Eve Raises Cain: the Genesis of Incest

by Rev. Dave Springer

Copyright© 2013 by Rev. Dave Springer

Erotica Sex Story: Eve raises Cain, as he lowers her to the leaves; not so original sex, but first time for the sin of incest! This one is just for fun, it's soul purpose is to fuck with your brain, but gonads are welcome to come along too

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   Incest   Mother   Son   First   Pregnancy   .

Eve raises Cain, as he lowers her to the leaves

[This one is just for fun, it's soul purpose is to fuck with your brain, but gonads are welcome to come along too.]

She took one look at her son, the way he was looking at her, and knew. "You got into the apples!"

"Mom, it might be forbidden fruit, but its not impossible to snitch one, and take a bite. They're so juicy aren't they?"

"Cain?" Exclaimed Eve, "What have you done!"

"Nothing so original."

"If your father finds out..."

"Not if we don't tell him..."

"You don't think that I'm going to be a party to your sin?"

"Look around mom, are there any other females?"

"Surely the Lord will punish you if you try to have sex with..."

"It was you and dad He told not to eat of those two trees. He didn't say anything to me about the subject. Besides, it was the disobedience by chomping on the fruit. Not the aftermath of enjoying the fucking, that got God angry."

"Well, suddenly we were naked see, I mean; we had always been running around the Garden without anything on, but we didn't know any better."

"Mother, don't you get it? Being nude is no sin, and once sunburned, twice as shy about overexposure; but that was nothing to the Big-Guy. He's seen you since you were first formed. A rib, a breast, a flash of thighs, a piece of ass, its all the same to him. He declared it good, all of it. And to hear dad tell it, you were a good piece of ass ... er ... rib. I mean you two put on some leaves, then - took them off later, for being intimate. If you hadn't, I wouldn't be here."

"If you weren't here then ... Able, would still be..."

"Well, I'm only human, I'll pay for my mistake, just like everybody else. I thought God told you to forgive me?"

"I'm sorry, but I miss him so much. I do forgive you, and I love you too. You just had a fit of jealous rage." She went to him and hugged him. Then she felt him rising against her, and holding her in a tight embrace that was getting a bit too personal. He breathed in her ear and whispered, "Pop's getting old and can scarcely get it up now days, especially after a long day in the fields. I could give you another baby. Remember how much fun it was making babies, after you discovered that apples were juicy?"

She tried to break free of his hold, but he was strong, and despite herself, the seductive tone and aroused member pushing at her abdomen was making her juicy. She did remember the sharp tang of excitement and the heady lust she had felt, when the serpent had opened her eyes to possibilities, spoke of pleasures which had made her desire Adam. But the sinuous tempter to sin and transgression had been crushed, and they were banned from the Garden. Now it was work, work, work, and not much fun anymore.

"Mom,?" Cain licked her ear, she sighed, that always turned her on for some reason. He spoke softly, a murmur of insinuating thoughts, as sensuous as the snake that was stiffening and rising up from between his legs. "Mom, would you like me to lick, you know where?"

Eve giggled at his naughty question. Adam had stopped doing that, claiming that she offered things to nibble that were sure to get them in trouble. But she knew that it was a taste of paradise, not innocence - but the delights that they had known of each other's company when they shared that special bond. She had been the one to first sink her teeth into the ripe red orb hanging off the tree. The tree of knowledge of good and evil. Or wonderful and wrong, they were making up language as they went along. She still had not come up with a name for the furry thing that had the beak of a duck but looked like a flattened beaver otherwise.

Speaking of beavers, she realized that her son's erection was still prodding at her mid-section. And that her center was responding with small thrust of it's own, making the mons rub on the hard-on, exacerbating the situation. If this kept up – of course, Cain could keep it up – for quite a while she imagined. Adam couldn't hardly, or hardily, or was even all that hard when he did occasionally managed to rise to the occasion; not as much, nor as long as he used to, not even as long as he used to be! Nor was he as lengthy as his off-spring either - even when he was in his prime. Nor as springy as the taunt and turgid member which wobbled as she turned and ran from the man who wanted to be her new lover. Eve needed to hide from him, lest she grant what the groin of her own boy grinding into her, had stirred in her loins.

Cain pursued her. He was young and swift, athletic and muscular, handsome and smart, strong and cunning. He quickly caught her, but she made sure that he would. He swept her up off her feet and carried her only a short distance, to the willow tree where she had thought to hide herself amongst the curtaining branches. There, as her capturer and conqueror parted the leafy-strands, they were secluded and alone and he lay her down.

Eve was so surprised at her son's romantic actions and erotic overtures, and startled from his rapid apprehension of her, that she at first did not note her bower was a bed of flowers and ferns and soft mosses. She looked at the male who bent over her with that lustful look of physical desire. "I'm your mother, don't tell me you don't know this is a sin."

"The fact that I'm your son makes it all the more rousing, doesn't it? I want to ravage you because I am rutting, just like those beasts we see that the Lord made mad to mate. Well, I have those primal urges too, and the need to fuck like them! But mother," his voice soften, "I also want to genuinely make love to you, some sort of spiritual uniting with the only woman in the my world, the one who has nourished me, can also satisfy this basic need as well. Please, see, I have created a beautiful and fluffy fragrant bed for us to lay upon and languish as we pleasure each other."

Eve looked at their miniature grotto of green and gaiety, cushioned and concealed. She realized that her youngster had grown up, and knew what he wanted. He wanted to know her, in what folks would come to call the Biblical sense. But what the rest of humanity would never suspect was that she had an incestuous streak also. After all, the parthenogeneses of herself was from Adam, and they had done it. Why not with this son of Adam. Yes, indubitably, Able would have had her in a heart beat; but inevitably Cain would have had her too, since he had prepared so sweetly.

Eve reached for the nearby wineskin, and tilted it to expertly aim the stream into her mouth, but on purpose she allowed the last dribble to drip down over her breasts and nipples. "Oops! Want to lick that up?" The mother of us all, invited her incestuous son to taste the intoxicating apples hanging from her trunk. Cain's mouth immediately went to his mother's bosom, like he was nursing again. His fingers tore the thin vines she had used to sew the broad leaves together, her green garment ripped apart exposing her body. Her skin was tan and smooth, no lines, she had been sunbathing regularly, Cain noted. Eve reached for her son's bathing suit of foliage and ripped it away so that her kid's cock was a stripped stalk.

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