The Doctor, the Cop and the Nightmares

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2013 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: A rescue from a sexual assault, a shooting injury, a lovely lady doctor and a former Army Ranger, who is a Policeman with the K-9 Corps and his faithful dog, Harry S Truman. It's a strange mixture for this romance.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Oral Sex   .



Running at the end of her day, whenever they ended, that is, was a treat that Pauline O'Mally tried to give herself regularly. She had a favorite park that she invariably used. She was always careful and always tried to be aware of her surroundings, that is, always except today.

Her day in the ER -- Pauline was, in fact, Dr Pauline O'Mally, called 'Paulie' by her friends, living out her dream as an ER doctor at a local university medical center -- had been a hectic one and she was going over some of the various cases in her mind.

To run Pauline usually wore straight legged running pants, not too loose and not too tight. She wasn't into those kind of really butt clingy fashions that everyone seemed to be wearing these days. She certainly wasn't a prude but at 39 she didn't see the point. Paulie was, however, petite but lovely. Her best feature was her wonderfully rounded and shapely butt. She wasn't about to be displaying it, during her runs. She wasn't out looking for a man or anything like that. Except for her Uncle Mike, who with her Aunt Irene had brought her up from childhood, once her parents had died in an accident, there had been no men in her life at all. Her 'love', if she were to term it that way, was her work at the ER, and she was a good doctor. That much she knew.

They came from nowhere; or so it seemed. There were three of them and suddenly Pauline was in the middle of the nightmare that sometimes inhabits the back of people's minds.

The three of them seemed to thunder out of the brush and she was grabbed. What happened in the next five minutes or so was a whirlwind of her futile resistance and their absolute glee at having come across a lone woman in the park in the twilight.

They gave her no chance to get her balance. She was simply tossed from one person to another. In a flashing moment, she realized that one of them had a knife, and whenever she went his way, he cut her clothes, a bit more every time. By the time the fateful five minutes were spent, Paulie had no tee shirt on any more and her bra was hanging by one shoulder strap. Her pants were tattered and she had slits, carefully made there, in her panties.

What was it? Five minutes? Eight minutes? Life time?

It didn't seem that her shouts were doing her any good. They began to make random comments about her breasts and her butt, as they tossed her around.


Jack Webber was out with Harry S Truman. Harry S, which is what Jack invariably called the big German Shepherd, had been Jack's bosom friend and companion in war zones and in peace time. Jack was the sergeant in charge of the police k-9 squad and Harry S was the squad's pride and joy.

They liked this park for their early evening walks. It had been a laid back day, when there was only one call for them. Jack certainly didn't mind. At the age of 34, he no longer was so eager for all the excitement that he'd known in Afghanistan and Iraq and in his early days on the force. They'd gone out that day, after Jack was off work, and before they went home. Jack was still in his uniform.

Paulie's cries changed that. As soon as Jack heard her, he silenced Harry S and they moved in the direction of the noise.

That's when Jack and Harry S broke in on Paulie's current nightmare. Jack sized up the situation quickly and went charging into the clearing. He did several things at once. He gave Harry S a command and pointed at one of the three, the largest, and in a nano-second Harry S had the kid on the ground with the kid's genitals in his mouth. The kid was screeching for all that he was worth.

Harry S' charge also gave Jack the brief time he needed to get to the other two. With a forearm smash, Jack hit one of them, the nearest, in the throat. The kid fell, clutching his throat and having difficulty breathing.

Then Jack grabbed Paulie, who was stunned by the sudden charge that Jack and Harry S had made, and pushed her behind him.

"Stay behind me," he said urgently. She obeyed instantly.

By then the third mug had recovered and decided to try his knife. It was fairly large but he wasn't as skilled as Jack. He made a lunge and Jack parried the lunge and, using main strength, hauled the kid's arm up and around. It ended with the knife buried in the kid's stomach. The kid's eyes were wide with disbelief at what had happened and how fast.

Jack then did something that he learned to do as an Army Ranger and had done in battle zones but never did as a policeman. He grabbed the wrist holding the knife and pushed it sharply down. It had the effect of forcing the knife, still lodged in the kid's insides, downward, cutting its path. The kid got slack jawed and let the knife go. Jack twisted it and pulled it upwards, cutting its path the other way.

The kid went to the ground and didn't make a move. Jack knew he was done. He looked over the other two and one still was being dealt with by Harry S. The second could hardly breathe.

Jack called Harry S off and the big dog let go of the kid's genitals and stood guarding him and growling. The kid was crying and howling from the pain.

Jack knew that they were secure. He turned to Paulie then, who simply threw herself at him. He held her, as she cried and shook. While holding her, he hauled his blue work shirt off and gave it to her to put on. Her clothes were totally ruined.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" she mumbled into his shoulder.

He held her out from his chest for a moment and said: "Aren't you Dr O'Mally from the University ER?"

"Yes!" she said, "And almost a victim, if it weren't for you and your wonderful companion."

Jack grinned and said: "That's Harry S Truman!"

"What?" she said.

"My hero, kind of," Jack said, "Both the dog and the president!"

"Excuse me, Doctor," he said, "I have to call this in."

"It's Paulie!" she said.

"Yes," he said with a smile, "Paulie."

Jack made the call and they sent an ambulance to take the three mugs into the hospital. Paulie, it was decided, could ride in a police car to the hospital. She knew that she was basically fine but agreed to go so that she could be looked over.

Jack went into the station to make his report and, when that was done, he and Harry S went to the hospital. He wanted to check on the three mugs.

When he got there, he discovered that one of them, the knife wielder, was dead. The one with the throat injury had been in surgery for his throat and was given a tracheotomy. The one who had Harry S to deal with required stitches and surgery, resulting in the removal of his ruined testicles and most of his penis.

Once he'd checked on them, he went looking for Dr O'Mally. He found her sitting with another woman, also a doctor.

"Um," he said, "Excuse me!"

"There he is!" Paulie said. "And I have your shirt still."

She kind of launched herself at him and was hugging him and thanking him again.

He was blushing by that point.

"And where is Harry S Truman?" she wanted to know.

"Who?" the other doctor interjected.

"His wonderful furry companion," Paulie said.

That made Jack grin: "He's in the car. We've just logged out, Harry S and I, and I wanted to come here first to see how things were."

"And the three assailants?" the other doctor asked.

"This is my friend, Amanda Clark, Dr Amanda Clark," Paulie said. She shook hands with Jack.

"Um, the three," Jack said: "One is dead; the one with the knife; one has a tracheotomy, and the third had to have surgery for the injuries that Harry S caused."

"Good!" Amanda said, her face showing her anger. "I hope that he can't use his equipment for life!"

"'Fraid he won't," Jack said, "What he's got left."

"I have your shirt, Sergeant Webber," Paulie said. She smiled and went on: "Remember that for a while I was wearing your shirt and your badge."

Amanda went and fetched his shirt for him.

He smiled at her, and said: "Thank you."

Then he put the shirt on and said softly: "Gee, it smells nice now!"

Paulie O'Mally giggled at that.

"Well," Jack said, "I have to go. The paper work at the station is done but I have Harry S in the car."

"OH, give him a treat for me!" Paulie said.

Jack grinned and said: "I will! Are you okay?"

"Yes," she said, "Thanks to you, I am! You and your wonderful dog!"

"Good, then I'll be going," Jack said.

She held out her arms to him for one more hug, before he left her.

When he got to the car, he told Harry S all about her and the hugs and those kinds of things.

"She wasn't wearing a wedding ring, pal!" he said. "How about that?"

Harry S barked, and Jack said: "I agree, Mr President, she's gorgeous!"

Amanda went home with Paulie and stayed with her. They both, Paulie and Amanda, decided that Amanda would stay there for the next few days. It helped Paulie over the rough part of dealing with the situation.

On the way to Paulie's the two of them were giggling about how handsome Jack Webber was.

"Oh, Jack," Amanda said, "I thought you meant Harry S!"

They went into a spate of giggles then.

"Oh, it feels so good to be able to laugh!" Paulie said.

"Yes, honey," Amanda said, "But we have to have 'the' talk about when you run and those kinds of things."

"Yes, I know," Paulie answered, "I know how difficult it's going to be to get back out there."

After those few days, with her Uncle Mike and Aunt Irene in constant attendance, along with Amanda, the decision was made for Paulie to go and stay with Mike and Irene for just a little bit, until she was more sure of herself, and got her feet, so to speak, on the ground again.


But Paulie was determined to go back to her running. She was a bit tied in knots about it. She shared that bit of information with Amanda. They talked about it and Paulie was determined to do the running. She also took the time to talk to Mike and Irene about it. They encouraged her decision to get back to it, and gradually Paulie was ready to go back home.

"Where?" Amanda asked, when they were talking about the possibility of Paulie going back to running one day, after work.

"I'm not going to let them drive me away from my running place!" Paulie said.

But to make sure, Paulie armed herself with mace and thought even of purchasing a pistol. She said to Amanda that she had to think about that a bit.

The thing that she didn't know was that Jack had asked Amanda covertly about that, and they'd talked, Jack and Amanda about it. Jack told Amanda that he'd be there, when Paulie went to run.

"I'm so relieved," Amanda said to Jack. "I know how basically nervous, probably scared she is about this. But I also know that she wants to do it desperately. You will be such a big help to her."

"Good," Jack said, "It's what I want. Harry S Truman and I will be there."

Amanda just giggled at the thought of Harry S Truman being there.

It was a Saturday, about a month after the incident described above. Paulie drove to the park to do her run. Her stomach was positively filled with butterflies. But she was going to go ahead with it. She had her mace and was still contemplating a pistol.

But she was surprised, when she got there to find both Jack Webber and Harry S Truman there waiting for her. Jack was just leaning against the fender of his Toyota FJ Cruiser.

She got out of the car and was attended by Harry S Truman immediately, with tail wagging and tongue hanging out the side. She simply grinned widely at Jack.

"Amanda squealed on me!" she said, petting Harry S' head.

"She did!" he said, "I was concerned."

"Well, won't this be a treat for me!" Paulie said.

"I won't be in the way?" Jack answered.

"No, neither you nor the President will be in the way; this is so grand of you to do this! I admit that I was really nervous."

"Well, let's do this!" Jack said.

It turned out to be a grand day for a run. They did their mileage and ended with sprints, with Harry S keeping up with them all the way.

When they were finished, Paulie said: "Jack, thank you for being here! I appreciate it!"

Once she'd said it, she folded herself into his arms for a hug, and simply hung on. She cried then, as he held her, and Harry S sidled up to her and put his muzzle against her leg.

"You two are wonderful!" she said. "There's a payback coming and I'm going to make sure of it."

"Our pleasure!" Jack said, "When shall we again?"

"What's your schedule?" she asked.

They did their running that week together. It was certainly a relief for Paulie and Jack enjoyed it immensely. Harry S was pleased with it too.

She also made sure that she called both Mike and Amanda to tell them how the run had gone.

"I must meet this young man," Mike said, "He certainly seems like a quality individual."

Paulie was pleased and promised Mike to set up a meet between them soon.

At the end of the week, once their running was finished, Paulie thanked Jack:

"I really appreciate this, Jack," she said. And, as Harry S rubbed his head against her leg, she said: "And you too, Mr President!"

She looked back at Jack then and said: "I can probably manage alone now."

"Wait, wait!" Jack said. "What do you think is going on here?"

"I don't know," Paulie said, not sure of herself right then or of Jack's intentions.

He simply put his arms around her and kissed her. She clung to him and kissed him back.

"Oh, yes," she said, putting her head against his chest. "Yes!"

They made arrangements according to their schedules and so, they set a pattern; the three of them doing their running together, for Harry S Truman was always along too. They managed, over the next few weeks, to get out at least three times a week to do their mileage.

In the process, the greetings started to become more special for each of them. When they met at the park for their run, Paulie would invariably go into Jack's arms for a long hug, and that kiss was never forgotten, not for an instant.

It was by the end of the first week that the hug, before leaving one another, was transformed into more kisses. Jack and Paulie clung to one another, after the kiss, only to look at one another and plunge into another kiss, to the accompaniment of barks by the president.

"I... ," Jack said, "I didn't want to rush you."

"No, don't rush me," Paulie said, "Kiss me!"

He did, again. While he was kissing, he crept his hands down her back toward her butt cheeks. He wasn't sure of the move at all.

"Yes, do that!" she whispered to him. "Harry S thinks it's a grand idea!"

He moved his hands and swept them down to and around her butt cheeks.

"Wonderful ass! Wonderful woman!" Jack whispered and kissed her again.

It was about their third outing at the park for their run that Paulie asked Jack and Harry S to please come to dinner at her house.

"I really want to say 'thank you' to you and Harry S; can you, maybe this coming Friday?"

"Yes, we can," Jack said, "We'll both be pleased."

She was bubbly, when she sat at dinner at Mike and Irene's that night. It was never part of their way of dealing with one another for Paulie to hide things from her Aunt and Uncle.

"Is this getting serious?" Irene had asked.

"Not sure," Paulie answered, "But I think so. He's coming to dinner this Friday. I'll let you know." She said the last with a positive grin on her face.



That dinner date was destined not to come off on time just then.

It was a domestic dispute. It had turned violent and Jack was dispatched to guard the perimeter of the area, where the dispute had taken place. One of the persons in the house had a shot gun and was threatening to use it.

As it turned out, he decided to make a run for it, rather than surrender to the police. He went Jack's way, and before Jack could react first, he raked Jack with the shot gun. It wasn't close range but it put Jack down on a knee. Meanwhile, the man with the shotgun had not noticed Harry S, who had him down and on the ground, as the other officers at the scene responded to the shot and got the shooter under control.

Jack was loaded into the ambulance, with Harry S sitting by him, and taken to the ER at the university hospital.

Fate was still at work here, for both Amanda and Paulie were the doctors on duty that day in the ER.

It was Amanda who went to Paulie, who was in the break room.

"Honey," Amanda said.

"What?" Paulie answered, "What is it?" She was disturbed by the very tone of voice that Amanda had used with her.

"We have a policeman in just now; took some buckshot from a shot gun. I'm afraid it's your Jack," Amanda said.

Paulie cried out involuntarily and her hand went to her mouth and the tears were there immediately,

Amanda grabbed Paulie and held onto her for a few minutes; then she spoke quickly: "Come on, love; he needs a doctor's care now! It's what we do! It's who we are! It's who you are! Other concerns later."

"Yes," Paulie said, determined to push down her personal concerns and do what she was there to do. The two of them went to where the nurses were already busy with Jack. They had, in fact, just removed most of Jack's uniform and had him ready for the doctors.

"Sergeant Webber," Amanda said to Jack, who was woozy but looked up and saw both Amanda and then Paulie and smiled wanly.

"Doctors!" Jack said. Then he reached out a hand and took Paulie's hand. "Dr O'Mally!"

"Yes, love," Paulie said, and with a quick glance at Amanda, who just nodded, kissed Jack on the forehead; Jack smiled.

"They have my furry friend here someplace," Jack said.

"I can take him home with me," Paulie said. "It'll be fine."

"Yes," Jack said weakly, "He'll be fine with you..."

"Amanda, I'll be right back," Paulie said; again, Amanda nodded.

Paulie went out and asked the charge nurse about Harry S. She said, in a nervous voice: "He's in the supply room; can you do something with him, Doctor?"

Paulie nodded and said that she'd take care of him. She went into the supply room and Harry S immediately raised his head and thumped his tail. She went to him and then led him to her office, getting him set up there. She retrieved a pan from supply and gave him some water.

"I have to go and take care of our love now, Mr President," she said, softly, wiping a tear away from her eye, as Harry S rubbed his head against her leg.

She joined Amanda then in the surgery room to help with Jack. He smiled at her, when she entered.

"Harry S is taken care of, " she said.

His 'thank you' was very weak. His voice already fading from the meds that he'd been given and Paulie and Amanda began to work on him to remove the bits of buckshot from his hip and his side.

Jack was deep in sleep, as they began to work on him, both of them working side by side together.

"Paulie," Amanda whispered. "He's gorgeous!"

"Oh, yes!" Paulie said with a sigh.

There was a lot of buckshot to deal with and when they were finished, Paulie and Amanda, who had a few minutes then, stood by Jack's bedside. They hadn't yet completely covered him up.

"Gorgeous!" Amanda said again, and Paulie giggled.

"You giggle, girl!" Amanda said, "Saw you droolin', when you got him completely uncovered!"

Paulie just grinned at her, and said: "Come on, pal, shift is ending and I have a dog to see to. He's gonna sleep like a baby for the night."

They waited until Jack was transferred to a private room, and then Paulie took Harry S Truman with her and the big dog adapted to Paulie's house as though he were always a resident there. She had an early night, with Harry S by her side in bed, and they both went back early in the morning.

She didn't have a shift that day and was determined to bring Jack back to her house and take care of him.

She left Harry S with a friend in the office that she and Amanda used, and the big dog seemed content to lay there and wait for her. Then she went up to see Jack.

He was awake now, and got a huge smile on his face, when she entered.

"Here's the doctor!" he said softly, and held his arms out to her.

She went to him and fitted herself into his arms and lay her head down on his near shoulder, being careful of his bandaged side and hip.

"I was so worried!" she said softly.

"Fine, especially now," he said.

She raised her head then and kissed him, finishing the kiss with her tongue bathing his lower lip.

"It's wonderful to see you so bright and with it this morning!" Paulie said. "The President sends his regards. He's in my office here. I'll bring him by for a few minutes. But they're going to release you this morning and I'm taking you home to my place to take care of you for a few days. I have some time coming."

"Hmm," he said, "My own personal doctor!"

"Yes," she said, "Best kind of treatment!"

Then she bent down and whispered in his ear: "And if you're really, really a good boy, you get to see the doctor without her clothes!"

"Hubba Hubba!" he said and she laughed.

"No one says that anymore!" she said.

"I do, when it's appropriate!" was his answer.


Paulie arranged for transportation for Jack to her house, with Harry S in attendance. When she got him there, she took him, with him walking very slowly, to her own bedroom and got him situated in the bed.

"I want you to lie down here and rest," she said, "If you need, I'll give you something to help you sleep."

"Rather be able to watch you," he said, and she giggled and winked at Harry S, who was right there.

"Okay, Sergeant," she said, "I want you to have a light sheet covering you but otherwise no clothes. I need to have access to those wounds, to keep an eye on them."

"Only access to the wounds?" he asked in a soft voice.

"Sergeant Webber," she said, "Will you please listen to your doctor?"

"Sure," he said, "Especially when the doctor is you and you want me naked here in your house in your bed!"

She giggled: "You are a handful!" she said.

"You'll find that out, if you keep me here naked," he quipped and she giggled again.

The phone rang then.

"Hey, Amanda," Paulie said. Then she went on: "Yes, he's here and I'm getting him ready. He's giving me grief about taking his clothes off! Yes, I can handle him. I have the President here to help me out!"

She covered the phone then and said: "Amanda sends a hug and says: 'Take it off! Take it off!'"

Jack laughed and said: "Okay, two doctors and I'm surrounded!"

"Yes," Paulie said into the phone, "I'll be in touch, love!"

She hung up and went to Jack immediately. He had a kind of twinkle in his eye, as she took his robe from him and then, very gingerly took the pj bottoms, that he was wearing down and off.

She stepped back and surveyed him.

"Being a doctor here," she said, getting on her tip toes to kiss him lightly, and, at the same time, taking his semi hard erection in her hand.

"I guess!" he said.

"Want you to rest now," she said, her tone changing and showing that she'd indeed become the doctor. He noticed it too and said:

"I am tired."

He bent down then and kissed her forehead and said: "Thank you for taking such good care of me!"

"My turn!" she said to him and reached up to kiss him again. This time, the kiss was more passionate and contained all sorts of promises for each of them.

It caused his erection to stand up more, and Paulie giggled:

"Not now!" she said, "Rest for you first!"

"You're just waiting for a chance to catch me sleeping and then do dirty things!" Jack said.

Paulie giggled and said: "I am! And Harry S approves!"

She kissed him again and helped him to lie back on the bed. He did it, wincing from the pains in his side and hip.

"Need something to help you rest, love?" she asked, concerned.

"No," he said, "Just you and Harry S! That'll suit me fine."

"Okay, I'm going to leave you in his care, and I'll make us a light supper; Omelet?"

"Lovely!" he said.

"If you can sleep first, go ahead," Paulie said. "The supper can wait an hour or more."

Jack only nodded, for he was that quickly asleep.

Paulie stood there and said to the big dog, watching her: "Yes, Harry S, he's so gorgeous! And having him here, despite the circumstances, is just lovely!"

She sat there by the bed and read, looking over at him now and then. At one point, he began to moan in his sleep and began to thrash around a bit. She went to him then, noticing that Jack's restlessness made Harry S moan also, and she leaned down and kissed him lightly, using her hand to brush the hair away from his eyes. It settled him down. She went then to the dog and gave him some scratches behind his ears. Harry S settled also. She went back to her reading.

When he woke, after an hour and a half, he looked up and saw her engrossed in her reading.

"You're so lovely!" he said, startling her just a bit.

She blushed.

"Do you know that?" he asked then.

"If you tell me so," she said softly. "How are you?"

"Stiff and sore!" he said.

She giggled.

"I didn't mean that!" he said grinning, "Doctor has a dirty mind!"

"Doctor has a clear mind and is aware of the many, many possibilities!" she replied, giving him a light kiss.

"I want to look at these now and maybe dress them again," she said.

"Just want to see me naked again!" he said in a sly voice.

"Yes," she answered, "And I get to have my way."

She moved the sheet off of him and began the process of renewing the dressings. As she bent over him, his erection stiffened again. She glanced up at him and said: "Not now! Not yet!"

"Later?" he asked.

"Yes, definitely!" she said, "It's on the agenda. But now these are taken care of and I want to go and make the omelets for us."

"Yes, hungry!" he said.

"What about Mr President?" she asked. "Don't think I have anything. I'll call Amanda."

She did that and Amanda was there in a little bit with food for Harry S. She also got to visit with Jack, while Paulie was fixing the omelets, one for Amanda also.

Amanda said to Jack then: "You take care of that wonderful woman!"

"My only aim!" Jack said.

"Good!" Amanda said. "She's family to me!"

It was then that Paulie arrived with the omelets, and a bottle of white wine.

"You can have one glass," Paulie said to Jack.

Jack turned to Amanda and said: "I need help here; she's going to get me drunk and have her way with me!"

Amanda laughed and answered: "Watch out or we'll get you drunk and we'll have our way with you!"

Jack hooted, as Amanda turned to Paulie, who was grinning, and said: "Only kidding, love! No poaching!"

Paulie went to her and planted a kiss in the middle of Amanda's forehead.

Their supper was pleasant for the three of them. It was shortly after that, when Jack began to fade.

"Okay, I'm outta here!" Amanda said, giving Jack a hug and one for Paulie.

"I'm going to give him something to make him sleep," Paulie said.

"Good idea!" Amanda agreed and left, after scratches for Harry S.

Before taking the dishes downstairs, Paulie gave Jack a shot that settled him and put him to sleep directly. She did the dishes and the clean up and then took Harry S for a walk in the nearby park. He took to the leash with her very easily. It was a lovely evening for their walk.

"Oh, Harry," Paulie said, as they walked through the twilight. "I'm afraid that I'm falling for that man!"

Harry S woofed, and Paulie said: "Yes, I agree, he's marvelous!"

She got home and took a shower, with Harry S in attendance. Then her decision was for a pair of panties for bed, and she crawled in on the other side from where Jack was lost to the world in sleep. She looked at him, in the moonlight for just a few minutes and then leaned over to give him a kiss on the shoulder, and settled down herself. Harry S Truman spent the night at the foot of the king-sized bed.

Paulie woke sometime during the middle of the night and immediately saw that Jack was awake and staring at her.

"You can hardly know how wonderful it is for me to wake up and see you sleeping next to me! The beauty of you!" he said.

She moved in his direction and Harry S began to thump his tail. She scratched the dog on the head and then snuggled against Jack. He leaned over and kissed her.

The kiss was a soft one and one that grew in intensity, as it went along. It left both of them breathless.

"Problem," Jack said.

"Problem?" she asked, wondering.

"Yes," he said, "I have to pee!"

"Ohhhh!" she said and giggled.

"Doctors aren't supposed to giggle over things like that!" he said with mock asperity.

She giggled again, and then got up.

"I think you'll need some support," she said, "It's going to be really sore, and that hip is not totally healed yet."

She helped him get up, and let him lean on her, as they walked toward the bathroom.

He chuckled.

"Yes?" she asked.

"Well, it seems to me that at any other time, with these circumstances, I mean you wearing only those panties and me wearing only my bandages, it would be an instigator of wild sex," he said.

"Hmmm, yes, you're right!" she agreed.

"Don't know that I'm up for it! Sorry!" he said.

"No," she said, shaking her head, "When we get back from the bathroom, the doctor will take over!"

"Hmmm, house call!" he said, grinning.

"Something like that!" was her answer.

She got him to the bathroom and they found that he had trouble standing because of the hip. She just held onto him, as he stood there and went. It made her giggle.

"Yes?" he asked.

"We've only barely kissed!" she said. "Want me to hold it?" She ended that question with a spate of giggles.

"Can probably manage, if you don't let me fall; but well, then this is real progress!" was his comment.

"I guess so!" Paulie said, as he finished.

"Would have held it!" she insisted.

"You are so kind hearted!" he said.

"Yep," she quipped, "That's me!"

"Also have a really, really nice ass!" he said.

"How can you tell?" she demanded to know.

"Not hiding much from where I'm standing!" he said, as they reached the bed again.

"Need anything?" she wanted to know. "I mean, hungry or anything?"

"Horny but sore!" he said, and she laughed, as his erection started to assert itself, as she got him to the bed.

"Ohhhhhhh!" he groaned from the pains, causing a deflation of his erection. "Sorry!"

"Don't you worry about 'sorry'," she said, "I'm a doctor and I know what to do. You lie back."

"What are you going to do?" he wanted to know settling back into the bed. Then he said: "Harry S, she's gonna do something."

"Yep," she said, "Harry S and I have conferred about this and we both agree."

"Screwed!" he said.

"No, not yet, but hang around long enough and that's bound to happen!" she giggled her way to the end of the sentence.

Then she moved her head.

"Oh, what's first?" he asked.

"Licking him clean!" she said.

"Damn, woman, you're a flat out wonder!" he cried out.

She lifted her head, from near his stomach, where she'd moved to and grinned at him and made a big show of licking the head of his penis and then grinning.

"I'm gonna take care of my wounded warrior!" she said.

"Not doin' too bad a job!" he said.

"Glad you're pleased," she answered and now she took the head of his erection into her mouth all the way.

"Awwwwwwwww!" he cried out.

"No moving, you!" she barked at him.

"Yes, doctor!" he said, "Suck my..." his voice trailed off then into another groan.

"Love words," she cooed to him, lifting her head from her 'task' and smiling at him.

"Paulie, Paulie," he said softly, "I'm going to get so lost in you!"

She moved quickly up the bed then and grabbed his face in her hands and kissed him.

"It's what I want so much!" she said earnestly, "Follow me into this relationship; it's just you and me is all!"

"Yes, yes!" he said and she moved back to where she'd been and had the head of his erection in her mouth again.

"Wonderful" he sighed.

She was careful in the way she proceeded. She made sure that she wasn't causing him unnecessary movement and wasn't hurting him. His crisis came in a few minutes and he flooded her mouth. She took it all in and ended with her head on his stomach and with her smiling up at him.

"Thanks for that, beautiful Paulie!" he said.

"Want to treat my hero well!" she said.

"Is that what I am?" he asked.

"Certainly are!" she said. "What about the pain?"

"A little bit!" he said.

"You can have more pain meds now," she said. "Then you'll sleep."

She gave him the pain meds and he did drift into sleep but she was now pretty much awake. She nestled beside him and gradually slept fitfully.

In the morning, she was the first to awaken. She took Harry S out for a romp in the back yard and was back with coffee for the two of them. So that, when he finally woke and came back to the waking world, the first thing that Jack Webber saw was Dr Paulie O'Mally sitting in the chair and watching him.

"Hi, Paulie!" he said.

"Hi to you, you beautiful man!" she responded. "How does it feel?" she asked.

"Didn't want to play with myself in front of my doctor without permission," he said, laughing.

"I meant your side, bud!" she said.

"So did I!" he countered.

"Liar, liar, pants on fire!" she quipped.

"Nope, no pants to be on fire!" he said, and they both giggled.

She poured him some coffee then and gave it to him. Then she went about changing the dressings on his side, and hip.

"Looking pretty good," she said. "Making progress."

"Drat!" he complained.

"What?" she wanted to know.

"If I get better, then I have to go home to my apartment!" he explained.

She went to him then and put her arms around him and reached up to kiss him.

"Not necessarily!" she said, "There's a lot of taking care of that I want to do with you!" and went back to kissing him. "And all sorts of other things!"

"Good!" he said, "Makes me feel better!"

"We can maybe get you dressed today," she said.

"You sound so disappointed!" he said laughing.

"It's a treat having a naked you around," she said. "Don't you agree, Mr President?"

Harry S, there in attendance, thumped his tail on the floor at once.

"Hmm," he replied, "You have such a dirty mind!"

"Lovely isn't it?" she giggled.

"Yes, you are!" Jack said, turning earnest now. "You are my grandest wish, never made, never said for fear that the wish would not come true but here you are and you are just that lovely!"

She was hugging him then.

"You make me feel so special," she said into his ear.

"It's because you are, Paulie!" he said and they kissed.

"But you can maybe get dressed today," she said.

"You said that before," he replied.

"I know, and I wasn't finished," she said into his lips. "I'm not sure that those wounds can take heavy clothing. Maybe I'll have you wear a pair of my panties today."

He was hooting before she finished and she giggled her way to the end of the sentence.

"And I suppose that Amanda gets invited over to check my wounds!" he said, still chuckling.

"Nope!" she said, "I love her like a sister but am not a sharer! Not where you're concerned!"

"Okay," he said, putting a note of disgust in his voice. "Panties if the doctor orders."

It made her laugh: "You're so much fun to play with!"

"Wait until I'm at full strength again," he warned. "I'll show you how I can play."

"Oh, the big rough, tough Ranger and policeman is threatening me!" she said, grinning.

"No, just making promises!" he said grinning at her now.

"Okay, I give in, no panties for you!" she said.

"Drat!" he replied, "I was about to get into your pants for sure!"

They both laughed and he hugged her.

(Then the moment interjected itself. It was probably the result of their conversation, the kidding, the beauty of the man and that precise time for them.)

She said, without a thought in advance: "I love you, Jack! I guess I have since the very first! Please you don't have to answer. I'm not trying to make problems with this; I simply can't contain this any longer. Being with you like this is so overwhelming."

His response, at first, was to look at her, and kiss the tears from her cheeks, that had gathered there. Harry S, on the floor, seemed to sense what was going on and had his muzzle in her lap then too.

"Paulie, my Paulie!" he said softly into her ear. "I love you too. And we have time, you and I, for this to take it as it comes. We have the time; the opportunity!"

"Oh, yes!" she said, kissing him again, and during the kiss, she grabbed his hand and placed it on her butt cheeks.

"Perfection!" he said as he moved the hand around and inserted it beneath fabric of her running pants. "Just perfection!"


(Things went on from there quickly after that. The two of them just weren't trying to rush things along at all.

A development occurred that Paulie had been afraid of. Jack's hip, after the injury that it had sustained, began to tighten up. He was having more and more trouble walking and in a relatively short period of time had to resort to a cane.

He'd been on an injury leave from the police force and was due, in a short time, to get a physical and see what his future with the police might be.

He and Paulie talked about it. She arranged for therapy for him but the stiffness increased and the cane became a permanent feature for him.)

It was shortly after that, when he and Paulie talked about it.

"I think that they're going to maybe offer me a desk job," Jack said to Paulie, after they'ed eaten at her house,

"How do you feel about that?" she wanted to know.

"Well, a little sad," he said, "But I have to admit that the action has been getting a little more difficult these days and it is time for Harry S to retire."

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