Two for the One Price

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A husband finally manages to overcome impotence and therefore not only accommodating a co-operative woman but also achieved his fantasies with his wife - read on.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Big Breasts   .

Tom Green was reluctant to take the prescription to the chemist, however, he was told that he would have to present it during the year; it was valid for only a year. His hesitation was in two directions, first would it work and secondly it was very expensive, and it was the latter that was his concern. Finally he decided that as he had now met another woman 'Dawn' he would give it a trial and if it worked well maybe he could accommodate his wife, not that she was the main reason for him going to the chemist, that was Dawn.

"You realise these Viagra tablets are not on the government payment slip", the chemist said. Tom gave a nod of understanding as he took the packet, which consisted of four tablets. The instructions were one tablet once a week, sounded strange when most tables were taken on a daily basic and general either three times or four times a day and generally with a meal. Maybe these sex enhances were different, but he did take them with a mid-day meal per instructions.

Dawn had started in the craft section of the community senior's organization and immediately attracted Tom's attention. He had always been a tit man and Dawn was massive in that area and if it hadn't been for her backside which was equal in size she would have toppled over, the added attraction was that she was braless, maybe there wasn't a bra big enough to enclose such massive melons. He smiled for he thought if she was on all fours her tits would be dragging on the floor. However, he found that she was also interested in him and this was a concern for he knew that it was years since he had managed to get a hard-on. His wife was totally opposed to such an activity, he put that down to her mythology that frowned on any sexual activity aimed at pleasure. Dawn was not of that upbringing. When she passed she make sure she brushed against him, giving him a squeeze and was constantly by his side in the breaks that had made up his mind to present the prescription with the understanding that it may be all a wasted exercise.

The first tablet produced a week that could be labelled 'non-event', his cock was as limp as it had been for decades. 'Oh! Well', he muttered to himself. 'I have three weeks to go, if they work – terrific, if not I have had least given it a go'. He took the second tablet at lunch on the following Monday, still no result. On the Wednesday morning he was in the bathroom when his wife entered for her shower, generally she avoided such an encounter, but he was in a bit of a hurry so their use of the bathroom collided. She undressed and as she bent over to pick up her panties his cock rose and jutted out like a lance. For seconds he was amazed for not only was it hard, thick and long but it throbbed with such pleasure that he felt giddy. He grabbed the liquid soap, covered that throbbing piece of manhood, grabbed his wife around the waste, inserted the head into that hair covered crack and thrust.

Her reaction was a gasp but the second and third thrust made her erupt, however, he held her, even managing to grab a tit. She tried to straighten up but he pushed her down and in that position he fucked her and fucked her hard, making up for the decades in which she had said 'no'. He held off as long as possible, wanting to enjoy the pleasure that radiated up his prick but when he gave the thrust that emptied his balls, sending gush after gush of hot cum up that well worked cunt she gave a shudder and a gasp that did take him by surprise. He pulled out, wiped his cock over her bum and left her half in and half out of the bath.

She was still in the bathroom when he picked up his folder and left for he wanted to get to the senior rooms before individuals arrived for he had the furniture to arrange and the morning tea containers to be taken out of their cupboard. He was nearly finished when Dawn arrived, she was the first. She waddled up and asked if she could help, he let her get the cups and saucers out and as she bent over he slipped under her very loose blouse and gave one of her hanging tits a decent feet, her reaction was a smile and a comment 'cheeky'. Normally he didn't turn the heaters on but this morning one of the women asked if they could be made available. This meant he had to go outside to the control board and throw a number of switches, it didn't take long; it was just an inconvenience for once before he had forgotten to turn them off, which resulted in words being said by the council. So he wouldn't forget he said to Dawn "Before we leave will you remind me that the heaters are on". She giggled but agreed to his request.

The class ended with the same jovial remarks that was the usually finish and it was then Dawn gripped him and said. "Don't forget the heaters". He thanked her and went outside to turn them off, on returning only Dawn was present, she had her back turned towards him; he came up behind her and cupped those massive melons and her only reaction was a gasp and then she let herself be pulled up against him and as he massaged she gave off little groans of enjoyment. Slowly he lifted her dress, she wasn't wearing stocking and quickly found her groin and was amazed at the softness and the heavy forest of hair that surround his goal. Slipping under the elastic of her panties his fingers found what they sought and as he fingered her she gave off grunts of pleasure and pushed her groin hard against those invader tentacles. However, shortly he also gave off a gasp of surprise when she reached behind her and grabbed his now growing hard-on. In that position they goose-stepped into a small storage room.

Her panties were on the floor in record time, but trying to get his trousers off and bare her tits at the same time was awkward, but with her help shortly both tits were free swinging uncontrollably, his trousers were down and his cock was on its way up that very hairy crack. This was one fuck he was going to enjoy and slowly they worked in rhyme, he would thrust and she would push her bum hard against that invading length. In and out his cock slipped and with every thrust came a gasp of appreciation and while he fucked her felt and squeezed her nipples, which he found were hard and erect. As his cock slid in and out he wondered what her bum would be like but that was not on the agenda now, it was her cunt that he fucked and it was a fuck that when he finally blew, pushing the full contents of his nuts as far up her as he could, he gasped. "Oh! Fuck that was fantastic. I don't want to pull out". Despite his desire, nature slowly reduced the size of his prick and it fell out. He gave a grunt as she slowly turned around; her tits were all sweaty; she grabbed his very wet but now limp cock and smiled. "Next time I want it up my bum".

"Next time I want you to suck it, lubricate it for what you desire", he groaned. She made no comment as they dressed for it was the custom for a group of them to have coffee at a coffee shop just up the road. "I think we will be a bit late", she said as he locked up. "I can't very well tell them that we were fucking but I will say one thing my dear Tom the next time you stick your cock up me I will have sucked it so that it will slide up my arse like a hot knife in butter".

It wasn't until he returned to his vehicle that he gave any thought to his wife and then it was only with contempt. 'I wonder if she is still leaning over the bath with her tits banging against the edge', he muttered. He knew that there would be a price to pay but he didn't care. For ages his wife had pushed him away, no matter what he did, it was never good enough. 'Well now she had had a length of cock, maybe, just maybe she will be a bit civil. Who knows maybe she would have liked it'. However, he knew that wouldn't be the case, he was heading into a major storm so he prepared his defence, although he knew that in this political correct world what he said wouldn't be accepted; he was the bad boy and she the hurt female.

It was all quite when he opened the door, there was no screaming maniac rushing towards him; in fact there was no wife, at least not in the associated area. His first thought was that she was still in the bathroom, she wasn't. She was watering an outdoor plant, there was no mad rush of revenge in fact it was the same as it normally was, just general chit-chat. Nothing on what had occurred just a couple of hours before. Despite that he was on guard, waiting for the outburst that would come, or so he thought, but nothing, not a word or action. The day passed. 'What is she thinking', he muttered to himself. 'Maybe it didn't register, maybe the shock of getting cock was too much for her to digest, maybe it has been so long that she didn't know what was happening'. These were questions that puzzled him but as the day drew to a close he began to accept the situation that she was either waiting for a surprise attack or didn't have a clue to what had happened.

Her thoughts he could not read. He had no idea that her mind was in chaos a shambles of broken moral codes and long ago spasms of remembered pleasure. Yesterday morning he was in a hurry that was why he was in the bathroom at the same time, of course not knowing what that would bring about, now he knew that he could get a hard-on so his presence in the bathroom this time was deliberate. She made no comment and did what she had done the day before, undressed and bent over to pick up her panties. He did also what he had done, rammed his cock up to his balls in that hairy and available target. She just gave a grunt but there was no struggle to dislodge him, in fact it was opposite, as he thrust she sort of swayed it was only when he rammed her for the release of his balls that she bucked and this time her cry was 'Ohhhhhh!'.

He didn't withdraw immediately just kept her in the 'doggie' position, gave her tits a thorough feel and only then pulled out with the comment. "That my dear was fucking terrific. Don't dress after you have showered and we will just fuck the day away and if you are a good girl I will teach you to suck my cock and maybe give your bum the service that I have longed to do".

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