John and Sissily

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2013 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: It began as a casual meeting with an employee in church, and then there was a rescue. Casual beginning, maybe but John and Sissily blossomed into a lovely romance.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

In Church

John arrived on time. He was that way! Being on time was a life point of view for him. He felt it was polite and that was important.

(He had a friend once who told him that 'punctuality was the politeness of princes', and he liked that. He made it a point to be punctual!)

But in this case, he liked to have a few moments with his random thoughts before the service began. He'd been a member of this Episcopal Church even since he moved to town about 15 years earlier. He was comfortable here; he liked the music, the organist was very good and he also enjoyed the preaching of the senior pastor, Father Ed Raines. Going to church at St James Episcopal was a part of his routine and he always tried to keep to his routines. They kept his life in balance.

But as he approached the pew where he invariably sat, there was only one space left in the row. Of course, he was flexible enough to not let that bother him very much. There was, after all, room there for him at the end of the pew.

Sitting in the pew also already was a young 'Afto-American' woman and a little girl. The little girl was pretty, and, he noticed, quite well behaved. John's in-board computer assessed that the girl must be about 7 or 8 years old. She had pig tails, and, when he sat down, she gave him a 24 carat smile. He smiled back at her.

He also noticed, and pushed this thought away fairly quickly, that her Mother -- he supposed that it was her mother -- was absolutely lovely. He had a kind of feeling in the back of his mind also that he knew the woman, or at least should know her. There was something about her that was familiar, kind of.

His thoughts, just then before sitting down, were that she had lovely coffee colored skin, between a rich cream latte color and a slightly darker color. He couldn't see the rest of her just then and simply pushed the thoughts from his mind. But he did take time to smile broadly at the little girl.

He took some quiet time with his own thoughts, but his mind strayed to his new 'pew-mates' now and then. He was happy, when the first hymn began. It helped to straighten out his thoughts.

When he began to sing, the little girl turned to look up at him, they were standing, and she just broke into a big grin. He returned it!

When the hymn was over and the first part of the service, they sat for the reading of the lessons. The little girl leaned over toward him and said: "You have a lovely voice!"

"Thank you!" he replied.

At that point the mother nodded to him, and he acknowledged it, noting, in the back of his mind, that she looked really good from where he was sitting. He was more sure of it then also, that he knew her. In the back of his mind, he was thinking that she worked for him. He knew that he wouldn't have forgotten someone as lovely as that.

His inner voice then chimed in: "Alden! You're in church here!" It made him back his thoughts off.

The next small step forward for John Alden came during that part of the service reserved for 'sharing the peace'. The little girl, after hugging her mother, turned to John and wrapped her arms around him!

('She was apparently a hugger!' he thought and realized that he liked that, and wondered if her Momma was also. But from the lovely woman it was just a hand shake and a greeting, only partially meeting his eye.)

(The thing that John Alden didn't know was that, while he thought he knew her and was struggling with that thought, Sissily Benton already knew who he was, though she thought that he didn't recognize her -- nor did he then, not quite! He was John Alden the owner and boss of Alden Electronics, where she had just begun to work. Sissily thought that he was very good looking but suppressed those thoughts, though her Amanda seemed to be taken with him right from the start.)

The service continued and, once it was over, John did introduce himself, and found out that she was Sissily Benton and the little beauty was Amanda, her daughter. That confirmed for him his impression that she indeed worked for him at the company. They exchanged pleasantries, and then John found himself uncharacteristically tongue tied and with a wish for a 'nice day' began to find his way out of the church, greeting friends here and there and speaking briefly with Father Ed on the way out.


John took his normal way home, where for him it would be a late brunch on his patio with Karl, his Labrador retriever. It was a Sunday item that was among his favorites, though now and then he'd treat himself out to the local Bob Evans for his brunch.

As he was driving along the traffic-way leading to his part of the city, he noticed a car by the side of the road. He could tell, as he approached, that the car had had some trouble, hood up and all. The thing that startled him was that he saw little Amanda Benton standing by the side of the road, back off a bit, looking at her Momma, who looked positively upset at that point.

He pulled over to the side of the road, and went to them.

"It just died!" Sissily said.

"Hmmm," was his response.

"Oh, help us!" Amanda said, and then: "You were with us in church! I know you!"

"Yes," he said, and Sissily said: "Wasn't it John Alden!"

"Yes," he answered, "Like the pilgrim!"

"Momma?" Amanda said, not understanding.

"Tell you later, love," Sissily said, "It's from a story called 'the Courtship of Miles Standish'."

"Impressive!" John said.

"Used to teach!" Sissily answered, smiling.

"Must have been good at it!" he said, "But let's get your situation taken care of."

He made a phone call to his 'man about everything, Lance' and asked him to get someone to rescue Sissily's car.

When he hung up, he said: "Lance will be right here and will take care of this. I told him where it is and all. It'll be fine."

Lance was indeed there within fifteen minutes with a mechanic friend, who said that it would have to be towed and worked on. Sissily was upset.

John turned to her and said: "Now don't get upset about this; we have it well in hand; it's taken care of. There's a favorite Bob Evans right here. Why don't we all go to brunch?"

"Oh..." Sissily began and faltered but Amanda piped up with: "Momma says that we don't have enough money just now for those kinds of things."

"Amanda!" Sissily said with some exasperation, which led Amanda to a: "Sorry, Momma!"

John just smiled and said: "The brunch is on me, and then we'll take care of your car problem, unless you'd rather not."

Sissily smiled and said: "Mr Alden, that would be very nice! We appreciate it!"

"Good for us!" was his response and, after talking briefly with Lance, he led Sissily and Amanda to his light blue Jaguar -- one of his small ways of treating or spoiling himself -- and they were off.

The brunch was a treat. They got to know each other better, though it was once again Amanda who supplied the information that they'd moved to the city from Mississippi, after Sissily's husband left her for another woman, and they'd divorced.

At that particular time, Amanda went off to the ladies.

"Sorry that she's unloading all our troubles on you," Sissily said. "Her father wanted, wants nothing to do with her -- or me for that matter." She gave a rueful chuckle with that.

"Neither brains, nor taste!" John said and Sissily blushed and said a 'thank you.'

"You know, you do look a little familiar!" John answered.

Sissily smiled at him then and said: "I work at Alden Electronics!"

He laughed and said: "That's it! I suspected that in the back of my mind. I work there too!" They both laughed at that.

Sissily was pleased with how genuine John Alden seemed to be to her. By then Amanda was back and their brunch went on.

When they were almost finished, John said: "Here's what we're going to do. I will drive home to my place and then I'm going to give you the Jag to use. Your car will take some fixing, and I don't want you to be stranded in the city."

Sissily got tears in her eyes just then, and Amanda, realizing it said: "Momma?"

"It's okay, love," Sissily said, "He's just being so nice to us!"

Amanda turned to John, who was smiling, and just listening to the two of them interact and said: "John Alden, I like you!"

He grinned at her and leaned over to kiss her cheek.

"Are we ready for the next part of our adventure?" he asked.

"Yes," Sissily said, "And thank you for the brunch."

Amanda walked ahead of them and Sissily said softly: "We're not destitute, just getting settled is all, and I've only begun to work at Alden and haven't had my first paycheck yet."

"Watch out for those bandits!" John said grinning and Sissily giggled behind her hand.

"You're so pretty!" John said, and then added: "Excuse me for being inappropriate here!"

"Being told that a woman is pretty is never inappropriate!" she said and touched his arm.

John drove them to his house, a large house in a country setting. When they got there, his first statement was: "I have to get Karl; he'll be disconsolate if he doesn't meet you!"

"Karl?" Sissily said but by then John was at the door and a wiggly lab came bounding out of the house, first to John but then to Sissily and Amanda, who fell in love with the dog almost automatically.

John took the time, while Karl and Amanda were in the process of becoming best of friends, to talk to Sissily about his plan:

"I want you to take the Jag," he said, "It'll be fine. We can talk about your car, once we have more information from Lance and his friend. But in the meantime, you need transportation."

"But your car!" she protested mildly.

"In good hands!" he said, "And I have other cars in the garage. I'll be using one of those."

"Oh," Sissily almost moaned, "This is so nice of you!"

"It's fine," he said, "Do you want to come in or would you rather get on home yourself?"

She smiled at him and, looking over at where Amanda and Karl were playing together, said: "I'm afraid that we really need to get home, if you don't mind, and I want to really thank you for the loan of the car. It's a very nice thing for you to do!"

"I'm happy to do it. It let's me take care of the family of one of Karl's best friends!" he ended that with a smile and Sissily joined him in the smile right away.

"Honey," Sissily said, "We have to get home now."

"We're taking John ... um, Mr Alden's car?" Amanda asked.

"Yes," Sissily said, "For now. It'll help us out and Mr Alden is being very nice about this."


The next little step in our drama came the following morning. John was at his office at his usually early hour. His assistant, Viola, came in a little after John himself was there.

"Vi," he said, asking her into his office, "Tell me about our employee Sissily Benton."

"Ah," Vi answered, "She's a good one. She had credentials in accounting, and also some PR work in her resume. We're lucky with her."

She got a suspicious look on her face then and said: "What are you up to?"

He grinned and she insisted: "Tell me!"

He explained to her what had happened the day before: his meeting them in church and then coming across them with car trouble and loaning them his car.

"That's why I thought that I saw your new car in the employee lot!" Vi said.

He nodded his head.

"Okay, what do you want me to do?" Vi asked then.

He told her what he wanted and she shook her head 'yes' and said she'd take care of it right away.

"Thank you, Vi!" he said, "I appreciate it."

"You just watch your step, buster, with that pretty young lady! You'll get in over your head!" she warned with a grin on her face.

He held up a hand and said: "I promise. I'm just trying to be nice here!"

"I know that you're nice," she answered, "But I know you can be sneaky!"

They both laughed at this, as she went off out of the office to do what he wanted. It was only a bit later that she called in over the intercom: "Boss, it's done the way that you wanted."

"Thanks, Vi," he said, "Can you get in touch with Sissily and ask her to come to my office?"

"Will do!" Vi said.

When Sissily appeared at Vi's office, which led to John's, she said: "He's in now, Sissily, please go in."

Sissily looked a bit concerned, and Vi said: "No, the lion isn't roaring this morning; he's still pretty tame. Don't worry!"

It made Sissily put her hand over her mouth and giggle.

"Ah, Miss Benton," he said.

(He was aware of feeling a bit awkward, where this woman was concerned. Vi's words kind of rolled around in his head, making him a bit nervous.)

"Sissily, please," she said. "We're sharing a car, remember?"

He laughed, and felt more at ease, his initial discomfort fading.

"Yes," he said, "Sharing a car. Um ... that's what I want to talk to you about. Please sit down."

Sissily did and was wondering what he might have in mind.

"I've taken the liberty," he said, "of contacting my insurance people and have made sure that you're covered for driving the Jag. I also have made a contact with Henry Mason at Mason's garage, where our fleet cars get serviced and get most of their gas; they know that you'll be getting gas there for the Jag. It'll just go on the company's bill there."

Sissily was once again shocked by this lovely man, and how nice he was being. She had tears in the corner of her eyes, when he explained this.

"I don't know how to say 'thank you' adequately!" she said.

"Sure you do," he answered, "You're doing it now! And besides, it's not really my idea at all!"

"Not your idea... ?" she asked faintly.

"No," he said next, "It was Karl's idea! He's apparently really taken by that lovely little girl of yours!"

She broke into a grin then and said: "Then Karl will get a kiss from me at the next opportunity!"

"Rats!" he said, "It was really my idea! Not Karl's at all!"

"Too late!" Sissily said, "Karl gets the kiss!"

"Rats!" he said.

"You already said that!" she reminded him.

"So I did!" he said, sighing, and they both laughed.

"There is one other thing that I have in mind," he said next. She was paying close attention to what he was saying. She was wondering what else this lovely man might have in mind.

(Of course, she had immediate thoughts about that but pushed them away quickly and went back to paying attention.)

"We're in the process of putting together a new kind of administrative team here for us at Alden Electronics," he began to explain. "I've ... Vi and I actually, have looked over your resume and we both agree that having you as a part of that administrative team seems like a good idea."

"Ohhhhh," she exclaimed, "How nice! Now you do get the kiss!"

She stopped herself then and went into an apology!

"Don't you do that!" He said, "After my rights, stolen by that rascal Karl, have finally been restored!" He was grinning at her, when he finished.

"Yes," she said, grinning back, "Your rights!"

"Don't tell Karl," he said, "He'll be disconsolate!"

"I intend to plant a big kiss on Karl's snozz as soon as I can!" she said.

"But..." he floundered.

"You'll get your kiss too, pal!" she said, putting her hand over her mouth, when she realized what she'd called him.

"Okay," he said, ringing for Vi, "Back to work!"

"What is he doing to you?" Vi wanted to know, when she entered the office.

John held up his hands and said: "I've been on my best behavior! It's Karl that's making out like a bandit!" They all laughed.

"Vi," he said then, "I've been telling Sissily about our management restructure and her place in that design. Will you walk her though that for me?"

"Yes, boss!" Vi said, smiling and winking at Sissily.

Vi left the office then, and Sissily stood up.

"One more thing!" John said. "Your Pontiac, it's a dead duck, I'm afraid."

"Oh, I was afraid of that!" Sissily said.

"Well, for the time being, we'll just leave things as they are with the Jag," John said to her.

"That kiss is coming!" Sissily said, "Forgive me for being bold!"

"I won't tell Karl or Vi!" he said, giving her a conspirator's grin. "Vi will fill you in on the salary details etc."

"Thank you, um ... John!" she said softly, and before they parted, she got up on her tip toes and planted a quick but very, very nice kiss on his lips.

"Ohhhhh!" he said, despite the kind of back and forth that had occurred just a moment before, totally surprised by her.


Sissily was beside herself surprised with the kind of salary package that she was being offered as part of the company's new management team. Vi told her those details as well as the design for the new management approach to the business. They talked about it and Sissily said that she was totally pleased with the development.

"It's going to work well for us," Vi said, "It'll be a kind of birthday present for his Majesty the Boss," she said.

"Birthday?" Sissily asked.

"Yes, it's this coming Saturday," she said. "He aimed at getting the new team in place by his birthday, and you're the last piece, so to speak, to fall into place for us."

"It's so exciting!" Sissily said.

It was the following Saturday morning, late morning. The doorbell rang and Karl went pelting toward the door barking. John followed him and was surprised to find both Sissily and Amanda standing there. Amanda had a large pizza box in her hand and Sissily had a very delicious looking birthday cake in her hands. They immediately broke into a chorus of 'Happy Birthday to you', as John looked on and smiled and Karl capered around.

When the singing was finished, John said: "Thank you so much! Please come in!"

"I'll take the pizza to the kitchen," Amanda said.

As soon as she was gone, Sissily screwed up her courage and spoke up: "Um, Mr Alden, Amanda was pretty insistent about doing this. I'm afraid that I'm about to make a colossal fool of myself. If that's so, please tell me; I won't mind at all. I think that you're too kind to allow me to do that to myself. I mean if it is too inappropriate for us to come here like this, for me to come here like this, please tell me, I simply won't mind at all, and I promise that I won't bother you but I'd need to know that." She had a very earnest look on her face, as she said it.

John looked at her for a moment, and then gave his answer: he leaned down, took her by the shoulders and kissed her. It was a soft beginning that blossomed quickly, with Sissily throwing her arms around his neck and moving into the kiss. They were both aware, right then, of the feeling of their bodies pressing against one another, and it was an exciting touch for each of them.

John stroked her smiling face and grinned at her himself saying: "You coming around is such a treat for me and for my pal Karl. There is simply nothing that I can think of that is inappropriate about it. My thoughts, my constant thoughts lately have been about whether it would be as inappropriate for me to show my 'interest' in a lovely, no, beautiful Afro-American woman like yourself."

She giggled then and said: "You may call me black!"

"Black!" he said, nodding his head.

"I'll be your black girl!" she said, and sought another kiss from him.

That's when Amanda walked in on them.

"Momma!" she said, "Mr Alden!"

The two of them looked at her and smiled broad smiles. John took one of his arms from around Sissily and held it out for Amanda, who moved into the embrace immediately.

"Thank you for coming around for my birthday," John said, with Karl now hoping around and trying to get his part of their attention, causing a general laugh.

She smiled at him and simply held on to him and to Amanda both.

"How nice!" Sissily said, her head against his shoulder now.

"Nice ... lovely beginning!" he said.

"Yes, a beginning!" she replied. "How nice!"

"Momma has a boyfriend!" Amanda said softly and the two adults both nodded and laughed. Then she added: "Momma, hungry!"

"Aha," John said, "And we just happen to have pizza and cake! So, let's go."

They went to eat in the kitchen, where there was a table set up in an alcove that had floor to ceiling windows that looked out onto the back of the property. They settled themselves there and Sissily served the pizza.

The party was a happy event for the three of them, actually for the four of them, since they made sure that Karl got some cake also. Toward the end of the pizza and cake, Sissily asked where the bathroom was. John mentioned that there were three and a half and said that the closest might be down the hall, where across from his library was the master. Sissily smiled, took her purse and went that way.

It was a little later that Sissily said: "Well, someone that I know is getting tired and I think that we'll be on our way, our Jag is waiting!" She grinned at him, when she said this.

He saw them to the door and walked them out to the car. Amanda went on ahead and got herself established in the front seat of the car, while John and Sissily were still on the porch.

They hugged.

"This has been so grand!" he said. "May I pick you up for church tomorrow?"

"Oh, yes," Sissily said, "That'll be nice."

Then they kissed. "Happy birthday, my special man!" Sissily said.

"You certainly make me feel that way!" was John's reply, kissing her again.

When the kiss was finished, Sissily whispered into John's ear: "Special birthday gifts are on your bed. I was sneaky!"

He grinned: "I think that I like you sneaky! As a matter of fact, I think that I like you any way at all!"

She returned his grin, kissed him and then went to the car.

He waved them off and said to Karl, who was attending: "Come on, Karl! Let's see what this birthday gift is."

He went into his bedroom and saw them immediately. There, on the bed, resting on one of the pillows was a pair of red, bikini panties. They were nylon and lovely. There was a sign on them.

"Wore these tonight! They are fragrant of me!"

John chuckled: "Woman knows how to treat a man!" He took the panties and put them to his nose, taking in her aroma.

"Hmm, wow!" he said to himself.

Then he bent over to pick up the other part of the gift. It was three photos. In the first, glossy photo Sissily was standing and smiling at the camera, wearing only a pair of red panties, the ones he had in his hand, and a bra.

"Oh, my!" he said.

He picked up the next photo and stared. This one was of Sissily totally naked and standing with her hands on her hips, staring back at him.

"Beautiful!" he said, "Just look at this woman!"

He admired the loveliness of her rather large breasts and the darker colored nipples, the plane of her stomach that swept down, flawlessly to a thick, curly, black pubic triangle.

"Oh dear!" he said involuntarily. "This will make me cum!"

Then the third picture fairly floored him; the accumulated impressions was almost overwhelming at that point. In the third, Sissily had her back turned and was bending from the waist, showing her naked butt cheeks.

He held it up and said: "Karl, look at the ass on this woman!"

Karl barked.

"I agree!" John said, grinning at his companion.

John tried to do a little work that evening, though it was getting late but failed totally in the effort. He finally gave up and showered and put on a pair of pj bottoms and headed for bed.

Almost as if she knew the timing, his computer chimed, as he was sitting on the bed. It was an invitation to a 'face time' chat. He went to the computer and it said that the invitation came from Sissily Benton. He accepted.

When her picture came onto the screen, he saw her sitting in her computer chair, wearing a white tee shirt. He noticed right away the sway and movement of her breasts beneath the tee shirt.

"Hi, beautiful!" he said. "Thank you for the gifts!" As he said this, he held up her red panties, making her giggle.

"I'm going to use them tonight!" he said.

"Oh are you, big guy?" she asked.

"Yes!" he said.

"Tell me!" was her reply.

"Gonna jerk off into them!" he said, in a voice that showed that he was very pleased with himself.

"We sound pleased!" she said.

"We are pleased!" he replied, and then added: "I am so terribly and truthfully pleased with you, Sissily Benton! It's like you have inside information about my soul and have taken up residency there."

"What a nice thing to say!" she said.

She grinned at him and said: "Now I want to show you something."

She got up and he ogled her as she walked across the room wearing the tee shirt and a pair of white, nylon bikini panties. She came back grinning at him and was carrying a wash cloth.

"What?" he said.

"Watch!" was her answer.

She used the wash cloth first on her breasts, rendering the tee shirt material transparent quickly.

"Ohhhh, damn!" he said sitting and staring.

"Now, now," she chided, "No playing with yourself until I say you can."

"Bossy!" he said.

"This time 'yes'," she admitted, "Though not every time; I can obey orders too; I'll show you sometime!"

"Can't wait for that!" he said, and she grinned.

She'd gone on then and used the wash cloth on the front panel of her white, nylon panties, with the same effect, showing him her pubic thatch.

"Gorgeous!" he said.

She put the wash cloth down then and modeled herself for him.

"Do you like?" she asked. "Does John like his black girlfriend?"

"Black beauty is more like it," he declared. "John Alden loves his black girlfriend!"

"Exactly the best thing to say," she said, "For that you get a treat."

While he watched, she took off her tee shirt and then pushed her panties down and off. She turned around in a circle for him and modeled herself for his pleasure.

"Oh damn, damn!" he said. "You are blindingly gorgeous! What a lovely birthday treat this is!"

"John," she asked, a bit more serious now, "Is it okay that I'm not shaved? Do you prefer me hairy or bald?"

"Hairy!" he said. "It adds to the mystery, making me want to seek among the pubic hairs the glory of you. Makes me want to get my tongue and lips in there among the hairs, maybe get some hairs in my teeth."

Sissily giggled, while he was saying that.

"John," she said, "I want you to jerk off now for me! I want to watch, and I promise that next time, I'll be there to catch your stuff with my hand or my mouth or both!"

"Can barely hold back," he said, "You have me so riled up."

He pushed his desk chair back and stood up, pushing his pj bottoms down and off.

"Oh, look at my Johnnie!" she cooed, once she saw the length and girth of the erection that he was sporting, that was snuggled up against his stomach. "Looks so tasty! That's what I think."

He turned around for her, as she had for him.

"John," she said, "You're just spectacular! A spectacularly naked man! Are you going to?"

"Yes," he said, "The boss wants me to jerk off and I'll do as I'm told!"

"Boss this time!" she said, "Maybe not next time at all!"

"Oh, that'll be fun!" he said, settling down into the desk chair again, with the computer angled now so that she could see what he was doing.

"Won't last long!" he said, "You've got me so riled up here!"

"Goodie for me!" was her reply to that, and she grinned at him, as he began, her panties in hand, to play with himself.

He soon enough threw his head back and closed his eyes, as he began to cum into the panties in his hand.

"Think of me!" she said urgently, playing with herself at the same time.

"Yes," he croaked, as he unloaded into the panties, and opened his eyes in time to see her orgasm, imaged on the computer screen.

"I bet this is a lot more fun in person," he said.

"I bet it is," she agreed. "We need to try it that way next time."

She gave him a big smile then and said: "Happy birthday, John!"

"Thank you, Sissily love!" he replied.

Then she yawned.

"Oh, sorry!" she said.

"Looked and sounded sexy to me!" was his reply and she grinned at him.

"Good night, my love!" she said, "I hope you don't mind me calling you that."

"Exactly the right thing to say," he said. "Good night beautiful Sissily, my love."

"Oh, John," she said softly, just before they logged off. "It feels at times like I've been out hunting. I hope it's not really crass for you."

"It feels exactly right!" he said, "And if you weren't hunting me, I certainly was hunting you!"

"How nice!" she said, and with another 'goodnight' they shut down the computers.

"How grand was that?" he said to Karl, who was there with him.


He went to their apartment building the next morning, in plenty of time to get to church. In addition to his Jag, his whim, he had a silver Mercedes, which he drove that morning to pick them up.

They were ready for him, when he got there. The morning at church was ideal for the three of them. One of the things that John noticed, and simply packed away in his mind, was the way so many people greeted Sissily and Amanda. It gave him the distinct impression that Sissily had not joined the congregation only to be in contact with him, though that wasn't, as far as he was concerned, the worst possible motive. He was happy, overjoyed to be there with the two of them. Amanda sat in the middle and beamed at John, when he sang.

John was taken by the beauty of all of it: being there with people that he loved -- and at that moment, he no longer wished to deny that kind of feeling -- the friendliness of the people, especially upon seeing the three of them together, the beauty of the service itself -- John was an all-out fan of 'high church' liturgy and at St. James, he thought that they did it exceedingly well. It was being a totally positive experience for them.

Father Ed, as they greeted him on the way out of the church, made a happy comment about how lovely the three of them looked together.

"Thank you, Father," John said, "My women are beautiful."

Sissily smiled and kissed his cheek, as they walked out of the church.

"Lunch on the old man?" he asked. They agreed readily and the three of them went to lunch.

Over lunch John mentioned that they needed maybe to use the pool that he had at his house. It was, he told them, partly inside and partly outside. They made plans on a picnic at the pool, which was out behind his house and had its own pool screen house, for later in the afternoon.

It was about then that John's phone rang. He answered and spoke only briefly. Then he turned to Sissily and said, ruefully:

"Honey, there's an emergency problem at our works in Hong Kong; I simply have to go."

"Ohhh," she said.

By then, they were at John's house.

"Do you need me to take you to the airport?" she asked.

"Yes, would you?" he said, "It would be a great help."

"I'll call for your reservation," she said, "First class?"

"Yes," he said, "It had better be, and you can take the Benz, since your car is at your place."

She giggled then and said: "You'll run out of cars at this rate!"

He looked at her and answered: "Not as long as I have you and you have our cars!"

"Yes," she said, "Our cars!"

She made his arrangements, using the company credit card that he gave her and he was all set for his flight.

Sissily told Amanda to stay there and play with Karl, while she went to help John.

"Karl?" she asked.

"Oh, let me think!" he said. "Would you two stay here until I get back? It'll only be about three days, I promise."

"We'll keep the home fires burning for you, big guy!" she said, and that was settled.

He was about to close his suitcase, when she said: "Wait a minute!"

He stopped and turned to her, simply staring at her, since she was in the process, right then, of taking her slacks off. Once her slacks were off, she plastered herself against him for a kiss.

"Don't want you to forget what's waiting for you at home! Don't forget me, Johnnie!" she said, between kisses.

"Never!" he said, kissing her back.

Then she reached down and took her pink bikinis off and, smiling, put them into his suitcase.

"Goodie for me!" he said.

"Don't play with our friend too much," she said, "I want you randy by the time you get home!"

"I promise!" he said, "Not too much!"

"Right," she countered, "I didn't say 'not at all, ' and I'll try to catch you on 'face time'. I'll watch the time sequences."

"You are such a love!" he said to her, hauling her into his arms again. "And I'm going to miss you terribly."

"I know you'll be busy," she replied "But I want you to have a good time also." Then with a look of decision on her face: "I'm going to write some porn for you to entertain you!"

He laughed and she giggled.

"I am!" she declared, sounding sure of herself.

They took him to the airport and dropped him off; sending him off with kisses and hugs from both of 'his women'.


After they dropped John off at the airport, Sissily and Amanda stopped by their apartment to pick up a bag and stuff for the next few days. Then they went to John's house to house sit and be companions for Karl, who was really, as usual, happy to see them.

They pulled the Benz into John's garage; John had explained to Sissily where the garage door opener was on the car, and then went in.

"Oh, Momma," Amanda said, "This house is so lovely!"

"Yes, it really is," Sissily admitted, "And it's all ours for a few days now!"

"Whoopee!" Amanda said happily, as they went about settling in.

One of the things that they did right away was take a tour of the house, since they didn't have a real chance to do that before. Now they wandered about and became familiar with the layout and the different rooms that were available. In the process, Amanda even claimed one that she thought should be 'hers'. It was off by itself, among the guest rooms and had a private bathroom.

"Well," Sissily said, "You have a choice here. You can, since it's a new place and all, sleep with me tonight. I'm going to sleep in John's big bedroom. Or you can have your own room here with Karl."

Amanda giggled and said: "What nice choices! But I think, Momma, that I will be here with Karl in my own room."

"Yes, love," Sissily said, "You're own room."

They had a peaceful night that night, treating themselves to dinner out and then some TV in the family room, with Karl in attendance. Sissily oversaw Amanda's bed time, her bath, prayers and all. Amanda and Karl were soon settled down and Sissily went to prepare herself for bed.

John had a computer in an alcove in his bedroom, and Sissily, once she'd showered, sat to use it. One of the first orders of business for Sissily, once Amanda was settled, was her plan to write something for him. She thought for a few minutes and began:


Brenda R was the town librarian, liked by everyone but dated by none. She had a very romantic heart but never seemed to meet any kind of 'Mr Right'; at least not for her.

She compensated by having a rich fantasy life. She would take fantasy walks down her own romantic and erotic paths and entertain herself for long stretches of time.

The thing that Brenda didn't know was that she was the favorite, the very favorite of one of her neighbors; Josh T. Josh was at least in lust with Brenda R, if not all out in love with her. He watched her movements -- they lived next door -- and helped her out frequently, just to be near her. He liked the way that she looked; he liked the way that she smelled. He just liked Brenda R.

Josh too was given to fantasy adventures. Almost all of his fantasy adventures were wrapped around the figure and thoughts of his neighbor Brenda.

Josh kept a close eye on Brenda and noticed that at nights, when it was already dark, she would sit on the patio out back of her house and walk in her small garden a bit. A plan -- to some crazy but to Josh possible -- began to form in his mind.

When Brenda was out back at night and wandered around a bit, she was always accompanied by her fantasy thoughts and plans. In her mind her 'strong man' was going to be waiting out there and would 'take her'. The sequence of his 'taking' was fairly the same every time, and it caused her to shake, to walk her mind through the fantasy time after time. She never got tired of her fantasy meetings with 'the strong man' out in back of her house.

The house let out, in the back, to a wooded area and there was certainly privacy there. Her house and the house next door, where Josh lived, were at angles and didn't face each other. Her back yard went off at an angle away from Josh's.

It was an every night kind of vigil for Josh to watch Brenda next door wandering in the dark around her yard and over to the copse of woods.

On one occasion, Josh was completely shaken by the fact that Brenda, once she reached the woods, put her hands down inside of her running pants and, as far as he could determine, played with herself. It set Josh on fire, as he watched her, more and more convinced of what she was doing, and saw that she eventually brought herself to an orgasm.

Josh began to plan. He knew that certain things would have to happen and be taken care of and he concentrated on how he would do those things, to get Brenda under his control.

It was a late Tuesday night, and Josh was ready. He slipped out of his back door and went to the edge of Brenda's copse of trees and waited for her. He simply pushed out of his mind the danger that he was facing in trying to grab his neighbor. Josh wasn't thinking with his right mind at all.

Brenda went for her walk that night and enjoyed the night air, and the darkness all around.

"He's out there tonight!" she said to herself softly. "The 'Strong Man', my 'Strong Man' is out there waiting for me."

Josh, nearby, heard her talking and what she said. It was the first time that he realized who the figure of her fantasies was. It made him chuckle. He was dressed in black totally and had his face covered. He thought that he'd need that, until he gained access to Brenda and had her under control.

Josh was a high school wrestler and very strong; he didn't anticipate any difficulty with Brenda the Librarian.

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