Mowing the Lawn

by Memory Heap

Copyright© 2013 by Memory Heap

Flash Sex Story: She had lost a bet, and now had to mow the lawn. But...the mower wouldn't start, and she needed help.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

I was out in the street doing some work on my car when I saw her. She was standing just outside her open garage, trying to start a lawnmower. She was pulling repeatedly, and ineffectually, on the starter cord, but getting nowhere. The mower hadn't even burped in the minute that I had been watching.

Curious, I wandered up the driveway, around the car that was parked there, and stopped before her. "Having trouble?"

"Mower won't start."

I crouched down beside it, opening its gas cap to make sure there was fresh gas in the tank. I jiggled the spark plug wire, making sure it was properly seated. I checked the choke setting, and pushed the priming button a few times, then gave the cord a healthy pull. Nothing.

I crouched back down, then looked up at her. "I think I know what's wrong. You're not dressed correctly. You need to change into a pair of shorts, or even a mini-skirt." She eyed me steadily for a moment, then straightened up and went into the house. A minute later she was back, her jeans now replaced by a short denim skirt. I reflected that she had good legs.

I stood and moved to the workbench, moving a sawhorse aside and rummaging through the toolbox to find the right socket wrench. Turning back to the mower, I squatted once again and proceeded to remove the spark plug. As I suspected, it was gummed up, and incapable of putting out the necessary spark. I held it up so she could see it, and said, "I need something to clean this. Give me your panties."

I got another one of those steady looks, then she reached under her skirt and started pulling her panties down, making sure that I couldn't see anything in the process. When they hit the ground, she bent over to lift each foot and work them over her sneakers, then handed them to me.

I worked the plug clean with her panties, then tossed them aside while I reinstalled the plug. With the plug wire back in place, I stood and primed the machine once more, then yanked on the starter cord. The mower roared to life on the first pull, so I let it idle for a moment to warm up, then let it choke to a stop once I was satisfied.

I moved over to her, and took her by the arm, leading her to the sawhorse. Without saying a word, I bent her over the sawhorse, kicking her feet apart until I was satisfied. Her miniskirt rode up her back, baring her nicely rounded ass; with her legs spread, her vulva was clearly visible between the cheeks of that ass.

I unzipped my shorts and let them drop to my feet, then took my cock in my right hand; it was already good and hard, leaking at the tip, and ready to be sunk into something hot and wet. I approached her and positioned the head, then pushed steadily into her without stopping or slowing. She felt like a hot wet glove, and her internal muscles gripped me tightly as she reacted to the intrusion. I knew I would enjoy this as I bottomed out, resting for a moment against the silken globes of her ass.

I squeezed those firm cheeks, then moved my hands under her to also squeeze her firm breasts, and held myself like that for a moment, just letting the arousal build. I slowly slid back out of her about halfway, then pushed back steadily once again.

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