Mary's First Time

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Mary is ready to start working and she answers an ad for employment. Soon she is caught up in a web of erotic and perverted actions that never seemed possible to her before. She wants to be successful in the business world and is ready to do almost anything to rise to the top.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Fiction   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Workplace   Nudism   .

Mary Costello shook her head impatiently from side to side. Her fiery red hair bounced saucily in the nicely brushed and petulant pony-tail sticking out behind her head like the mane of a spirited filly. Ever since she had graduated from Saint Agnes Academy for Girls Mary was filled a sense of dread about what the future held in store for her.

The summer had been a total bust.

The endless days of walking the boardwalk and the beaches of Long Island and Brooklyn left her with a nice deep tan and sculptured rump of some impressiveness but she failed to meet a single male who measured up to her minimum requirements for breaking her "albatross around the neck" cherry and her virginal slit was still aching to be lubricated and put into action at long last.

Here she was.

She had crossed the threshold of magical age of 18 and still did not own a car and in truth didn't even know how to drive. She was totally reliant on the scraps thrown her way by devious girlfriends or, heavens forbid, become indebted to sly horny boys who wanted only one thing in return for transportation. It looked like she would be doomed to public conveyances, excluding taxis, for quite some time forcing her to allow her fresh young body to be manhandled by faceless hands in the crowd.

The train from the beach was crowded with a horde of workers getting off from their dreary jobs in the downtown area. All she had on was the terry cloth robe over her bikini and a pair of high heels to step on the toes of any guy who felt he just had to get his hand filled with a piece of her ass. That was kind of senseless because the train got over-packed with riders when a local train got the doors stuck just in front of them. Now her train was jam packed with sweating bodies and a number of hard cocks that seemed to congregate around her nicely tanned nubile body like flies on honey. The vibration of the subway car made the not-totally innocent cocks rubbing on her skin feel like she was being massaged by invisible hands of complete strangers. Her pussy kicked into high gear and by the time they reached her stop, she was leaking big time from her virgin slit desperate for an opportunity to be placed into service.

She ran up the stairs waving perfunctorily to the startled neighbors and headed immediately to her bedroom. Her parents were both still at work and would not be home until dinnertime. Mary shrugged off the white terry cloth robe and put her favorite pillow in the center of the bed. Her constant companion, Mister big, the long black dildo with the molded knob and the ribbed shaft was waiting for her in the bottom drawer. She spread out the full two page ad for the "Chippendales" on the carpet and looked down at it from the edge of the mattress. Her pussy mound was poised ready on top of the pillow and she slowly eased the long black rod into her pucker hole from behind and let the little rabbit part slide just inside the back of her vagina. Now she felt truly filled and began a frantic dance of lust whilst looking at the bare chests and the tight little buns of the almost naked men on the floor. If only one of them could come to her this very instant and fill her pussy with a nice hard cock to make her feel nice and happy deep inside.

The orgasm snuck up on Mary and she was right in it before she could stop. She could hear the front door opening and the voice of her Mother calling out from the end of the long hallway.

"Oh, God! Will this orgasm never end?" was her thought as she clenched her ass cheeks tightly together around the buried rod. Quickly, she flicked her nipples hoping the added touch would complete her juicy emissions onto the towel covering the pillow. She managed to hide the dildo and straighten the bedspread before her mother entered the room. With a rising sense of guilt, she saw her mother look down at the New York Times spread out on the floor with the almost naked bodies of the male performers looking up at her. Mary could tell from the faint smile on her face that she probably knew exactly what she was doing and would probably not mention it for fear of causing an uproar.

There was absolutely no chance in God's green acres that she would be able to attend college in the fall because her two older brothers were already taking up costly space in college before her. She didn't think it all that fair since she was positive they both were interested only in screwing the college girls who would spread their legs at the first opportunity. If there was one thing Mary was certain of; it was the fact her working parents fully expected her to be gainfully employed as soon as this last day of summer ended. The hints were all there for her to assimilate and gnaw upon.

No free rides for Mary Costello.

The Sunday newspaper had all kinds of jobs listed that seemed either beneath her consideration or too technical for her to even understand what the employer was looking for. Her grades in Saint Agnes were not the best. She was a "B" student and she knew that she would never be good enough to get an "A" because she didn't like to play the two-faced role of the diplomat and kiss up to the nuns like the rest of the "A" students. The fact that she had scored higher on the SAT test than any of the "A" graded girls didn't make a bit of difference. She even had one teacher accuse her of cheating on the test to get such a high score. Even though she was upset at the fact she would not be going to college anytime soon, she had to laugh at that because it was the same nun who told her she would never be able to learn a foreign language and she had mastered Spanish so well that she could now read and write in Spanish and even carry on telephone conversations with little difficulty.

Mary had a good knowledge of computers and the little tricks one needed to know to get them to open up their hidden secrets to her. She didn't consider that made her a dreaded "hacker" but it was awfully close.

She saw an interesting job opening that was titled simply "Administrative Help Wanted". That could mean anything from some dreary filing in the basement to getting coffee for the real players in the conference rooms. Mary cut it out with her Nana's scissors which were quite sharp and suited to the task.

The office building was right on 42nd Street not very far from the United Nations complex. At least it was in a nice area and not buried in the dirt and grime of the West Side. She was directed to a central processing area on the first floor where her resume and forms were scanned and sorted. There were a number of applicants for the jobs. It looked like almost two score of job seekers filled the makeshift area. She noticed right away that the prospective workers were almost all female with only four of the forty souls being male. They almost all looked like recent graduates but there was no way of telling without talking and she was reluctant to interact with a possible competitor for the same job.

A woman with perfect hair and shoes addressed them from a raised platform. She was dressed in a severely cut business suit and looked like one of the lawyers at the place where her mom worked as a paralegal. Her mom had never finished law school because she had gotten pregnant with her older brother before the last year. It was only recently that she had returned to work because her father's restaurant was suffering from the downsizing economy in the city.

"Listen up, ladies and gentlemen. I am only going to say this once so pay attention. The only requirement we have here for these positions are that you have graduated High School and have absolutely no police record of any sort."

Some of the girls snickered at that, but the woman did not seem to appreciate the humor.

Mary discovered that there were a total of 15 jobs which meant her chances were pretty good statistically with the number of applicants. Of course, she really had no experience to list on her application but she had no bad marks either.

Before they even queued for the interviews, Mary saw that two of the males and about a dozen of the young girls had quietly left the room. So now, it was down to 15 out of 28 which gave her better than a 50-50 chance of getting a job. At this point, she was so driven to get the job that she really didn't even care what the job was just as long as she got a coffee break, and time to eat her lunch.

She was almost at the end of the line for interviewing. There were four different stations and that meant each interviewer only had to do seven applicants. There was only one person behind her in her line and she was not sure if that was good or bad.

When she got to the table for the interview, Mary saw her interviewer was a young woman not much older than she and that she seemed fairly well bored with the whole affair. They went through the hoops of the standard questions to weed out the losers and Mary was startled when two men entered the room behind her.

Even the interviewer seemed a little flustered.

"Mister Standish, Mister Miles, how nice to have you present. Our screening operation will be finished in less than an hour. This is Miss Costello and I am almost finished with her."

The taller man picked up her application from the top of the desk and looked it over.

"Mary, why do you want to work for Genetics, Inc.?"

Mary looked up at the handsome older man and tried to think fast. He was probably just looking for some silly answer like "Because it is a good company" or "I am interested in the benefit program" or some such garbage. She decided to tell the truth and said,

"I don't have enough money to go to college and I have to earn some money to help out with the household expenses."

The two men smiled at each other and the one obviously in charge turned to the interviewer and told her,

"We will take it from here, Mrs. Fisher. You can mark off the Executive division administrative assistant position as filled. Mr. Miles and I will fill in Miss Costello on the duties and see she is processed in the Human Resources office."

It sounded to young Mary's relieved ears that she had gotten one of the positions for some reason or another and she started to loosen up her shoulder and neck muscles which had gotten quite tensed up in uncertainty.

"Mary, Mister Miles and I run the "New Business" section of the Executive office and we noticed on your application you speak Spanish and also have some unusual computer skills. We are interested in hiring you and will give you a hiring bonus of $5,000 and $40,000 for the first year contract. I know that is not much but since you still live at home, we hope you will find it fair since you have no experience."

It was a lot more than Mary expected but she was a bit leery of the circumstances of the offer.

"Is there any other reason why you decided on me for this job?"

Mister Standish smiled and held up a folder passing it to Mary. She opened it and was startled to see various photos of her in thong bikini and even some topless photos on the beach just taken this very summer. She thought that they were safe to send to her "friends" on her phone and on the laptop because they sent her their photos as well. Now here they were in the hands of her new bosses and she was embarrassed that they could have visual knowledge of everything she had under her modest "below the knee" dress and conservative attire.

"We also liked the fact that you were not prudish or prissy about the facts of life and that you seem to have a very open mind when it comes to personal relationships. We need an attractive young girl with just such an attitude to help attract some new business to our products and you seem to have the skills and the image that we like to project here at Genetics, Inc."

Mary knew the pictures gave a false impression of her attitudes about sex and "fooling around" but was not going to jeopardize a chance at the job.

She looked at all of the semi-nude photos and realized that her new job would entail the use of her body to be used in some way to "attract" new business and in all honesty she had to admit that she was strangely aroused by the prospect. Perhaps this was the best way to solve her "cherry" problem and get paid at the same time.

All she had to do was pretend to be cool with the kinky side of things and act like her "Facebook" persona was the real Mary Costello and not some silly virgin who still masturbated on her bed when her parents were still at work.

"Yes, sir, I will definitely take the position and I look forward to being trained to carry out my duties in attracting new customers to the use of Genetics Inc. as their chosen provider of services."

Mary couldn't help but think that both of her new bosses had the nicest lips and easily qualified as likely candidates for her "cherry" picking festivities.

(Continued with Mary's Employee of the Month Award)


CHAPTER 2 (Mary Earns Employee of the Month)

Mary's mom was excited that she had gotten the job at Genetics Inc. When she asked Mary what exactly they did there, Mary was a bit startled. Not wanting to admit, that were the truth be told, she really did not know exactly what service they performed for their customers; Mary told her they were involved in "Research and Development". It sounded plausible and her mom didn't ask any more questions.

She looked up the company on the internet and saw that the details were all a little vague but the company was listed on the stock exchange and it was making money "hand over fist". She was not overly concerned because they were making her a contract offer and she would receive the signing bonus up front enabling her to select a nice new wardrobe for the job. She wanted to get some nice sexy undies like the ones she saw advertised in the weekend newspaper.

She was all set to start the next morning and tried to get to bed early so she would plenty of sleep and look her very best. Her mom and dad were already in their master bedroom and she could hear them talking real low with a disturbing buzz of intense conversation. Then, it got all quiet in their bedroom and she thought for a moment they had decided to go to sleep.

Mary stretched out and squeezed "Mister Big" with her tight little fist. Maybe this time she would not lubricate her pucker hole just to see if her tiny little hole would cooperate with the desperate dildo. She worked it in with some muted whimpers and heard noises coming from her parent's bedroom that sounded suspiciously like the prelude to a heavy-duty fuck session.

The sound of the king-sized bed banging on the joint wall was in perfect rhythm with her frenzied probes of her pulsating brown eye. She got up and put her ear to the wall and was able to hear her mother grunting with each vibrating bounce into the wall. It sounded like her usually quiet father was shouting some very nasty words and the unmistakable slap of his hand on her mother's buttocks was enough to make her shove "Mister Big" all the way straight up her anal channel right up to the flattened hilt. She scratched at the wallpaper like a kitten under the influences of catnip and lacking in logical behavior.

When the grunts changed to high-pitched squeals of delight, Mary knew her mom was in the throes of a satisfying orgasm. She got down on her elbows and knees on the fluffy white carpet and kissed the blow-up of her favorite heart-throb from the "Jets" and tried to imagine his tongue pushing relentlessly into her mouth without waiting for her full agreement. She pretended he made her "take it" and that she could only submit to his overpowering determination to give her everything he had right up her pretty 18 year old bottom.

She slammed the dildo hard into her yielding flesh and tightened her sphincter muscle around the shaft until the first jolt of her orgasm shot right up from her vagina into her gut and made her fall face down on the carpet in a series of convulsions. Mary dug her fingernails into her nicely tanned ass cheeks and let her juices seep out to tickle her pussy lips with a sticky residue. The sounds in the other bedroom were stopped and she figured her parents were finally asleep at long last.

Mary used a clean pair of silk panties to soak up her juices and went to bed under the sheet totally naked. The next morning she took a nice clean shower but in a contrary burst of naughtiness, she put her soiled panties back on just to have the scent of her frantic episode from the night before hidden under her professional exterior.

Her new immediate supervisor was an older woman called Mrs. Johnson. She was a petite woman with a rear-end smoothed with a control top panty girdle to firm up her mid-forties backside. Her boobs were first rate and completely natural. Even at her age, they were still perky and the nipples were in excellent condition never having been sucked on by any offspring. She was soft spoken and tended to pat Mary's knee or the bare skin on her arm to make her point. Mary got so used to it that she missed the feathery touch when Mrs. Johnson was in a hurry to go to the next level. They did go to the executive lunchroom together and Mrs. Johnson let her use her pass since she didn't have one as yet. During the meal, each time the well-dressed petite woman touched knees with her; Mary found she would get a little tingle in her pussy slit. It confused her at first because she was totally inexperienced in that kind of a situation except with boys and sometimes older men feeling her up on the subway. She wondered if it meant that she was one of those "Bisexuals" that all the magazines said were a lot more popular than old-fashioned "Straight" girls. Whatever it was, she was attuned to it and hoped that Mrs. Johnson would get even more up close and personal during the afternoon session.

She was not disappointed because Mrs. Johnson showed her a film right after lunch that showed a series of men in small curtained cubicles being "hand-jobbed" by girls with an intent look on their faces. She explained that the men were customers being given a "milking" for their DNA to use in experiments and other projects. She told Mary that all of the girls were selected just as she was for their friendly attitudes and pleasing appearance. Mrs. Johnson held both of Mary's hands in hers and whispered in her ear.

"You can use your hand or even your mouth providing you employ the full hygienic shield to protect both the client and yourself. I prefer the mouth method myself because it generally is faster and the clients tend to give me a lot more cream."

Mary didn't know if she wanted to giggle or to gasp at the calmly stated advice.

After a short moment of silence, Mary pulled her chair a little closer to Mrs. Johnson and said,

"I shouldn't mind that very much, ma'am, I am pretty good at getting boys off with my mouth and I am ever so careful about my teeth. I won't have to let the clients touch me down there or anything like that, will I?"

Mrs. Johnson put her hand in Mary's lap and reassured the worried girl that her "special place" inside her panties would be off limits and that this would be strictly professional at all times.

The touch of the older woman's fingers made Mary shudder with an exciting thrill that raised goose-bumps on her inner legs. She held Mrs. Johnson's elbow and allowed her to put her hand inside her cum-stained panties from the night before.

Mary's eyes were shut tight and she opened her knees wide for Mrs. Johnson to explore to her heart's content. It was so nice and delicious that Mary started to orgasm before she realized how close she was to shooting her female juices like a silly schoolgirl or a cheap little slut. Now that she thought about it, Mary could see that her reaction was confirmation that she was no better than a filthy street slut because she wanted those fingers buried deep in her greedy pussy.

Mrs. Johnson removed Mary's panties and brought them up to her face. She could inhale the scent of the last evening's kinky activities and knew Mary was a bit dirtier than her innocent face claimed.

She went home on the subway that night barely paying attention to the groping hands around her. All she could think about was how Mrs. Johnson had smiled and kissed her on the cheek when she was having her happy little orgasm. It seemed like it would be a lot better if boys would treat her that way when they were trying to get into her pants.

Her list of clients were scheduled for 30 minute intervals and that seemed like plenty of time to get them off and keep her production quota level up. The morning went very well and she was on her last morning client at 11:30 when she ran into a problem. The silly 18 year old boy could not stop giggling whenever she grabbed hold of his cock or tried to stuff it into her mouth. It was so funny that it was contagious and she joined in as well.

It was almost lunch hour and still no cream produced. In desperation, Mary pulled up her dress and yanked down her panties and told the silly boy to "rub it in my crack and spank my ass". The boy knew an opportunity when he saw one and was soon digging his boner into Mary's ass crack and slapping her ass cheeks so hard that they quickly became red as fire engines. He wheezed and then whined and finally whimpered as he surrendered his creamy load into the hygienic container. All in all, it was a perfect morning and Mary discovered that she had a lot of ways to keep her Genetics Inc. production levels up higher than any other trainee.

When Mrs. Johnson called her into her office at the end of the week to congratulate her for her accomplishment, she was thrilled when the petite woman told her to bend over the desk for her graduation spanking. The lowering of her panties was so exciting that she had a beautiful orgasm before Mrs. Johnson's hands ever touched her bare flanks.

Poor Mary had real tears in her eyes when Mrs. Johnson was finished with her. In all honesty, she had to admit they were tears of joy because she was so attached to the pretty woman making her "take it" and thank her for it. She felt at that moment she would do anything the woman asked of her no matter how kinky or depraved.

The rest of the month was sort of a blur of creamy loads in either her mouth or in the grasp of her hand. Sometimes when clients proved difficult, Mary employed the use of her ass crack to milk a difficult cock but she always managed to do it within the 30 minutes allocated. She decided to "double up" on some of the clients and did a pair of willing clients together finding they were motivated to quick action by merely watching the other man getting milked by Mary right in front of him. For some odd reason, Mary found the audience inspired her to concentrated effort and helped her to experience her own little party deep inside her core. She always did her best to conceal her perverted pleasure at the sessions to appear more as a disinterested professional.

On the last week of the training period, Mrs. Johnson told Mary that she would most certainly be selected for "The Employee of the Month" and would receive a fat bonus for her success.

When they were alone in the office, Mrs. Johnson told Mary to call her Mae.

"Mary, I know you got this position because you were judged to be experienced in pleasuring men but I suspect you have not had a thick cock buried in your pussy and are technically still a virgin. Is that true?"

Mary felt her heart beat faster because her innocence had been found out. There was no point to try to hide the fact from her supervisor because she had already allowed the sensual woman to explore the deepest corners of her private feminine folds. She just nodded her head and looked nervously right into the petite woman's dark hazel eyes.

"Well, my dear, my job is not done unless I acquaint you with the feeling of fullness from a well-stretched pussy. Bend over my desk and open your legs nice and wide."

Young Mary looked nervously over her shoulder. She saw her supervisor lift her tight skirt right up to her waist revealing her black control top panty girdle. The older woman expertly pushed her girdle out of the way and Mary could see the heavy black bush of her womanhood glistening with the dew drops of her passion. Then she saw the full-bosomed woman expose her breasts so that they swung freely like loaded artillery shells waiting to be bounced on Mary's bare shoulders. The leather straps and the long fat dong were hastily lubricated and she waited for the touch of Mae's hands spreading her rump.

The whole business slid inside her vaginal channel easily and her hymen was forever gone. The steady slap ... slap ... slap of the nicely shaped woman's legs against her soft cheeks made Mary frantic with the need to let it all go. She was going over the edge so fast that she didn't care what happened to her. All she wanted was for Mae not to stop. She could feel Mae's nipples rubbing her back and she wanted to turn around and lick them but she was firmly mounted and had to stay in position until they both released their juices into the other's flesh.

When she started to orgasm, it was like no silly masturbation exercise. It was the commitment of flesh against flesh. It was the culmination of her desire to have Mae deep inside her making her perform to her pleasure and giving her the tingle that made everything else seem unimportant.

Mary wondered if a man could ever make her feel like this.

She felt so submissive to Mae that her fear was no man would ever be able to assuage her need for understanding the way the softly-fleshed female buried deep inside her was doing to her right now.

After Mae was finished with her cunt, Mary turned over and let the older woman kiss her face all over. The taste of her peppermint flavored tongue made her pussy seep more juices and her greedy clitoris began thinking of the next episode just like some macho pussy-hound of a schoolboy.

They took their separate routes at the main entrance and Mary never even remembered a single moment of the ride home on the subway. Her mother looked quizzically at her vacant face at the dinner table and thought to herself that her pretty daughter had finally met a nice man at her place of business.

(To be continued with A New Genetic Experiment)



Mary was just finishing up her six month period of probation and had earned the "Employee of the Month" award two times during that period. She changed her milking technique to mostly oral extraction methods now and usually finished her quota early in the day. Because she was so pleasant and seldom participated in the rumors and backbiting generally found in any office, Mary made no enemies and most of the other girls liked to sit with her at lunch and treated her with proper respect.

The notable exception to that treatment was a girl called "Bullet". Bullet was sort of a rough and tumble street girl with an attitude that tended to make her clients a little bit leery about turning over control of their equipment to her control. She also liked to occasionally let her teeth "accidently" come into contact with the client's sensitive areas when using the oral method of extraction.

Bullet was a lot shorter than Mary but she more than made up for it with her mouth. It seemed like she never stopped talking and making sarcastic comments about anything and everything. She hated for anyone, either male or female, to touch her posterior and was known to slap some of the new girls for getting fresh with her bottom. Mary found that a little bit odd because all of the girls fooled around like that and in all honesty she loved to have one of the other young girls playing with her nicely curved flanks.

When Bullet made little Julia an 18 year old intern bend over the snack room table and started smacking her hard on her defenseless bottom, Mary intervened much to Bullet's irritation. She told Julia to pull her skirt back down and get back to her office. Bullet sat back down and continued to eat her lunch but gave Mary the evil eye for the remainder of the lunch hour.

The very next Friday afternoon, she was with her mentor Mrs. Johnson (Mae) getting her backside reddened to a nice shade of pink by the energetic older woman. When Bullet came into the office, she thought that Mrs. Johnson would tell her to leave them alone, but she was shocked to see them kissing each other with some very deep soul kisses that usually only honeymooners or adulterers tended to engage in.

The next thing she knew, Bullet had yanked down her pretty French cut bikini panties and started to whomp on her ass real sharp with her hard little hands. It wasn't so much that it hurt as much as the humiliation of being treated in that manner by the stupid and unfeminine young girl. She knew her cheeks were jiggling all over the place from the spirited spanking but it seemed inappropriate to complain since Mrs. Johnson was still pretty much in charge of everything.

Mary let her hair fall down and cover her face because she didn't want either Mrs. Johnson or the terrible "Bullet" girl to see her unfaked tears. Just when she thought it was all over, the nasty girl pulled her cheeks open and shoved her middle finger all the way up her tight pucker hole.

She was forced to let out an audible gasp at the effrontery and the humiliation right in front of Mrs. Johnson. Mary looked over her shoulder and saw Bullet laughing at her expression. The evil girl was twisting and turning her finger every which way just to make her feel it. She let her shoulders fall down to the desk and spread her legs wider to accommodate the deep reaming of her bottom. Her brown eye was stretched even further when Bullet shoved in a second digit to scissor her opening even wider. Some gas escaped her colon and both Bullet and Mrs. Johnson giggled like it was a huge joke at her expense.

Mae told her to get up on top of the desk and let her ass hang over the edge just enough to allow her pucker hole and her vaginal slit to be accessible from the rear. Bullet continued to play with her anus rimming her tender pucker hole with her fingers shoving as many as four fingers inside. Mary was determined not to make a scene because she didn't want Bullet to know just how upset she was inside to be treated in such a crude manner.

The two male supervisors for the section came into the office and she was penetrated in her vagina from behind by the older one. His long hard dick was just starting to get into a nice frenzied pumping action when she saw bullet on her knees taking the young one's cock to the back of her throat. It seemed improbable that the diminutive girl was able to perform the feat with the long cock of the young supervisor. Her eyes caught Mary's and it was evident that she was under some degree of duress but willing to carry on right up to the bitter end.

Mary's anal prober was spanking her hard now and it was a distraction that she needed to help push her into a satisfactory orgasm. Her shaking was almost finished when she noticed that Bullet was still on her knees but now she had her head buried deep in the young supervisor's ass and it looked like he was urging her to insert her pretty pointed tongue right up his dirt hole. It seemed a bit depraved to Mary but at the same time she was very interested because she felt certain it was something she might need to know for future reference.

"Get that tongue up there, girl! No bullshit licking, I want that tongue fucking me nice and deep with no fooling around."

She could feel the older man shoot his load deep inside her gut and tightened her anus to keep the load inside. It looked like Bullet was getting off with a shout of "Job well done" when the young supervisor's load came spurting out across the room and right on the brochures for safe sex practices.

Mrs. Johnson disappeared with the two supervisors and Bullet and Mary were left alone in the office naked from the waist down. Mary wanted to give Bullet a piece of her mind but she was a little bit afraid of the smaller girl and hesitated to prod her into some sort of unpleasant reaction.

Mary pulled up her panties and rubbed her reddened bottom. Bullet was smiling at her with a nasty look on her face. All she wanted to do was to pull her hair and wipe the smile off of her pretty face.

"Did you like my hand on your silly girl bottom, Miss Mary?"

Mary gave her a look of total distaste. She wouldn't even use the girl's stupid name it was that aggravating to her.

"You hit like a girl, you silly thing!"

"Yeah, well, Miss "Know-it-all" I dare you to come home with me and see how you can take Mister Simon's paddle."

Mary looked at her with total disfavor but was a bit intrigued by the mention of "Mister Simon's Paddle". It sounded a little mysterious to her and she was a terrible romantic and prone to get into trouble seeking out unusual little fetishes. She agreed to go home with Bullet but told her to keep her hands off of her. Unfortunately, the train was quite crowded and the two girls rubbed up against each other like reluctant lovers in a confined space. Mary definitely was not amused by the fact that Bullet's face was the same height as her aroused nipples and each bounce on the rails brought the hard girl's face into her soft boobs.

Bullet was only doing her best to avoid the naughty hands of a young student behind her who was most attracted to her shapely bottom. She would much rather be unavoidably kissing Mary's boobs than have those itchy fingers playing fast and loose with her ass.

Mister Simon was not a very frightening looking fellow. He was an older gentleman with his hair turning rapidly to snow and ice. He told Mary that he owned the house that Bullet lived in and that she occupied one of his bedrooms on the second floor. The only other occupant was an aged woman whom he introduced as his mother. The poor woman was on her way out and her eyesight was failing beyond any possible correction by spectacles. When Bullet besieged him to display his paddle, he laughed and produced a wicked looking long affair with a series of holes in the middle. It didn't look too dangerous, but one could never tell with these things. Her bottom still stung a bit from the afternoon's session, but she bent over the sofa and allowed Bullet to expose her bare bottom on the promise that she would take as many smacks on her own padded posterior and one more to show she was still superior. Mary intended to take as many spanks as possible just to beat the smart-talking girl.

Mister Simon took an inordinately long time to fondle and stroke her bottom until she almost started purring with his soft and tender touch.

Then, the first blow of the paddle informed her that this was a very serious business. She felt it all the way from the roots of the hair on top of her head right down to the tips of her red-painted toenails. After about 20 blows from the paddle, she wanted to shout out that she was finished but the smile on Bullet's face made her keep silent and she wiggled and squirmed for 19 more telling blows. She took 39 in all and Mister Simon said,

"That is really quite good for a "first time" paddle girl. Are you sure you have not received some prior instruction somewhere?"

Mary shook her head in the negative and pulled up her panties with careful tugs to avoid rubbing the skin too hard. She was certain her bottom was in shreds but a glance in the mirror just showed it to be a dark shade of red with a lot of polka-dots where the holes had last hit on her tender skin.

She sat on the edge of the rocking chair in the small parlor watching Bullet get her 40 swipes with the heavy tool. When Mister Simon paused after giving her an even 20, he allowed her to reach down and feel the hot spots on Bullet's ass to further humiliate her. Bullet looked back over her shoulder with her rage held in check not wanting to lose the wager with the snobbish Mary.

After all 40 blows were completed; Mister Simon lowered his trousers and pushed Bullet's face to his groin for a submissive suck. Mary was surprised to see the usually reluctant Bullet throw her mouth into a frenzied spurt of activity bobbing on Mister Simon's cock until he shot off his load with a loud groan that caused his mother to shout into them, "Is everything all right in there?"

Bullet insisted that he also pound Mary's ass with his cock just to add to her discomfort after the spanking. Mary got down on all fours and looked right into Bullet's face only inches away from her own. Mister Simon was unexpectedly gentle and gave her plenty of time to stretch and accommodate his larger than average cock. The ass-fucking was in full bloom and Mary knew Bullet was having the time of her life watching her expression as she took it from behind. She reached a point when even her tongue fell out of her open lips and she didn't object when the detestable girl tilted her face up to her mouth and started to kiss her with some degree of passion. It was unexpected but Mary needed anything to take her mind away from the stressful stretching taking place in her nether regions. She concentrated on Bullet's mouth and tongue and began to frantically explore the other girl's mouth with her greedy tongue.

After Mister Simon and his handy paddle left the room, Mary told Bullet she didn't mind kissing her like that at all and in fact she rather liked it. Bullet got a little red-faced and admitted that she did as well and asked Mary if maybe they could partner up at work to see if they could get higher commissions for doing more extractions during the work week. Apparently, there was a new project involving some military males taking place for the entire month and the top Genetics Inc. team would get a free trip to Hawaii for coming in first place.

They both slept in each other's arms and Mary called home to say she was "sleeping over" with a girl from work and would be home at the same time the following evening right after work. During the night, they woke up several times and got better acquainted in very short span of time.

The next day at Genetics Inc. they managed to achieve the highest production of any team ever and Mary was happy that Bullet was now her best friend.

(Chapter 4 will be the conclusion of the story)


CHAPTER 4 (Conclusion)

Mary and Bullet worked well together as a team. They managed to process the clients a lot faster than the other girls because they knew just which buttons to push to get the young males to give up their sperm. The supervisors were letting the new girls watch them through the two way mirror instead of giving boring verbal lessons. The new girls got the hang of the process real fast by watching the way Mary and her new best friend took care of business.

The group in the current project was all military types and most of them were quick to give up their DNA without any hesitation.

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