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Suspense Sex Story: I wanted to protect my wife but didn't know what to do.

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My wife Amy and I were married for eight years. I managed the local bank and Amy was a stay at home wife. To be honest, she was hardly ever home. She belonged to so many organizations it was hard for me to keep up with them. We got married when Amy was thirty-two and I was forty.

I was married once before for five years when I was younger but I caught my ex with one of her bosses and after a huge fight we were divorced. I said I would never marry again but then I met Amy. She was beautiful, intelligent and came from a well-to-do family.

Before we met she worked at her father's business as sort of an assistant. She was in charge of setting up meetings and arranging parties and gatherings. I attended one of their parties and that's when we met. I couldn't take my eyes off of her and neither could many of the other men at the gathering.

I was talking with her father about banking when she came up to me and introduced herself. "Hello, I'm Amy McClain and you must be John Hoffer."

I was surprised that she was so outgoing. "Yes, I'm John Hoffer and very pleased to meet you. Can I get you a drink or something?" I asked.

She smiled at me and said, "Something would be nice, but right now I would like to dance with you. Besides, I'm the hostess and I should be waiting on you." Her smile was so beautiful.

I looked at her father and we excused ourselves and headed for the dance floor. After dancing a couple of dances she said she had to attend to the other guests. She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, smiled and said she would see me later.

I felt something like regret or loneliness when she walked away. Surely I couldn't fall that quickly for someone I didn't even know. For the rest of the evening I kept watching her and found myself talking to other people about her. I have to say that no one said anything bad about her but many men said they had asked her out. She did date a couple of the single men but only as friends.

When it was time to leave I looked for her and was disappointed that I didn't see her. I went home to my condo, put on the TV but couldn't get her out of my mind.

The following Monday I was in my office when my secretary told me I had a visitor. I looked up and there stood Amy in a dress that made her look not only beautiful but very sexy. You could tell it was expensive just by looking at it. It was blue and cut somewhat low showing some nice cleavage and was also a couple inches about her knees showing some nice toned legs. Her long curly red locks were down to her shoulders. At the party her hair had been up.

"Amy! It's so nice to see you." I couldn't help staring but I think she was used to men looking at her. I saw a few people at the bank kind of watching her. She drew attention, that's for sure. "What can I do for you?"

"I missed you at the party. You left without saying goodbye. I'm was sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you," she said.

"I looked for you but didn't see you. I figured you were busy so I just left," I replied.

"John, I know this is forward but that's the way I am. Would you like to have lunch with me? I'll understand if you say no."

I had to wonder why she would think I'd say no. "If you can give me a few minutes I'd love to have you ... I mean have lunch with you." I felt a bit stupid for the slip up but Amy just smiled. I told my secretary to make a reservation at one of the finer restaurants.

As we ate lunch I couldn't get out of my mind how different she was from the usual women I dated. She was so outgoing and happy; I doubt she ever met anyone she didn't like. I did ask her why she thought I might not have wanted to have lunch with her.

She told me she had heard that I was married once and it didn't go well. Some of her friends had told her that I said I would never marry again.

"I know I'm a bit outgoing but I have always spoke my mind. Some men are afraid of women like me. I was hoping you weren't," she responded.

I was falling for her and I knew it. By the time we were finished with lunch we had planned a date for the next evening. We had at least three dates a week for the next month. It was the fourth date before we made love. It was the best sex I've ever had in my life.

We had gone out for dinner and a movie and she asked to see my apartment. No sooner had we walked in, when she kissed me and we're talking much more than a peck. Our foreplay was almost as good as the actual lovemaking.

She began by removing my shirt and t-shirt. Then began kissing my neck and chest, working her way down to my tummy. I can't remember a woman kissing my nipples, it really felt good.

It was my turn and I slowly removed her blouse, starting at her neck and kissing down to the top of her breasts. I felt myself getting hard just kissing her. She was teasing me and wouldn't let me take off her bra yet, but I did spend a minute or so rubbing my face against the top of her breasts

It was her turn again and after unbuckling my belt she unzipped my trousers and let them fall to the floor. I was sporting quite a hard-on and was ready to use it but it would be awhile before that happened.

I unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She was standing there in just her bra and matching panties. I couldn't get over how perfect she was. Decent size breasts, a flat tummy and I could see her trimmed fiery red bush pressed against her panties.

She took my hand and we walked into the bedroom. Up until now we hadn't said a word. "I want you to make love to me John," said Amy. She unhooked her bra showing me the most beautiful set of tits I can remember seeing. Nice and shapely with large areoles and taut nipples. She lay across the bed and I sucked each nipple to hardness.

I noticed the freckles on her chest and wanted to kiss every one of them if it was possible. She was moaning and telling me how good it felt and how much she liked it. I reached down and felt her panty covered pussy. It was already wet with her juices. As I moved to slip off her panties I could smell her arousal.

I couldn't help myself; I had to bury my face in her wet pussy. I sucked, chewed, licked and tongued her pussy till she had an orgasm. As she was coming I pulled back and buried two fingers into her pussy and pumped them in and out of her. She kept making noises and telling me how good it felt and too never stop. As she was calming down I slowed down the pumping of my fingers.

After getting up from the bed I slipped off my briefs and let my cock spring out. It was normal in length but had a wider girth than most. Amy smiled when she saw it. "John let me kiss it."

Now I have to admit that it's not every day that a beautiful woman asks to suck your cock. I stepped over to the bed and she held my cock to her lips and kissed it. She slowly opened her mouth and took the head of my cock and began sucking it. Eventually she had half my cock in her mouth sucking it.

I began to see froth around my cock and it was really turning me on. Her red lips going back and forth on my cock. I couldn't remember being with a woman that was so sexual. I knew I would be coming any minute and didn't want it to be in her mouth.

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and got between her legs and pushed my aching, throbbing cock up to the hilt in her pussy. She screamed out whilst at the same time telling me how good it felt. I was now pumping for all I was worth and she was matching me stride for stride. I held her legs up high and pushed my cock as deep as I could, feeling my cock thumping and pumping out it's juices. At the same time she was screaming out words I could only half understand, "uhh, shit, damn, so good, fuck fuck fuck!" Then I heard it. "I'm in love with you, John. I've wanted you since the day I met you."

Was this just bedroom talk or was she baring her soul to me? I left my cock in her feeling her pussy spasm then leaned over and kissed her passionately. I held the majority of my weight on my elbows and she put her arms around my head as we kissed.

After that night everything in my life seemed to change for the better. Her dad began to transfer major accounts to our bank which made me look pretty damn good. My dates with Amy usually ended in fantastic sex. I'd never known a woman like her and I knew I was in love with her, I had no doubts.

We would talk about our pasts and she told me she had two older brothers that worked for her dad. Needless to say they were vice presidents in the business. I didn't know a lot about the business and had a feeling everything wasn't above board but it was something no one talked about.

All I know is my bank was at the receiving end of thousands of dollars of savings and donation accounts thanks to Mr. McClain. I was invited to the McClain's a number of times for dinner and a few of their parties. I met Amy's brothers Richard and Robert, everyone called them Rich and Bob. Both were married with beautiful wives and each had three children.

One of the wives asked Amy if our relationship was serious. Amy looked at me and said, "Very!" smiled and said no more. After dinner I had a talk with Amy.

"I know I said I would never marry again but I can't help being in love with you. I can't see myself going through life without you. I want to see you everyday not just a few times a week. I want your beautiful body against me when I go to sleep at night and when I wake up in the morning. Amy, will you marry me?"

She had tears in her eyes but they were tears of joy. She said, "Yes" and we kissed, then we went into the family room to tell the rest of the family. Everyone was happy for us and the women immediately started planning the wedding. It would be in two months.

Life couldn't have been any better. I felt like I was at the top of the world. Although if I'm being honest, there was one thing that bothered me. Amy was so pretty and outgoing that I know she got hit on quite often. I even talked to her about my concerns and she said she understood but there was no way that she would ever cheat on me. She loved me too much to do anything like that.

The wedding was fantastic. My parents as well as my two sisters loved Amy. In their eyes she was the perfect woman. They were happy to see that I was happy and had gotten on with my life. At the wedding I watched as Amy danced with friends and acquaintances. She knew I could be jealous and always smiled at me so I knew everything was fine.

In our honeymoon suite we had a Jacuzzi and went naked the whole night. I sucked on her toes, her tits, belly, but most of all on her pussy. She sucked my cock to orgasm. It was the first time I came in her mouth. I couldn't believe I kissed her afterwards and began getting hard again. I did take a blue pill; I wanted a night to remember and I got one.

I was on my back and she rode me and stayed riding my cock even after it got soft until it got hard again. On the last night of our honeymoon she pulled out a tube of KY Jelly and told me she was giving me her ass. She took the tube and put a generous amount on my cock and handed the tube to me.

I put some on my fingers and slid them into her bung hole and all around the outside. She got on her hands and knees and I slowly pushed the head of my cock against her anal opening. She squealed but said it was fine. I continued until I got the head in. It was very tight and I rested until she could get used to it. I asked her how it felt.

"It feels like I have a big turd about to come out of my ass," she said and started laughing. Then we got serious again and I started a slow in and out motion each time pushing more of my cock into her. She began to push back and getting in to it.

Before we knew it we were anal fucking with abandonment and she had her hand rubbing her pussy. I couldn't hold back any longer and came hard deep in her bowels. I felt her orgasm when she tightened her ass and choked my cock. It actually hurt till she loosened up and I pulled out with a pop.

She rolled over and I lay across her and kissed her. "John, I love you so much and there is nothing I won't do for you."

The one thing she never talked about was her sexual past. Needless to say I knew she wasn't a virgin at thirty-two but she never mentioned previous partners or asked me about mine. She did tell me one time that she didn't want to know about my past partners and I took that as her saying don't ask about hers. Sex with her was so good that it did bother me some.

She talked about when she was a little girl and her brothers always watched over her with orders from her father. Even at college she could call her dad if she ever had a problem. I guess it's a part of her life that I would never know.

Life went on and it was a very happy one. She still helped her dad with gatherings, meetings and parties and he did pay her well for it. She was his little girl and had her dad tied around her little finger but she loved her father.

I asked her about kids and she told me if it happens it happens. She had nieces and nephews that she watched all the time and they loved her. Hell, everyone loved her. She did say she once tried birth control pills but was allergic to them and stopped taking them.

We tried having kids but after three years of no results we were both tested. It seems that I have a very low sperm count and it would be near impossible for me to father children. We discussed adopting but Amy said she didn't want to adopt and maybe someday we would get lucky. I know we sure the hell tried. We had sex or made love several times a week in the beginning. In these later years we still make love at least once or twice a week.

We went out for our eighth wedding anniversary. After a wonderful dinner we got a little on the merry side, especially Amy. I was rubbing all over her body on the dance floor. I knew when she got high she also got very horny. I wanted this to be a great night so I popped a blue pill just before we left for home. We were feeling pretty good and I was lucky we didn't get stopped on the way home.

We had bought a large house four years ago in a secluded area on twenty acres, with a pool and hot tub we could go naked in if we chose too. We even had two horses; Amy loved to ride. Her father said she thought she was Annie Oakley when she was younger. She was taught to ride and shoot a gun. I swear there is nothing Amy couldn't do.

We drove up the long, curved driveway of our large home. I hit the garage door button and drove in as it opened. We sat on the front seat and necked for a good ten minutes before even getting out of the car. I then closed the garage door and we got out of the car.

Her red high heels clicked on the concrete floor leading to the kitchen door. I watched her walk into the house and after eight years of marriage still couldn't help thinking what a lucky man I was to have caught her fancy. I admired the way her frequent trips to the private health club kept her trim 40-year old body in fantastic shape.

Even now, as she skipped up the steps to the kitchen I could see the shape of her lithe, athletic legs flexing in her short dress. It scarcely hid her shapely breasts which bobbed lightly as she walked up the stairs. A jacket was carelessly draped over her shoulders.

Seeing me watch her, she smiled self consciously. In spite of her beauty she was humble and modest, as modest as her voluptuous body would allow her to be. She shook her long red hair free as I watched the red wavy locks cascade down her shoulders

"Did you work out today?" I asked.

"Yes. I stopped after lunch hour. Why do you ask?'

"Nothing. I'm glad you got a chance to visit the club. I know how much you enjoy your work outs." I guess it will always bother me when she goes out alone but I have learned to trust her.

Amy removed her jacket and laid it across a chair in the foyer. The outline of her breasts was clearly visible through the dress and her large, hard nipples tented the tips, in spite of the bra she wore.

"Don't either of you move!"

The sound of the deep masculine voice caused both Amy and me to turn our heads towards the kitchen door. There, holding a revolver leveled at us was a large black man dressed in sweat pants and a black turtle neck. He wore a black cap and leather gloves.

"Don't make any noise. I just want your jewelry and valuables. If you cooperate neither of you will get hurt," he growled.

"Oh my God," Amy said meekly, holding her hand at her throat.

John asked, "How did you get past the alarm system?"

The burglar laughed. "You two were too busy making out to see me come in the garage. Now I see why you were so busy." He was staring at Amy.

"Take what you want and go. Just don't harm us!" I said.

"Move into the living room!" the burglar demanded. We entered the living room. The black man ordered me to sit in a straight back chair. I did what I was told for Amy's sake.

"I'll have that necklace, lady," he said, waving the barrel of his gun at the expensive gold chain around Amy's neck.

"No. My husband gave it to me today for our anniversary!" Without hesitation the burglar grabbed the chain and yanked it from around her neck. He smiled and stared at her deep cleavage. Her alarmed breathing seemed to make her tits heave, threatening to burst the catch on her bra.

"Now, those look pretty good, too" the burglar commented, licking his lips. He slowly traced a line from Amy's neck to her cleavage with the tip of his gun barrel.

"Now see here!" I rose to my feet; a blinding flash of intense pain forced me back into my chair. I realized that the burglar had hit me across the jaw with the revolver. I could feel a trickle of blood begin to meander down one corner of my mouth.

"Please, John! Do what he says," Amy pleaded.

"Yeah, do what I say," the burglar gave an evil grin.

"Now, I'm gonna have you both strip and I'm going to tie you in your chairs. That will give me time to get what I want and get out of here. You strip first," he said to me.

Shaking with rage and shame, I began shedding my suit and shirt leaving on only my briefs. The burglar's eyes darted from me to Amy and back.

"The briefs too," said the burglar. Embarrassed I slipped off my briefs. I believe the burglar was surprised to see I had a rather large cock.

"Shit! I'm surprised to see a large cock. No wonder you got such a doll baby.

"Bastard" Amy hissed at the burglar. He silenced her by drawing back his arm as if to strike her. She held up her arms to block him if he did.

"Sit in your chair, white boy. Now, let me help the little lady with her clothes."

"No! I won't allow it..." I started to rise but the burglar brandished the gun and shoved it hard into my abdomen, making me double over and then he placed the muzzle to Amy's head.

"I'm going to split this bitch's head if you don't do as I say!"

"Please! Please don't hurt us!" Amy pleaded, tears coursing down her cheeks.

Standing behind Amy the Blackman slipped one hand around to her tit and began to massage it roughly. Amy hung her head in shame and sobbed quietly. He then forced her to take the dress off. As it fell to the floor he pulled off one glove with his teeth and reached around and unsnapped her bra. Amy's tits fell free and swayed slightly in front of her. He resumed his handling of her firm, large tits.

I averted my gaze down to the floor, burning with rage.

"Look up at me squeezing your wife's tits!" Laughed the man. "If she is going to enjoy it, you should too!" He took off his other glove and tossed it on the floor.

I raised my head and noticed that Amy was no longer sobbing. She seemed to be biting her lip to keep silent. At the same time, I noticed Amy was, grinding her butt against the burglar's front. She looked at me as to say, "I'm sorry."

"She is a smart girl. Knows how to make the best of the situation" the man laughed. She was standing there in only her panties rubbing her ass against the assailant.

He shoved his hand between her legs. Suddenly Amy moaned and her knees buckled. She was supported by the assailant's strong hand on her womanhood. Amy seemed to go limp. Her head rolled from side to side and her eyes were shut. She sucked her breath in between clenched teeth.

He turned Amy to face the loveseat, leaned her forward and as she stood there he used one hand to drop his sweatpants and held the gun in the other. She had her hand over her mouth.

"Amy..." I said meekly.

"Oh, John. I'm so sorry..." she moaned.

I was confused. I had never seen Amy act this way with another man. Of course we have never been at gunpoint. I had to believe she was doing this for us. She was moaning like a cat in heat with this stranger pawing her private parts. I could smell her arousal being only a few feet away and could hear the increasing wet sounds on the man's thick fingers working her pussy.

As the assailant backed away for a second I took a chance and jumped up to protect Amy. I gasped when he backhanded me with the gun. I fell to the floor and he put the gun to my head. Amy screamed out, "Please, please don't hurt my husband. I'll do whatever you want. Please don't hurt him!" Amy pleaded with the black man.

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