God the Son and Lover

by Rev. Dave Springer

Copyright© 2013 by Rev. Dave Springer

Erotica Sex Story: Holy Family Secrets: The most theological of sins! Spiritual insemination transubstantiates into a physical incestuous event. The Spirit was sent by the Father to place His Son inside her - his son slipped his penis inside her to make her pregnant!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest   Mother   Son   First   Pregnancy   .

Holy Family Secrets: The most theological of sins!

Mary was dreaming. It was a very erotic dream. The young woman who was to be the mother of the foretold 'Emmanuel' was a vibrant healthy girl of 19. (Or 22) she liked to count herself older the better to be closer to Joe's age, her fiancé being a decade older than her. While she and Joseph hadn't had sex yet, she oft fantasized about what it would be like. Her cousin Elizabeth, whom she was very close to, had told her that while she was still barren, and even after so many years of marriage to her hubby Zach, they always had a great time in the sack and that sex was a blessing from the Lord that made them happy and kept them close, though they longed for a child.

Mary was wet. Yet ... this lover was not Joseph - he was another and much younger man. He snuggled up behind her. How he got into the house, she didn't question, it was a dream after all. She wondered at the intruder's intentions. She quickly discovered them as his hand went up the hem of her shift, followed the side of her leg up to her ribs, and round to her tender breasts. His fingers found the turgid nipples and tweaked them gently. Her arousal flared a new flow of fluid.

"Mary", came the whisper from behind. It was soft in her ear, a breathe, "Don't tell Joe..."

So, it was a 'naughty' liaison she was fantasizing about tonight, so much the better. She wasn't that pure in her heart that a little lust for some hunk didn't seep into her unconsciousness. She was very human - after all that was the part the Divinity needed, into which was being fused His Spirit within her. Though Mary was making out with the Holy Spirit at the time she didn't realize it right then. Whoever the mysterious stranger was, he's good at turning a gal on, Mary thought.

A tongue tickled in her ear. Golly, not even Joseph knew that was her one - weird, but still true - erogenous zone that made her a total slave to her lover. YES, she was a virgin, no, she was not inexperienced. There had been a steamy romance with a Samaritan teen before she met Joe. And some others, she was attractive after all and had hormones like every other person on the planet.

Mary gasped as the male member pressed between her buns, exposed when the gown had risen up so he could fondle her twin doves, as the 'Song of Solomon' termed them. Her voice quavered from both fear and sexual excitement, "Who are you?"

"I am the spirit of your first born and of your children and grandchildren."

I do want a big family and lots of grandkids when I get old. Those will be happy days. I can feel the 'spirit' of the first born poking into my butt, so I guess my first baby's a son. That will please Joseph, a boy to help in the carpentry shop."

"The apple of his mother's eye he shall be, pleasing both his parents and his God."

"I want a son who will become a rabbi. Is that asking too much?"

"I'll answer your prayer, if you'll be the answer to mine..." came back the suggestive remark, simultaneously his snake sinuously insisted on prodding her crotch seeking her divine grotto.

Mary knew it was a dream even though it seemed quite real, so she figured what the Hades, let him have his way with her. Cousin Liz called an orgasm a moment in paradise; transcendent and wonderful. Not only was it fun getting there, you wanted it again and again - even the very same night! So why not let her imagination have that fantasy frolic, Mary decided in her dream. And so the stranger came into her.

He was stretching her, but not overly so. She liked the way the ridge of the circumcised penis parted her labia and made a very distinct measure of progress when breaching her gates with his ram. Once a Roman boyfriend had tried, but failed to lay siege to those fortifications. Now she felt her insides fill wonderfully with a living muscle of masculine flesh. She loved the sensation, loved making love, love peaking in a climax that brought ecstasy to her entire body and lifted her to Heaven.

She felt fulfilled as the emotions of love overwhelmed her - love for this lover, love for Joe, love for her children and grandchildren, love for all humanity; until the love went nova inside her, in a bang of infinite proportions. That first cum was the cosmic creation of new life with divine spark perfectly infused in the infant she was conceiving. Little did she imagine that her dream would actually have a life of its own, until it had grown in her belly for nearly three months.

She went to visit Elizabeth escaping the devastating situation of being pregnant and unmarried in a small town. Liz told her the good news that she too was with child. She helped Mary see that this was a positive thing; children are from God, so if it's not Joe's - then it's gotta be a miracle. Just like Liz's conception, this was a surprising but blessed event, so be happy! Also Zach spoke to Joseph, got him to see that a middle-aged carpenter would have a hard time doing better than the young (and proven fertile too) pretty sweetheart he was already engaged to - 'nuf said.

Thus it came to pass that Joseph and Mary wed; she bore a son and named him Jesus. But none others, until...

A few years after his Bar Mitzvah, and the famous 'lost in Jerusalem' incident, Mary's son came to her. Joseph was out looking for lumber and not expected back until sundown. "Mom, we need to have 'The Talk'."

"Honey, what do you mean? You know the facts of life; I know your dad explained them to you several years ago."

"I don't mean that talk, I mean the one you and I have to have - about my ... destiny."

"You're calling."

"My ministry, yes; but my fate is tied to that. You were to understand my mission from my very conception. Both what I was to do and how it was to end."

"How can God let you die? You're his son!"

"I'm human I have to die - that is a given. But how I die, why I die; that is in the Lord's hands."

"How can I let you do it, go to your death? You're my son! I couldn't bear to see you suffer, can't this pass to someone else?"

"No, I'm the person picked to be the Christ. However, there is something else that I want to commune with you on. Grandchildren."

"Grandkids? You've met somebody already? Do I know her?"

"Mom, you know I'm going to die without any heirs, save those who would be my followers."

"Since I bore you I've been as barren as my cousin Liz was for most of her life." (Though John's a rather odd boy, still he's his parents' pride and joy.) Mary mused to herself, and then asked Jesus, "How the Hades will I have grandchildren if you don't marry and become a father? Joseph is either too tired - OR his back is out - OR it's a holy day or some such excuse; not that his seed ever took root in me. Still, there are miracles, Zachariah came thru in the end."

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