Library Lark

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2013 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Sex in a sunlit church parking lot with the local librarian. Spouses share the details and maybe more.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

[Replaced with corrected version. Full lines in ITALICS are spoken to my spouse.]

Hi honey. I'm totally exhausted. Would you mind getting me something cold while I collapse and tell you about today's lark? Ohhh man, I ache! You know Kay from the library. Well, I was helping her with another social/fund raiser for her library, as I have for years. You've seen how she likes to play at light, almost innocent flirting. She has from the start, as long as I've known her. So she's very touchy-feely and was today too though it was very hot all day, hovering around 90. We were all dripping sweat all day.

"So why are your clothes dirty and in a bag? Did you drive all the way here naked?"

No love, I had my shoes on. After today's event at the church community room, we cleaned up, shut down the hall and packed up our cars. I plopped into my car, exhausted, with the top down in the bright sun and I watched in my mirror as Kay sauntered toward me. Her bright blond hair, though disheveled from the heat, sparkled like her eyes; moderate boobs shifted up/down teasingly; wide hips swayed deliberately. When she stood at my door, she put her warm hand on my forearm and gently squeezed. I could see her RED light change slowly to YELLOW. She thanked me for my help again and smiled her quirky smile. That changed her face from a pained, bored, slightly attractive visage to quirky, pretty, alluring and magnetic beauty. It was time to explore the recurring attraction between us! "Is it my arm that's so warm or just your fire coming thru your hand?" I teased leadingly.

She smiled and hesitated before answering, "Are you trying to say I'm hot for you?"

My turn to hesitate and consider my next words. I decided to slightly derail the obvious and see if she brought it back. "Maybe you should take my temperature? Lean in and do it like mamas used to - rest those lips on my forehead," I challenged. She looked around the empty lot, bent and shifted her hot hand to my thigh; her warm tits on my arm; her soft, thin yet sensuous lips on my forehead. She puckered gently as I looked down her shirt.

When she broke away and noticed my stare, she asked if I saw anything I liked. Boldly, I countered directly, "Not especially. Though I appreciate the lacy bra, it's keeping me from seeing what I wanted."

"Well, maybe later if you're very lucky ... For now, I'd like you to take my temperature with your special tools." She left me to figure that out and be even bolder. The lot bordered a small street and the nearest home was about 200 feet away so I chose to push it and climbed out of the car. I pulled her hips against me and put my lips on her head.

"Hmmm, not sure so I have to check more hot spots. I have digital, lingual and penile probes. Did you have any OTHERS in mind?" I stared at her pits then her groin. The knee-length wraparound copper skirt offered a tacit invitation. I cupped her neck in my left hand and gently pulled her face to me. When our mouths were scarcely apart, I pulled away and watched for her accepting pucker. It was there. GREEN light with some YELLOW. Keeping up the banter, "Let's leave your pits for last and check your mouth temp first. I'll check under your tongue, you check under mine." I waited for her to open her eyes again and finally allowed our first kiss. For the next several minutes, we sucked face and licked linguae. I pushed further by cupping her soft ass and unbuttoning her blouse.

Kay angled her top away while keeping her groin pressed hard and shifting against mine. "Don't forget we're still in public." she said, but didn't try to cover up. "I know it's legal to be topless in this state, but hardly anyone does. Old moral restraints, I guess." I replied silently by unsnapping her front opening bra, releasing her slightly sagging tits and running my thumb over her stiffening nipple. "I suppose ... there is still something to be said for exploring taboos!" she grinned.

Sweetie, take off your shirt and bra. Rub your tits and do what I did to her.

I took the hint and pushed Kay's blouse and bra off her back and admired the brazen boobs in an open lot. As I turned her around, I tossed her clothes into my car. Her crimson face was split by giggling lips, yet she still didn't cover up. "Kay, before I PROBE any further, I don't want anything we do to wreck your family life. My wife and I have a deal where we can do anything with anyone if we're careful and share encounters with each other. I'll be telling her what we've already done and anything else we do now or ever. If you have any STDs, we won't be using my favorite probe. OK?"

Startled, she stared at me for a second before sliding her hot hand onto my twitching dick. "No, dear, no STDs and I guess you don't have any either. Thank you for sharing that with me. My husband and I have a similar agreement, though not as well thought out. I'll remedy that tonight when I share our day with him too. So yes, GREEN light!" She pushed my shirt over my head and toyed with my sensitive nipples.

I slipped my hand under the flap of her skirt and folded it open. It didn't stay, but did allow me to slip under the other flap. She moved her feet apart and I slid my hand up her inner thighs until it met her humid mound. She lurched and smiled. I debated; did I want to remove her panty first and leave her commando for a while or remove the skirt and leave her in just her panty for a while? I decided I wanted to assess her camel toe, so I untied her skirt and tossed it into the car. She gasped, stood frozen in just panty and shoes, hands on mouth only. She giggled again.

Mmm, yes sweetie; I see you're wearing a panty today, so take off your shorts and show me your camel toe. Stroke it along with my story.

I pulled her panty snugly up against her prominent mound and tucked it into her groin cleavage. After tracing her slit and scraping her thinly covered labia, she angled her groin up and I pushed some panty into her deep raphe so her plump camel toe seemed spotlighted by the bright, hot sun. She watched, mesmerized, as I slid back down to her clit and lightly scrapped it. She whimpered until I more firmly pushed her swollen, protruding, prominent clit side to side, and she shuddered in a surprise climax. The small wet spot in her gusset suddenly bloomed obscenely. I rubbed it and dimpled it into her love box. When my finger was damp with her aroma, I passed it under our noses and inhaled deeply.

She frowned at the delight I got from smelling her arousal and then licking her juice off my finger. By reaching around and sliding into her panty, I cupped her bare ass cheeks and pulled her against me for another deep kiss. She didn't react to her slight taste on my tongue.

We suddenly heard voices not very far away. Kay tried to hide behind me, but I turned toward the unseen talkers. While waiting hopefully to see if they appeared, I moved behind her, lifted her tits and still tweaked her stiff nipples. She leaned back against me and I had to tell her to keep her eyes open. The voices got louder as I left her tits exposed and slid into her panty. In a gentle, yet quick motion, I pushed the panty to her ankles. From behind, all I saw was her soft, pliant and bountiful ass and a head of near blonde bush. As I lifted and spread her leg to remove the panty, I swear her whole body shifted to bright red. From behind, her bearded clam was not as pretty as yours, dear, but it was beading moisture, sightly and alluring. Unfortunately, the voices faded with no sign of noticing us.

Honey, go open the front door and take off that panty right there. Mmm, bend over and show me your beautiful pussy. Great view! Turn and show our chatty neighbors that moist, swollen pussy. My dick is stiffening just for you.

Kay heaved a sigh, turned and kissed me. She pet my cock and opened my slacks while I stretched her labia open. She unzipped me and I felt a gush of high heat rush out of her pussy. "Ohh baby, you are still really hot - I mean inside. Let me check..." as I stepped out of my slacks, two fingers slipped into her very humid pussy. I relished the thick, rubbery consistency of her labia and the glorious, slippery, internal texture of her steamy snatch.

Rub your pussy and explore it as you imagine me exploring hers.

Her hands had already started to slide my briefs off, but froze when I explored her juicy, sensuous cavern. She cried out in time with my slow-fast pump inside her. When I felt she was as high as she would get before stepping it up, I did. I reached deeper and stroked both sides of her G-spot. She stiffened and stopped breathing. I slowly slid along the G while closing the gap between my fingers. She seemed to inhale several gasps without exhaling. If only to save her life, I pulsed her G itself three times. At the third pulse, she cried, whimpered and shuddered in a deep climax. I pulsed her again and she collapsed. I folded her over the side of my car, ass high. It called lustily to me, but I waited until she could speak again.

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