by Rainlover

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Erotica Sex Story: A woman shows her lover that she is NOT to be trifled with.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Sex Toys   .

You left me alone, my lover, when my body was craving for you. You left me to suffer and burn and want. Now you must be punished. Tomorrow when you wake, you will find yourself tied to your bed. Hands and feet, unable to move. I will not use rope, only silk scarves. Strong but smooth and soft. I do not want you damaged, my lover. I want you full of strength for what is to come. Do not struggle. Do not tire yourself. When you open your eyes and feel yourself stretched on the bed in soft bondage, I will be waiting for you.

I rose before you and pulled on a red lacy bodystocking and high-heeled red shoes. Strappy ones. Strutty, fuck-me, high-heeled red shoes. I stand at the foot of the bed looking down at you now. Watching your eyes open, seeing you realise that you cannot get free. I stand with my legs slightly apart. My nipples rub against the red lace of the bodystocking, as I think of what I will do to you.

Your eyes focus more. You can see the cut away of the bodystocking that shows my smooth white thighs; the shadow of my pussy beneath the lace. You wonder if I am already wet for you. Your cock is hardening, but I pretend not to notice. I move a half-step, and turn so you can see my strappy red fuck-me shoes. I like to stand there and let you look. I run my hands over my breasts, my thighs, smoothing the lace. I am in no hurry. Your cock kicks like a startled horse.

"Untie me!" you say.

I just shake my head and smile a little. You have to be punished. I turn and slowly walk towards the chest of drawers, enjoying the way the high heels make my hips sway as I move. I have preparations to make. I have things to find. What I want is in the lowest drawer. I am glad. I will have to bend down for you. Are you watching? I glance back and see your eyes burning into me. Good. With legs apart, I swing down from my hips and reach into the lowest drawer. I feel the red lace slide back on my butt cheeks as I bend. I have full round hips a man can hold. Woman hips. Generous and full of promise. I hear your intake of breath behind me. It takes me a long time to find what I want. The bed creaks, and I guess you are struggling to get free.

Finally I select a lilac clit tickler, a big thick flesh-pink dildo, and a red silk handkerchief. Kicking the drawer closed with my foot, I turn around and return to the side of the bed.

Your angry cock demands attention. You stop struggling and try sweetness. "Sit on me, sexy girl. Hop up here on my cock with your warm, wet pussy."

I feel the tug, the longing for you, but I have to be strong. You must be punished. I drag a small armchair to the side of the bed. I slide into the chair, lean back, drape my legs wide over the chair arms, red shoes dangling. Just the right angle so you have a perfect view from your pillow. I stroke my fingers up the inside of my thighs, stopping at the edge of the bodystocking crotch. You moan. I know you want to be doing this. I know you see the spreading wetness on the red lace. I'm so wet now. I can feel the heat throbbing in me.

I rub the wet lace with a lazy finger, tracing lazy circles. You struggle against the silk ties again. The bed creaks. I wonder if you know the red lace crotch comes off with a few flick of the fingers, a few presses of the fasteners. How much harder would you struggle if you knew that.

It's time. I wriggle my hips and stretch over to grasp the dildo. I chose it because it is the same length and thickness as your own cock. The same thick head like a beautiful, split apricot. The same ridge that juts and tugs at my pussy every time you pull out of me. I hope you notice that detail.

I snap the fastenings and pull away the lacy bodystocking crotch. My fingers explore where you cannot touch. I hold myself open for you to see. My pussy is the colour of strawberries. You moan, and your cock leaps again. I hold the dildo against me and begin to push.

"No, let me," you say.

I don't answer you. I move my hips a little to give you full view and make you watch as every inch disappears inside me. My pussy pulses and weeps as it closes around the smooth rubber. My eyes long to close with pleasure, but I have to watch you. Your face is flushed, your breathing heavy. I will not let you come! I draw the pretend cock all the way out and pause to let you see it glistening with moisture. MY turn, your eyes say to me.

Your desire, your need fires me. I punch the cock in and out again and again. The pleasure rises in me. I press my feet onto the edge of the bed, arch my back, stretched like a bow about to fire an arrow. The clit tickler barely starts before I climax. I have to bite back my cries. Cries excite you too much. Already your cock pulses and leaps, and a bead of moisture grows. You will come soon. I have to stop. You must not come yet. I have not finished with you yet. I pull out the dildo, wipe it across your belly, and swing my legs to the floor.

"Let me lick you. I don't want you to drip," you say.

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