We Come 1

by alan14

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Sex Story: You are all invited to the marriage of David Foster to Lorraine Anne Peters, with Kelly as Chief Bridesmaid; meanwhile Dayna has some innovative ideas for the shops.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Size   .

The big day has arrived, so I don't see Lorraine's dress before the wedding I was despatched back to my old room at the hotel last night. Barry is due at 1pm and we'll drive to Doncaster registry for the 2pm wedding. The reception is at a small country hotel nearby. There will just be 7 of us in total, with in addition to the four of us, Maxwell Carruthers to give away Lorraine, PC Jo Fletcher and Dayna.

I have to admit that I looked mighty fine in my new suit, it wasn't black, it was a very deep blue, and the tie the guy in the shop had chosen was the same blue, but with a large white diamond check, the silk pocket hankie was the same check. I gave the fantastic pair of Church Oxford's a high shine and I was ready.

Barry picked me up as agreed at 1pm, he'd borrowed his MDs Bentley for the day, and thankfully he'd had it valeted inside and out, because the MD is a mega slob and there's usually loads of M&S sandwich packets in the passenger foot well.

We arrived at the registry office in good time, the previous wedding was just finishing up and the cars driving away. We stood by the doorway, Barry trying to look casual, me trying not to look nervous. Jo Fletcher arrived first, she looked stunning out of uniform, the body armour hid a very tidy body, I gave her a quick kiss and thanked her for coming. Dayna arrived next, wearing a shear black dress that covered everything but didn't leave a great deal to the imagination. Barry's eye's nearly popped out of his head, I kicked his ankle and whispered "you're not her type, she bats strictly for the other team".

Dayna gave Barry and I a quick kiss then went to talk to Jo Fletcher, "told you" I whispered to Barry.

At precisely two minutes late Carruthers' Jag pulled into the brides' parking bay. Carruthers stepped round the car and opened Lorraine's door. Kelly got out the other side and also came round to help Lorraine.

Lorraine's dress was pearl white with tiny pure white roses in the fabric, the neck was a deep, wide V that extended to below her breasts, but her modesty was preserved by a lace panel the same colour as the flowers. The skirt came down to mid-calf, and on her feet were slippers of the same material as the dress. Her hair, her hair was simply stunning, she'd dyed it a deep red, almost brown. It made an amazing transformation, changing the shape of her face, making it appear rounder. I had tears in my eyes as I took her hand, "You are beautiful, there's no other word I can use, and your hair is fantastic."

"I was a bit worried about my hair, it's almost my natural colour, but I've been dyeing it blonde since I was 16, I didn't know how it would turn out."

"Keep it that colour, it suits you."

As we walked into the Registry Office, Barry, ever the gentleman whispered "she's fucking gorgeous mate, and her daughter too, she doesn't look old enough."

"She isn't, Kelly is the girl who lost her parents the other week" I whispered back.

"Oh yeah, so one girl is too young, two others seemed to have paired off, and the last one is marrying you, I'm going to have a cracking time, ooooff, only kidding"

We took our seats inside and Carruthers led Lorraine to her seat, Kelly sat on her right dressed in a deep blue green dress almost the colour of her eyes, her hair was free and hanging down and over both shoulders.

The ceremony was short & sweet, in 20 minutes we arrived at the kiss the bride and I don't think I've ever felt a kiss so sweet. After the register was signed we moved outside where Kelly took our photographs, and Carruthers very kindly took the group photographs.

After the photos were taken we drove to the hotel, I drove Barry's borrowed Bentley with Kelly in the back, and Carruthers drove Barry, Jo and Dayna. The hotel was 20 minutes out of town towards Pontefract, we'd booked a large table and they had laid on a full wedding breakfast for us, and in the evening the hotel had a disco and buffet every Saturday anyway, so it was perfect. We'd booked two rooms for the night, one of which would remain empty. The meal turned out to be much better than I'd expected, they even made us a little wedding cake.

Barry went home after the meal, and Carruthers made his excuses and left. Dayna and Jo were getting on very well, Lorraine was surprised, she'd not guessed Jo was a lesbian. I told Kelly to ask very tactfully if they'd like a room for the night, our treat. "Kelly's" room was well away from ours, so it wouldn't be a problem. They gratefully accepted the offer of a room, so on the pretence of booking the room I nipped upstairs and shifted Kelly's bag into out room. I then gave that room key to Jo, who then disappeared with Dayna to "freshen up" for the party tonight.

Lorraine, Kelly and I then popped upstairs as well to "freshen up", Kelly giggled all the way, "It didn't take Jo long to pair up with Dayna"

"I know", said Lorraine, "I would never have guessed Jo was a lesbian."

"Maybe she's like you," I offered, "a lesbian because she's just not met the right guy, I was kind of wondering if I could pair her off with Barry, he's in desperate need of a good woman, then I realised that Barry's type of woman exists only on Page 3 of The Sun. He nearly came in his pants when he saw Dayna, it was so funny."

"Dayna is very beautiful, I can imagine many a man has had his heart broken at her hands in the past" added Lorraine.

We'd reached the hotel room, I gave Kelly the key so she could open the door whilst I carried my bride across the threshold. I laid her gently on the bed and kissed her on the lips, then I took hold of Kelly's hand and pulled her close, I kiss her deeply as well.

"You are the two most beautiful girls, no, make that women, you are the two most beautiful women I have ever met. Lorraine you have made me the happiest of all men by becoming my wife, and Kelly, once we have adopted you in a few months you will complete the perfect Happy Families set. I want you both to know that I now live for you, I belong to you just as you proclaimed that you belong to me in your tattoos."

Lorraine took me in her arms and laid my head against her breast, stroking my hair, "You know Dave, you are the only man I've ever made love to, I've been fucked by plenty of boys, but never once as any other man made love to me." She pulled Kelly close, "I've slept with plenty of girls, but never before have I felt at one with a girl as I do with you Kelly."

By this time we were all in floods of tears, tears of joy. At that moment there was no-one else in the world, we were alone in each-other's arms. We lay down and slept for a couple of hours, the consummation could wait a few hours more, for now we rested.

At 7o'clock we woke, still in each-other's arms, we kissed and got up. My suit really wasn't suitable for night time so I changed into black jeans and a casual shirt, the shoes could stay as they were so comfortable.

Kelly fixed her hair back in a pony-tail, and swapped her dress for a semi-transparent stripped top and black skirt, Lorraine said she felt comfortable in the dress, but removed the lace panel so the V-neck showed her cleavage and the full swells of her breasts, she looked damned sexy I can tell you.

We went downstairs to join the party.

As we entered the function room Lorraine said, "If they play I Will Survive or Band of Gold then I'm leaving. They seem to play them at every wedding and they're totally inappropriate."

"Don't worry," I reassured her, "I've picked a cracking track for our first dance."

"We're having a first dance, you never told me. Oh no this will be embarrassing. If it's 'I like Big Butts' then I'm divorcing you right now, this will be the shortest marriage ever."

"No it's not, relax you'll like it."

The DJ announced the first dance, the floor cleared leaving just Lorraine and I in the middle, under her breath Lorraine mumbled, "I don't like this, everyone's looking at us."

"They're not looking at us," I mumbled back, "they're looking at you, because you are by a long chalk the most beautiful woman here, now chill here it comes"

A quiet guitar riff filled the room, then the drums kick in and vocals start, I held Lorraine and we started to dance.

So close no matter how far

Couldn't be much more from the heart

Forever trusting who we are

And nothing else matters

"Oh wow, you picked Metallica as our first dance, now that's a new one on me"

"Well Lorraine, I'm never one to follow the conventional path"

After the second verse other people joined us on the floor, stopping us from feeling quite so self-conscious. I saw Jo and Dayna dancing arm in arm, they made a good looking couple and I hope they stick together beyond tonight as I've always had the feeling that Dayna is quite an insecure woman, the confident exterior being just a front.

We danced for two songs, then Kelly tapped my shoulder and I stepped aside while she danced with Lorraine for a while. I went to the bar for a beer, they only had lager on tap, so I asked for a pint of Grolsch, it was very refreshing. I was half way through it when Kelly grabbed my arm for a dance.

As we entered the dance floor I saw Lorraine was dancing with Dayna now. Kelly looked gorgeous, the last couple of weeks she'd been understandably very low, and it had showed on her face as it had lost its glow, but today she was back to normal, better than ever in fact. I leaned in close to Kelly and asked her "You're OK about me marrying Lorraine, after all I met you first."

"Of course I'm OK, I introduced you to Lorraine on purpose, she needed to meet a good man because every man she'd been with previously had been either a bastard or a wimp, but you are so different. Besides, she'd seen you before me and had already told me about the hunk who'd checked in, why do you think I'd offered to cover for her?

"No, I wanted you to be with Lorraine, and just hoped I'd be able to share, and I can. Oh, will I still be able to sleep with you when you're my dad?"

"Yes, of course you will, nothing will change, you won't be from our blood, so it'll be fine."

We all danced with each other some more, I even danced with Dayna and Jo for a while. Jo thanked me for introducing her to Dayna, who she said was the sexiest, most exciting woman she'd met in a long, long time. Dayna also thank me for introducing her to Jo, who she said was magnificent and beautiful. When I told Kelly and Lorraine this they were both over the moon.

At 11pm the music slowed down and we got the sexy dancing, Jo and Dayna entranced the room as they slow danced together, Lorraine and Kelly both got incredibly horny watching, we decided that this was an appropriate time to call it a night and headed for our room, before I locked the door I popped the Do Not Disturb sign on the door knob.

When I turned round Lorraine and Kelly were on the bed kissing each other, wow Dayna and Jo had seriously turned them on.

"Hello, whose wedding day was it today?"

"Well, you'd better get your kit off and get yourself over here."

I shed my clothes and joined them on the bed, it seemed like the most sensible choice. The girls moved apart and let me lie between them, Kelly set up and took her top off, her breasts were pulled up as she slipped the top over her head, then they fell back down as they were freed, the movement was hypnotic, Lorraine slapped my legs, "hey, who's your wife, me or her?"

I turned back to Lorraine, "you know very well who I married, you, the most beautiful and wonderful woman I've ever met. Kelly is the second most beautiful and wonderful woman I've ever met, and she's going to be our super sexy daughter soon, we'll be a big happy sexy family. Now let's have some sexy fun..."

I leaned over and kissed Lorraine long and hard, Kelly moved down and took my cock in her mouth, giving me all her tricks, she massaged my balls with one hand and wanked the bottom of my shaft with the other. With the lack of sex of the last couple of weeks, and the excitement of the day, I couldn't hold on for long and I gave a grunt and came in Kelly's mouth, she made a valiant effort at swallowing it all, but I simply built up too much come over the last couple of weeks and it was more than she could handle, it started pouring from her mouth and down her chin. Lorraine sat up and lapped up everything Kelly missed.

"Well that's you satisfied for a while, now there's two sexy ladies here that need attention."

I rolled over and tried to pull Lorraine's dress off, "The dress stays on buster, you'll have to work round it for now", so I bunched the dress up above her hips and put my face between her legs. I started by playing my tongue around her clit, then I moved down and moved my tongue along the length of her pussy lips, pushing in between them occasionally. I moved my hands under her bum cheeks and lifted her up so I could play my tongue round her sweet little bum hole, pushing in every so often, Lorraine was in heaven. Meanwhile Kelly had moved back and was kissing Lorraine again, she had her hand under Lorraine's dress and was playing with her nipples. All of a sudden Lorraine clamped her legs together trapping my head, she bucked her pelvis up forcing her pussy against my face, I moved my tongue faster against her clit, and then seconds later she came hard, squeezing my head all the time. It was a full minute before she relaxed, releasing my head, I took my first breath in a minute and sat up.

Kelly moved down the bed and kissed me, tasting Lorraine's scent from my lips and tongue.

I turned Kelly around and gently pushed her over and flipped her skirt up, kneeling behind her I pushed my cock against her sopping pussy and fed it in, Kelly pushed back with almost as much force and we banged together. I pulled back until I was all the way out and played my cock around her pussy, driving her wild by tapping it against her clit. After playing this game for a little while Kelly was begging me to push it back in, so I willingly complied. I made love to Kelly hard for 5 minutes or so, Lorraine had recovered no, and was holding Kelly's head against her breasts, stroking her hair, talking lovingly into her ear. Kelly has bucking hard against me, and suddenly reared her head up and cried out with a powerful orgasm, her pussy muscles squeezing me tightly, pulsing along my length, I couldn't hold on any longer and I let go deep in Kelly's pussy, which set her off again, peaking even harder with her second orgasm.

Lorraine lifted Kelly's head to her face and kissed her, then Kelly fell asleep, as she often does after a multiple orgasm, Lorraine laid Kelly down, her head on the pillows, then she moved over to me and kissed me with more passion than ever before, I returned the kiss and then laid her down next to Kelly. I knelt between her legs and she raised herself up, I pushed my revived cock against her anus, gently I moved it forward and the head popped in, followed by the next few inches, I held there for a little while, savouring the tightness of her glorious anal canal, Lorraine pulsed her muscles and I started to move again, out then in, long slow thrusts, enjoying our togetherness. We kept this up for as long as we could, it would take me longer to come that I had energy left, and Lorraine was also beat. I pulled out and we just lay there in each other's arms, Kelly turned over and we spooned, and fell into a blissful sleep.

I woke up with a raging hard-on, Lorraine had pushed butt against my cock and it was trapped between her cheeks. I couldn't help myself, I started to slowly hump her bum crack, Lorraine pushed back harder, revelling in the sensation of my cock pushing along her cheeks.

After a few minutes of this she pulled away and rolled over, she cupped my face in her hands and kissed me sweetly on the lips, than she turn over so her head was in my crotch, she took my cock in her mouth and started to give me beautiful head, slow strokes, going deep into the back of her throat.

Lorraine still had her wedding dress on, I pushed it down a little to give me access to her sweet, shaved pussy, returning the favour I started to give her head, starting with quick tongue flicks to her clit, then I pushed my tongue past her outer lips and drove it deep inside like a tiny penis. I did this a few times and was rewarded with something like a grunt of joy and a face full of pussy juice as she came quickly.

I felt movement behind me, Kelly was awake. She lifted her left leg onto mine and ground her pussy against me, humping my leg. She kissed my back and the reached her hand between our bodies and pushed her fingers into my bum crack, feeling around she found my hole on pushed two fingers against it, tapping them against my hole. The effect was immediate, my cock swelled and I felt pressure in my balls, they tightened and my seeds shot straight into the back of Lorraine's throat. She swallowed every drop and licked me clean.

Lorraine moved back to the top of the bed and we hugged some more, then showered. After dressing we went down to breakfast, Jo and Dayna were already there, sat close with a pot of coffee tray of toast between them.

"Well did you two have fun last night?" Lorraine asked

"We did indeed, that was the best wedding I've been to in ages, so simple, no fights between guests, and I met a wonderful woman who kept me up most of the night, thank you all for inviting me," replied Jo.

"What she said," echoed Dayna.

"How are you getting back?" I asked

"We were going to book a taxi," answered Dayna

"It's OK I'll book a 5 seater for all of us, 11am OK for everyone?"

After the exertions of the exertions of the night we were all hungry, so ordered full English all round with a large pot of coffee.

After topping up on greasy food and coffee we went back to our room and packed up, we met up with Jo and Dayna and waited for our taxi. Dayna pulled me to one side and whispered to me "I don't want Jo to see where I live, can I get out at your house?"

"Oh god, yes of course, or maybe we stop at Jo's house first and see what happens."

The taxi arrived and we set off for home, it swung past Jo's house first, but she couldn't invite Dayna in as she was back on duty in an hour, so we dropped Dayna off at her house and finally ours. We piled out and I opened the gates. Kelly took our bags and I carried Lorraine up the driveway (which was quite long) and into the house. I still had some strength left, so I carried her all the way up the stairs and into the bedroom, where I laid her carefully on the bed and kissed her tenderly.

"Welcome home Mrs Foster."

"Why thank you Mr Foster. Where's Kelly Foster-to-be?"

"I'm here mum."

"Well come here sweetheart and show me how much you love me."

--Kelly climbed on the bed with Lorraine and they embraced, I left them to it whilst I put our clothes away and tidied up. When I went back to the bedroom they were asleep, so I left them there and popped down to the shop for a newspaper. I went back home and made a pot of coffee, I took it outside with my copy of the Sunday Times and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.

Monday was back to the old routine, I went to work at Prism Systems, Lorraine back to the Hotel, now in the position of General Manager, Kelly on her first day at City College, doing some intensive study work before her GCSEs that start in a week.

It was also Dayna's first proper day at Xcite, she phoned me at lunchtime after she'd visit three of the shops. No doubting that she's a quick worker, and copes admirably when dropped in at the deep end. She wants a meeting tonight as she had some ideas. I called Lorraine and Kelly and we agreed to meet up in Dayna's flat at 7:30. I'd bring pizza and beer.

My day was mostly meetings, I'm not sure I'm too happy contributing to the development of new and improved ways of wiping out people, but if it wasn't me it would be someone else, and I can't argue about the way that James has made me feel happy and wanted, he'd also just given me a cracking member of staff that I won't have to pay for 6 months.

I was a couple of minutes late, the girls had settled in and a CD was playing some R'n'B in the background. Dayna had brought in a decent sized table, so we could spread the pizzas and beer out. After we'd eaten our fill I piled the leftovers in the kitchen and Dayna brought out a meeting folder, she was clearly serious about everything she did, and called us to order.

"OK, today I've viewed 3 shops, and at one a delivery had just arrived with inconsistences in the paperwork. I disciplined the member of staff involved and have logged it in his personnel records, by the way I think I need to go through all the records as they were very shoddy, I think that's the word," I nodded to confirm it, "thank you, yes as that shop there were a number of details missing from records. With your permission I would like to employ a part time Human Resources officer to handle the paperwork and payroll."

Kelly leaned over to Lorraine and whispered something, Lorraine sat up and said, "I think we could probably use the hotel HR office, she's only working part time at the moment and has been asking for more hours. I don't think she's a prude so I'll speak to her tomorrow, and if she's happy I'll bring her round here."

"Thank you, now I've been thinking about how business can be improved. Only one of the shops I visited today had a display of fetish wear and furniture..."

Lorraine broke in, "I think we only have it in three shops."

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