Holiday Encounters With Kelly and Lorraine

by alan14

Copyright© 2013 by alan14

Sex Story: The continuing adventures of our happy threesome of Dave, Kelly and Lorraine. It's Kelly's birthday soon, a cause for great celebration, so Dave decides a few days holiday are just the ticket. At the end of the week Kelly gets some bad news that will lead to a profound change their lives.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Big Breasts   .

The continuing adventures of our happy threesome of Dave, Kelly and Lorraine. It's Kelly's birthday soon, a cause for great celebration, so Dave decides a few days holiday are just the ticket. At the end of the week Kelly gets some bad news that will lead to a profound change their lives.

Kelly's 16th birthday in a fortnight, I had to figure out a suitable way to celebrate. I had a few ideas, but I decided to ponder it over for a few days. Besides last night had been exhausting, my cock was still a bit sore as well.

My boss, Barry, phoned me on Monday, he was over the moon and wanted me to meet him at the Head Office in Manchester. When I got there he actually hugged me, the deal I'd sorted on Friday was the biggest ever single contract for the company. The new customer had called Barry over the weekend to confirm the details and he'd enthused about me, how we'd just clicked. The price I'd negotiated would give us guaranteed sales of £6.25m for the first year, so my instant bonus had just grown to £25k which was winging its way through payroll as we spoke.

Next Barry took me to the Mercedes dealership, it was a nightmare picking a car, it's much better to be poor sometimes, so your choice is limited to the models at the back of the lot that have a full set of wheels and not too much moss on the windows. Eventually I settled on an E350 in a deep blue colour, not my first choice but it was in stock for immediate collection, important because my Focus was on its last legs.

After we were finished at the dealership Barry to me for a meal at Sam's Chop House off Cross Street, it's probably my favourite restaurant in Manchester, the home made Corned Beef Hash is to die for.

Well that was a good day, on the drive home I decided that after working my arse off getting the deal together I deserved a few days holiday, and I knew two people who I'd like to spend some quality time with. It would take some finessing, as I couldn't just phone Kelly's parents and ask to take her away for a few days, it would probably get me arrested.

So I hatched my plan and phoned Lorraine from the car, "Hi Lorraine it's Dave"

"Oh hi Dave, it's good to hear from you so soon, need another room?"

"Ha, not yet. It's about Kelly's birthday in a fortnight, I was thinking we could go away somewhere for a few days, out to the country, get a cottage."

"Oh that sounds wonderful, do you have anywhere in mind?"

"Well you could come up here, there's some amazing places around the Lakes, or we could go to Derbyshire. You pick somewhere, arrange a booking then send me the details and I'll pay. I need you to talk to Kelly's mum, ask if it's OK for you two to go away. Does that sound OK?"

"Yeah, that's an excellent plan. We could go to Derbyshire, I used to live there for a while, it's beautiful. I'll get it sorted and call you tomorrow, OK."

--"Thanks Lorraine, send Kelly my love"

So that was the plan, we would book a cottage, see some beautiful countryside and make love all night.

The next two weeks went by in a flurry of meetings, presentations, and driving up and down the M6. The Monday of half term was the monthly meeting, so we were going to set off from the hotel Tuesday and come back Saturday, Kelly's birthday is on the Friday.

Kelly was on the reception desk when I arrived at the hotel, she looked more beautiful than ever, a little make-up on her cheeks and eyes, hair pulled back in a pony-tail. Then I got it, she was dressing like Lorraine. At least she wasn't dressing like me.

I got my old room again, I took my bag up to get a shower before we went out. As I opened my door I could hear a faint buzz, walking into the room I saw Lorraine on my bed, naked, pleasuring herself with a small vibrator whilst watching one of the porn channels. She was totally in the zone and didn't hear me come in.

I gave a little cough and Lorraine yelped.

"Did I startle you?"

"Oh sorry, you were later than expected and I got horny watching the TV waiting."

"Well don't let me stop you, I'll just freshen up a little. Kelly finishes in half an hour then we're going out for dinner, so maybe you'll be wanting to put a few clothes on."

She jumped off the bad and smacked my bum "Cheeky, I think I need a bit of a shower as well, OK if I join you?"

"Feel free, but no playing around, OK maybe a little..."

After a quick fool around in the shower we dressed and met Kelly in the car park.

"Do you like my new car?"

"Which one is it? Oh the one you're leaning on. Wow that's fancy, is it your new company car?"

"Yes it is, I picked it up last week. There's TVs in the back, and little tables, it's almost like a plane."

"They must love you at work to give you a car like this. I wish I could reward you as well."

"Oh, you both reward me very well..."

"Where we going then Dave?"

"Well it's your town girls, so you pick."

"Ok," said Lorraine, "I fancy Frankie & Benny's, how about you Kelly?"

"I love Frankie & Benny's, can I have a Mojito?"

"You can have whatever you like. Now into the car girls and point me in the right direction"

I do like Frankie & Benny's, but every restaurant is the same, you could be in an anonymous out of town shopping or leisure complex outside any town or city. The girls had a couple of Mojitos, I stuck to coke as I was driving. The girls had pizza and a sundae, I had a calzone and picked a little of both sundaes. After Frankie & Benny's we went to the cinema to watch the new Superman film Man of Steel, pretty spectacular I thought, a good reboot of the franchise. Lorraine enjoyed it, Kelly thought it was OK, she'd not seen the Christopher Reeve films.

We drove back to the hotel and after I'd parked up we popped into the pub for a quick drink, the bartender had no clue what a Mojito was, so we had rum & coke all round then back to the room.

Both girls were tired and excited about the holiday, so in a turn-up for the books, we just piled into bed and slept soundly. I awoke around 5am to a pleasurable sensation, someone was giving me a blowjob, I'd no idea who it was, the room curtains were quite thick and did their job well, so it was still dark in the room. I reached down and felt the girl's hair, it was quite thick, so it was Kelly doing the deed. She was making pleasurable noises, more than would be expected from someone giving a blowjob, she can't be enjoying it that much, although I was. Then I noticed a pair of feet by my head, Lorraine's head must be at the bottom of the bed, around where Kelly's pussy would be, ahh the both woke up horny then and decided to help me out while they were at it.

I didn't last very long and Kelly managed to swallow most of it, with Lorraine mopping up the rest. We went back to sleep without a word being said. A few hours later we were woken by the alarm on my mobile, no late check-outs on a Tuesday, and we had a long way to go.

Lorraine hadn't been able to find a suitable cottage in Derbyshire, it being half term and such late notice, so we were off to the Isle of Wight instead. I'd been there years ago and found it to be very nice, but a bit sleepy. It would make for a very relaxing holiday I think.

Our cottage was a former 15th century vicarage near Ventor on the south coast, it was a large two bedroomed bungalow that had recently been restored to very high specification. The main bedroom was the centre-piece with an emperor sized four-poster bed covered in deep red bed-linen. The kitchen was fit for a chef, with marble worktops and a range cooker. The sitting room had two large sofas, and a very large TV on the wall. The bathroom was fairly small, but well fitted out with a proper free-standing scroll-topped bath with brass lion's feet and a separate shower cubicle. Out back was a large garden with a patio set and a decent sized lawn sheltered by high hedges so that wasn't overlooked in any direction. Out the front it was only about 200 yards to the beach.

After unpacking and hugs all round I congratulated Lorraine for finding such a splendid cottage at short notice, even it did cost an arm & leg. There was a welcome basket in the kitchen with tea-bags, instant coffee, a loaf of bread, jar of marmalade and some cake. In the fridge were a bottle of milk, fresh farm butter and a bottle of champagne. We made some tea & toast then set out for the town to buy supplies.

The Isle of Wight was pretty much as I remembered it, perpetually in the 1950's, very sleepy, very genteel and a distinct lack of chain shops, which is a good thing. We did find a Spar for some shopping, and an outdoors shop for a sun hat which I always forget to bring (my reasoning being that if I pack one it will rain, so I don't pack one and it's usually sunny).

We hiked back to the cottage, put away the shopping and took a bottle of wine we'd bought out to the garden. Looking back I see this as practice for the domesticity that was to come, we clicked and worked as a team, not getting in each-others way.

Lorraine cast off all her clothes and lay out on the grass, Kelly followed suit and they applied sun-tan lotion to each other. I'm not good in full sun, so I stuck to shorts & t-shirt in the shade, watching on appreciatively to the show. The girls turned regularly to get an even all-over tan.

"Hey Lorraine, how about finding somewhere with a pool next time"

The tanning lotion bottle she threw just missed my head

"Good arm there, you ever played rounders?"

"I was captain at school, I've got very strong arms, should be pulling pints on a bar really"

I was sat in line with Kelly and being a man I couldn't help staring, her boobs seems to be fuller, covering more of her chest as they succumbed to gravity as she was lying there. "Is it me Kelly, or have your boobs grown a little?"

"Yeah, I'm almost busting out of my D-Cup bras, gonna need DD cups soon, mum won't be happy buying me a load more bras, it's only about 3 months since I got the D-cup ones."

"Oh, I'm sure we can sort something for you, you up for some shopping Lorraine? There should be a decent lingerie shop in Newport"

"I'm happy to help you try them on Kelly."

"And I'm happy to let you, I hope mum won't notice and wonder where I got them. Oh well I'm sure she won't. It's really weird though, I was almost flat chested until about a year ago, wasn't I Lorraine, but since then they keep growing and growing. I really do hope they stop soon or I'll look like a freak."

"You'll be fine honey, you're about the same size as your mum now, most late developers stabilise at 16 or 17. Look at me though, I got boobs at 13 and they've been this size since I was 14, I really envy your big boobs"

After a couple of hours in the sunshine we really couldn't be bothered cooking anything for tea, so after a shower and donning some clothes (both girls wore similar dresses, although Kelly naturally filled hers out more, so it showed a lot more leg) we set out for a bar we'd spotted earlier on the sea-front.

The Isle of Wight is a pretty conservative place, so our story is that Lorraine's my girlfriend and Kelly's her sister. Apart from the figure they do look similar, so it's plausible.

We got a table out on the terrace, Lorraine ordered a pitcher of Pimms whilst we checked the menu. It was mainly Tex-Mex food, so I ordered a bowl of chilli and nachos, Kelly ordered chicken enchilada and Lorraine a pulled pork roll. The Pimms was lovely on this hot evening and it relaxed us all. I'm glad I was wearing jockey's under my shorts, as I noticed that neither Kelly nor Lorraine has knickers on, and Kelly's shorter skirt displayed her bountiful delights to anyone with the right vantage point, and I did. Lorraine didn't appear to have a bra on either, and her nipples were less than discrete, her piercings obvious to all. Kelly had a push-up bra on and her cleavage was quite magnificent.

The food was no better than average, and we skipped desserts. Finishing off the Pimms we left the bar and wandered the mile or so home hand in hand, at that point I don't think I've ever been happier, quite apart from being sexy as hell, these girls were also my soul mates, something you can tell deep inside, a contentment.

As soon as we got back to the cottage we went to the bedroom and stripped off, as I suspected Lorraine only had one item of clothing on, Kelly only had one more than that and I had one more than Kelly, so as soon as all six items of clothing hit the deck we hit the bed. Oh what a bed it was as well, the mattress was firm, but there was some bounce in it. The bedding was almost silky, I hope that stains washed out easily or I may end having to buy some new sheets before we leave.

For a long time we just hugged and kissed, it just felt right, then Kelly went down on Lorraine, almost attacking her pussy with her tongue. I was too horny to just lie there and let this happen, so I got off the bed and stood behind Kelly, I ran my hand along her pussy, she was soaking wet, and my cock was rock hard so there was little else I could do. I pressed the head against her pussy lips and she groaned deeply from the back of her throat, this was animal passion, I blame the sea air. As I press my cock harder she push back even harder, I was almost half way in before I knew it, then without even trying I bottomed out with only about an inch & half outside, she was getting looser, but still as tight as any pussy I'd ever been in.

I found it hard to stay in control, I was almost pounding Kelly, but she was pushing back just as hard, her pussy muscles squeezing me all the time, it was incredibly intense. Lorraine for her part had a tight hold on Kelly's head, pulling her into her pussy.

I couldn't hold on any longer, I almost screamed as I let go, pumping jet after jet of hot cum into Kelly's vagina, this triggered Kelly who shook with an intense orgasm, she bit down on Lorraine's clit which sent her into a screaming orgasm as well. I felt something running down my leg, Kelly had cum so hard she'd ejaculated, so I had a stream of our combined juices forming a pool at my feet. Kelly felt it herself and started to apologise, she must have thought she'd wee'd. "It's OK sweetheart, it's just female ejaculate, like we saw on that film.

We mopped up and had a shower, it was too early for sleep, but we were too tired for more play, so we moved into the lounge and turned on the huge telly. There was some Nicholas Cage on, so we started to watch it. It was Drive Angry, and we were all in agreement that Amber Heard is by far the prettiest actress working today. I must have fallen asleep, as the next thing I knew the sun was coming up and Lorraine was slowing wanking my cock back into life.

"Shush," she whispered, "Kelly's still asleep, doesn't she look beautiful like that, her face totally relaxed. Let's see if we can make you cum without waking her up"

She spat on her palms and started to massage my cock in earnest, I was almost holding my breath to keep quiet, just little breaths in and out of my nose. My heart was pounding like a jack hammer, I could almost hear it. Lorraine let go with her left hand and ran two fingers round the head, wetting them with pre-cum she gently probed my rear entrance. As she pushed both fingers in at once I had to stifle a deep groan, self-control was even more difficult as she started pumping her fingers in time with her right hand on my cock. I couldn't move for fear of nudging Kelly.

Lorraine stopped pumping her fingers in my bum, instead she started to massage the little nub of my prostrate at the base of my cock, and with her thumb she massaged the perineum between the base of my cock and my rectum. This was the final straw, as I clamped my jaws together and held onto Lorraine's head, in turn she grabbed a glass off the coffee table and used it to catch all my cum. There was quite a lot, enough to cover the base of a mixer glass to a depth of about a ¼".

"Amazing, after all you pumped into Kelly last night you've still got that much left"

Then we heard a giggle, "that was fun to watch, you nearly choked Dave. Give me that glass, I'm thirsty"

Kelly grabbed the glass and downed it in one.

--I blame the sea air...

After breakfast we planned the week ahead. Today we decided to be tourists and visit Alum Bay and the Needles in the morning, and do a bit of shopping in Newport in the afternoon. Tomorrow we would have a walk along Shanklin Chine followed by lunch and an afternoon at the craft centre at Arreton, which is pretty much at the centre of the island. Friday is Kelly's birthday, so she gets to pick where to go, and we'll be visiting Isle of Wight Zoo.

So we set off along the coast road to Alum Bay with its famous multi-coloured sand, tacky shops and attractions. I remembered there was a fantastic chairlift down to the beach, which is good because it's a pretty steep climb down.

The chairlifts only hold two people, and Lorraine, being quite sporty and a bit of a gym bunny on the quiet decided to race us down. The view on the way down is spectacular, with the multi-coloured cliffs to your left, and the Needles ahead, it's definitely worth the money to enjoy the view in relative comfort.

Lorraine did beat us down, but she was out of breath. We had a walk along the beach, the cliffs are roped off, partly for safety but I think mostly so you can't collect your own coloured sand, which is on sale in the tacky shops at the top of the cliff.

We sat down on beach for a while, I'd brought a bottle of coke and some crisps, so we had a snack whilst we waited for the boat trip out to the Needles. I was again struck by just how at ease I was with these girls that I had only known for a month. I'd known my now ex-girlfriend Jane for a few months before I even asked her out, then it would have been about a year before we were anywhere near as comfortable in each other's presence as I am now with Kelly and Lorraine.

The boat arrived, so we got on and set off for a trip out to the Needles, as we cleared the bay a cold wind whipped across the boat, Lorraine was stood up and the wind moulded her cotton dress to her body, there were a few other men on the boat and they all stared at her, one chap got a swift kick to his ankle for his trouble, I felt very proud that my girlfriend was having this effect on other men. Kelly giggled and stood next to Lorraine to catch the next gust, the woman who dealt the kick grabbed her husband and moved him to the other side of the boat so he wouldn't get an eyeful again, poor henpecked man.

The boat trip took about an hour and was very interesting, the guide showed us a WW2 gun emplacement that was dug out of the rock-face and explained about how the distinctive coloured bands of sand where original a vertical stack, but the shifting of the earth millennia ago tipped the stack over so it's now on its side.

Back on dry land Lorraine refused to walk up the cliff, so took my return ticket on the chairlift, she claimed that the ride would dry off her dress, which was new stuck to her body and becoming dangerously distracting. I gallantly offered to walk up then, which was a little ambitious and I was knackered when I got to the top. The girls had bought more pop though, which was waiting for me when I staggered to meet them at the café. After pouring the whole can down my throat I went inside the shop and bought a few sandwiches for lunch, then we got a 99 each from the ice cream van.

We had a wander round the place. There was a big shop where you could buy an empty glass ornament and then fill it with your own choice of the different coloured sands. Kelly bought a glass elephant and filled it for her mum. As she was doing this Lorraine talked about her past, she was feeling a little melancholy watching Kelly make a gift for her mum.

"I've got no family I've kept in touch with. My dad was killed in a pub brawl when she I was 12, and then mum went through a series of destructive relationships, luckily none of the men were violent, and none of them tried to molest me, thank god. They did usually treat mum badly though, and this is probably why I've leant towards being a lesbian, I've just never felt comfortable with most men. I've had a few boyfriends, but I can count the number that weren't bastards with my thumbs." She leant over and kissed me passionately, stroking the back of my head, "you're one of the good guys though, I can feel it.

"When I got home from school on my 16th birthday the house was empty, there was a note on the kitchen table "Met the perfect guy, we're off to Goa, I might see you again, or I might not. Keep well, mum". I never saw, or heard from her again. I always take notice when there's news of a tourist death in India, but so far she's not been mention. To be honest I don't really care one way or the other about her anymore, it's been 6 years and not a peep.

"I stayed in the house for a fortnight, but then the food ran out, and I had no money. The hotel had opened down the road, so I went and asked for a job, Kelly's mum was in the office, she was just so lovely that I told her everything. She came round the desk and hugged me, I'd never been hugged like that before, a proper mum hug." I could see tears start to run down Lorraine's face, so I hugged her in a way that I hoped was similar.

"She gave me a job as a maid on the spot, and let me sleep in a tiny single room that she'd decided not to use for guests. I cleaned rooms in the morning and did a Hotel Management course at college in the evening. I lived there rent free for two years until I'd saved enough so I could rent a flat and buy some furniture. Once I'd passed my college course they made me receptionist. Kelly's family are the only real family I have.

"What happened on my 16th birthday was horrible, I want Kelly to have a special birthday on Friday that she'll remember for all the right reasons."

By now I had tears in my eyes, Kelly had just finished paying for her ornament and ran over to us wondering why we were both crying.

--"It's nothing love, I was just telling Dave about my shitty mum and her chain of bastards. We're happy now though, aren't we Dave," I nodded, "Ok, let's go to Newport to spend some of Dave's bonus on sexy undies"

Newport could never be confused with a busy city like Manchester. I had a few chain shops, but it was mostly independent retailers, which is normally fine, but not when you're in search of sexy undies for your soon to come of age girlfriend. Eventually we found an Ann Summers, whilst they sell a lot of hen party crap, so have a good selection of undies.

I gave Lorraine my gold card and PIN, "please don't go mental with this" I said as they skipped off. For my turn I bought a copy of The Times and went for a coffee, I expected this to take some time.

Three hours later I got a call, they were back at the car park, so I went to find them. They had lots of bags, Lorraine gave me back my credit card with a wad of receipts and a wink, "It'll be worth it, you'll see. Anyway we spent less than think, it's just spread out across lots of shops."

"It's OK baby, if I didn't trust you I'd have gone round the shops with you, keeping hold of the card."

"That would have spoilt the fun for you tonight lover boy"

We loaded the bags into the car, then walked back into town for dinner at a Thai restaurant I'd spotted earlier. The food was excellent, free of a lot of the unnecessary spicy heat that some Thai restaurants use to disguise the lack of real flavour. We had a pot of Jasmine tea that neither girl had seen before, they wondered why it was so weak and had twigs in it, so I educated them on the joys of Jasmine tea. We had banana splits for desert, a bit of a retro treat for me, and then set off back to the cottage.

I helped the girls unload the car, but they wouldn't let me look at anything. It made an impressive sight when spread out on the bed.

Lorraine took me back in the sitting room and began to kiss me, running her hands all over my body. She undid my shirt and threw it aside, then unzipped my pants, pulling them down, I lifted my legs out and she threw the pants aside. Then I felt my arms being pulled back and – snap – I was handcuffed behind my back, Lorraine gently pushed me back onto the sofa, "those are to stop you playing with yourself, we don't want the show to end too soon".

Kelly pulled the curtains shut and turned on the lamps. The curtains were the same deep red as the bed linen, and with a few lamps lit we ended up with a very sexy looking room. Lorraine popped a CD she'd bought into the hi-fi and some gentle dance music filled the air, then they both left the room and I was alone. I had a feeling that I was about to be gently tortured again.

Kelly was the first to return, she was wearing a silky teddy, it was almost transparent, underneath I could make out a dark bra and as she turned around, French knickers, I looked her up & down, it was very, very nice. As I looked down again I noticed a red mark on her ankle, I commented.

"Oh, it's a little tattoo, still a bit sore which is why it's red."

She lifted her leg so I could take a closer look, it was of a fine chain with a heart locket on the back of her ankle, on the locket were the initials DKL. "It's for us, do you like it?"

"I love it, but I thought you didn't like tattoos?"

"Only when they're huge, this is tasteful"

Lorraine entered the room, she had a similar silky teddy, this one had little daisies printed on it, and on her ankle was the same red mark, she lifted her leg and it was the same fine chain with the DKL locket. "It means we're yours, and you're ours". A tear worked its way out of my eye, I was so, so happy here with these girls, I'd never felt this way with anyone before, a deep all-encompassing love.

Kelly and Lorraine started to dance, at first separately, then together. They embraced and swayed slowly together, matching the slow beat of the down-tempo music on the hi-fi. Lorraine lifted the shoulder straps of Kelly's teddy and pulled them apart, as Kelly stepped back it dropped to the floor, underneath she had an amazing scarlet bra and knickers, as she stepped closer I could see black ribbons printed in the fabric, with black lace at the bottom and top of the cups. It was padded and gave her a quite magnificent cleavage. "You like?"

"I do."

"It was the first one I saw, I tried on loads, but came back to this one."

"Well I think you made a splendid choice"

Kelly stepped back and started dancing slowing with Lorraine again, then pulled the straps of her teddy apart and it too fell to the ground. Lorraine's bra was a little more sedate, it being a pale pink with daisies and a little bow at the front. It was padded as well, giving her a cleavage to be proud of.

They both kissed me and left the room.

A few minutes later they were back, this time Kelly had a satin dressing gown on, she spun round and it cascaded to the floor, underneath was a black and scarlet basque, it stopped just above her nipples and pushed her boobs up so much they looked like half basket balls above the garment, I was stunned almost into silence.

Lorraine let her gown drop and I was even more stunned, and my cock responded appropriately, she had on a leather bra and knickers, they were amazing, I didn't notice at first, but the front of the knickers were missing, my eyes gave me away.

"You'll find out what that's for in good time."

They left the room again, this time when she returned Kelly had on a lacy all-in-one body suit, she filled it to perfection. She left the room, then came back a couple of minutes later with the basque on again, Lorraine followed behind, I could see she still had the leather bra on.

Kelly tuned to face Lorraine and they embraced and began to kiss passionately, I had a feeling the show was about to begin in earnest. Kelly lay down on the rug, Lorraine straddled her and began to massage her breasts through the lace, they moved freely, like natural boobs should do. Kelly lifted herself off the floor and pulled the straps of her top away from her shoulders, then pulled it down, freeing her breasts for Lorraine, who got back to work, in turn she cupped on in her hand the kissed the nipple, flicking it with her tongue, she then traced round the nipple with her tongue and repeated the procedure, she then swapped to the other breast and started afresh. Kelly was writhing on the floor close to orgasm. Lorraine swapped back to the first breast and Kelly jerked and came, she grasped Lorraine's head and pulled her roughly so they were eye to eye, she whispered "don't ever leave me, please" and kissed her long and hard.

When she's recovered Kelly got to her feet and Lorraine lay down in her place, out of a bag that had previously been out of sight Kelly pulled out a rabbit vibrator, she turned it on and gently touched it against Lorraine's pussy, slowly moving it down, along her luscious lips. Pressing another button the little bunny ears started to wiggle, then Kelly slowly inserted the vibe into Lorraine's waiting pussy, the response was instant, Lorraine growled deep down and grabbed Kelly's head, "ohh yessss! Give it to me baby, all the way in."

The vibe was in as far as it would go, which was ideal as the bunny ears were then perfectly placed to work on Lorraine's clit, which rose to the occasion, much as my cock had done about half an hour ago, and was stuck there, hard and throbbing.

Lorraine took over working the vibe and Kelly move up to lavish attention on Lorraine's breasts, she unfastened the leather bra and pulled it off, then applied the same technique that had driven her wild just before, and it didn't take long for Lorraine to orgasm noisily.

By this time my cock was straining at the leash, and pre-cum was gathering on my belly, but the girls were not about to show me any mercy.

Lorraine disappear out of the room and came back with what looked like a large dildo with one side being longer and thicker than the other, but then the reason for the hole in the front of her knickers became clear as she pulled out a harness from the bag, it was a strap-on dildo, with one part popping inside her pussy, it looked to be longer than my cock, but not as thick. Kelly leaned over the coffee table and braced herself. Lorraine approached her from behind and carefully positioned the fake cock against her lips, she applied a little forward pressure and Kelly applied reverse pressure and in it popped. Lorraine pulled slowly back until it almost came out, then forward again a little faster. In out, in out, each time a little faster and harder. Kelly lifted a hand of the table, reaching back she started massaging her clit, she was getting close to orgasm when Lorraine pulled completely out.

Kelly almost screamed, "put it back in"

Lorraine moved back, lifting the tip a little and pushed it against Kelly's anus, pushing harder this time, the head popped in, followed by about 5 inches of the dildo. "Yessss, fuck me hard, now."

I'd never heard Kelly swear before, she must be out of her mind with lust. Lorraine answered her plea, thrusting rhythmically, not too hard though as it would probably hurt. Kelly resumed her hard and fast masturbation, she was almost there. "Yessss, yesss, oh my god I'm cumming, I'm cumming now"

I could see what was about to happen, so with my hands still handcuff behind my back I quickly spun round and grabbed a cushion off the sofa and put it under Kelly's head. Just in time, as her arm buckled and she crashed down onto the table. Lorraine pulled out as quickly as she could and came round to Kelly's side, she had actually passed out.

"Shit, I've never made a girl faint before."

She unfastened the dildo and went to get a wet flannel, which she put on Kelly's forehead, slowly Kelly came round, "what happened?"

"You fainted honey, it happens sometimes so don't worry. You feeling OK now?"

"I think so, a bit woozy is all, is there any milk in the fridge, I could do with a drink."

"Yes there is, I'll get you some sweetie, you go and sit yourself down and get your energy back."

Kelly drank her milk down, and a couple of minutes later was back to full strength and raring to go.

"OK Kelly, what are we going to do for Dave, he's been very patient whilst we've played around, so he needs his reward."

Kelly leaned over to Lorraine and whispered in her ear.

"Ohhh, that's very naughty, but I like it. You go and get changed and I'll sort things out in here."

Kelly left the room and Lorraine reached over and grabbed her bag, she had a quick rummage around and pulled out a piece of black cloth, which she put over my eyes, ahh a blindfold, then she gently pulled my arms indicating that I should get up.

Slowly Lorraine walked me somewhere, the floor was cold so I guessed the kitchen. "Stand there and don't move" Lorraine commanded, then I heard her walk away.

Two sets of footsteps came back then I felt a hand in my back and I was pushed forward, I could feel a pillow under my head, I put my head on one side so I could breathe. Some more whispering then I felt two hands pull my bum cheeks apart, I had a good idea what was about to happen, so I steeled myself for it, the head was cold and wet from lube, it felt softer than I expected, but much bigger. Whoever was wielding the dildo had to push hard, I tried to push back, but it was a little painful so I stayed still. At length the head was in, then it was pulled back a bit, then in a bit further, then back, then a bit further and it stuck.

I felt a hand on my head, then Lorraine's tender lips against my ear, "relax honey, you need to relax yourself then it'll slide in easy. There's a big old muscle down there than needs to open."

I relaxed as best as I could, the cock pulled back, then in, some resistance, then it was through, I felt a wave of pleasure and my cock pulsed, it actually got harder. I heard Lorraine move, and some drawers open and close, I could hear her mutter "I saw one early, where was it? Ahh here it is, a sewing kit"

WTF! Why did she want a sewing kit?

I felt her next to me, then I heard chairs scraping and felt her against my legs, I could hear rustling then something touched along my cock, an intake of breath, then something wrapped round the base of my cock, then the head.

"Wow, that's definitely the biggest I've seen."

"Ahhhh, Lorraine, if you're staying down there you'd better get ready, I'm going to explode"

Chairs scraped again, then footsteps away and back, then noises under the table.

I grunted hard and felt my cock let loose in a big way, four huge, almost painful pulses, then five smaller ones, as Kelly pulled the strap-on all the way out I shot out three more big pulses.

Kelly walked round and kissed me hard as she pulled the blindfold off, Lorraine crawled out from under the table and went into the lounge, coming back with the handcuff key to release me.

As I massaged some feeling back into my wrists Kelly said, "So now you know what it's like to be bummed, was it fun?"

"Well it's not something I'd like to do every day, and at first it hurt like hell, but on the whole it was very pleasurable, but please warn me next time, and less of the manacles and blindfold."

Lorraine picked up the measuring jug she's used to catch my spunk, 45ml, that's 9 teaspoons, almost a double spirit measure. "Have you ever measured yourself Dave? Be honest."

"Yeah, ages ago. I'm probably 7— inches"

"Well I just measured you at 8¼ long, 7— around the base and 7¾ around the fattest part of the head. Dave, you have a monster in your pants, and by the look of things it's not ready for sleep yet, come with me and I'll tire it out for you."

We retired to the bedroom, Lorraine laid me down carefully and made sure I was comfortable, plumping up the pillows under my head, she asked Kelly to get me some scotch from the kitchen and I was duly presented with what looked like a triple measure, I swallowed it back in two gulps and it quickly hit the spot. I felt kind of hollow, Lorraine had told me that this would pass, it's a side effect of have something forced into a passage that's only meant as an exit, the scotch was doing its job admirably.

For the last few days I'd been pondering the differences between Jane, my ex-girlfriend, and these two lovely girls. I'd been with Jane for three years, we didn't live together, but regularly slept at each other's houses. Jane was my age, so a shade over twice Kelly's age. She was still beautiful, and she had a figure similar to Kelly, big boobs and bum, and trim elsewhere. Like I say, we'd been together three years, and she could comfortably accommodate my size, but sex just seemed like a job for her. She'd climb on, pump away and then once I'd come she'd climb off again, wipe up the mess then carry on reading her book. It's such a joy to be with girls who enjoy sex, as much or even more than me, who want to reach orgasm themselves, before ensuring that I'm satisfied myself. Thinking about it, Jane was probably not that interested in sex, she just made sure I was happy, and that was all.

Kelly and Lorraine, who'd left the room briefly, returned. Kelly had the very sexy red set on and Lorraine was naked. They both looked magnificent, and my cock, which had been starting to wilt at last sprung back to attention. Kelly climbed on the bed and lay down next to me, snuggled up and pulled my head towards hers and kissed me hungrily, she lifted her right leg on top of mine and slowly ground her pubic bone against my leg, she was still horny.

Lorraine climbed aboard and knelt beside me, leaning over she played her tongue over my nipples, giving an occasional soft nip with her teeth, next she moved south, licking her lips she took my cock in her mouth. Her hot breath and strong tongue worked their magic, despite the massive orgasm I'd just experienced less than 15 minutes previously I was almost ready to cum again. Lorraine could feel the base of my cock pulsing under her fingers, but she obviously wasn't ready to end the game so soon, so she pulled away. Lorraine moved round the bed and tapped Kelly's thigh, she lifted the leg and Lorraine gently removed Kelly's knickers, placing them carefully on the floor (they were too nice to be treated roughly).

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