A Cul De Sac Tail Tale

by Pettybox

Copyright© 2013 by Pettybox

Erotica Sex Story: Neighbors who live so close to each other get into different parts of each others personal lives. Sometimes they get a bit too close and into some parts they might regret later

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   True Story   Group Sex   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

Mattydale, New York is about as white middle class a populated area as you can find in America. It's a suburb of sorts of Syracuse in the fact that no one says you're from Mattydale unless you're in Syracuse. Otherwise if anyone asks, "I live in Syracuse". My wife RaeAnn and I live in a quiet little sub-division called Morningside Estates. It's not a gated community, but a chaperoned community. There is a guard house, but no gate, and you're asked to stop upon entering to ID yourself, but most guys who man the gate, know us and wave the regulars through. If you attempt to just run the gauntlet your license plate will be run and you'll get a visit from the guard. Not a big deal, but we pay common area fees monthly to get our lawns mowed, snow shoveled, and driveways plowed, and we get this thin veil of security.

There are 4 houses in our cul-de-sac and we are each couples without kids, at the moment. I would guess we were all hit by the dot-com bubble burst and are fairly successful survivors. My name is Judd Brock and after 11 years of marriage we can finally say we are "happy" with confidence. I say that because after 9 years we went through trial separation and counseling. It took a therapist for us to realize that our troubles and problems were all financially based. RaeAnn worked at a privately owned PT clinic and I was a sales rep for a medical software company. We met through work connections and after 9 years we had worked up quite a bit of debt and struggled to get our mortgage paid each month. I finally convinced my District Manager to let me apply for a software development position within the company. I was his best salesman, but I really, REALLY hated it. So instead of dogging medical offices throughout New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, I drove to our campus in Solvay, not far from home. I became part of the 3 man team of dit-dot writers and we came up with a billing and patient tracking, insurance company matching, Medicare/Medicaid qualifying, software that was quickly becoming a national industry standard for 500 – 700 patient medical concerns. I came up with a mock up that I could bring anywhere to demonstrate and show how easy it worked. In 99% of situations our software ate doctors files and spit them into our new format making conversion so easy it was the easiest sell in the industry.

Suddenly my 40K sales job had become a 200K software developer's job getting a share of the profits on "our" software. The only downside was that I had to travel to sell the system, but only to hot or pre-sold leads AND I wasn't driving anymore. Now I was flying to scheduled appointments to sell 5-15 K of licensed software that we guaranteed would pay for itself in saved man hours over a pro-rated period of time depending how many patients you were serving.

Once financially secure, we got along great and realized the love we shared on our wedding day. RaeAnn still worked doing PT and with my breakthrough salary, we suddenly owed no one, paid down our mortgage quite a bit. Sex became a big part of our life again and we even talked about kids. RaeAnn was only 30 and still looked great. She did worry about what having a baby or two would do to her body but, it's hard to believe she couldn't wear it well. At 30 she still had a great ass, flat belly, and nice big REAL tits. Once RaeAnn showed up at a pool party in a bikini, any other women invited wore one piece suits until they got know her. She didn't flaunt her body, she just looked great no matter what she wore.

During the summer we often spent at least one day of the weekend with 2 or all 3 of the other couples in one of the backyards or in one of the 2 pools between us. We weren't BFF's, but good company to each other giving each of us a social outlet without having to drive off to the city. Mary and Mac were both mid twenties and married 3 or 4 years. Mary came from money and from the gossip around, her parents bought the house for them, or paid a significant part of it. Mac was a local sports high school hero who went to a community college and was a Phys Ed teacher, Mary worked for a brokerage. Mac was the typical jock, who played the role as often as he could. Mary was cute, but very plain. Of the 4 women in our group, she was the most popular, probably because she posed no threat to any of the other 3. Marnie and Tucker were both 30 and shared the same birthday. She was loud and brash with a dirty mouth who said things that always hinted she was coming on to you, but she was a tease. It was just her way. But, she had a great ass, blond hair, and although not blessed in the boobs department, was still a good looker. At a Morningside sponsored picnic she made suggestive comments to one fellow who took the liberty to reach over her from behind at a salad table, pressing himself into her short-short covered rear. She responded with a slap across his face and a loud reprimand. The way Tucker didn't get involved and acted like it didn't happen told you it wasn't the first time she had pushed the envelope and had it pushed back.

Finally Spencer and Gina rounded out our bunch. Spence was an insurance adjuster and appraiser, Gina was a School instructor, selling a troubled teen program around the country to different school districts. It seems Spencer found religion a few years into their marriage and Gina just wasn't as dedicated to it as Spence. He would often glare at her for taking a second or third drink and whisper protests to her. Once when the ladies had a bit too much to drink they were dancing on the deck and Spence made a big deal about "putting herself on display". Gina was pretty in her own way. Skinny, but not boney. She had a nice round butt, except her lack of hips took away from its attraction. She too was not well endowed breast-wise, but always showed great nipples through her bathing suits and tee's.

My Rae-Ann was the prize of the four, at least for me. She had great tits, just the right belly, and a nice full ass. We may have had problems with our marriage, but there was never a problem in the bedroom. Even after 11 years we were still good for 3 or 4 times a week, occasionally more. She would admit that she was made and put together for sex and could never get enough, and I had no problem with that. Now the cliques between the 8 of us were mixed. There were no groups of all guys or gals, and there was never a suspicion of any coveting or jealousy between us. RaeAnn, Mary, Spencer, Marnie, and I usually paired off, while Gina, Tucker and Mac were found together most of the time. However, RaeAnn and I usually slipped in and out of either group with little problem.

Spence usually complained about his wife drinking or the occasional joint that got passed around. The other thing that bugged him was her penchant for going braless among our bunch in just a tee or bikini top, even though it was usually how all the women dressed when we got together. However, according to Mary and Marnie, Spence's biggest problem with her getting high was that it made Gina amorous so when they got home she would "attack" him and try to coerce him into the sack for some randy play. Since he had found religion, he had become a darkened room on Saturday night type of lover. I chuckled and shook my head when I heard RaeAnn gossip like this, especially concerning Spence and Gina because the two of them interested me the least. While we did go to dinner or a movie with one of the other couples occasionally, we hadn't with those two. As a group of 4 couples we seemed to fit and get along, but if it were just them, Spence and Gina, I couldn't imagine a social relationship, although RaeAnn said Gina seemed nice, Spence had just taken the religion thing beyond his own space. We go to church every Sunday and I'm not sure if any of them know what our religion is, and frankly it's none of their business, nor is theirs mine. Religion is a private and personal choice. If I had no religion and a person wanted to recruit me, fine, ... but not until I ask. I don't get all of the hate in the world over of religion.

It was the weekend after the Fourth of July and after a neighborhood party with fireworks we all had to go to work the next day before the weekend. Saturday morning when I made the trudge out to get the morning paper I saw Mac doing the same thing. "Hey neighbor," He said, "Do you realize we all volunteered to help Tucker and Marnie power-wash their deck today?" "Shit, I hoped they might have forgotten that." I chuckled. "Nah, they're always the first to help any of us out so we should all go. They got lobsters for afterwards and a half keg of Harp's. I'm barely recovered from the Fourth, but I can sleep all day on Sunday." Mac said with a laugh. "What time?" I wondered. "He needs us to start getting their furniture off the deck around 11. They bought that heavy stuff you can't just fold up."

"OK, I'll see you over there." I said through the morning mist as I headed back into the house. As I walked in the door I heard RaeAnn complain, "Ugh! I got my period last night. It's going to be hot today and I wanted to wear my new teeni- bikini washing their deck. We'll do ours the weekend before Labor Day. Marnie reserved it for us when they reserved theirs last night." "Just wear a red bikini." I said as I sat down with the paper in front of my coffee.

"You're gross! Cute, but gross." She said as she walked by and kissed my neck. "I'm sure you'll figure something out. You don't HAVE to wear your teeni-bikini. The girls and the guys all know you have the biggest tits on the block." I mumbled. "You've never complained." She said as she poured her coffee. "Spence might want to put you in a burka." I kidded. "No, he likes to look at my tits. It's his wife's body he thinks needs to be covered up so she won't sin in his name. Hypocrite." "I'd put her in pigtails and a Catholic Schoolgirl uniform, she could pass for a cute 16 year old with her body." I mumbled again as I read the paper. "Is that your new kink? You want to fuck a little girl?" She asked. "Rae-Ann, IDLE COMMENTS! I'm just making silly comments. I'll bet she looks like a 16 year old naked and some guys are into that. Have I ever made you think I'm unhappy with you at all? You're all woman, and I like THAT!" "Don't get all bent out of shape Judd. Mine are idle comments too." Chapter One

When I got to Tuckers house Spence and Mac had already moved off the grill and we had just gotten off the Tiki Bar and stools and about to get the 6 foot glass top table when Marnie was backing in the drive with the power washer rental in the back of their pick-up. We stopped what we were doing and put a makeshift ramp on the back and rolled the washer off. While Tucker hooked that up we finished getting stuff off the deck, as well as stripping down to bathing suits for the wet job. The industrial washer had two water jet outlets and we took turns working in concert of washing, checking and maneuvering the unit to keep it out of the way, but near the action. By about 2 o'clock we were down to the 4 by 4's that went into the piers.

The girls had disappeared and RaeAnn came over as we began to drink from the Harps keg.

"Your brutish wives and I have cleared off our deck. Since this went so fast, let's do ours today too and save the time and money of doing it in August."

I looked at the other 3 guys and reluctantly we wheeled the machine across the street, but not before putting the — keg in a wheel barrow and dumping the ice tub in and moving it as well.

We finished our deck in about 90 minutes and had time to make sure we got the girls soaked as well. We had all been in pools together getting wet before, but boys will be boys. Plus a quick distant blast from the nozzle can sometimes knock a bikini top or bottom off, if you hit the right angle. Soon we had Marnie chasing her top, with her back to all of us laughing, it became a game and we all tried our hand, except Spence of course. He tried to protect Gina from losing her top, but I swear she loosened it in her attempt to keep it from coming off. When it did she turned towards us as Spence nearly had a heart attack trying to cover her up. Not that her bikini top hid her that much before, but she had some wide, but flat boobs with scarlet areoles. Finally RaeAnn went over and killed the machine while we all looked back to her hollering about spoiling our fun.

She pulled down the front of her top to flash everyone and quickly readjusted herself.

"There, now you've all of our tits and we can stop acting like 12 year olds." She said laughing, but not in the mood to be on the defensive any longer.

I remembered she had her period and running around was probably not the most comfortable for her. We wheeled the unit back onto the truck and Marnie and RaeAnn (the only ones not drinking yet) drove it back.

Mary and Gina both went home to change into dry bathing suits and came back over along with the salads they had made for the dinner.

"You know we aren't going to eat here." Tucker told them.

"We know, Marnie locked up your house before they left so we couldn't leave them inside." Gina said after putting them in our fridge next to RaeAnn's dessert.

Tucker searched his pockets for his keys and decided they were locked in the house.

"Once they get back we'll help bring the stuff over. I don't have my keys."

We pulled a football out of the deck bin we had just moved back onto the deck and the 4 of us guys passed the ball around waiting for my wife and Marnie to return.

Tucker saw his pick-up come around the corner and pull into his driveway with RaeAnn motioning us over. We gathered the 2 girls cooling inside in the AC and gathered the salads and dessert to bring over.

Gina had her salad as she walked out and motioned with her eyes and tip of her chin to toward the dining room table saying, "Judd, while you were out a courier dropped off plane tickets, vouchers, and hotel reservations,. They're on the table."

"Thanks Gina. I'm going to San Diego for a few days for presentations next week." I said acknowledging her.

"I'm going to San Diego too, Monday afternoon. I have a Tuesday morning conference to make a presentation to. I'm hoping to sell to all 58 school districts there. If I get even a quarter of them I'll make bonus for the year. The 3 we're in are crazy happy with our Special Ed program."

"Sounds great for you kiddo!" I said, glad I wasn't in the hard sales game anymore. Our software sold itself by word of mouth and I simply did the install and instruction class.

We had sold 475 applications to 6 HMO's and Community Care Centers around San Diego. I had a class of over 900 to teach in the Marina Village Conference Center. This had reminded me to verify my advance man, Tom Janelle. He had been in San Diego all the previous week installing the software in main frames around the area. Once facilitators went through my instruction course on the system they were given the unlock key.

Tom Janelle was a college frat brother who had used me as a reference when he applied with our software company. He hadn't actually known I worked there, just that I worked for A software company. He was now advancing my instruction course with clean installs and worked out bugs and conflicts so when the unlock key was applied there were no problems. When I got my cell phone to call him I saw there was a message from him verifying he was ready for me. I was to meet him for lunch at 1:00 pm Pacific Time on Monday. My 6:30 am flight would get me to San Diego around 11, their time. By the time I got a car and got into my hotel I had little time to spare before we met.

At Marnie and Tuckers we got the food put away and they showed us the cooler full of lobsters. They had 20 or more chicken lobsters, all a pound or a little more. While it sounded like a lot, that probably only yielded 5 pounds of tail and claw meat, but chix like this were usually the most tender and sweetest of the crustacean. As we gazed over the writhing cache Gina licked her lips and commented that "lobster makes me horny as hell, I may have to tie up my husband."

"Good God Gina," RaeAnn said, "Is there a food, drink, song, movie, anything that DOESN'T make you horny. Spencer should be the happiest man on earth."

"I've got a shot tonight, it is Saturday." She said absent-mindedly before looking up to see 4 of us listening not realizing she was not just talking to Rae-Ann.

I'm sure that I thought the same as Tucker and even Marnie that what red blooded man would not find Gina desirable? None of us had movie star looks, but all of us were good looking and each of the women was hot in their own way. If the 4 girls sat on towels in bikinis on the beach you can bet that there would be heavy male traffic walking by again and again.

The afternoon turned very warm and we all ended up in Tuckers pool. There was little horseplay or swimming, just keeping cool, especially under the cantilever umbrella's by the bar end of the pool. For the first time after 3 years of being together it was the first time things got a little out of hand as far as being free and sexual. The four girls were conferencing in the pool and they came to the husbands with a proposition.

"If the 4 of you guys agree, because it's so friggin' hot, we want to skinny dip, all of you too, or at least go topless." RaeAnn said as the other 3 stood behind her.

Spence of course was the first to protest. "That would be sinful and the temptation of the devil. Absolutely not!"

Marnie was ready for Spence. "Spence don't pull that holier than thou attitude. God put us all here naked and the idea of wearing clothes is mans idea, not Gods. We've all seen each other in bathing trunks, speedos, and each of us had our tops off this morning with that stupid power washer play. It's hot and none of have a thing to hide."

Spencer, of course, pouted, but he knew, or at least thought, he would be in the minority.

I, myself, felt I had the most to say in the proposition as my wife had the only real, bona-fide, set of tits. I mean Playboy magazine type tits, 36 D boobs. I knew the other men had seen her in the skimpiest of bikinis and she had even pulled down her top that morning. I didn't think the others would stare any more than usual. I said I didn't care and might even shuck my trunks as well, it was HOT and we all wanted good tans.

"If even one of you skinny dips," Mary said, "I'm going birthday suit. We all know what there is to see and I don't see where it's a sexual thing. I know Mac and I, as well as Marnie and Tucker, have been to nude beaches together in St Thomas."

Now I knew that RaeAnn wouldn't skinny dip, not with a string hanging out of her pussy, so she was out. Gina, if she tried, would get such a hard ass time from Spencer, she might not do it, but Marnie and Mary were in. I looked at the other guys and stood up and shucked down my suit and dove in the pool. Tucker and Mac followed suit, leaving Spencer to sit and try not to look like he was pouting as he called Gina over and the two of them had a quiet, but animated argument that ended with Gina standing back from Spence and taking off her top and jumping in as well.

RaeAnn smiled at me and took off her top and slipped in the pool (I knew she wouldn't dive in because of her period). Marnie and Mary looked at each other and took their top and bottom off and dove in as well. After about 20 minutes of just sunning, drinking and swimming, all done without much interaction, Marnie came to the end of the pool where Spencer was sitting.

"Come on Spence, join in. We're all friends here, we've all been nude or close to it for 20 minutes and no-one got raped, nobody has a hard-on that I can see, except maybe you. This isn't about sex; it's about being free to be ourselves. Are you going to be prude 24 hours a day? Live a little." She said calmly hoping not to offend him.

Amazingly Spence stood up and pulled down his trunks and jumped in the pool. We all clapped and Gina swam right over to him and draped her arms around his neck and kissed him. They talked quietly between themselves and soon everyone was feeling natural and normal. Somewhere in this Gina's entire bikini bottom came off, and with the exception of RaeAnn, we were all totally naked. The girls all knew why RaeAnn kept it on and each of the husbands had it whispered to them. Marnie and Mary had Brazilian waxes and Gina had a short haired bush. I was trimmed, Mac was shaved, Tucker had a Speedo cut, and Spencer was natural.

We all swam and drank, talked and sunned ourselves until the sun began to drop below where it was on the pool. Each of us at one point or another began to put our suits back on and Tucker went up to start the grill for the corn and veggies and light the turkey fryer he was going to use to boil the lobsters in.

By the time we broke up the after deck-wash party it was almost 10. Everyone was feeling a bit tired and slowed by the alcohol and great food. However, it was apparent that all of the women were feeling amorous. Spencer was complaining of being "bushed, and it's late", but all of the rest of us were randy. Even RaeAnn came over to me and cuddled and whispered that I shouldn't worry she had "a hankering for a Mr. Happy cream dessert." I just squeezed her butt and told her there were other options if the front door was closed. She smiled wide and snuggled in close whispering "the problem at the front door has caused some irregular actions at the rear." I was still happy, one of RaeAnn's blowjobs was hardly "settling".

After Mass on Sunday we spent the rest of the day fine tuning the things on the newly cleaned deck and then just lying out and reading the paper. I spent a part of the day packing and getting my presentation aids ready. When I went out to put a few of bags in the car I saw Gina jog by and Marnie and Tucker leaving for their regular trip to Tuckers Mom's house for Sunday dinner. She was spry for a woman in her 80's so her son took advantage of the time to spend with her. If Saturday hadn't been such a drunken party day, especially when we still recovering from the 4th, we might have gotten together with a few of "the bunch", but it was definitely a day of recovery and catching up.

I normally can't sleep on a plane, but on the San Diego flight I went out, and went out hard, not waking until the wheels touched down. I gathered my wits and set about on making my lunch appointment with Tom. After battling traffic and a Hotel clerk who didn't want to let me into my room early, I made it to lunch with minutes to spare.

"You look like a man who just battled traffic from the airport." Tom said standing and shaking my hand.

"You've been reading my mail, brother. Thankfully it's not as bad as LA. I got your text and you're all set?" I asked confirming. "Yes. It was the most installs I've ever done in such a short time, and I'm amazed that so many of the main frames don't talk to each other within the same systems. Our software may convince them to integrate more. We can get in Marina Village after 4 o'clock this afternoon and set up. If we're there by 9 tomorrow morning we should get started by 10. I'm going to hang around with you to put out fires on Wednesday, then I'm off to Seattle to prep for your presentation there at the end of next week. That group wants to dry run it on Saturday and we couldn't talk them out of it."

"I know, I worked with them for hours trying to get it to Wednesday, but they want the hand holding so ... but if it goes well, we'll get their Georgia and Florida sites." I told him.

After lunch I took Tom back to the Hotel and showed him the 2 bedroom suite of rooms we had. We got all of our stuff together and headed to the Conference Center to prepare. We didn't finish until after 7 and agreed to just go to the Hotel bar and get snacks for dinner. The day deserved a few drinks for unwinding.

Chapter 2

It was 2 for 1 Happy Hour until 8 at Charades, the hotel bar and nightclub so when we got there we had only 20 minutes to take advantage, so we each bought a round so we had 4 drinks in front of us. I gave the waitress a $10 tip to bring an ice bucket. I was drinking Neat Jack and coke, and Tom had Canadian Club and water, neat. We could add the ice at our own pace to go with the bacon wrapped scallops and shrimp cocktails that we called dinner.

We really talked business as we drank and talked, there was no entertainment on a Monday night. A TV was playing music videos and a few girls were dancing with each other on the little dance floor from time to time, but overall it was a quiet night for a "nightclub". By the time we were into our fourth drink our attention was turned to one girl in particular who danced to most every video, be it rock or rap. She had the most skin tight bottoms on that clung to her every little crevice and cranny on her body. So tight you could get the shadow of camel toe in the front. We were making dirty little comments to each other about her, all just harmless things between us. Neither of us had aspirations of hitting on this girl who could almost have been our daughter.

We got a roadie round to finish the night and were about half done when the waitress came by with another round saying, "This is from a woman who sends the message, and excuse me if it sounds rude, "You didn't stare at my ass like that, and you saw it raw." Enjoy your drinks gentlemen."

I couldn't figure who sent the rinks and I assumed they were a friend of Toms. Tom was single and known for leaving a string of unreturned morning after calls behind him. He was good-looking and single and enjoying the road.

We both looked around the room and in the low light, didn't see anyone we recognized. So we shrugged our shoulders and gulped down the last round we bought and got into the mystery round. Half way through the drink I saw a woman come up behind Tom and put her hands on his shoulders and I was about to comment when I felt hands on my shoulders as well. They were followed by a warm whisper in my ear. "You saw me bare-assed and my butt looks better than that, what happens in San Diego stays in San Diego."

I startled and looked back quick and it was Gina.

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