The Best Coffee Shop in the World

by John D

Copyright© 2013 by John D

Erotica Sex Story: A young lady has a lucrative sideline to her little coffee shop.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Prostitution   .

"Espresso for one," I asked the young lady with a cheeky smile and adjusted my shirt as the black-haired maid tapped my order into her faded and outdated till. It fitted in with the rest of the little café perfectly, with its tired maroon décor and outdated menu, but it was my favourite café in the town.

The twenty-something server glanced up at me as my eyes stole a glimpse at her cleavage, poking out seductively from her maid's outfit. "Can I get you anything else?"

Her twinkling blue eyes screamed seduction and butterflies danced for a moment in my stomach. I glanced around her empty shop: I wanted to make sure we were alone before I uttered those immortal four words - "A special one please!"

Her lips curled into the warm smile and my host nodded. "Certainly," the agreeable lady replied and I passed her the money for my visit. Alessia watched as I seated myself at one of the six tables and brought my drink over to me with a smile. "When you've finished," she started with a smirk, but I nodded knowingly; I knew the drill!

Her lovely curves in her skin-tight French maid's outfit demanded to be touched and caressed, and I licked my lips at the kind-hearted girl placing my coffee on the table. Her fingers swept over the back of my hand and she blew me the faintest of kisses.

It was Alessia's charms that kept her little coffee shop running – an investment she made from her inheritance – and that despite the big chains moving in around her, the tiny café survived and thrived. The coffee and food served was excellent and was always busy, but the two twin sisters who owned the establishment had another unique selling point that was unmatched by any other coffee shop.

She wiped the tables as I downed my 3oz hit of murky caffeine and put the upturned cup on the saucer, picking up the blue parcel that came with a "special coffee." She didn't need to say anything, but just rang the bell on the counter and held out her hand to me.

Her sister noisily strode into the shop from the small kitchen and rolled her eyes when she saw me taking the outstretched hand of Alessia. My host licked her lips seductively and lowered her eyes to the floor as she guided me to a small room at the back of the coffee shop; I twirled the package between my fingers.

Alessia seated me on a camp bed in the windowless room and blew me a kiss as the sexily-dressed girl got undressed. First, the shoes were kicked gently into the corner of the room and then the white stockings – so often unworn by her – were rolled alluringly down her thigh and then her legs to her ankles, presenting me with a fabulous glimpse of her breasts framed wonderfully in the black outfit.

My cock stiffened: Alessia always did that to me, and she ran her hands through her shoulder-length hair as she placed her stockings on the old kitchen cabinets dumped in their store room. The faded light flickered: she was seductive and classy, but the surroundings were cheap and sleazy. I felt a drop of pre-cum soak into my boxer shorts.

She sighed and looked at me, giggling at the anticipation and lust ingrained upon my face, and pouted mischievously. She knew I wanted her, and she stared into my impatient eyes as she reached behind her back and pulled a ribbon. Her black dress fell forward instantly, and she licked her lips.

She was gorgeously sensual and sexy; her expressions and mannerisms flowed effortlessly and her body oozed sexuality. She wanted sex; her soul screamed it to me as her excellent orbs bobbed free of their black cotton housing. A light sheen of sweat covered her young body that shimmered in the chink of light streaming from the curtains.

I put my hand out to touch her, the smoothness of her radiant skin electrifying the tips of my fingers; my hands caressed her toned legs as I stared into her knickerless crotch. It was immaculate as it always was: a small stub of hair perched above the most enticing of slits. I fidgeted on the small bed and looked up her breasts and into her eyes that peered down on me: the lustful bank manager with a key client.

Her face broke into a beaming smile: I couldn't never resist her when she did that and I smiled back. Alessia's hands massaged my shoulder and slipped my suit jacket off my body, placing it carefully next to her stockings. I waited as the young lady began unbuttoning my pristine white shirt, looking into my eyes as her hands slid around my torso and liberated my body from it's smart work attire.

I groaned: there were times when I have screwed the fascinating girl as a "quickie" and I had left my shirt on as my body rammed my cock into her tight hole frantically. There are times when she has gone down on me in the café or once, on the roof in the rain. I love hearing her squeal and groan and sometimes, she would let me take her to repeated climaxes, leaving my face sodden with her sweet, heavenly nectar. Pure bliss.

Alessia unbuttoned my trousers, as I briefly remembered the day before; a wry smile crept across my lips as visions of the young lady screaming obscenities as my tongue flicked her clit caused her sister to enter the room to tell her to "keep the noise down."

My attention was brought back to the present when a gentle touch brushed against my erect cock being liberated of all clothing by the elegant lady, naked except for a wicked smile. I ran my hands through her hair, touching her on the cheek and then sliding my hands down her toned body as she stood up, towering over me sat on the bed.

She gave me "that look," and I adjusted myself on the lumpy mattress, swinging my legs onto the bed: neither of us had time to waste, and she had that lustful look in her eyes. If I didn't know any better she had been fucked only recently and not quite reached orgasm; this always left the entrepreneurial minx frustrated.

My head had barely hit the pillow when Alessia's smooth legs swept over my face and her pink crotch was peeking invitingly at me; it looked slightly puffy and excited, and my cock stiffened in response: it was the most delightful of cunts I had ever seen. It was my favourite.

My hands gripped the young lady on the thighs and I manoeuvred myself so my face was underneath her intoxicating femininity. I could smell her womanly, sapid musk, the moment her moistness touched my lips; pure heaven. I sighed in lust; my body tingled with expectation as she leant forward slightly to kiss my crotch. My cock sparkled as her tongue gently kissed the glans.

Alessia murmured as my tongue wrapped itself around her clit, gently sucking on her exposed and engorged pearl. She wriggled at my touch and my hands cupped her pert bosom, before gently rolling her nipple between my fingers.

I felt a surge of excitement coarse through my impatient body: she suckled on the tip of my cock and began stroking my shaft as my tongue darted across her moist delights.

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