Stephanie's Tale

by Cotton Nightie

Copyright© 2013 by Cotton Nightie

Fiction Sex Story: Stephanie works in The Reading Room as a waitress and an available sexual partner for the members and their guests. She loves her work, but something happens that rocks her to her foundation. And in the midst of the turmoil, she gets a glimpse of something wonderful.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   BiSexual   Rough   Group Sex   Oral Sex   .

Stephanie carried the empty glasses to the kitchen and placed them next to the sink to be washed. Mr. Franklin was known to sometimes present extravagant gifts as a reward if things went exceptionally well, and she was sure he would be pleased with her help as he seduced Ms. White. As she returned to the back bar, Stephanie smiled at the pleasant soreness left by Ms. White's mouth and fingers.

"How'd it go?" Peter asked.

"Very well. I think Mr. Franklin will be pleased. He asked for the Ransom gin, with soda, grapefruit juice and zest. Two of them please. I'm going to freshen up," Stephanie said with a smile.

The staff restroom was gorgeously appointed. There were large mirrors surrounded by wide, gilded frames along each dark red wall. The couch in the center of the room was upholstered with a rich, red velvet with gold fringe. The pedestal sinks were original, as were the white and black subway tiled floors, but all the fixtures were new, most with a bright golden finish.

Stephanie removed her short black dress and tossed it into the laundry basket. The staff policy was to dress after each encounter to avoid transferring scents or stains. She went into a free stall and sat to void her bladder, enjoying the shiver from the long delayed relief. After she finished, she ran her hand down her mons. Her lips were still slick from her own arousal and Ms. White's mouth.

She turned around to adjust the bidet attachment on the toilet. The cold jet of water always came as a shock, but she preferred that to waiting for it to warm. She held her lips open to the jets of water and with the other hand cleaned her opening and thighs. It stung a bit, but the cold water eventually made her numb.

Another adjustment to the bidet blew warm air to dry her as she massaged her soreness away. She put on a fresh black dress, she washed her hands thoroughly, and brushed her hair straight. After she touched up her lipstick, she gave her reflection a kiss.

The drinks were ready at the bar, so Stephanie put them on her tray and walked slowly back down the winding hallway. She arrived at the curtained room to find Mr. Franklin and Ms. White kissing passionately. She quietly placed the drinks on the end tables and left without disturbing them.

Back at the bar, Stephanie asked Peter, "Are there any other members here tonight?" She took a sip from the glass of the soda water he kept for her near the bar.

"The Jacobs' are down in the dungeon, but they asked not to be disturbed. She looked angry, so I think he might be in for a rough night. Alice said we have two more parties scheduled before closing, but they haven't arrived yet," Peter said as he cut fresh limes. "So ... how was it?"

She was surprised by the question because Peter didn't normally ask about what she did with the guests. "Well, it was pleasurable. Ms. White asked me if I would like to join them," Stephanie said with a smile.

"Ms. White did? Isn't this her first time here?" Peter asked, astonished.

"Yes, Mr. Franklin seemed surprised as well, but he didn't complain. Ms. White wanted to enjoy me, it seems. First she asked him to pleasure her with his mouth while I kissed and caressed her. Then she wanted to pleasure me with her mouth," Stephanie said with a smile.

"I don't know how you do it," Peter said. "You have no idea what they want to do with you, but you don't seem concerned about it at all."

"It's a little like a test for me. Each time I have to ask myself, am I really willing to submit to their control? When I was young, I had no choice but to submit; what I went through then was torture. Now that I can choose, I submit on my terms. By going through with it, I feel like I can begin to redefine certain things I can't forget."

Peter looked up with concern, "Steph, I'm so sorry, I never knew."

"I don't talk about it much, but you and I have known each other for a while now. It's just part of who I am."

The soft bell sounded, indicating someone was coming in. Both of them looked up at the monitors behind the bar that showed the entryway and each of the alcoves and curtained rooms. "It's the Large party," Stephanie said.

"How many will there be?" Peter asked.

"No, Mr. Large and his guest," Stephanie said with a smile. "It looks like he brought two this time, though, so maybe you're right after all."

They waited until Alice placed them in a curtained room before Stephanie left with her tray. She had mastered walking and bending in the short black dress, of placing her feet slowly, heel to toe, to draw attention to her bare feet and ankle chain. She could stand a certain way. She loved to tilt her head to cause her straight, dark hair fell from behind her ear when she spoke, each movement she made was a kind of invitation to seduction.

"Good evening, Mr. Large. My name is Stephanie. May I get you something to drink?" She always said the same kind of thing as an introduction, even though Mr. Large knew her better than most of the members.

"I'd like a Labatts please," Mr. Large said. "What do you both want?" The women had the look of old money, with designer shoes and clothes, conservative hairstyles and large pieces of jewelry. The older one had a diamond ring that had to be five carats, but the younger one wore a necklace and bracelet of precious stones that probably cost more.

"I'd like champaign," the older one said, with a noticeable slur in her voice. "Why don't you have some too, Nancy."

"I guess so," the younger one said in a petulant voice, sounding even younger than she looked.

Stephanie turned fast enough for the dress to flare slightly, but walked slowly with a bit of a bounce to make certain her bare cheeks peeked out.

"Did you see that," Nancy whispered, "she's nude under her dress. What kind of place is this Uncle Charlie?"

Stephanie smiled to herself as she walked to the bar. Peter must have turned up the sound to listen, because she had the beer and two champaigns ready. "Did that girl just call him Uncle?" Peter asked quietly.

"She did, but it may be the old tradition," Stephanie said. "You know, when a man is seen with a beautiful young girl who is clearly not his daughter?"

"Ahh, you're probably right," Peter said. "Off you go!"

Stephanie returned with the drinks and placed them within reach of each person. "Would you care for anything else?" she asked.

"Yes," Nancy said, her face flushing. "Show me ... take off your dress."

Stephanie turned to close the curtain. When she turned back, she walked to stand directly in front of Nancy. The dress slid off Stephanie's shoulders without her seeming to touch it. She watched Nancy's face as it slid down her body to fall on the floor.

"Yes, ma'am," Stephanie said quietly. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

The woman's breathing sped up and Stephanie watched her eyes moving from her face, to her breasts, to the thin strip of hair on her mons. "May I touch you? Please?"

"Yes, ma'am, I'd like that very much," Stephanie whispered.

Nancy held her palm open and seemed to hesitate for a long moment, her hand over Stephanie's flat stomach. Mr. Large was sitting back and sipping his beer, the older woman leaning into him, both of them fascinated by what was going on in front of them.

When she finally touched Stephanie gently, Nancy seemed to shiver for a moment, then she shut her eyes and sighed. As she slid her hand down to cover Stephanie's mons, she whispered, "You're so soft."

Stephanie smiled, beginning to understand the situation. "Yes, ma'am, and becoming quite wet." Some women were interested in exploring their sexuality with other women, but not willing to admit it, even to themselves. Sometimes a friend will see it, and will arrange for a safe way to experiment at the club.

"Would you like to feel how wet?" Stephanie said, moving her feet apart, but she left the decision to Nancy. Her hand turned to cup Stephanie's pudenda. She trembled as she spread the warm skin open, sliding between her lips. Nancy seemed hypnotized as she watched her own fingers slide inside Stephanie's warm opening.

"Kiss her there," Mr. Large prompted, his face flushing with excitement as he watched. The older woman began to tug at his belt.

Nancy pulled her hand away slowly and looked at her wet fingers. Then she looked at Mr. Large with a wicked grin and said, "Lick them off first."

Mr. Large leaned over, holding the older woman close and took the wet fingers into his mouth. Nancy was almost panting when he moved back, sliding them back out of his mouth again. "Delicious."

Nancy looked back at Stephanie, desire evident in her flushed cheeks. "I don't know what to do," she whispered, looking up, a nervous expression on her face.

"You may kiss me there if you like. Just a kiss, you know how to do that."

As the puckered lips approached her mons, Stephanie gently touched Nancy's hair, beckoning her closer with a touch. The kiss was light, hesitant, just above her lips on the small strip of hair she left on her mons. Just after the kiss, Nancy exhaled slowly, making a low growl of desire in her throat, turning her face as she rubbed her cheek against the fragrant skin.

"Come sit with me on the floor," Stephanie said, drawing her down to the soft Persian rug and sitting against the pillows near the wall. Nancy was shivering as she sat as if she were cold, unable to relax. Stephanie was sympathetic, having been the scared one when she had been younger.

"Nancy, I am not going to do anything to you without your permission. I am entirely, completely yours to explore and control," Stephanie said. "If you want me to do anything, you only have to ask and I will. Relax, and enjoy yourself."

Having given her permission, Stephanie waited as Nancy took the initiative. Her touches were tentative at first, focused on those places not considered too private, like her stomach and arms. As Nancy began to relax, her fingers traced knees and feet, neck and face. Stephanie was true to her word and allowed Nancy access wherever her fingers went, moving herself to expose more intimate places, inviting caresses with a look and the soft sounds of pleasure.

Nancy began to flush more and her breathing became uneven, clearly aroused by the experience. When she finally began to touch around Stephanie's mons, Stephanie opened herself up fully, raising her knees and laying back against the pillows. Nancy leaned forward to kiss her lips, open mouthed and hungry, her fingers tracing around her wet opening, pressing at her swollen nub.

"I want to taste you, to feel you in my mouth," Nancy whispered. Stephanie nodded and leaned her head back, exposing her throat as a sign of desire and submission. Nancy kissed her neck, moving down to suckle her tiny nipples, then to her stomach before placing her mouth on the soft, moist lips.

Stephanie opened her eyes in time to see the older woman taking the aptly named Mr. Large into her mouth, both of them watching even as she began to felate him, his pants down around his ankles. Nancy moved straight for the nub with little finesse or patience. Stephanie's mouth dropped open at the sudden stimulation, causing her to draw a noisy breath and wrinkle her forehead. Nancy was not gentle, especially compared to the experience Ms. White provided earlier, but her raw enthusiasm made up for it.

As Stephanie pushed herself towards a fast release, Mr. Large gave her a familiar look. She knew from past experience that his favorite sexual game was the race. She never lied about her orgasms with her clients, and Mr. Large had provided her a fair number during their relationship. He would also practice erotic denial if he thought she was taking too long or delaying her release on purpose. Her punishment would be for him to bring her to the very edge and then stop completely, pinning her down until it passed. Out of all the things that she had allowed clients to do to her, it was one of the only times Stephanie lost her temper and shrieked at a client in anger.

Stephanie pushed down, trying to bring herself closer through an act of will, keeping her eyes locked with his. She could see his face flushing as the older woman slid him in and out, gripping his shaft just below her mouth. Nancy was using her hand to inexpertly massage Stephanie's nub, but it was more distracting than stimulating. Mr. Large began to grunt a little, approaching his moment with a look of triumph. She knew she lost the race when he looked up, his mouth opening, and eyebrows pinching together. The older woman seemed to gag for a moment, then quickly removed him from her mouth in time for him to eject ropey globs all over his legs, pants, and shoes.

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