The Collective: Mall Sodomy

by LOAnnie2

Copyright© 2013 by LOAnnie2

Erotica Sex Story: Desperate men take a high school girl's ass in a mall against her will.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   BDSM   Rough   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Caution   .

Melissa stopped reading the news article posted on the bulletin board. It was a copy of a story she had glanced over a few nights earlier. She had been disturbed by what she read–someone, or even a group getting its kicks out of making women cum from unwanted anal sex, usually in semi-public places. Her watch beeped and she looked down at the time. Realizing it was time to go, she started to walk away from the mall bathrooms. Despite a sense of revulsion after reading the story more carefully, Melissa also had a sense of indifference about her. The valley wasn't a large area, and she never went any place that was too weird.

As she walked down the hallway, Melissa noticed the lights start to flicker before they went out. "Oh great," she said, "The lightning knocked out the power." A rainy day filled with thunderstorms is what had brought Melissa to the mall today. A loud clap of thunder confirmed her suspicion. At least she knew that the lights would return in a moment. She just stood there waiting for them.

Despite it being pitch black, Melissa started to see stars. She felt out of breath, and a sharp yet somehow dull pain in her stomach. Her brain was slow to react in the sudden shock, but she still realized that she had just got hit–no, punched in the stomach. As she struggled to breathe after having the wind knocked out of her, she felt her purse being pulled off her arm. She couldn't believe she was being mugged in the dark, but she was also confused as to where her attackers had come from–she hadn't seen anyone else in the hallway.

Before she had any time to do more than realize what was happening, she felt two rough-gloved hands grab her arms and pull them back behind her. Cold metal touched her wrists and she could hear the telltale click of handcuffs. As she opened her mouth to try and scream, she felt fingers intertwining and grasping her long, thick red hair. A second person she realized. However, Melissa still hadn't managed to get her scream out when she tasted something rubbery, her jaw being forced open to accommodate whatever was now being shoved into her mouth. A little bit of relief came as her mouth was somewhat able to close around the object again, but panic set in as she realized she was gagged with some unknown object.

As the lights were starting to flicker back on, Melissa felt even more surprise as her body was lifted from the ground and pulled into a room off the hallway. She only got a slight glimpse at the well-lit room before she was slammed down onto a desk. Dazed again, Melissa turned her head and caught a glimpse of a man dressed rather casually, except with rough work gloves and a ski-mask on. He was digging through her purse while her other attacker kept his weight on Melissa, holding her down to the desk. When the man found her wallet, he pulled it out, dropping her purse. He fumbled through her wallet, looking for something, though passing up the money much to her surprise. He seemed to find what he was looking for though as he pulled out her driver's license.

"Melissa Devaux" the man said with a deep voice. "Birthday, December sixteenth, nineteen ninety. Perfect. She's eighteen."

Melissa couldn't help but be worried as she heard this. She was finally starting to regain her senses back and started to try and scream. She found that whatever the rubber object in her mouth was, it served as an effective gag. The man who grabbed her license moved over and grabbed her left arm tight. The man behind her started to lift her shirt up until it reached her bra, which was quickly unclasped. Holding her right arm tightly, the man behind her unlocked her handcuffs, and both men moved her arms in front of her, holding tightly as they moved her shirt and bra up and off her body, taking only a quick look at her small a-cup chest before moving her arms back and re-cuffing them.

Without Melissa's arms to encumber him, the man who had been digging through her purse bent over and grabbed some rope from the ground. He smiled as he brought it over and lifted her left arm a little, threading the rope between her arm and her body. He did the same thing with her right arm before leading the rope in front of her, toward the right front of the desk. He seemed to wrap it once around a desk leg (she couldn't tell for sure from her vantage point), and pulled hard.

The rope pulled up and dug into Melissa's armpits. She was sure that if he pulled any harder, he'd start pulling her across the desk. When he was satisfied that it was tight enough, he tied the rope down. He nodded to his partner, and she felt him lift off her. Melissa struggled to try and get up, but found that the rope in combination with the handcuffs had tied her down to the desk quite well. There was a little bit of movement, but not much.

The men turned now to her unrestrained legs, they each grabbed a leg and started to untie her shoes, taking them and her socks off. Following this, one of the men, she wasn't sure which, held both her legs while she felt the other fumbling with the clasp and zipper on her jeans. Melissa wasn't sure she could take much more of this between the panic she was already feeling and the pain she was experiencing. Finally the attacker working on her jeans lowered the zipper and started to pull the pants down her legs, revealing the VS pink panties Melissa wore today.

The man who pulled down her jeans worked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down as well, revealing her naked ass much to Melissa's shame. Her jeans and panties were pulled the rest of the way down her legs and off, leaving her completely naked to these men. With that the one holding her legs lowered them back to the ground, where more rope was waiting for her. Her legs were tightly bound together, with the ends of the rope tied to the legs of the desk.

The two men stood back to admire their handiwork, and Melissa tried to scream again. She always hated any type of restraint, even being held too tight as a little kid. Even more so she couldn't imagine what these two had in store for her.

Still cringing, Melissa suddenly stopped and opened her eyes as she heard a click and saw a bright flash of light. One of the attackers had pulled out a digital camera and taken a picture of her cringing face. At this point she thought that there was no way she could be more mortified by the experience, though a matter of moments later she was proven wrong. The other attacker grabbed her ass and pulled her cheeks apart. To add insult to injury, she felt something plastic being pressed against her stretched-out cheeks, and realized that it was her driver's license. Another snap and a flash from behind her this time, followed by two more.

Melissa felt like she wanted to die. She knew that they had just taken a closeup picture of her asshole and pussy, with her identification next to it. Now anyone who saw those pictures would not only know what her most private, most intimate place looked like, they'd know where she lived, her name, everything.

She felt hands moving around her body to start fondling her pussy. The man's fingers played with the soft folds, once again searching for something as his other hand wrapped around her as well. Melissa's mind wasn't really sure how to deal with the situation she was experiencing. On the one hand, she hated that some stranger was touching her pussy against her will–something she wanted to save for her future husband. At the same time though, Melissa was still a teenage girl with hormones and desires running rampant. She was no stranger to masturbation, knowing the feelings of being touched there, though without the full release as that was too far in her book. She couldn't help but take notice of the nearly electrifying feeling of finally having someone else touch her, disgusted as she may be.

Melissa felt something rubbery start to press against the folds and into her virgin hole. She couldn't believe these men were about to take her virginity with something that wasn't even real.

As the object that felt somewhat like a ball entered her, Melissa's breathing became more erratic. The sensation of something entering her pussy that was not related to a doctor was another new experience for her, her pussy stretched in a new and different way. Just a moment later she felt another insertion, as another ball was inserted, trying to concentrate on the feeling of it entering, and of her lips closing around it ... A third ball followed suit, causing her a bit more worry, but more relief as it was the last. Other than this newfound feeling of fullness, she was left with curiosity, as it felt like string or something was still hanging out of her.

The man's fingers returned to manipulating the soft flesh, quickly finding it's target and the hood it was hiding behind. The electrical feeling running through her scared and tense body was racheted up to a shock as the strange fingers pulled back the hood and brushed across her clit. Melissa's mind was momentarily distracted as shivers went through her body, and when the distraction faded, more confusion entered the poor girl's mind as she felt something also slightly rubbery being pressed against it. The sound of duct tape only added to this confusion, but as it started to be stick to the top of her and pressed over her pubic region, she realized whatever was now touching her most sensitive of areas was meant to stay there.

The men stepped back, checking out their work once more. They smiled widely and seemed to debate quietly. Finally, she heard the sound of pants unzipping and heard one of the men come up behind her. She once again saw a man in front of her, camera in hand. She had an idea of what was about to happen, but hoped she was wrong. She wasn't all that pretty–she was actually a very plain girl. This type of thing didn't happen to girls like her. She waited, nervous, freaked out at what she thought was about to happen.

The man behind her grinned as he held the two remote controls in his hand. He hit the maximum setting button on both remotes at once as he turned them on. Melissa's face looked like it was ready to explode, her eyes bulged and she looked up in complete shock, just in time for a flash and a picture as she felt the vibrations from two different sources impact her clit and pussy at the same time. Melissa was quickly overwhelmed with all the vibrations, getting worked up before her mind finally managed to focus. She became upset that her body had accepted the pleasure, but vowed in her mind not to orgasm.

Behind her the man reached out his hands, still rough feeling without the gloves, and spread her ass again. For the first time in her life, she felt a man's cock touching her body. Once again she cringed in anticipation. She felt the man's hot flesh pressing against her most private, most intimate of holes. Even though she was a virgin in every sense of the word, she knew of anal sex. She had long since made up her mind that even when she finally got married and would start experiencing physical pleasures, she was never going to engage in it. And now, it was going to be her first real sexual experience.

Even though Melissa could feel the heat coming off the man's cock, the tip felt cool to the touch, and quite slippery. She braced herself for the intrusion, but it didn't seem to come. When she finally opened her eyes, the man in front of her with the camera smiled and she was suddenly overwhelmed with forceful pressure. Her eyes bulged out as the cock opened pried open her virgin ass. Melissa's mind could only tune one thing out at once, and she chose the feelings of pleasure being forced upon her pussy, meaning she felt the full force of the man in her ass. Her intruder didn't waste any time at all completely filling her ass as much as he could. She felt like a log was being jammed inside her, like she'd be split in two. Little did she realize that the first attacker was only average sized, never seeing a cock before.

Her attacker relished being balls deep in her ass for a moment before he started pulling out. She couldn't believe the intensity of this new feeling, like her insides were going to be pulled out with his cock. Very slowly he started to get a rhythm going. She felt her ass getting hotter as the thrusts continued–his only using a minimal amount of lube to get inside her meant that the friction of his cock invading her was heating her up. The heat being generated around her asshole just made the pain worse for her. This became harder for her to handle as she occasionally lost track of blocking out the feelings in her pussy.

"She's fucking great," the man behind her declared. "Definitely a virgin ass based on how she's responding, very tight. We made a good choice here, you're gonna love her."

Her eyes bulged out again. The other guy was going to fuck her ass too? Melissa felt that if she could be sick at that moment she would. But she was so overwhelmed at the moment that all she could do is concentrate on the pain that was now radiating all over her front, and now inside her.

"Perfect, one more coed who's no longer a stranger to her place," the man in front of her said in his deep voice.

The man inside her ass continued his thrusting in and out of her ass for several minutes more in complete silence. It wasn't complete silence to Melissa though, her mind was screaming and she was analyzing the whole situation. She always was the type of girl to overanalyze things, and

this anal assault was just one more thing that she did.

It did hurt, but the painful bit seemed to come in waves. Of course it hurt as he first entered, but then it seemed to hurt more as he went deeper, and with less lube to help. Over the course of time though, it seemed to dull. There was a feeling of fulness unlike any she had experienced before. The vibrations in and around her pussy seemed to almost be amplified by being so full, or was it that she felt more full because of the vibrations? Melissa's mind couldn't help notice the feelings of submission and how humiliating and degrading the situation was for her. She also knew that there were people who enjoyed anal sex, and started to wonder if all these different feelings were why.

Her thoughts were almost enough to drown out the slapping sounds made as strong thighs smacked against her. Finally the man behind her spoke again.

"On her face or inside her?"

"Inside her. We don't want it to be obvious," the man in front said.

Melissa felt the man inside her speed up for a moment before he pressed deep inside her and waited. She didn't get what was going on until she felt a new warmth inside her ass and heard the man grunt. Putting all the clues together, the girl finally realized that he was cumming inside her ass. There was a new heat, now in her face as she turned red with the realization. Another flash as the man in front took a picture of her humiliation. It was another minute before the man pulled out and grinned to his partner.

The man in front moved around behind her, and once more she heard the sound of a zipper being lowered. There were more pictures taken by the sounds of the camera and flash of the light. Again she felt a cock pressed against her now-pained asshole, but this time she noticed that there was no coolness to the touch, no slipperiness. Another picture was taken and the man who had just violated her ass moved in front of her. She was shocked as he hadn't pulled his pants back up, and for the first time in her life she was staring at a man's cock.

While she was transfixed, the man behind her made his move forcing his unlubed cock into her ass. She completely forgot about the cock in front of her as the one behind her started to work its way in. The first thing that she realized is that this cock was having a harder time getting inside her. She cried out in pain again as the head of the newly invading cock finally made it through the hole, realizing that she was stretched much wider than the first cock.

Melissa had reason to be thankful, as the guy just held with the head inside. It did hurt much more, but she realized with deep breathing that she was starting to get used to the feeling more, much like she had with the first cock. The man who held what thought like a pop bottle just inside her ass bent over her and whispered, "Sorry doll. I know this hurts and you don't like it, but I just gotta."

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