Hotel Encounter with Kelly and Lorraine

by alan14

Copyright© 2013 by alan14

Sex Story: Picking up where we left off with Kelly, our hero Dave finds an excuse to visit Doncaster, where Kelly keeps her promise to introduce Lorraine into the mix

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Big Breasts   .

Picking up where we left off with Kelly, our hero Dave finds an excuse to visit Doncaster, where Kelly keeps her promise to introduce Lorraine into the mix

After I dropped Kelly off at home I drove back to the hotel, falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. It had been an exhausting couple of hours.

In the morning I packed up my stuff, Kelly's knickers were on the floor, so I kept them as a memento, no matter what was said last night, I had my doubts that we'd be enjoying each other's bodies again.

At reception Lorraine was at the desk so I enjoyed the view whilst she prepared my bill. So she's a lesbian is she, such a shame as she's fine looking, tall, slender, small breasts, long, straight blonde hair, blue eyes. Not normally my type as I like curves, but definitely attractive.

"So, did you enjoy your stay Mr Foster?"

Do I detect a knowing smile there?

"Oh yes, the room was very comfortable, and I think you've gained a regular customer, I normally stay at the Premier Inn near the town centre, but I'll be using this hotel from now on."

I looked at the bill, no "Laundry Services", very reasonable room rate as well, less than advertised actually.

"Is this correct? Seems very cheap"

"Oh yes, you've been assigned to our VIP program, not something I normally see from a first time customer, you must have impressed someone. Anyway, it's saved you 25%."

Again that knowing smile, did she suspect something?

"I must thank whoever arranged the discount, hopefully I'll get the chance when I'm back next month."

"Have a good journey home Mr Foster, and don't be a stranger"

When I got home I logged into Facebook to check on things and wasn't totally surprised to see a friend request from Kelly, do I accept? My girlfriend would see the new friend status, but I realised I wasn't really bothered, our relationship was on the slide anyway, so I accepted. Ten minutes later I heard a ping and saw a new message had arrived, from Kelly.

Hi Dave, I had a gr8 time last night, please come back soon. I promise you won't regret it xxxxxx

Hi Kelly, I had a good time to, I'll be back in a month at the latest, sooner if I can arrange things. btw thanks for the discount, not really necessary cos I wasn't paying, but it's useful for when I visit and I'm not using work's money.

That's OK, my little way to thank you for being such a nice guy. Gotta go. Byeee xxxx

Two minutes later my phone pinged, a new photo message of a pair of boobs I recognised, that's two nice reminders I've got to keep me going.

The next week was straight back to mundane work, customer calls, meetings, sales presentations. I needed to work hard to boost our region's sales as I didn't want another bollocking at the next regional meeting. I also wanted to find a way I could pop across to Doncaster on a more regular basis, and preferably have a customer pay the bill, as work wouldn't pay for too many hotel stays.

Two birds were lined up nicely for one stone when I managed to arrange a meeting with a potential customer with sites in both Cumbria, where I'm based, and Lincolnshire which is handy enough to make Doncaster appear to be a sensible overnight stop on the way there or back. If I could pull this one off it would be worth at least £5m a year in regular sales, definitely worth a promotion which would get me a Merc E-Class instead of the Ford Focus I currently drive, it's a decent enough car, but an E-Class is very flash.

So the next day I drove over to Ulverston to meet the potential customer. I love driving on the A590, such a good fast road. At 10am I arrive on site to be greeted by the client's PA, a statuesque blonde with curves in all the right places, he was a very lucky man.

Coffee was offered and accepted, a small cafetiere of Columbian coffee, china cup & saucer and chocolate hobnobs arrived in due course, closely followed by the PA and my potential customer. I was mightily impressed, this man had style and charisma. We chatted for a couple of minutes about stuff then got down to business, what he wanted, what I could offer, and the price structure available to new accounts. I asked about the plant over in Grantham, so I could see how our kit would be used, he said that was a sensible plan and diaries where checked and a site visit arranged for next Friday afternoon. I said I'd be there and we said our goodbyes, Dayna the PA showed me out, I enjoyed watching her walk me to my car.

On the drive back home I called Lorraine at the hotel and made a booking for next Friday evening, she seemed happy to hear from me and promised the same room would be ready for me.

When I got home there was a new message for me on Facebook, all it said was

Yipee, ur coming back xxx

The next few days dragged as my excitement at visiting Kelly again grew. As expected my girlfriend Jane saw the new addition to my friends list and quizzed me in depth. Luckily as we don't live together, so don't share a computer, she couldn't see the message history, and so far Kelly hadn't posted anything about us online. I passed her off as the daughter of a customer and that's working at the moment.

My boss was impressed by the customer feedback, and has promised me a Merc E-220 and a £20k bonus if I pull the deal off, followed by a major pay hike and management position if they stay with us for more than 12 months. That's some incentive to work hard on the client when we meet again.

Friday morning saw me driving down the A1 with two things on my mind, the deal and Kelly. Pulling into the factory gates though, Kelly was pushed back as I concentrated on the deal. My company card may take a hammering for any necessary sweeteners.

Dayna met my car again, her form fitting dress could turn a man blind, which would be a damn shame. I enjoyed watching her walk me to the meeting room, where they'd remembered my liking for their coffee and chocolate hobnobs.

-- The meeting went swimmingly again, I had a real rapport with the customer, and after half an hour we took a tour of the plant, it covered 4 square miles and produced some stuff for the military that I really can't go into, but our product was the best fit for the role and at the price I offered (which was still 15% above my lowest limit) he snapped my hands off and out came the posh pen to sign the contract. Dayna rewarded me with a quite unprofessional kiss on the cheek as I stepped into my car, I'm going to enjoy working with this customer. I remembered to check for lipstick, lucky because there was some on my cheek, a quick rub over with a wet wipe cleared that away and I was on my way to Doncaster.

Lorraine was on the desk when I arrived, she was wearing a very nice floral print dress and a wide smile.

"Welcome back Mr Foster, we've kept the same room for you."

"Hello again Lorraine, you look very nice this afternoon"

"Why thank, I'm finishing early this evening, Johnny the night porter is starting early to cover my shift. Kelly is taking me out for some reason, maybe she needs me to buy her drinks, they're really strict round here, too much under-aged drinking on the estates."

"Mmm, well behave yourselves. No hangovers while you're on duty tomorrow."

I went up to my room, where I saw Kelly sitting on my bed watching Pointless, as soon as I entered the room she ran over to me and kissed me hard on the lips.

"You're back, you're back. Did you see Lorraine, doesn't she look stunning?"

"Yes, and yes. What have you got planned?"

"I'm going to the pub with Lorraine in half an hour when she finishes. Mum thinks I'm staying over at Lorraine's as well, so we've got all night. Once you've smartened yourself up come and join us."

"I've got some spare expenses from today, so I think we'll have a good night. Now off you go to get changed into something sexy to flirt with Lorraine."

"What a good idea, see you later lover..."

--I decided to take a bath, I'd done a lot of driving today and I need to be fresh for tonight. After my bath I put on a good pair of jeans, a Ralph Lauren Oxford shirt and Converse trainers, my most comfortable clothes. You always feel more confident when you're dressed comfortably. I'd wisely packed some large sized condoms as I had a feeling they'd be needed tonight.

I gave the girls half an hour for flirting then set off to the pub. I went straight to the bar and ordered a pint, then pretended to be surprised when I saw Kelly & Lorraine sitting in a booth. Lorraine waved me over and I sat at the end of the table but Lorraine patted the seat between her & Kelly, so I squeezed past Lorraine and sat between them.

They both looked happy, Kelly had a revealing blouse on, and I could see Lorraine checking out her cleavage. The flirting seemed to be working.

"You both look stunning, I'm a lucky chap to be sitting between here. Anyway, what are your plans for tonight, I don't want to interfere."

"Oh, we've got no plans", replied Lorraine, "A few drinks here, then a meal somewhere, then whatever..."

"In that case, the evening is on me, I'm celebrating winning a big contract."

"Yayyy..." from Kelly

"More drinks here, or shall we go for a meal?"

Lorraine nodded, "There's a good Italian a short taxi ride away, is that OK"

"Works for me, Kelly?"

"Oh yes, Pizza, yummy."

"Drink up ladies while I order a cab."

The Italian was a proper family joint (not that kind of family), checked table cloths, Chianti bottles hanging from the ceiling, and seriously good pizzas. After the food we had grappa and espresso.

Not wanting to push things too hard in any direction I asked, "So what next, the night's young?"

Kelly leaned across the table and whispered into Lorraine's ear, Lorraine looked at me, smiled then said "Well, the beds are big enough for three, so all back to Dave's."

--I got that tingling feeling again, and went to grab a taxi.

Back at the hotel, my job to get the ice cream and chocolate again, whilst on my errand I couldn't help wondering what scene I would get back to, I had an idea, and it was pretty exciting.

My idea was roughly correct, the girls were down to their underwear and lying with their heads at the foot of the bed watching the adult channels, I think they were on the MILF channel. Both girls looked a bit flushed, like they'd been making out.

"Well it didn't take you two long to get started, what we watching then?"

"One of the Mummy's Got Boobs series I think, that's Lisa Ann. She looks fine for someone her age."

"Well budge up & let me have a look"

The girls parted a little and took a tub of ice cream each. Lorraine then jumped up and walked round the bed to Kelly's side. I watched as she moved, she was wearing a very pretty bra & knickers set, they looked good on her slim, tanned body. She had small, but full boobs, maybe a C-cup, and a lovely tight behind, almost boyish from the back. As Lorraine approach Kelly she rolled onto her back, looking up at Lorraine with adoration in her eyes.

Lorraine handed me her opened ice cream tub whilst she reached under Kelly to unfasten her bra. Once released her full breasts were as magnificent as when I last saw them, the nipples already showing signs of alertness.

As she climbed on the bed and straddled Kelly, Lorraine reached across and took the ice cream back. Using the tiny spoon she scooped up some and placed it lovingly on Kelly's left nipple, Lorraine was rewarded with a gasp, she then repeated this with the right nipple and belly button, Kelly was visibly tingling in anticipation of what was to come, and she wasn't disappointed.

Leaning down, Lorraine slowly and tenderly licked and kissed the creamy dessert from Kelly's left nipple, she then moved up and kissed her lovingly on the lips so Kelly could taste herself. Next the right nipple, and onto the navel, were Lorraine lingered a long time, her tongue (pierced I now noticed) lavished attention to Kelly's lovely belly button and tummy, then she sank down further. "I love the smell of a young girl, it's just glorious. Dave, you look very uncomfortable there, I think you'd better remove some clothes, don't you."

"Yes" gasped Kelly, "come over here when you're done"

Clothes suitably discarded I moved to Kelly's side, she was glowing from Lorraine's attentions, a sheen of sweat glimmered in the lights above the dresser. She reached out for my cock and pulled me closer, with her head off the end of the bed she took my head into her mouth. At this angle she could take a little more of me than before, and she began to work her magic.

Suddenly Kelly jerked and bit me slightly, she pulled away from me and apologised between gasps. Lorraine had removed her panties and had just hit Kelly's clit with her tongue stud. Within seconds she was coming in waves which just continued to build as Lorraine pushed two fingers in her vagina whilst she continued on her clit. Soon she was begging for mercy and Lorraine stopped, climbing up her body she lifted up Kelly's head and started to kiss her with almost violent passion.

I was a spare part at the moment, so I climbed on the bed at put my hands on Lorraine's pert behind, she didn't seem to mind, so I pulled her panties down and parted her cheeks. She had luscious pussy lips that looked to be clean shaven from what I could see, she also had a cute little bum-hole, I couldn't resist a little lick, again Lorraine didn't mind, in fact she pushed back a little so my tongue penetrated her anus a little.

Mmm, interesting, maybe not just a lesbian then, I wondered. I moved my right hand down and cupped her pussy, soon finding the nub of her clit and gave it a little flick. The sounds I heard were very encouraging. I popped my finger in her pussy to lubricate it a little, then I moved back to her clit. I wet my thumb a little and pressed it against her bum-hole, just applying pressure on & off. Lorraine actually growled, "Don't just tease me, push it in you bastard..."

So I did, and Lorraine gasped loudly and ground her groin rhythmically against my hand, doing all the work. I leaned forward a bit and my cock pressed against Kelly's pussy, she must have still been ultra-sensitive down there as she almost came at the touch. Lorraine reach down and moved my cock head against Kelly's pussy lips and I slipped in easily, that did the trick, Kelly orgasmed as soon as I entered, then I remembered my condoms were in my trouser pocket so I made to pull out.

"It's OK, I'm on the pill now" Kelly whispered.

"So am I" panted Lorraine

"You're on the pill?" asked Kelly in surprise, "I thought you were a lesbian"

"I'm mostly lesbian, but the right guy can turn my head every now and again, and I think we've found him. That's right Dave, push the thumb harder. Yes, yes, yessssss"

Lorraine lifted herself away from Kelly and turned around and planted a kiss on my lips, she pushed her tongue inside my mouth, I could feel the stud, it was hard against my tongue. After a while she pulled away and said "how'd you like to feel what that stud can do to your cock Dave?"

I just nodded, so she pushed me over and buried her head in my crotch, first licking Kelly's juices of the head, then amazingly she took the whole head in her mouth with even trying, this is a girl who really knows what she's doing. The stud did amazing stuff to my head and shaft has her tongue darted here & there. Then I felt her finger push against my bum, and in it popped, with her mouth full Lorraine mumbled "just returning the favour". What with the stud doing its work on my head and shaft, and the finger doing its work on my prostrate I couldn't hold on any longer. Lorraine could feel the pressure building up and actually took more of my cock in her mouth, the tip of the head must have been down her throat.

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