Four Weddings

by Winterfrog

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Erotica Sex Story: Cheating can be a quantum leap for a better life. This story is written a few years ago.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating   .

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I, Thomas Rydbeck, am a hated stranger in this small Scandinavian town where I have my job. Everybody in town knows what I did and for the time being a lot of people out there really hate me. The simple reason for their hate is that I seduced a very beautiful woman who was married to a popular local sports star. Her husband had serious problems after their divorce so his friends and supporters are accusing me for spoiling his career.

Though many of her ex-husband's acquaintances ought to know the truth about him, they still are blaming me for his problems but so far it is only five of them who have taken physical actions against his ex and me. They caused an expensive window to crash and resulted in some bruises on my face. It doesn't matter what I say or do or how well I explain what really happened, I will always be regarded as the horny asshole who could not resist temptation to trick the beautiful married woman cheating on her loving innocent husband and breaking their happy marriage.

Of course, my version of these matters is quite different and the seduced woman had no objections about the content of this story when she read it.

I was born and raised in a nice village only 12 kilometers from the town where I still work at the same job as before the love affair. Between the small town and my village is a narrow stream, which today is the border between two counties. But some hundred years ago that stream was the border between two hostile countries fighting many cruel wars. Today my side is regarded as the "good guys" who won the last of the wars and took over the land beyond the stream. That's why people from other parts of our country still can be disliked there as damn strangers for some simple reasons, usually for taking over a beautiful local girl or a good job from the local people.

After my army service and technical education at one of the best schools in the country I got a job at a multinational company and spent almost ten years for them abroad in countries like Brazil, Philippines and Angola. While in Brazil I had good times as a jolly single and with two rather short relationships. But before going to the Philippines and Angola I had met Evelina, a lovely girl and married her. When my job in Angola came to the end, so did my marriage with Evelina. Back home again I rather soon happened to meet a pretty girl by the name of Lena, fell in love again, and succeeded in getting a Managing Director job only 136 kilometers from her old hometown in the north where her parents and sister were still living. The Northerners regarded such distance as a "stone's throw".

My marriage problems began when Lena couldn't find a suitable job. After a while she wanted and I bought her a flower shop, which was a big mistake because from that moment I hardly saw her. She got involved in an environmental movement and spent long evenings in the damn shop, which after the closing time became some kind of a club for her strange friends, usually six days a week. She even went to see her parents every Sunday.

After two years in the North I had turned my company's red figures to a fair profit, which got me a reputation as a miracle man. I began to get job offers from other parts of the country. Lena and I had a serious quarrel when I suggested we become a real family with children and move southward because I was really fed up with the long cold northern winters. Lena refused and a few days later we agreed that living together with such different expectations was not a fair deal so we split up without any hard feelings. I quit my job within a few months after our split up and went southward again.

I didn't hesitate at all when I was offered my present job as a managing director of a local industry only 12 kilometers from my old native village. When my parents retired and bought a house in Torremolinos on the sunny Mediterranean coast of Spain, they sold their house to my sister and her husband. Almost at the same time that I got my new job, my sister's husband got such a great job offer that he couldn't resist it. It was almost 300 kilometers away, so they sold the house to me. Now I was back to the basics.

At the job I rather soon found out that minor changes resulted in good figures in the books and therefore there was no need to immediately go into a big reorganization, which would turn too many people against me. I had kept the old secretary, Mrs. Janson, who knew everything worth knowing about everybody in the office and was of great help for me. I let her do her job as she used to do and though she was much older than I, we rather soon became very good friends and a successful managing team for the company.

When I took the job, Mrs. Janson had told me that she would retire about a year later when her husband retired. They had plans for moving to southern Spain, which is for EU citizens what Florida is for retired people in the US.

Three months before her retirement Mrs. Janson asked me if I had any plans for a new secretary and as I didn't, she came up with a suggestion. She knew a bright young wife, a relative of hers, who didn't like her present job and in Mrs. Janson's opinion would fit in perfectly for the job after her. No harm to take a look at her, I thought, and we booked an appointment.

On the day of our appointment, Mrs. Charlotte Haraldsson was in my office on the dot. I was surprised at what a gorgeous woman she really was, very beautiful, dressed very nice but not sexy and with a very easygoing manners. So far a very positive surprise, indeed.

Mrs. Janson brought us coffee and cakes, looked at us with a smile in her face and said, "Good luck to both of you."

I asked Charlotte to sit down and have her coffee while I took a close look at the certificates she brought with her.

The silence remained for almost five minutes until I asked her to tell me what she thought I ought to know about her, why she quit her previous jobs and why she wanted to work for me at this company. She did it well and without spicing her story with any unnecessary mumbo jumbo. My next question was about what salary she expected.

She knew her value and I couldn't see anything wrong in that. After a few more questions and some small talk I promised to call her the next day about the job.

Charlotte had impressed me in several ways. No doubt that she was the perfect secretary for me but she even had other qualifications. Though I had never pretended to be a saint of any kind, far from it, I had never used any of my positions at my work to seduce female workers. But there's always the first time and as soon as Charlotte had left my office I knew that getting her panties off would my secret dream.

After a short talk with one of her previous chiefs, I called Charlotte and offered her the job for six months on trial for a slightly less salary than she had expected and promised her a new negotiation after the trial time. She accepted and that was the beginning of a new era in my office.

Mrs. Janson soon learned that my hiring of Charlotte had caused some crap behind my back because it wasn't my job to hire people and the union accused me of giving benefits to Charlotte because her husband was a sport star instead of promoting the best qualified of the other secretaries. I never asked what she did but it didn't take long for Mrs. Janson to clean out all complaints about Charlotte.

Charlotte and I worked surprisingly well together from the very beginning. Though I couldn't deny that I was falling in love with her, I avoided all attempts to show any personal interest in her. There was no need to hurry such matters and better to act hundred percent correct until the right moment for a seduction appeared, if it ever did.

However, sometimes she showed me moments of extra attention and gave me such a tender smile that I really didn't know what to do. Somehow I had to find out if she was only teasing me for fun or if she had serious feelings for me.

One thing that worried me was that Charlotte began to be in a sad mood when she came to the office, nowadays more often than when she began her work.

The problem got worse when we had booked a two-day business-trip to the national capital to negotiate with a government office and see important customers. Everything was fine until the morning before the day of departure for the trip. All meetings were booked and our tactics for the negotiations were carefully planned. Charlotte was crying when she came to the office in the morning and told me that her husband wouldn't allow her to go on that trip.

What could I do? I tried to find out the reason why he didn't trust her but she hadn't any answer to that and swore that she had never been unfaithful and hadn't any plans for being unfaithful on the trip either.

I called Mariette Hallersten, who was working as secretary at our accounting department. Though even she was married, she agreed to go with me on that trip. I knew that she was a clever woman but the problem with her was that, according to what Mrs. Janson had told me earlier, Mariette had been promised to get the better paid Managing Director's secretary job I gave to Charlotte and therefore probably didn't like me very much.

Mariette was a classy lady and I couldn't blame her because she was a bit chilly but very correct toward me during our express train journey to the capital. However, though she probably for the time being didn't like me much better than a boil on the ass, she continued to be a little chilly but very proper toward me and did a surprisingly good and very professional job during the first day of our trip. Together we were a good team during the negotiations with government officials and got much better results than I ever dared to expect.

Like an average man in all matters, I even got some naughty thoughts in my mind about how it would be getting into her panties in some way or other. But I knew that was totally out of the question and I had to clear my head from such imaginations.

But I couldn't drop Mariette from my mind and suddenly an other idea hit me like lightning. I had always dared to do unexpected things to win advantages, which is why I was successful in the north, which had impressed the members of the board of my present company when they began to search for a new Managing Director. I neither could nor wanted to say "no thanks" to the offer they gave me.

Back at our hotel after our business connections, I asked Mariette if we could have dinner together that evening and she replied, "Is that an order or private invitation?"

"I can't give you any orders before we begin to work tomorrow morning but it would be an

opportunity for us to talk about some important matters, this evening here rather than later at my office."

She got a worried look when she asked, "Are you dissatisfied with me or my work today in any way?"

"No, not at all. You did a good job today and you don't have any reason to worry about anything from me. I don't harass female co-workers."

For the first time during the day she gave me a smile and replied, "I've never regarded you to be on such low level and I must say that I was impressed today about how you worked for solutions instead of harping on problems. Of course we can have dinner together."

The dinner was eaten during pleasant small talk about non-work related matters. We shared a bottle of a rather expensive wine, which made Mariette a little worried until I told her that it was on the company because this day was the first step of it into new era for our old company. Mariette looked confused because she didn't understand anything about what I said. I let her remain confused until we got to the coffee and Cognac.

Then I said, "Dear Mariette, I've kept you curious long enough and it's high time to tell you some important news. I've had an idea today and after a serious talk with the Chairman of the Board he agreed with me and gave me the green light to go on. As you know, one of our department chiefs is going to retire and it is time to begin to search for his successor

and today I found the right person."

Mariette looked even more confused when I continued, "Dear Mariette, this old company is now taking a step to the new era and it is a great pleasure for me as the Managing Director to offer you, Mariette Hallersten, the position of being our first female department chief."

She was shocked, stared at me for a while before she said, "You can't be serious. Why me?"

I gave her my best smile and said, "Because you did a very professional job together with me today, though I hardly fit on your top 100 list of preferred fellow workers."

She smiled back and replied, "I've never had dinner with somebody who didn't fit on that list. I was impressed with how you acted today, which put you on my list. But please tell me, are you serious?"

"Yes, I am."

"But why? I'm a secretary, not an engineer."

"You don't need to be an engineer. You will be the spider in the web that keeps all things rolling on towards the same goal. Eric will be your mentor for a while and I will be there if you need me. Let's go to the piano bar and celebrate it."

I told her that her promotion would be a secret for a while but if she trusted her husband she could tell him. On our way to the bar her husband called her cell about something regarding one of their children and when she told him the news, he had insisted that we have a bottle of Champagne on him. I tried to say that it would be on the company, but Mariette didn't accept that and rushed to the barman, who smiled and gave her a hug.

Of course I had heard many rumors about how female fellow workers had been easy prey during promotion celebrations and couldn't deny that Mariette could have been a great trophy fuck. But I had begun to like her so much that I would never be a bad guy toward her so I skipped all naughty thoughts about her during the evening.

We had a pleasant evening at the bar. Mariette was a good singer and got a long applause after singing a song together with the piano player. However, as we had important work to do the next day, we called it a night rather early. Of course, we did it in separate rooms.

At breakfast she thanked me for the promotion and for a pleasant evening. Once again we did good negotiations for our company during the day. On our way back home onboard the express train she asked me if she could ask me a question in a very private matter.

I agreed and she asked, "Are Charlotte and you having an affair?"

I replied with the truth, "No. Why do you ask?"

"Because there are some gossips about that at the company."

"Charlotte is a very lovely woman and I wouldn't have hesitated a second to begin courting her if we had met at a non-work-related party somewhere but as you probably noted yesterday, I don't harass married female co-workers. Never done that."

"I'm very grateful for that because I'm a faithful wife to a loving husband who trusts mea hundred percent. But it is a quite different matter with Charlotte because she is married to a real creep. I can bet a month's wage that Charlotte loves you but doesn't dare to take the first step. Several girls at the office asked me to have a serious talk about her with you."

"She has never told me anything negative about her husband. The only thing I know about him is that he is a star of the local soccer team."

Mariette looked at me for a while before she replied, "I know that she's been beaten several times without any real reasons. He is so jealous that she will never be allowed to go with you on a business trip like this."

"I can't deny that I've suspected that something is wrong and have even asked her if she had some problems. She said no so I didn't know it was as bad as what you told me. How well do you know Charlotte and her husband?"

"One of my husband's best friends is cousin to Kent Haraldsson and has told us many times what an asshole he really is. He has cheated on her but hardly allows her to dance with somebody else at parties."

It was obvious that things were worse than I had expected so I asked, "Why doesn't she leave such a monster?"

"She doesn't dare to do that without help. Therefore you will be the perfect knight in shining armor to save the poor beauty from the dragon. Of course, you don't get any half kingdom but I'm sure you'll get a lovely spouse. I and most of our co-workers will support you as much as we can."

"What about you? Didn't you accuse her of taking the job you wanted?"

"She didn't take any job and after I heard about her problems I feel sorry for her. You gave the job to her and I can't deny that I disliked you like hell for a while but you have been a good chief for the company. Most people like you and after having the pleasure to know you better I must confess that I even changed my mind about you."

With a bright smile she said, "I swear that I did most of it before you gave me that new job."

We shared a taxi from the train station at a town some distance from ours and when we stopped at her place, her husband happened to be out in their garden. I thanked him for the Champagne and my first impression of him was that he was an easygoing fellow. After small talk we agreed to meet at a pub after work the next day for some chat.

Charlotte was in a sad mood again the next morning and I didn't ask her any more questions about her cancelled business trip. Instead she got short information about the negotiations and that everything was under control.

Mariette's husband Emil and I had our talk after work. He was curious to know why his wife had been promoted to a top job and was told the truth, that I had seen her qualifications during our first negotiations when we had a few slight problems and she acted like an experienced sidekick for me so we could get out of the problems and turn them to our advantage. During my report to the Chairman of the board he and I agreed that promoting a clever female would be right in time and fit perfectly into our male dominated organization. Not any easy job, but she would do it.

Then we had a long talk about Charlotte, who was living in much worse conditions than I had understood. Emil asked me about my plans for her and said that both he and Mariette had hopes that I would find out something. I told him that it was difficult to do anything if she refused to let us help her. However, I had never been in an equal situation before and promised to do my best to help Charlotte in some way or other and keep him apprised about how it went.

The next day Charlotte told me that her husband was away from town with his soccer team until Sunday evening why I invited her to lunch. We went to my favorite tavern, L & A, in my home village.

While waiting for our food I told Charlotte the story about the owners of that tavern. A local girl, Linda, went to a Greek island, Crete, with two friends for a two-week long vacation. There she met a handsome young Greek, Aggelo, fell in love with him and they had a very romantic holiday fling. Back home they continued with text and voice messages for a couple of weeks until their fling began to fade into memories.

When Linda found out that she was pregnant, she rang Aggelo who took the first possible flight to Scandinavia to see her. After a while they were married and opened a tavern in our small village, a real mission impossible in the common opinion. However, everybody in our village wanted the young couple to succeed and began to support them as much as they could. Today they are doing well with customers coming from a large area.

Charlotte looked at me and said, "True love can make wonders."

Then Linda came with our meals. After our usual small talk she said, "You two look so happy that I begin to think about saying 'Congratulations'. If I'm right, there will be a romantic dinner on the house one evening. When will it be okay for you?"

Now Charlotte blushed but began laughing and said, "It would be pity to say no thanks to a great dinner. What do you think?"

I started laughing and said, "Right you are, but we ought to have a date first to get the kind offer validated."

Linda said, "You can't fool me." And left us alone.

The meal was great and afterwards I asked Charlotte if she wanted to see my place. She did.

After seeing the first floor with living room, dining room and kitchen Charlotte said, "It's a pity that one person lives alone in such a nice house. Lot of women would be happy to live here with a nice guy like you."

I replied, "I agree, but don't need lot of women. I would be happy if you could tell me where to find one lovely woman who would like to live here with me."

"It depends on your expectations. What is a lovely woman for you? An innocent maid?"

"No, this time I want much better. Something like you would be perfect."

Now we were standing rather close and looked each other straight in the eyes when she replied. "In that case I can give you advice where to find her."

"Please tell me where."

Now she looked almost afraid when she whispered, "Just right here."

I hugged and kissed her and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm because I love you."

I held her tight and said, "I love you too, Charlotte."

After some kissing I released my grip and said, "Let's see the second floor now."

We went up there and began with the master bedroom where both of us now knew that there was no return. We had only one thing in our minds and began stripping each other as fast as we could. I got a short glimpse of her naked body and said, "You are beautiful."

She remained silent and dragged me down to the bed where I fell above her. I was stone hard and my cock had no problem finding it's way into her wet pussy. She moaned loudly when I entered her and together we began moving at a slow pace. She was tight in her pussy and almost squeezed the last drop out of me after I had succeeded in holding my load until our dual orgasm. It was one of the most genuine lovemakings in my whole life and I could only say, "I love you, Charlotte."

She hugged me hard and whispered, "I love you too."

Of course, we forgot all thoughts about going back to work. Instead we made love once again. The only difference was that this time it lasted a slight time longer.

While resting after the second lovemaking she hugged me and asked, "Do you really understand what you have got involved in?"

"I do."

Then I phoned the office and said that Charlotte and I took the day off because she had promised to help me with shopping for some clothes. The girl in the reception was very professional and replied, "Have a pleasant weekend."

Charlotte and I got dressed and she went to her bank to change some of their accounts before we went to her apartment to collect some clothes and other belongings for her.

In the apartment I immediately noted what an ego-tripped asshole her husband must have been. There were a lot of magnified pictures of him but hardly any of Charlotte.

Then she showed me a huge antique cupboard and said that it was her privately inherited heirloom and said she must take it with her or Kent would probably destroy it because he would hate both her and the cupboard.

I rang a friend in the village who owned a Hi Ace and he promised to help me the next day. Charlotte took what she needed for the time being and decided to come back the next day for the rest.

On the road back to my house we did a stop at a supermarket to fill the fridge and kitchen cupboard with necessary groceries.

Together we succeeded in fixing a very good romantic dinner with candlelight and the best wine from my collection in the basement.

After the dinner she asked me many questions about my previous wives and why those marriages had crashed. I told her the truth so she would get the same answers every time she asked about them. She had me swear that I had never beaten any of them. I did and gave her phone numbers to Lena so she could call and ask her. Charlotte didn't do that.

Instead she asked me about Mariette, "Did something happen between you two during the business trip?"

Once again I told her the simple truth, "The Chairman of the Board and I decided to promote Mariette and she and I had a little celebration at the hotel's piano bar during the evening. Only as friends and nothing else."

"Why didn't I get that promotion? Is Mariette better than me?"

"Because you and Mariette are two different persons with different qualifications and Mariette was the best choice for that job. For example, she has to do some traveling and an understanding and supporting family will be a great advantage but nobody can regard Kent as either an understanding or a supporting husband."

Charlotte looked a bit disappointed when she asked, "Do you know Mariette's husband?"

"Yes, I do, he is an easygoing chap. I'm sure you will like him as a friend."

Now Charlotte seemed to be very surprised, so I continued, "Please see the bright side of it. If you had been offered and taken that job, we could not do what we have done today and not do what I really hope you and me are going to do together in the future."

The only thing she could say was, "What do you hope we will do?"

"A lot. Live together in this house and if everything feels right it will come time for both of us to have children. Do you want that?"

"Are you really serious? I'm still married to Kent for at least six months and people will regard me as a cheating slut. Do you really want to have a family with me?"

"You have never cheated on me and everything will be fine."

Then I continued, "Do you want to be the mother of my children?"

Charlotte began to laugh loudly when she heard my question because more than a hundred years ago one of the great authors in this country had proposed to a young lady with that phrase. Then she replied, "Werner von Heidenstam asked a young maid that famous question but you asked a married woman."

"Okay, what will the married woman say?"

"She says, 'yes'."

It had been an exciting first date for Charlotte and me. She had decided to leave her dominating control freak husband and get involved with a man she only knew from work. I had persuaded my dream girl to have a family with me. We agreed that it had been a great day for both of us, indeed.

After some more talking about the future she wrote a letter to Kent and after a nightcap, we went to bed for more tender sex.

Charlotte had no pills with her and we agreed that they would be history from now on. My friend Daniel came with his Toyota Hi Ace slightly after breakfast and we went to Charlotte's apartment.

Her old cupboard was rather heavy so one of her neighbors gave Daniel and me a hand taking it out to the car. Charlotte told him the truth that she left Kent forever, and the neighbor said that he didn't blame her. She didn't take anything they had bought together, only personal belongings and things she had inherited from her relatives.

She left her letter on the kitchen table and the last thing she did was to drop her keys in the mail opening at the apartment door. I really admired her for daring to take that quantum leap in her life and hoped that she would never have any reason to regret what she did.

Daniel refused to take any payment for his help so I invited his wife Ann-Christine and his two children for lunch at the Tavern. Linda had a good laugh when she saw Charlotte and me still together.

She said, "I was right about you lovebirds and your dinner will be at eight o'clock next Friday."

Ann-Chistine got an idea about Charlotte and me; she invited us to a "Welcome to the village party" that evening at their house.

The party was a great event, considering that on very short notice the party was held as a Dutch treat and she had succeeded in gathering five other couples to join us. Even Linda and Aggelo joined us after they had closed the tavern and Aggelo caused many good laughs when he tried to teach a slightly tipsy Charlotte to dance some difficult Greek dance.

We rested most of the time during the day after the party. Charlotte was a little surprised nobody had been jealous when everybody danced and joked with other's spouses. Then I phoned Emil and told him the news about Charlotte and me and after congratulations from both him and Mariette I asked her if she had any suggestions about my next secretary because the company rules said that Charlotte and I could not continue to work close together. Mariette suggested a young but bright minded girl by the name of Matilda Andersson.

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