after stream of my teenage spend onto the dirt in my hiding place.

After I pulled my pants back up I looked and saw that the guy was heading back in the direction they had come from while the girl was trying to put her tit back in her bra and button her blouse as she trailed behind him.

I still had to kill another hour until the movie was suppose to let out before I could return home so I sat back on the same bench. My hardon was gone but I knew if I started thinking about either of the blow jobs I had witnessed I would be erect again. I could tell from the looks of both BJ recipients that having a woman suck on your hard cock was something special. I wanted a blow job too! Was all that was on my mind as I sat there feeling my dick start to grow again.

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