by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Gabriela faces up to the fact that she is a witch and she is ready to be initiated into the coven. It upsets her that the leader of the coven is a man and he doubles as the Vicar of their small village. Maybe it is time for a female leader to insure they reach their full potential as a coven.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Magic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Clergy   Public Sex   Nudism   .

The frigid North wind was cutting into Gabriela's slender middle like a pointed dagger sharpened by one of the demon horde. She was loath to give it more than a barely noticeable hunch of her softly curved shoulders lest she be seen as a weak-kneed cunt unable to brave the elements.

Her legs were sensibly encased in a leather sheath of the supplest of sheepskins and she wore a tunic trimmed with the fur of a devilish little fox that had made away with a precious chicken in the middle of the night one time too many.

The screech of an owl broke the silence of the cold night air. Despite her determination, Gabriela shuddered visibly even hidden in the shadow of the sturdy oak tree. It appeared that she might be affected by the thought of owl's prey or mate being speared by either his claws or his tool of procreation. Actually, it was more the chill seeping under her garments and creeping into her bones with a sense of finality that caused her teeth to chatter beyond her control.

When she smiled at her discomfort, her teeth gleamed like a beacon in the gentle light of the mid-autumn moon. Gabriela looked up at mother moon and a feeling of warmth swept over her as she basked in the pale night light. She wanted to be home and safe in her bed but she had to answer the call of the coven or be suspected of "Judas" activities. She knew she could never be a Judas to the coven even if she was much opposed to the darker direction of their intent.

It was almost the time of Gabriela's "bones". It would soon be the ceremony of induction on the altar of impalement. It would seal the change in her status that signaled her acceptance into the Sisterhood of the Black Cat.

Her nether regions were trembling because the thought of her initiation brought wicked images to her mind and she struggled to restrain the leaking of juices from between her legs. She shifted her legs and pressed her knees together tightly. It had the opposite effect and her female liquids ran down the inside of her legs. It was far too sticky to be her water and she knew that she was ripe for the pricking by all of the male members of the coven. They had nine females and only four males in their coven but that was most agreeable to Gabriela because she found most males to be lacking either intelligence or desirous touch. In fact, she was much attuned to the female members of the coven and oft-times stroked their flesh with high spirited delight and happy satisfaction.

The leader of the coven was a man. That was not to Gabriela's content because she felt it should rightfully belong to the wise and nicely shaped Barbara. She loved her Barbara of the long black tresses and the juicy slit of femininity giving her succor in time of need. Gabriela doted on her passionate lover Barbara with her nipples always ready to be sucked and licked and tenderly stroked by her quivering hands. Yet it was Barbara who told her that she must be prepared to offer her virgin slit to the coven for sacrifice to the successful new harvest and the forbearance of the cruel winter for yet another year.

All 13 of them came out of the shadows shortly after the sound of the owl and they formed a circle in the middle of the forest. Rupert, the leader signaled the shedding of garments and soon 13 naked bodies gyrated without design like fingers of the same hand. Four cocks stood upright and nine cunts glistened with female dew. They didn't touch each other. It was totally unnecessary because they were in each other's minds like thoughts in the wind.

Rupert pulled Gabriela to the center of the circle.

"Are you ready to confirm your gift of purity to the needs of the coven?"

Gabriela looked at Rupert nervously feeling a faint hint of fear at the thought. The leader was not a handsome man. In fact, he was portly and had a bad twitch in his left eye that forced her to shut her eyes when he was right next to her. His legs were a bit bowed and he tended to stoop a bit to hide his unusual height from a casual eye. However, in his naked state, the most outstanding feature was his huge cock that stood up at a 45 degree angle in front of him pulsating with rock-hard energy.

"Yes, master, I will serve you and the others with a grateful and empty vase ready to be filled with the power of your desire."

Barbara was bursting with pride at her protégée's willingness to service the needs of the coven. She led Gabriela to the simple altar in the center of the clearing nicely illuminated by the light of the moon. All the back had been stripped from the large round felled tree and it was easy for the others to spread her legs and arms around the scented wood. Her belly was pressed into the clean wood and her ass cheeks were wide open exposing her plump labia waiting to be explored.

Gabriela looked back over her shoulder at Rupert, the leader of the coven. One of the females was covering his shaft with oil from the melted fat of tasty pig eaten for breakfast. All of the females took turns kissing the tip and touching their lips to the leaking tip.

When Rupert straddled her hips, Gabriela was trembling with fear and anticipation. She wanted desperately to be a "Perfect Virgin" for the impalement but was unable to forestall her squirming and wiggling to escape the huge cock of the determined leader. It accidently bounced against her pucker hole making her gasp in shock at the thought he might want to impale her there instead. Then, Rupert quickly adjusted his aim and his thick cock slid into the back end of her slit with very little resistance at all. Her hymen must have been ripped by some accident involving her riding a horse or even sitting on the fence at her grandmother's house because his long cock entered and met no resistance to halt its entry. Still, it was obvious that she was a virgin because the tightness of her channel betrayed the fact she had never been penetrated by a human cock of any size.

She felt so good with the stretching of her hole that she could not contain her song of delight and moans of passion. All of the members of the coven marveled at her depraved gyrations in the shadows of the moonlight. She produced an impressive amount of juice and Rupert had no choice but to shoot his load into her squishy cave and pull out with an audible plop allowing his cream to run back down the insides of her spread open thighs.

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