He Said No!

by Laptopwriter

Copyright© 2013 by Laptopwriter

Fiction Story: After reading an article in a women's magazine she was on a mission and would not be deterred. This is a short flash story; I hope you enjoy it. BTW, don't let the tags fool you.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Cuckold   Humiliation  

Terry could hardly contain her glee; it had taken months of scheming and maneuvering. She had plotted, connived, and conspired; She had twisted the facts and stretched the bounds of her honesty to the max. There had been arguments, some turning into major fights, but with each one she sensed a small piece of his resolve being chipped away.

At times she saw anger in his eyes, other times it was hurt and pain, but she was prepared for that; it was a necessary part of a new chapter in their marriage. In the end it would work out for the best and they would both be happier for it.

She'd done what millions of other wives' had before her and manipulated him using the pleasures of her body as a weapon; refusing his love making or any carnal pleasures for long periods of time and only relinquishing in the face of a small concession on his part. She was wearing him down.

It was an uphill struggle with calculated risks along the way, it wasn't easy but finally she was there, sitting across from her soon-to-be lover while having a romantic dinner for two; the setting was intimate, the restaurant cozy; oh how she waited for this moment, the night would be magic, and she owed it all to an article she read in a women's magazine.

For years she felt her marriage was lacking something; not that she didn't love her husband or that he didn't love her, they both loved one another very much, but that article had her panties wet before she finished it.

Yes, it was exactly what she needed; but who, and how; how could she get her loving husband to agree to something so contrary to his own personality?

The who came to her like a flash of lightening when Carter became a new employee where she worked. He was tall, six-two at least, with a big pompadour of black hair like Elvis; he was younger than she, by seven or eight years at least; and she could tell the minute she saw him watching her that he was interested.

When they first had lunch together she discovered he was cocky and brash; perfect for what she wanted. She confided in him and included him as a co-conspirator in her devious plan; it brought a gleam to his eye.

Now the how; it was going to take time, she'd have to be careful; she didn't want to jeopardize what she had; after all, she did love him.

She became an insatiable reader on the subject. She read books, articles, blogs, and short stories. When she felt she was ready she started to implement her diabolical stratagem. She started by leaving an article for him to see, but when he didn't bother to read it, she cautiously brought it to his attention saying one of her co-workers used the method to spice up her marriage. When she suggested it might be fun to try themselves he hit the roof telling her he would never agree to it and if she persisted in her quest it would cause the end of their marriage; but that was months ago and she reveled in her cleverness; she had tamed him, and now she would see her plan through to fruition.

"So, is he going to watch us?" Carter asked.

"I doubt it, at least not at first. He'll probably go to the spare bedroom but he'll be able to hear us so make sure you're vocal, it'll add to his humiliation," she said being so proud of herself.

"Do I call him cucky and cuckold?"

"Oh absolutely," she replied with a chuckle.

"And you're sure he's not going to get violent?"

"No, he's not very happy but he won't throw any punches or anything like that; I know him."

"Do you have him locked in one of those ... what do you call them?"

"Chastity devises? No, not yet, but that's next on the agenda." She couldn't help but grin at the thought of being able to control his orgasms; that's real power she deliberated.

"I can't believe it; when you told me what you were going to do I never thought you'd get away with it, but I have to give you credit, you pulled it off."

She basked in her future lover's praise; after all, it was nothing she hadn't told herself.

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