The Convert

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Fiction Sex Story: Two cult members visit a man whose wife is away. He challenged them regards their attitude to sex, they say they are instructed to engage in sex often. This leads to them being fucked and his introduction to their meetings and finally with the assistance of his wife's aunt getting his wife involved so she becomes a convert.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Big Breasts   .

"Well dear", the wife said. "I think it is time I moved to the lounge for we will start to board in fifteen minutes". Her husband finished off his coffee and gave a nod as he got up. "Have a pleasant trip", he said. "If you decided to stay longer just give me a ring with you new flight plans and give my regards to Heather". With that his wife walked towards her flight gate, there was no kissing or hugging, that sort of intimacy hadn't been associated with his marriage for decades. He waited till she turned the corner and disappeared. He gave a shrug and headed off towards the car park for the trip home.

Although his wife would be away for a few weeks visiting an old school friend that she had continued to engage with over the years, he wouldn't really miss her for the marriage was more of a tolerated existence, they virtually led separate lives. Over the next couple of days he did what he would normally do, general maintenance, visits to the hardware stores and a dinner up at the club, a club that his wife didn't attend for she found these places a little out of her comfort zone. It was the third day and as he approached the front door the bell sounded. Two women, possibly in their late fifties or early sixties were standing there. "Yes ladies", he said. Although both were plump the least plump of the two replied. "We would like to talk about our religion". She said it with a nice smile that maybe was intended to soften any objection to the subject for 'door knocking' by any one of the many religions was now rare.

As the woman spoke he studied them. Although plump they were both heavy breasted, therefore they got a 'tick' of approval and the idea of engaging them in their subject was something that he was prepared to do, however, he was on his way out. "Ladies you caught me just as I'm going out. However, if you are still in the neighbourhood in an hour's time, I should be back by then. I would enjoy listening to you and we could have a coffee at the same time. It is now just after eleven, say around twelve fifteen, if you are still in the area", he said. The women were taken totally by surprise for it was rare for them to be invited to discuss their beliefs, generally they were told in not very pleasant terms to 'fuck off'. "Oh! ... Yes I think Doreen and myself could be still in the neighbourhood", the woman replied.

"Very well ladies", he replied. "Say twelve fifteen". With that both the women left and as they walked away, he smiled to himself and muttered. 'Both have got nice bums, nude they would be my ideal woman. They both have a decent set of tits and if one was successful in seducing them, one would hope they had a decent growth of hair between their legs. I hate women who shave themselves.

It was just after twelve-twenty when the door bell sounded. To be frank he really didn't think the women would front, but he wasn't going to say that as he opened the door. "Come in ladies I have just put the kettle on". As he ushered them into the lounge he introduced himself. "I'm Warren"

"I'm Karen and my friend is Doreen", the woman who had been the original spokes-person said. He gave a nod and invited them to sit. As he prepared the snack he engaged them in general chit-chat, mainly to make them feel at home and to lower their guard for he was intending to engage them in their area of mythology and ease the subject onto sex and if that was successful well then to fuck them both.

The conversation started on the subject of 'belief' and what advantages one deity had over another. However, as they talked about their leader and what he preached he knew without a doubt that their religion was not of the main stream religions but more of a cult. He had heard many tales about individuals like this preacher who claimed to be the reincarnation of some ancient prophet or some deity or other and it amazed him how many fell for such ridicules claims. There had been reports and not that long ago how women would go almost into hysterics just be close to such an individual. He remembered seeing movies of the activities of women when Adolf Hitler passed how they would scramble just to be able to touch him. As he considered these two he could just imagine the preacher and his close associates laughing at the way their followers had been conned, especially as they counted the financial contributions, which would be a 'must' to become a follower. "Tell me", he said as he got up and picked up the empty cup with the intention of refilling it, which by the way the woman smiled was something she appreciated. "What does your leader say about sex? Is he in favour of an active sexual relationship or one that beliefs that sex should only to be used for reproduction?"

"Oh! No", Doreen replied with such enthusiasm that it was obviously a subject that certainly was not a 'no go' area. "Our leader believes that sexual activity between men and women is very natural and should be undertaken as regularly as possible", she concluded with a very encouraging smile.

"In other words he encourages you to fuck", he said. There was a slight splutter from Karen who replied in a very hesitant way. "He ... he doesn't tell us to ... fuck but to be available and not push our partners away.

"Rubbish!" Doreen replied. "In one of our meetings at his home he told us women to satisfy our husbands or male friends and he said 'we were to fuck'. He used that term not just once but a number of times during the evening. Our leader, Warren believes that women should use their bodies for the pleasure of men", she concluded with a smile that one could almost call an invitation.

Well as that subject was now aired and both women had used the 'f' word, he decided to push the subject further. "What about oral sex does your leader encourage the women to suck their partner's cocks?" For what seemed very long seconds there was a chill that invaded the gathering. His immediate thought was that he had gone too far, however, Doreen finally broke the ice. "Yes I have sucked my partner and also our leader's cock on more than one occasion". The contribution from Doreen then opened the way for Karen who was the more timid regarding the subject than her companion to open up; she was now free to express herself. "Our leader often encourages all the women to engage in cock sucking. His wife leads the charge by sucking him off at the speaker's desk. After that some of us fuck while others just suck the men off. I have had a mouthful of cum many times. I really don't mind sucking", she concluded.

There was no further need for talk. Standing up he undid his belt and dropped his trousers, allowing his throbbing erection to spring upward. "How about a sample of your technique", he said. Now conditioned to the general flow of the discussion Karen smiled and within seconds had taken his cock into her mouth while taking a grip on his balls and began to suck and yank.

As her mouth performed its magic for he always appreciated a decent suck he felt the massive tit of Doreen who appreciating the way things were flowing immediately removed her blouse and then her bra and as those melons fell free he utter. "Fuck they're fantastic". He pulled and squeezed her erect nipple while she gave off soft moans and licked her lips. He stopped Karen whose head was resting against his stomach for his entire length was somewhere down her throat. "Give Doreen a chance to suck", he said. "You strip. Your sucking was terrific, now I want to shove my cock up your cunt". There was no objection to the 'c' word; she pulled away revealing a saliva covered prick which Doreen immediately let slide into her open mouth and as she sucked, Karen stripped, revealing his hoped for desire a massive triangle of hair at her groin.

Pulling out of Doreen mouth, he pushed Karen over the lounge chair and with her in the doggie position drove his saliva covered cock in one thrust up to his balls in that accommodating cunt. Doreen wasn't going to miss out and as he fucked she stripped and as he pumped she took hold of his balls, squeezing and tugging them till he got her in the same position and then for many minuted serviced them both, going from cunt to cunt till with a grunt he emptied his load in Karen throbbing crack but while still spitting cum, pulled out and emptied the remainder of his balls up that hair covered gash of Doreen.

"Ladies that was fucking fantastic", he said as he shook his cock up and down and wiped it across both their backsides. The women were smiling as they got up, their tits flopping and swinging back and forth. "If you're not in any hurry we could have a shower, have another snack and then renew our acquaintance. I would love to have you both suck me off and maybe, just maybe sample your bums as well". The women were all smiles as they enjoyed the hot shower and after another boost of refreshment and after giving his cock the most enjoyable and thorough suck he had encountered till cum and saliva was pouring out of their mouths. "We have a condition before we let you fuck our bums", Doreen said.

"Oh! What is that?" he said as he just lay back while these two women hovered over his now limp prick and did things to his balls that made his teeth rattle. "You come to one of our services and meet our leader".

There was no hesitation in his answer; after all he wanted their backsides. He agreed and the women when he rose again to the challenge offered their bottoms and as he serviced them, they matched his grunts and groans of pleasure and appreciation.

The headquarters of the 'religion' was a very attractive mansion, nothing under thirty squares. There were quite an array of vehicles and he wasn't surprise to notice many of the top brands. He was greeted by a friendly individual who he found out was the doorman for he also wasn't surprise to know that entrance to these gathering was strictly by invitation, either from the 'leader' or from one of his flock and as far as Warren was concerned, his invitation came from both the women he had serviced. Once inside the wealth of this group or more correctly the 'leader' was very obvious paintings and sculpture and marble columns were attractively displayed to give the desired look that being a member of this 'religion' was of a financial benefit. He was quickly greeted by both the women who were dressed in a totally transparent attire, nothing was hidden and as he entered the inner sanctuary of this establishment he found that all the women were dressed the same and many of them if not all of them would have any man sporting a hard-on, especially if one fancied heavy, sagging tits, large backsides and mini forests at their groins.

The leader was certainly an athletic type and was well groomed and would have been noticed by women in any surroundings. His handshake was firm and his smile appeared genuine for Warren was possibly a new recruit and with every recruit came a financial commitment for the rewards offered, especially for a man would equal any of the pleasure that Muhammad offered to his martyrs. With a clap Warren found himself surrounded by women and then the leader began to address his followers and although a sceptic there was no doubt this individual had the ability to seduce his followers so that both men and women were rocking and uttering phrase to what ever the 'leader' said and then a woman removed the robe that he was wearing, he was naked under it and is a very loud voice called to his followers, especially the women. "Suck the nectar from their cocks, offer them your cunts and your bums and give them the paradise that I have promised you".

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