The Secret Machine of Doctor Zero

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: This story is a blend of Steampunk and Erotica. There are four chapters and I will try to load it as a single story. It is a Victorian Era Steampunk story which is typical and the time travel is back to the Early Roman Empire to participate in an orgy of perverted pleasure.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Time Travel   Historical   Spanking   Light Bond   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   White Couple   Black Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .


Steampunk is a genre which came into prominence during the 1980s and early 1990s and incorporates elements of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, horror, and speculative fiction.

It involves a setting wherein steam power is widely used. It can be in an alternate history such as Victorian-era Britain or the "Wild West" in the United States. Another scenario would be in a post-apocalyptic time. The scenario would usually incorporate elements of either science-fiction or fantasy.

Works of steampunk often feature anachronistic technology, or futuristic innovations as Victorians might have envisioned them, based on a Victorian perspective on fashion, culture, architectural style, or art. This technology includes such fictional machines as those found in the works of H.G. Wells or Jules Verne or the contemporary authors Philip Pullman, Scott Westerfeld and China Mieville.

This story might very well be the first example of "Steampunk Erotica" combining the elements of the steampunk framework and the driving force of erotic passion. It will be a story for steampunk purists or aficionados of erotic works. Since the erotic elements tend to overpower the steampunk format, I will place it in the Erotic Stories category even though it is inspired by an urge to write a steampunk story.

Note: The explanation of the Steampunk genre is adapted from the genre description on the Short-Fiction site and is only included to give a little background on the creation of this short story.

Chapter 1

The fog was particularly thick this damp London night. The streetlamps had a strange halo that made them all look like ghostly lanterns floating in the air. The clatter of a carriage in the distance made Justin Whitecastle wince in frustration because he could barely see his hand in front of his face. He was able to see his Wellington boots in the light of the lamps and scarcely hid the look of disgust at the distressing mud all over them. He shrugged his broad shoulders in resignation for, after all, he was Doctor Zero's most junior assistant and field work of this nature was his primary function.

He furtively felt his way by touching the clammy walls of the long brick constructed wall hoping not to come in contact with some obnoxious glob of dirt or something even less appealing. Suddenly, he encountered a soft yielding mass that could only be another human being. In fact, his inquisitive fingers were most certainly resting on a boob of some impressive proportion to identify it as belonging to a person of the female persuasion. The startled gasp registered on his brain and he removed his hand from the warm heaving skin before he would be judged a pervert of the worst sort.

From the shadows came the whisper of a frightened female voice.

"Don't hurt me, sir, I am only lost in the fog and not a girl from the streets. Some young boys took my purse and threatened me with a blade if I didn't give them my ring as well."

Justin struck a match and saw a frightened young girl of about 19 huddled against the brick looking like a veritable "Damsel in Distress" and about the prettiest one imaginable. She wore fashionable clothing with the popular exposed bosom that young girls fancied these days. Her hair was done up in the most attractive of circular buns and little tendrils meandered down the sides of her cheeks like wandering gypsies looking for golden coins to hide in their pockets.

"You are very fortunate, young lady that they were only interested in your purse and your ring and had no depraved thoughts about your treasures hidden beneath your garments."

The girl looked up at Justin with eyes wide open. Little tiny drops of moisture were forming at the corners of her eyelids. He could tell she was on the verge of tears so he quickly added,

"My name is Justin Whitecastle and I am heading in the direction of King's Cross. At least, I think it is in this direction. This blasted fog has gotten me all twisted about and that's a fact."

The girl reached out her arm and hooked it in his. She sighed and said in a calmer tone of voice,

"I am Penelope Smallholle and my house is in that direction as well. Will you accompany me, sir? I am much afeared of being accosted yet again in this murk."

They both made their way down the fog-shrouded cobblestones coming to a corner populated by a little group of females sharing a bottle of brandy to ward off the chill in the air. It was obvious they were used to being on the deserted streets trying to garner some business from the passing males drawn to the area because of their well-advertised presence. They were already somewhat inebriated and forlorn due to lack of business and greeted them with some ribald comments that reddened the face of Miss Penelope Smallholle. Justin had to smile because he always appreciated that sort of humor despite the embarrassment of his newly met companion.

The two of them hastened on their way and Justin's attention was drawn to the shapely motion of Penelope's flanks rolling seductively as they went up the steep hill. They paused in a sheltered doorway to avoid a sudden squall of rain and to regain their normal breathing pattern. It was a small shallow doorway and Penelope pushed back with her flank into his overheated groin causing him to extend with anticipation of some sport.

The pretty girl looked over her shoulder at him and continued to push back into his erection now seeking residence between her slightly spread legs. Since she was not displaying any distaste for the familiarity of his cock, Justin quickly lifted her skirt in the rear and pulled down her white silk knickers with a practiced twist of his wrist. The gap between her cheeks was most inviting and he soon was knocking on the back door of her soaking wet cuny. Penelope pushed back harder managing to impale her female slit around his rampant cock and she moaned out her pleasure to the deserted street in a manner easily recognized as a female receiving the attentions of an impassioned male in her most sensitive secret spot. He reached up and pulled her soft tender nipples from the top of her fashionable bodice and flicked them in concert with the pounding of the sweet girl's flanks. Her hips began to roll with unladylike passion and he slapped her bare cheeks with his palms to steady her down for a joyous draining of all his juices.

Justin was beginning to really pound the girl's soft bottom and she pushed back with all her strength to get his cock in deeper and not to be pushed out into the teeming rain. They struggled against each other in an ages old dance of lust that swiftly came to mutual satisfactory conclusion. Penelope was almost singing her orgasm into the cold night air and Justin groaned each time his buried cock jerked with another spurt of creamy cum deep inside the pretty girl's vagina.

They disengaged slowly leaning into each other. Penelope lifted her head up and offered her lips to Justin's probing tongue. He explored her mouth sensuously taking his time to become fully acquainted with all its secrets. His hands continued to knead her arse cheeks like he was making early morning bread in a basement kitchen. Penelope spread her legs for balance and hummed as he used her for his wanton pleasure.

The fog had thinned a little bit and they scurried to their destination.

She asked him his exact destination and he replied,

"I am trying to find the home of Mister Harry Johnson on the north side of the square. He is reputed to have a grand new machine that my employer is interested in. Doctor Zero collects all manner of unique machines that might have a chance of becoming a wondrous invention. Some of his playthings are really quite impressive."

She looked up at Justin and smiled.

"I know right where Mister Johnson's house is located. He used to give me piano lessons when I was much younger. He is there by himself now ever since his sister died from consumption. We only have a short distance to go. My house is only about one quarter of a mile further on. Let us go to Mister Johnson's house first and then you can come home with me and have some hot tea and some fresh scones baked by the cook. She bakes them every morning and I always have one before noon-time."

They came on the house suddenly and it looked like the fog would be burning off rapidly now. Penelope told him to come down to the basement door because Mister Johnson never used the stoop door and had it double locked with heavy bolts. She rang the bell and a stout woman with a heavy German accent answered with a laugh recognizing young Penelope from her piano playing days.

"Ach, little libchen, it is so nice to see you. How are your mama and your papa?"

Penelope smiled and tightened her hold on Justin's arm.

"They are both well, Gretchen. Mister Whitecastle has business with Mister Johnson. I hope he is arisen and is receiving visitors."

"Ja, Ja my little gooseberry. Always working on his crazy contraptions, he is. In fact, he is in the basement right now with his newest project. One day, that man will blow us all up with his steam and his new-fangled ideas."

They all went down another set of stairs to a sub-basement that was sound-proofed and insulated from all curious eyes.

The tall heavily bearded man was sitting at some type of confusing table with a myriad of switches and knobs that changed the external and internal conditions of the metal and glass booth on a raised platform. It was like nothing Justin had ever seen before. He knew immediately that Doctor Zero would want this project even if was not a success just because the design was so advanced and unusual.

The man turned around with a blank look on his face.

"Penelope, my dear, how delightful it is to see you again! Have you been practicing your music?"

Penelope ran up and kissed the man on the cheek.

"Yes, professor, I have been a good girl. Well, at least with regard to my music."

She looked back at Justin and gave him a little smile that said,

"I am a good girl that likes to be bad sometimes."

Professor, this is Mister Whitecastle. He is here to see you about your newest project. I will go back up to the kitchen and leave you two to talk to each other. These contraptions are so interesting but it gives me a headache just to think about what they are designed to do.

After she left the room, Justin walked up to the control board and saw that they were clearly marked for their specific function. He could see right away that the "project" was an experiment in time travel that was much more complicated than the two other similar projects sitting in Doctor Zero's laboratory gathering dust and in need of further thought.

The professor showed him the process for "transporting" a cat. He was quite impressed at how the cat disappeared into thin air, but when he questioned the professor about how he could get the cat back, he discovered the main "glitch" was that he had not figured that part out yet. It was almost enough to make Justin laugh, but he kept a straight face in his attempt to appear completely professional.

After a short pause to take it all in, Justin made the professor a monetary offer for the design in its unfinished state and was pleased that it was accepted and arrangements made for transport to Doctor Zero's laboratory.

Penelope was sitting in the kitchen and they went into the storeroom to brush off their clothing and Justin cleaned the mud from his boots making him feel a lot better about his appearance. When it came time to polish them, his new female friend offered to help and got down on a low stool with a surprising effective soft-haired brush. Justin stood with one leg cocked up and resting in Penelope's lap. They were nice and clean now and after Penelope used a fair amount of "elbow grease" to get them looking better, they shined with new life.

Looking down at the top of Penelope's head, Justin felt his cock start to rise. He saw the pretty girl look up at his rampant shaft and smile with a knowing look far more mature than her 19 years. Before he realized what she was doing, she had extracted his cock from its resting place inside his trousers and was covering it with a flood of frenzied kisses all over the head, the shaft and even down below on his soft tingling sacs. Justin held the girl's ears holding her mouth poised right on the tip of his cock.

"Put me inside, Penelope. I want to feel the wetness of your pretty mouth."

She opened her lips and shielded her teeth as his cock slid easily inside her willing mouth. Soon the touch of her demanding tongue was making his prostate tingle with desire. He was right on the edge of shooting his load and knew the force of his juice would push right into the girl's throat. He wanted to warn her but it was already far too late. He felt it start before he had the opportunity to say a single word.

Penelope was shocked at the amount of cream that Justin deposited inside her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could and held his arse cheeks in both of her palms. She could feel his equipment surging with each spurt of cream down her throat. It was sheer delight to her and she wanted it to continue forever. She sucked to get the last drops out of her new lover's cock and placed him back inside his trousers with a sense of protective custody.

They went on to her house and Justin met her parents. They knew right away their daughter was smitten with this young man much more than her previous beaus who had been dismissed with nary a thought.

Justin made his way back to Doctor Zero's house with the news about the new contraption hoping that this new project for his employer would be as enjoyable and successful as his budding romance with young Miss Penelope Smallholle.

Chapter 2

Justin was in a determined hurry to get back to Doctor Zero's laboratory without further delay. He told his new close friend and female companion Miss Penelope Smallholle that he had urgent business with the Doctor and would return to her side later in the evening. She indicated to him that he should use the servant's entrance in the rear and gave him a key for entry. He was to proceed up the staircase to the second floor and knock softly on the very first door on the landing.

He kissed her goodbye with heated ardor exploring her wet and willing mouth with his tongue and his nimble fingers played a little tune of patty cake on her soft and sensuously curved bottom. Since time was of the essence, he broke away despite every instinct that bade him to delay longer.

Justin almost ran up the driveway and rang the bell impatiently as the very slow and plodding Igor made it across the marble tiled floor to the front door. He wanted to shout at the fool but knew it would do no good as Igor spoke only his native Hungarian and "Gutter" German of the worst sort. He ran past him dropping his wet hat and raincoat on the red velvet chaise lounge much to Igor's displeasure.

Doctor Zero's pretty lab assistant, Miss Danielle was bending over the testing table checking ingredients of an unfamiliar volatile compound. She glanced up at Justin and blew him a kiss with her lips without removing her hands from the dangerous specimen.

"Danny, where is the boss? I got the new machine all lined up for him. All we have to do is pick it up and bring it here to check it out."

She twisted the cover on the container and put the specimen into the containment unit.

"He is real busy right now, Justin. If you must know, he is explaining the rules to the new girl from Warsaw. I would say she is getting the full treatment right about now."

The sound of a female scream pierced Justin's ears with a familiar tone that confirmed Doctor Zero was up to his old tricks again. His "training" methods were quite different than those prescribed by most scientific laboratories in Britain. Justin had to smile because the Doctor's insistence on loyalty and obedience required some stringent initial stress testing periods of acclimation that caused some females to back out of the training program before completion. Since there was no flustered female running down the hallway in tears, he assumed the girl from Warsaw was motivated to "take" the training and be certified as a full-fledged assistant.

Danielle looked up at Justin and chewed on a strand of her honey-blond hair.

"Let's sneak down and take a peek at what the old boy is up to. I bet he is giving it to her good and hard, Justin."

Justin chuckled at Danielle blatant kinkiness to see another female with her knickers down. Still, it might be interesting to see what the Polish girl's bottom looked like on top of the Doctor's work table. They tiptoed down the corridor and then stepped up on the ledge next to the door so that they could see thru the screen into the Doctor's training room. Danielle could not quite reach the window so he boosted her in front of him by wrapping his arms around her legs and lifting her up another foot or so in order that she might look thru the opening as easily as he was able to do.

The sight of the Warsaw girl's reddened bottom jutting up at the edge of the table was so delicious that Justin's easily aroused cock stood out at attention. It just so happened to stick right in between the bare legs of the Doctor's assistant Danielle with some degree of insistence. Poor Danielle was visually treated to the well-endowed body of the Polish girl called Eva being subjected to strenuous admonishment with an oversized paddle with several openings in it. The marks on Eva's posterior and legs clearly showed the pattern of punishment with the polka-dotted traces of the paddle's stinging power. At least three times, they both heard the Doctor ask Eva if she wanted to continue with the training. The girl's replies were always the same, "I will do what you ask of me, Herr Doctor. I may cry a little and complain, but I am perfectly willing to follow your instructions and I have great pleasure with your attentions."

The girl was crying now and her tears were flowing like a little river of frantic excitement down her cheeks and right onto the black leather covering on the top of the padded table. A similar puddle was forming at her other end right underneath her female slit pressing with quivering fleshy folds dripping her heavily scented female juices right on the edge of the black leather pad. With each blow of the Doctor's enthusiastic hand, her bum cheeks vibrated and her juices squirted obscenely onto the rich black leather between her legs. Eva's breasts were unfettered and they swung wildly with each descending arc of the paddle. The both saw the Doctor reach out and slap the girl's nipples with a sharp crack of his fingers on the sensitive skin. It was the boob slapping that drew the screams from the girl's mouth. Her anal testing was obviously most pleasurable to her judging from the amount of female juice already anointing the black leather covering of the contraption.

The Doctor was dipping the handle of the paddle into his lubrication bucket on the floor and he spread the girl's posterior so that he could shove it into her rectum with little difficulty. Then he just let it sit there for several moments and watched the girl squirm and wiggle with the ugly paddle sticking out like a flag of surrender for any remaining sense of either dignity or decorum.

Danielle stifled a giggle and managed to push her bottom back onto Justin's erection as if by accident. Justin loosed it from his trousers and pushed her skimpy knickers to the side before he slid deep inside her pulsating pussy from the rear. She grasped his legs with her calves and kept the sight of the Doctor and Eve in her view whilst taking Justin's cock deep inside her thirsty vagina.

She was wetter than she had been for quite some time. The doctor seldom selected her for spanking duty. It had been so long since she had a suitable cock inside her female cave that her cries of appreciation were almost as loud as the ones from inside the training room. Justin put his hand over Danielle's lips to impress on her the need to keep the level of noise down so they would not be discovered. She immediately changed her utterances to deep grunts and little whimpering moans with each strong thrust inside her vaginal channel.

Justin flooded Danielle's pretty pussy with a copious load of creamy cum just as the Doctor was finishing up his training session with the eager to learn Polish girl called Eva. The girl quickly fell to her knees at the Doctor's feet to complete the session with a quick suck of Doctor Zero's smaller than average cock. The girl sneakily spat the entire load under the table without him seeing her do it. She had already taken one load into her gullet and regretted it because of the terrible taste of bitter herbs which the Doctor used to spice up his evening's meals.

They watched Eva pull up her knickers and they both scampered down to go back to the lab area before being discovered as voyeurs of the most depraved variety.

The Doctor came into the room looking like an innocent and benevolent scientist and poor Eva the assistant from Warsaw came in behind him still licking her lips to erase the taste of the Doctor's unwelcome emissions.

"Justin, please tell me you were successful in the negotiations."

He looked at the Doctor and told him,

"It was just as we wanted, Herr Doctor. We can pick up the prototype tomorrow morning and the Professor has promised to also deliver all of his notebooks and original designs as well."

The Doctor was wringing his hands as if he was already counting the financial gain from acquiring a workable time machine.

"We must go slowly, my boy, we don't want a repetition of the last fiasco with a supposed time machine."

He held up a device that looked a bit like an egg beater. It was one of the new-fangled ones with the metal parts that whirled in little circles whipping the eggs into submission. But this was not an egg-beater; it was a device that would put an end to female foolishness about lack of a dedicated cock to ease their boredom in normal wifely duties. Danielle looked at it with a mixture of fear and anticipation. But Doctor Zero insisted that Eva would be the subject in this experiment and instructed her to recline on the chaise lounge with her knees up high.

When Doctor Zero passed Eva's knickers to Justin, he brought them up to his nostrils out of force of habit revealing his familiarity with such trophies either taken or given freely by females of all sorts of attitudes.

The insertion of the device was the source of much foolishness and giggles with even Danielle assisting in the proper placement. It was Justin who actually started the device and put young Eva through her paces at varying speeds of arousal. Watching Eva go into the first throes of orgasm at a mere half-speed was most satisfying to Justin and he took great delight in increasing the speed until she was forced into almost continual convulsions of the most frenzied category and longest duration.

It had been a very satisfying journey to Doctor Zero's laboratory, but now it was time for Justin to return to his new-found Penelope's side with a determination to sample more of her nubile goodies at length. He had some level of anxiety to verify the taste of her nether regions to confirm her suitability to oral pursuits of her flanks as well as her vaginal entryways. He had already confirmed the sensitivity of her budding nipples and knew full well how effective manipulation of her boobs would bring much success to control her open gift of her core feminine depths and her ability to take full penetration in any opening.

He scratched softly on Penelope's door and was ecstatic when she pulled him inside wearing only a thin see-thru flimsy night dress that did nothing to hide the beauty of her full-bushed pussy and her delicate posterior flanks. In a matter of moments, he was in position riding the stretched out form of sweet Penelope pressed erotically into the mattress with a rolled-up cloth between her teeth to keep from crying out in uncontrollable passion.

After they were both full sated, she purred in his arms asking,

"When do we take the professor's contraption to Doctor Zero for him to conduct an experiment?"

He stroked her soft white skin. Her body looked so sensuous and appealing in the moonlight that he wanted to cover it from head to toe in wet kisses using his tongue to taste all of her remaining secrets.

"Tomorrow, we will take the Time Machine to the Doctor's laboratory. I want you to see what a great man he is and how dedicated he is to the pursuit of science. Maybe he will want to make you an assistant but you must be willing to take his training which can be very rigorous for a young girl with little experience in such matters."

She looked up at her new lover with the stirrings of love and other deep emotions long kept deep inside.

"I am willing to do whatever you ask of me, dearest. As long as you are with me, I will be your soul-mate in anything you wish to complete."

They fell off to sleep with thoughts of the new day and the new experiments to come.

Chapter 3

The large rectangular shape of the "Time Machine" was strapped in securely on the flatbed of the platform attached to the back of the Doctor's largest carriage. The workmen were all drinking from a pail of beer that Justin had procured from the nearby pub for their enjoyment after the exhausting task.

Thankfully, the distance to the Doctor's laboratory was not that challenging and he quickly ran back up the stairs to Penelope's bedroom to make sure she was ready to accompany him to the Doctor's lair. As he came into her bedroom, he noted that she was still in her undergarments and paused for a moment to peruse her sensuous form before announcing his arrival.

"Justin, which shall I wear? I have the violet dress with the low bodice that shows off my boobies to best advantage. But I tend to favor the leather outfit that gives me an air of mystery. Please help me decide."

Justin was a bit reluctant to interfere in such a matter of personal decision for he feared like most other males that his choice would come back to haunt him at a later time when an explanation must be offered for his lack of good taste.

"You look smashing in both of them equally, my dear. But let us make haste because the contraption is already enroute to the Doctor's laboratory."

Penelope chose the leather outfit much to Justin's surprise because it made her seem much worldlier and experienced than he surmised her to be in actuality. His hands on the tightly stretched leather over Penelope's rump made his cock stand to attention but he knew there was no time for dalliance of any sort.

They boarded the small carriage and followed behind the Time Machine arriving at the same time in Doctor Zero's courtyard.

The doctor's assistant Danielle was directing the workmen and some of the laboratory assistants to move the large bulky item down the steps into the Doctor's basement for the initial testing and assessment of its capabilities. She looked at Penelope standing by his side and gave Justin a quizzical look that revealed her depth of speculation about their connection. He racked his brain to think up some plausible explanations for his involvement with the beautiful young girl. He quickly realized there was no way out of the situation except the truth as distasteful as it seemed at the moment.

The workmen were all sent to the kitchen for some of Mrs. Huddleston's apple pie. They would probably have had preferred more beer but Doctor Zero was a stickler for non-alcoholic drinks before five PM.

The four of them ringed the Time Machine each with their own thoughts.

Doctor Zero was counting iterations of new funds derived from the successful employment of the gadget.

Danielle was more concerned at the moment with the exact depth of feelings that transpired between Justin and this "Penelope" person. She wanted Justin's cock for her own personal play-toy and reluctantly admitted the attractiveness of her newly discovered rival for Justin's affections. She also was subject to her sudden admission that the "Penelope" female was most appealing to her and reminded her of her schoolgirl crush on her pretty French teacher, Madame Rouge.

Justin was closely inspecting the construction of the copper chain-work that moved the four rods sticking out from each corner of the contraption. They were inscribed with a foreign language of some unknown alphabet. It appeared that plate-work had been taken off some other device and welded into the contraption. The inside of the single door booth was padded with a leather covering reminding Justin of a horse's harness. Straps were affixed to the walls to hold the passenger safely to avoid being bounced around in the transport mode.

Penelope was doing her best to be helpful in explaining the operation of the machine and the process in getting it up and running. Justin was impressed with her knowledge of things scientific and he could tell both Doctor Zero and Danielle were equally as impressed as he. Standing there in her leather outfit and explaining the workings of the mysterious secret machine, he perceived Penelope as a tower of strength and filled with insight beyond her years.

Doctor Zero was more than satisfied with the entire project.

"Justin, I am turning this over to you to make happen. Use this Penelope girl to get it to work and I give you my Danielle to smooth out any difficulties. I hope we can have the first real test this weekend."

Justin shook Doctor Zero's hand and assured him that he would be diligent in making it all come together. He noticed out of the corner of his eye that Danielle was getting very cozy with Penelope and was breathing down her neck to explain how the laboratory table was able to be tilted and even raised for advanced experiments. He saw how the sly and cunning Danielle had molded her shapely thighs to the curves of Penelope's leather flanks and rubbed her with a passion of feminine desire.

He was not certain if he was more jealous of Penelope or Danielle.

When he suggested they take a break, the two girls followed him up to the Doctor's secluded den and he poured them all some brandy from the Doctor's premium reserve.

Penelope leaned forward and licked the golden drops from Danielle's ruby red lips with her devious little tongue. Justin watched the two girls in utter amazement. They were so much attuned to each other that they were almost totally oblivious to his presence.

The beautiful young girl was informing them of the fact that in order to use the time machine for transportation to another time, it would be necessary to strip down completely with no fabric or other material to endanger their arrival at the other location in time. She explained that Professor Johnson had set up about a dozen exact locations to be sent to and retrieved from with a high degree of certainty. She told them the estimate of probability was 99.298 % that the transfer would be safe. They must be careful to remove all jewelry as well to prevent an accident.

While she was talking, Justin saw that Danielle was stroking her hair and had somehow inserted her hand between Penelope's legs to investigate the softness of her sweet little cunt. He could see from the wet fingers that Penelope was in a high state of erotic anticipation trembling like a female taken with a sudden chill.

At first, he thought that Penelope would take charge of Danielle and make her do her bidding but soon saw that Danielle was the dominant partner here and that Penelope was submissive in eager acceptance. As soon as he saw Penelope open her legs to Danielle's advances, he insinuated his body onto Danielle's posterior and took happy possession of her pucker hole with his rampant cock. His thrusting maneuvers slapped into her flesh with sensuous abandon and Penelope looked up into his eyes with loving pleasure as Danielle cleaved her hard little clitoris into her dripping wet pussy mound.

The three of them were like a single unit grunting and splashing into each other's sweaty pores like a six-legged creature of kinky desire.

After a short respite, Justin mounted the lovely Penelope from the rear sliding into her pussy with ease. The touch of Danielle's lips and tongue on his nether flanks drove him into a frenzy of passion on poor Penelope's vaginal slit. Her orgasm was a shock to his system as was the release of his creamy cum triggered by Danielle's face buried deep inside his heated crack. He flooded Penelope's vagina and felt his sensitive prostate throbbing under the ministrations from Danielle's probing tongue.

They devised a plan for the time travel that would send them each in turn back in time to the days of the early Roman Empire so they could view the glory that was once Rome. The machine could only transport one person at a time so it would be necessary for them to make separate trips but they would all wind up in exactly the same place at exactly the same time. The machine was programmed to retrieve them exactly 24 hours later in the exact same order of retrieval. Two of the trusted assistants would monitor the operation and follow the instructions to the letter. Doctor Zero would go first, followed by Danielle and then Penelope with Justin bringing up the rear.

On Saturday morning, Doctor Zero was strapped into the time machine stark naked by the two giggling girls and a frowning Justin. The sound of the magnetos rose into the damp morning air and the enclosure shook with a rattle and a little sharp bang that signaled the transport was complete.

The process was repeated three more times before Justin felt the cold air of the transport hit his naked body with a chill that brought goose-bumps to his skin.

Justin tumbled out onto a long brocaded divan loaded with pillows that defied description. He was aware of his nakedness but saw that the crowded room was packed with males and females in the exact same stage of undress.

Right next to him, he saw Doctor Zero astride the flanks of a comely and totally naked middle-aged female with henna-tinted hair that fell down her shoulders that swung side to side in curious rhythm as he pounded her ample bottom with some degree of ferocity. The lady was almost snarling in her acceptance of her impalement and she dug her nails into the pillows like she was scratching her partner's bare flesh.

He saw Penelope stretched across a marble bench with two other females holding her ankles far apart. A Nubian giant who resembled a warrior God was buried in her delicate little brown eye with great determination and little pity. The two girls were laughing at her discomfort but held her firmly to prevent her escape. He tried to catch Penelope's eye but she was far too distraught for any communication.

When he looked down, he saw that a naked young girl had swallowed his cock whole and was working diligently to drain his juice from his body. The pleasant sensation of her talented sucking distracted him momentarily and caused him to lose his concern for the safety of the other transportees.

The sound of laughter and the unmistakable crack of a heavy palm on soft flesh brought his attention to the corner where Danielle was bent over the naked body of a much older man who forcefully worked his hands on the girl's soft cheeks. Poor Danielle was so red of ass that he thought she looked sunburned to the extreme. The tears on her face looked quite genuine and she frantically looked about for some offering of respite from the exertion. At that instant, the old fellow stood and pulled Danielle's reddened flanks into union with his hardened cock pressing forward until he was disappeared inside. He could tell that this was much more to Danielle's content and she seemed to push back against her tormentor in search for added depth of intrusion.

Justin felt his load shoot out into the pretty girl's mouth and she looked up to him as if expecting some nod or word of gratitude for her efforts. He smiled and patted the girl on the top of her head. It seemed to mollify her to a large degree and she moved on for another likely candidate for oral copulation.

It was obvious to Justin that they had literally fallen into a Roman orgy of some substance but he was uncertain of the exact location of their target. Off in the distance, he could see a glow on the horizon and it became clear to him that they were in the midst of the time when most of the City of Rome was destroyed by a fire almost certainly the result of dastardly arson. He wondered if Nero was present at this orgy or hidden away in his palace of depravity.

His attentions were caught by a beautiful young girl with delicate features who managed to wrap her legs around his hips with much skill. Before he could protest, the girl had taken his hardened cock into her vagina and banged her shapely body against his naked form as they stood in the middle of the chaos of naked fucking bodies. He was much intrigued by the tightness of her channel. It was as if she were a virgin priestess taking her initial spitting with religious concentration.

The orgy went on all night long and they slept for a few hours and then it started again with a large infusion of wine and cheese from the kitchens below.

Justin had counted almost a dozen partners before he heard the familiar sound of the transport mode begin to remove them one by one from the scene of the orgy. It was probably just in time because the heat of the approaching fires was thick on the close air of the villa and the smell of smoke and the stench of burning flesh made the party goers all skittish about their survival.

He heard the bang and then was back in the laboratory inside the time machine sans clothing.

The four of them looked at each other. They had all been well lubed with creamy cum and juicy female liquids from a time of great uncertainty. The hedonism of the Roman Empire made their present society seem very boring in comparison.

Both Danielle and Penelope seemed well sated with their 24 hours of orgy-time. Doctor Zero seemed quite embarrassed and reluctant to discuss the events of the trip. Justin remembered each of his 12 partners in great detail and hoped he had not disturbed the space-time continuum with the discharge of his copious seeds.

Chapter 4

The four time-travelers looked at each other in the otherwise-deserted laboratory. They were all stark naked just as on the other end of the worm-hole in the Early Roman Empire. Both Danielle and Penelope showed signs of strenuous activity on their nether flanks. Penelope had some mean-looking welts across both cheeks but didn't seem to mind Danielle's hands rubbing her with impunity.

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