Pie, in the First Person

by Jefferson

Copyright© 2013 by Jefferson

Flash Sex Story: A Romantic Flash Story

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   .

We had just finished a shower together. I had washed her hair, scrubbed her face with my soapy hands and washed the rest of her with a wash rag permeated with strawberry-scented body wash. I had given her a thrill with the massaging shower head when I rinsed her between the legs, slipping a finger or two in to quickly rub over her clit. After she was clean and rinsed, I pinned her to the back wall and we had made out like a couple of sixteen year old kids. After she got out, I shaved my face and scrubbed myself clean.

Now done in the shower, I dry myself off, do my normal after-shower routine and step into a pair of boxer-briefs. I open the door and step into the bedroom. She's brushed her hair and is in bed, naked, her strong, shapely legs and her full hips are covered by the blankets to warm her constantly cold feet. She's reading something on her e-reader.

She's beautiful.

She's smiling at me.

Her eyes move down my body to the boxer-briefs and I know what she wants. Previous agreements said you sleep naked when freshly showered. Standing beside the bed, I push the boxer-briefs down over my hips, over my already semi-erect cock - it bounces when it's freed - then push the boxer-briefs down my thighs and let them slide down my legs to puddle on the floor.

She smiles and sets her e-reader aside as I fold the blankets back so I can slip into bed. She turns off the light beside the bed, darkness. I pull the blankets up over myself and shimmy down so they cover me to my shoulders. I feel her roll over and slide down. Without a word, I stretch my left arm out and she slips into the available space and presses herself against me.

Her breasts press into my lower chest, she throws a leg over my legs and I can feel the heat coming from between her legs. I bend my arm and my fingertips find her warm, soft back and I rub, trying to touch her as gently as possible. She groans and I smile. She lifts her head and, even though we don't speak and can't see each other, our lips find the other's and my fingers slide into her hair and hold her lips to mine as our mouths open and our tongues wrestle, each trying to taste the other.

I roll onto my side, facing her, as we continue to kiss. One hand under her neck, the other goes to her hip. She has one arm under me, the other is now gently rubbing my back, sending shivers up and down my spine. We both know the other's buttons. Our fingers move to those spots that feel best, that make the other gasp or moan; the sides of her neck, the insides of my upper arm, the sides of her breasts, the center of my chest, the insides of her thighs and the backs of her knees. We wrap up with each other, twisting and tangled.

My cock grows hard and pokes her thigh as I pull my lips from hers and move down to kiss down the front of her neck. I run my tongue up the side of her neck, suck her earlobe, then whisper "I love you," breathlessly, into her ear, before pressing my lips to hers once more. Our tongues clash again as my hand slides over her clean shaven pussy. She feels my fingers and spreads her legs.

Two fingers slide between her cunt lips and I find her already wet. I find her clit and I rub up and down. She moans into my mouth and my heart swells. Her fingernails scratch their way down my upper arm as her first orgasm begins to build. I pull my mouth from hers and my lips quickly find her nipple. I suck it until it sticks out proud and erect, flick it with my tongue, nip at it with my teeth, she moans again. I smile and move to the other nipple. My fingers continue to play in her slit as I kiss, suck and nip at her breasts.

I return for a long kiss but leave her again right after and kiss my way down between the valley of her breasts, down her belly and lick around the edges of her belly button. I kick the blankets to the foot of the bed, she raises a leg without me having to ask and I lay across the bed.

She quickly tucks a pillow under her butt, elevating her pussy for my comfort. She spreads her legs wide, knees bent. I push her left leg up into the air to gain even better access. I kiss her bald pussy, lick the pink lips, burrow my nose between them and inhale, enjoying her scent. My cock twitches and pre-cum drips on to the bottom sheet. I kiss her pussy lips, her inner thigh. I use two fingers to spread her open and find her clit with my tongue. She moans, covers her face with a pillow and I get to work. I throw myself into my task with vigor. I don't think about what I'm doing, I just keep going, changing rhythms, changing speeds, changing my angle of attack, sometimes licking, sometimes fucking her with my tongue, sometimes sucking her clit, sometimes nipping at her with my teeth.

She moans, she groans, she gasps, and finally, much to my satisfaction, her head and shoulders come up off the bed, she holds the pillow over her face and screams into the pillow as the orgasm overtakes her. I keep licking her, driving her on, keeping her going. She relaxes back onto the bed and I let her rest for a few. I kiss down one thigh, lick behind her knee, kiss a trail down her calf to her adorable little foot, suck a toe, kiss the ball of her foot, then do the same to the other foot.

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