Hot Tub Heaven, the Portland Connection

by bonerdoc

Copyright© 2013 by bonerdoc

Erotica Sex Story: A year later I am still going strong with Cheryl & Ben, the couple I met in a hot tub at the Astoria Holiday Inn. Now their 16 year old discovers our secxret and wants a few lessons in sex herself.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Water Sports   .

I met Cheryl and Ben one incredible evening in the Astoria Holiday Inn hot tub. While her husband sat a foot away from us, she boldly stroked my bulging cock and I fingered her wet pussy in the swirling water. Turned out he knew all about our escapade and was a willing cuck to his wife's actions because protracted steroid use had shrunk his package and left him a rapid ejaculator. After we discussed the situation that first night, we hooked up a couple of weeks later and had a fantastic threesome in my room at the Holiday Inn. Lots of sucking, ass licking and cum blasts from all involved. That started a long-term relationship over the next year where I'd call or they'd call and we'd get together for some mind-blowing sex. They were happy to have someone reliable and clean rather than rely on the club scene to satisfy Cheryl's need to achieve her multi-orgasm release and Ben's need to watch her.

Cheryl was really, really horny today for some reason. Ben, now a regional manager for a parts company that supplied the huge Boeing empire, spent literally weeks at a time in Redmond. But he'd only been gone 2 days this trip so why was her pussy leaking and throbbing? She checked their 3 kids: Ty, their 6 year-old was in bed reading and about to drift off; Bobby was now a developing 13 year old, not the scrawny, gangly nerd I'd watched in the pool last year. He and his sister, the strikingly beautiful 16 year old Angela, were watching some Disney flick on TV. So, she slid into her bedroom, cradled her cell phone and dialed. "Rob?" she said when I answered, "I'm relay in a sexy mood tonight. Can you sneak over here for a few minutes? I really want you lick my ass. I know you love to do that."

"Aw crap, Cheryl, I'm getting a boner just thinking about it. But I'm stuck in San Antonio for the next 3 days attending our annual convention," I sighed.

"Damn," she exclaimed. "I'm soooo horny."

"It sounds like you can't wait for me, so let's do it this way," I responded.

"Take off your jammies and panties. Lie on your back on the bed and close your eyes. Now slide one hand down gently across your belly and just barely brush it back and forth across your mound," I directed. "How does that feel?"

"Oh, it really feels good," she sighed.

"Now take one finger and begin to gently circle your clit. A little harder now. A little faster now. Take your other hand and press your breasts together, rubbing both nipples back and forth," I said.

"This is feeling wonderful," she again sighed.

"Now reach into the night stand and pull out the tall bottle of lube, not the one with the pump, the one with a flip-top."

"OK" she said.

"Leave it closed but rub the top between your pussy lips until it is very wet. Now press the top of the bottle into your cunt, just the tip."

"Oooh, I feel an orgasm coming on soon," she panted.

"Now push the bottle in half-way and remove your hand. Keep rubbing your pretty nub and stroking your nipples. Pretend it's me stretching your pussy walls and licking your clit. Ben is lying next to you jacking his cock and he's about to shoot his spunk all over your face. Do you feel it coming, Cheryl?"

"Ooooh ... aaaagh ... yesssss ... Rob, I'm cumming so hard!" she groaned. While she was masturbating to my voice, I had my dick in hand, all lubed up and was right with her, stroking furiously, until I hit my release right along with her and shot jets of cum out on the bed. My god, what a sexy woman she was. I had dated some after my wife was killed but it was only for sex. I never wanted a permanent relationship until that incredible night in Astoria with this couple.

I looked at my spunk all over the sheets at the San Antonio Marriott. "I'll have to leave the maid a bigger tip," I thought.

"Ooooh, that was fantastic. I think I can sleep now. Good night, Rob and thanks," she said.

She lay there for a few minutes to catch her breath then turned off the nightstand light. But she didn't look over to the door so she didn't see Angie standing there in the half-opened doorway. The 16 year-old had come up for a book because the movie was dumb. She was stopped at the bedroom door by her mother's panting and moaning. She looked in to see mom with some sort of bottle sticking out of her cunt as she writhed and fingered herself to a huge cum. "Wow," the teen thought, "That's hot. Mom is a sexy little minx." As the light went out, she could see the sheen of sweat on mom's body and heard her speaking on the phone, thanking someone named Rob.

"Rob?" Angie mused, "Who the hell is Rob?"

She felt the heat stirring in her own loins and realized her panties were wet. "Guess mom isn't the only horny one in the house tonight," she mumbled. She walked quietly to her room and shut the door. "Time for some serious masturbation," she thought. Angie first masturbated when she found her little nubbin at about age 6 and loved the tingly feeling she got from teasing it. Once she hit puberty, her clit became oh so much more sensitive and she'd nightly rub it and finger herself to get to sleep. She'd eventually shared her secret with her 3 best friends, only to find out that they all were doing the same thing she did. One night at a sleep over they got bold and masturbated in front of each other with the bedroom lights on.

She dug her laptop out from under the bed and typed '' into the seek bar. She loved this site with about 60 different specialty areas, movies, pictures and stories. She selected the link 'women on women' and began scanning the videos. Meanwhile, she was aware of her growing musk smell so she pulled off her panties and began running her finger between her folds.

She selected a video with 4 women in a group scene. One was on her back on a bed with another kneeling at her feet, pushing a huge black cock into the first girl's cunt. Meanwhile a third was behind the second, fingering and then licking the exposed second girl's ass with gusto. Finally the fourth was standing on the bed over all three. As Angie watched she unleashed a stream of golden nectar over the first's pussy and dildo, then over the second's ass and then the third girl looked up, opened her mouth and received the stream.

"Ooooooh, that is so hot," Angie whispered as she began frigging her pussy harder and harder. She needed more so she reached under her bed to pull out her 'rocket.' She gently pressed it into her tunnel and turned on the vibrations. "Ooooh ... aaugh," that did it as she put her face into her pillow and let out a scream as she climaxed.

Instead of resting, Angie couldn't keep her hands still. She gently rubbed her sensitive clit as she continued to watch the girls eat each other's snatch and stuck tongues in each other's asses. They formed a 'daisy chain' to better tongue fuck each other. At the end of the video, they went into the bathroom shower to clean up but, instead of water, they proceeded to piss all over each other. Angie realized she had fingered two more orgasms as she watched.

"My god," she thought. "That could be Beth, Gina, Anne and me. We've each masturbated ourselves and Gina once fingered Anne to a climax. But I don't believe any of us have eaten another girl's pussy and peeing would be way out of the question. I'm afraid to bring it up with the group but I really want to know what that feels like."

"Oooh, why am I still so horny now," she breathed as she turned the vibrator back on and circled her clit with a fingertip. "I wish I knew someone who would like to lick my cunt until I could cum and maybe let us pee on each other."

"And peeing seems like such a natural thing to do, I wonder why it is considered perverted," she continued to muse. "I pee on my hands while I'm masturbating in the shower, so what's the difference if it's my pee or someone else's? Don't know about drinking it, though."

As she drifted along in her post-orgasmic bliss, her mind replayed her mom's phone call. "Who is Rob?" she again thought. "He was able to bring mom to an orgasm just by talking to her on the phone and it sounds like they have a thing on-going. I bet he'd be able to solve my dilemma."

She snuck back down the hall and listened at her mother's door. Deep breathing was the only sound. She snuck in and gently removed mom's cell from the night stand. She retreated to her room and searched her mom's address book..."Rob, Rob, why was there no Rob in her book?" Then she searched 'received calls' and found a Portland number from just 65 minutes ago.

She memorized the number then returned mom's phone. As she drifted off to sleep, she wondered how she could contact him without freaking him out.

The next week, she was sitting at Pizza Hut with Anne. They started to talk about hot boys and the usual banter about sex but neither girl had ever had intercourse before, although with their vibrators they'd long ago solved the intact hymen issue. She paused then said, "Can I tell you something in complete confidence?"

Anne looked shocked and said, "Angie, you're my bff, of course you can."

"I caught my mom masturbating last week while she was on the phone with some guy named Rob."

"You're kidding!"

"No, and then I snuck in and copied down his phone number."

"What on earth for? You're going to call him and bitch that he's ruining your family?" she asked.

"No, silly! I've never seen my mom so happy. Whatever this Rob guy has, he's very special to her. I want to meet him and see if he'd be willing to do a few things to me that I can't even talk about with you guys."

"OK, now you've got me way curious," she smiled. "What things?"

"Anne, have you ever had someone lick your pussy?" she blushed but finally blurted out. "Or take a pee on you?"

"Eeeu," she said.

"See why I can't discuss these things with our group!" I said.

"Chill. I'm just not used to thinking about that sort of thing. We frig ourselves and sometimes each other. We use our vibrators and, you can't tell any of the others this, but I saw a huge black cock in a catalog my dad thought he'd hidden," Anne said. "I ordered it with mom's credit card since they promised to send in a plain box and the charge would appear as 'Amazon Select.'"

"But pee? Eat a pussy?" Anne said, scrunching up her face. "I'd have to be really drunk to do either of those things. You're a horny little pervert, Angie. I bet you'd even suck Tommy Smith's dick!"

"Not a chance, he's a total dickwad," she answered. "But those other things seem like they'd be maybe fun to try. But, I need someone who has done them and is alright with doing it. Someone safe. That's why I thought of this Rob guy."

"Call him!" she squealed. "Use the phone on the counter so he won't know who it is. I'll distract Freddy while you make the call."

I was sitting in my medical office when the cell chirped an unknown ring tone. "Pizza Hut?" I questioned? "Hello, Dr. White speaking. May I help you?" The line went dead. "Wrong number," I surmised as I returned to my charts.

"Wow," Angie said, "He's a doctor!"

"Awesome! Let's look him up." So we googled 'Rob White, MD' and there was his office address and phone, home address and the cell phone we'd just called. Way too much information is available for any shred of privacy today. He lived on SE 39th actually only about a mile from our place.

Later that evening, Angie asked her mom if she could borrow the car to pick up Anne and go to a movie.

"You'll have to be careful, Angela, on your new license. Sixteen year-olds are the most likely group to have an accident."

"I know mom," She replied. "They pound that into us in Driver's Ed. I'll be careful."

She drove over and parked two houses down from Dr. White's. Screwing up all her courage, she walked up, mounted the steps and pushed the bell. He opened the door and his eyes bugged out of his head as he about dropped the glass he held in his hand. He stammered, "Uh ... uh, aren't you Angie Morgan?"

"Yes I am, Dr. White. Or may I call you Ben?" she asked. "Don't be mad at me but I swiped your number from my mom's phone and I really need to talk to you."

"OK," he gulped, "Come on in." After we were seated on the only furniture, a couch, in the living room he asked, "Is this about your parents and me?"

"Well, yes and no," she began. "I don't know what the relationship is but I know my mom thinks highly of you. I guess dad is Ok with you. But I don't know if he's aware of you and her having phone sex," she blurted out.

"Angie," he began, "Our relationship is difficult to describe. I don't know if you are ready to hear about it or understand it completely."

"Try me" she demanded.

"OK, here goes. Your parents were having difficulties in their sex life. Your dad was unable to satisfy your mom but they didn't want to go to clubs or hire surrogates. I met them in Astoria last summer and we reached an agreement that I would help Cheryl achieve her orgasms as often as she wanted. Ben wanted to watch us have sex and get to help her climax if he felt like it. That's about it. Both of your parents are happy together again and we've been going strong for over a year now."

"Wow! That's why mom has been so happy and dad way less tense than he was before," she smiled.

"Listen Angie, the only requirement we made was that you kids not find out about us," he frowned. "I guess I've blown it big time."

"I'm the only one who knows," she added quickly. "Mom is not aware that I stole her cell last week when you gave her that huge orgasm. Bobby is clueless about girls, sex, and most everything else besides his computer, and Ty is 6. I won't tell my parents if you won't. It can be our huge secret."

"Well," I finally said. "I'd hate to give up on your parents. She's a tremendous woman with an incredible appetite for lots of different sexual things. Your dad loves to explore his sexuality and is a great guy as well. I really like to hang out with both of them, and not just for the sex."

"OK, you have a deal," I agreed. We reached out to shake and I swear that I felt a spark like an electric shock as I touched her hand.

She felt something too and looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes. "Eyes exactly like her mother's." I thought. As I looked more closely, she was flawless. Light brown hair with blond highlights, skin lightly tanned with a dusting of freckles over her nose, not teenage acne, a slim neck, tiny waist and muscular long legs. Her tits were maybe B-cup but fit perfectly on her frame. She stood maybe 5' 4" and would be a bit shorter than Cheryl when she'd finished growing. She was no more than 110 pounds. From the front I couldn't see her butt but I remembered that gorgeous ass in a bikini from last year at the Holiday Inn pool. That mind picture made my cock awaken and I could feel it spring up suddenly at full mast as It pressed out the front of my shorts.

I think Angie must have noticed the motion in my pants because she suddenly looked down my front then got this wicked smile on her.

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