The Love Spa

by Storyteller4U

Copyright© 2013 by Storyteller4U

Romantic Story: With the help of her husband and best friend, Terri discovers her true value, overcoming the insecurities based on her upbringing.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Heterosexual   First   Slow   .

"Hi Kim, I'm glad you could make it for dinner. I love to see the energy flowing between you and Terri. The two of you make great best friends."

"Thanks, Nate. I appreciate the invitation, and I also enjoy getting together with Terri. We never seem to run out of things to share."

"Terri is just finishing up getting ready, but she should be down soon."

"That's OK. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"I'm just setting the table, so if you want to catch the plates as I toss them, you're welcome to assist."

"Very funny. I'll get the napkins. They appear to be much safer."

Bouncing down the stairs, Terri said, "Hey, don't leave me out of the fun."

"Well, look who got all cuted up for me. What did I do to deserve this eye candy?" joked Kim.

"Have you ever thought maybe I like Nate noticing me?" replied Terri.

"I've never noticed Nate having difficulty noticing you. He has a hard time hiding his desire."

"Kim!!" said Terri, with a shocked voice, "you're not supposed to look down there and notice things like that."

"When it's out in the open, and that obvious, who am I to look away? Life is about enjoying what's there to be enjoyed. Nothing is being lost by my adding some extra pleasure to my life. It's not like I'm taking anything that doesn't belong to me."

"OK, Kim, feel free to admire him, while I'll feel free to ravish him."

"OK girls, I thought only guys had interest in the meat markets."

"Nate, You'd be shocked to discover what really goes on under the guise of shyness," said Kim.

"Before you distract me too much from the real subject at hand, let's sit down and get some real food in our bellies," said Nate.

After sitting down, Kim became aware of Terri staring at her. "What's up, Terri? Did I mess up on my makeup?"

"No..." Terri dragged out. "I just see an interesting glow that wasn't present the last time I saw you. Is it a new man?"

"Not really," Kim replied. "The only difference I'm aware of is I spent this last weekend at 'The Love Spa.'"

"The Love Spa," Terri queried. Is that a swingers' club? I never pictured you spreading your legs for endless anonymous donors who care only about their own satisfaction."

"Ewwww," said Kim. "That's a yucky picture you just planted in my brain. No one will enter my temple without a personal invitation, and I am very selective in giving out those invitations. You ought to know that by now."

"You're right. I couldn't see you in that setting. So, what's this place all about?"

"Well, to tell you the truth, I was weirded out a bit when I first heard of it, but you know my motto: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained. Most of the time, my ventures turn out pretty good, and this wasn't an exception to the rule. It's not about people satisfying themselves, but about showing people how desirable and lovable they are. It's a self-esteem booster. The only rule is no penis or pussy will ever be touched. It's all about pampering, giving the participants positive strokes, both verbal and physical. It's the ultimate escape. You can lose yourself in the sensations, with no hangover or other negative after-effect. Everyone focuses on what he or she appreciates and then shows that appreciation through action or word. It's amazing how these caring words, touches and kisses help us see ourselves more clearly, through other people's eyes. I had my own doubts going in, but after the experience, I couldn't imagine anything more relaxing and enlightening. Maybe I'm still glowing from that experience."

"Wow, I've never heard of anything like this. Is it truly safe?" asked Terri.

"Yes, they are very protective of their reputation, so anyone who is caught masturbating or touching another person's crotch is automatically ejected from the spa and banned from ever returning. There are plenty of guards who keep a close eye on everything that goes on. I'd feel safe having my daughter participate ... if I had a daughter," Kim added with a laugh.

"Kim, no matter how wonderful the experience was for you, I just couldn't imagine myself laid out naked and being studied by total strangers."

"I understand it isn't for everyone, but I don't regret having the experience."

Nate stepped in and changed the subject, as he wanted the evening to be comfortable for all. His action worked, and the rest of the evening was filled with playfulness and laughter.

That night, in bed, Terri was more amorous than normal. There seemed to be an added intensity that surprised Nate. "You're quite the lover, tonight, Terri. What did I do to deserve this treat?"

"You like it this way? I thought you preferred me passive."

"Actually, I just enjoy you, so either variation is enjoyable."

"I think Kim's conversation just kindled an itch in me that needed to be scratched. Though I could never see myself doing what she did, I must admit it did energize me. Everyone has his or her own insecurities, and it sounds so wonderful to be in a safe place where you get nothing but positive strokes and appreciation. Though I'd be scared for anyone to look at me that way, part of me would love to feel that desired and valued."

"Ever since we met, I've told you how unique and special you are to me and how attractive you are to me."

"I know, Nate, but you're my husband, and that is something that's expected of a husband. To hear it from others, who have nothing to gain by those compliments, might actually get me to finally believe those words. I only wish I had the guts to actually do it, but that will never happen."

"Terri, what if you had a taste of it in a setting where you felt totally safe?"

"Even in my own home, I couldn't invite strangers to study my naked body."

"What if you weren't naked and there were no strangers?"

"Even fully clothed, I'm not about to ask friends and family to study me that way."

"What if it were just Kim and myself? You totally trust both of us."

"Well, that would be different, but the unknown is still a bit scary."

"Think about it. I don't think there are two people who love you more or would be more willing to be totally honest with you."

"OK, I'll think about it, but don't make any plans behind my back."

"I promise. Now let's get back to this itch of yours."

The next Saturday, Nate spent the day working in the yard. When he came in the house, Terri came up to him and hugged him closely. "Terri, I'm all sweaty and smelly. Let me clean up, first."

"I happen to like how you feel and smell after a day's worth of physical labor."

"Maybe so, but I feel self conscious before I have a chance to take a shower. Let me take a shower, and then you can have me any way you wish."

"If that's a promise, I'll let you go."

Nate got in the shower and enjoyed the hot water spraying over his body. Suddenly, he felt a cool breeze hit his body, and then realized Terri had joined him in the shower. "Well, this is a pleasant surprise."

"Do you like surprises, Nate?"

"These types, definitely."

"Then, that clinches it."

"What clinches what? I'm confused," said Nate.

"I've always held back, due to my insecurities, but since Kim told us about her experience, I've found myself needing to know how others see me. Maybe if I can accept their reality, rather than continue to see my own perception in the mirror, I can allow myself to be the woman and wife I want to be ... and you deserve. I've made up my mind, and I'm going to call Kim and set this up."

"Good, I'd love for you to see yourself as I see you, and I believe adding Kim's perspective will cement my case. Also, if it triggers this type of energy in you, I'll be even more eager."

"I'll see if she can come over next Saturday night."

"Any time would be fine with me, but I can see how Saturday would be ideal, as you'll have that day and the next to prepare and relax, before heading back to work on Monday. Ahhhh ... Terri, what are you doing there?"

"M mmmm mmmm." That was the closest she could get to 'I don't know, ' with Nate's manhood filling her mouth.

The next Saturday

"Nate, let's go take a walk. I have to burn off some of this nervous energy. On one hand, I wanted Kim to tell me she already had plans, to get me off the hook, but I want it to happen, also. Actually, at this point, I think what I want the most is to have it over. I don't regret asking her, but I'm not sure how it's going to feel and what I'll be willing to actually accept. I told her I wanted to experience it with clothes on, even though all three of us have seen each other nude. I just want to take it slowly and see how it feels. After that, I'll determine whether I want to go further."

"OK, Terri, let's take that walk. I could use some exercise to burn off that nice lunch you prepared for me."

"Well, I had to do something to keep me busy and my mind off of this evening, not that anything is helping me not think about tonight."

The walk was brisk, and they held hands the entire way. Terri told Nate that Kim recommended she keep her clothing to the minimum, so the reactions could be based on facts, not assumptions of what might lie beneath her protective barrier. "She reminded me how often we have seen each other in bathing suits, so suggested I have you choose the one you feel would be most appropriate for the purpose."

"If I get to choose, I pick your pink two-piece. It's not risqué, but it doesn't unnecessarily cover you up, either."

"OK, that's a nice middle of the road suit. I appreciate you didn't choose my string bikini. I've never truly felt comfortable wearing that, even when you were the only one seeing it. I know it's silly, as you see me nude all the time, but I feel it draws more attention than total nudity does."

"It probably does, but that's not saying I don't love what it draws attention to."

"I hope tonight will help me see myself that way. She also asked me to think about whether I want to be touched or just looked at, and I have mixed feelings about that."

"Terri, this isn't shock therapy, so let's take it slowly. If you get to the point where you feel ready to be touched, just say the word 'touch, ' and we'll transition to that stage."

"Thank you, Nate. I know I'm just being a silly kid about this, but I appreciate your concern and protectiveness." She gave him a hug and a sweet kiss on his cheek.

That evening

"Hi Kim, I'm glad you could come and help. I know you're the only person she would trust to do this with, and I appreciate your willingness."

"You know I'd do anything for Terri. What are best friends for? By the way, where is she?"

"She's still preparing herself. She'll be down when she is ready."

"OK, let's stack the cushions from the sofa on the floor and cover them with plush towels." Nate ran upstairs and got the towels, noticing the master bedroom door was still closed, while Kim set out the cushions in front of the fireplace. Nate had already made sure the fire was established. When all was done, Kim called out, "Terri, we're ready whenever you are." Less than 5 minutes later, Terri came downstairs wearing her thick, plush robe, tied snuggly around her. Her legs were obviously shaking, so she held tightly to the railing. Both Nate and Kim were surprised by the robe, but realized Terri needed to be the one to decide what she was comfortable with. At the bottom of the stairs, Kim hugged Terri, and then Nate followed suit. Kim offered chairs to Nate and Terri, and they sat down.

"I just want to review the guidelines for tonight," said Kim. "Terri, this is all about you, so you have the ability to stop or change anything whenever you wish. Nate told me about the word 'touch," and we'll respect that. Also, if it becomes too much, at any time, just say 'please, ' and we will wait for you to say 'OK' before continuing. If you ever want it to completely stop, just say 'stop.' Other than those words, I request you say nothing. Tonight is about you listening and hearing, not speaking. Listen to our words, listen to our reactions, and accept the truth of what we see and appreciate. Do you have any questions or concerns to address before we start?"

"No, I'm fine. I've been relaxing and doing deep breathing for the last half hour, so I believe I'm ready." Nate and Kim guided Terri over to the cushions, and then Terri kneeled in preparation for lying down. She seemed to cling to her robe, but as she lay down on her belly, her hands spread her robe open, so she wasn't lying on it. As Nate leaned down to adjust a pillow under her head, she said, "Please help me with my robe." Nate and Kim each took one side of the robe and peeled it from her body. Terri closed her eyes and did her best to breathe steadily.

"That pink suit looks very nice on you, Terri."

Kim said, "Remember, Nate, no general compliments. If you like something, be clear about what you like and how it impacts you."

"OK. Terri, the reason I like this suit on you is because it fits you so perfectly. Some suits cause women to bulge out above or below the material or strings, yet the transition between the material and your skin is perfect. If it weren't for the change in color and texture, you wouldn't be able to tell you were wearing anything at all. It's as if it was merely painted on your skin, so it seems to be part of you."

"That's more like it, Nate. To tell you the truth, Terri, I hadn't noticed that before, but he is accurate in his description. Your subtle curves flow, with no restrictions or awkward stops. You know how you can view a digital picture that was put together from multiple other pictures, and sometimes they don't quite match up? That hits our brain and tells us something is out of whack. Your body just flows, with no breaks, and that is very sensual. Nate, come down here and see her hair. Look at all the different shades of brown. I can see some blond hairs, some red, some golden and unlimited variations of brown. Natural color is so much prettier than artificially colored hair. There is so much more depth of variety, and it looks more alive. See how it flows over her shoulders. I see it as both a thin veil she hides her cute shyness behind and sensual fingers to caress her sensitive skin. As her hair falls off her shoulders, I can actually see her skin respond to the touch. With her ability to respond to the light touch of her hair, she must be a very sensual lover."

"Kim, you are reading her accurately. When she allows herself to trust herself in my hands, her skin becomes extremely responsive. She is like a musical instrument. She loves how I choose the notes, and I love the music freed by my touch. Kim, she used a new shampoo. Inhale its fragrance. It reminds me of a sweet blend of honey, fruit and spice, yet it is so subtle, it almost hits you as an afterthought, a pleasant unexpected added bonus."

"You're right! I'm going to have to get the name of that shampoo, later. It's almost addictive. As I pull away, my nose just wants to return. OK, let's force ourselves to continue. Look at her shoulders. See how defined her muscles are, not like a body builder, as these are lean and functional, not bulky and showy, more like the muscles of a dancer, long, beautiful, flowing lines."

"I think I get more out of massaging her shoulders than she does, for exploring how her muscles bring her all together as a whole is a journey in itself. Kim, watch her arm as I lightly blow on it. She has these tiny little hairs that seem to wave with temperature changes. Till I met Terri, I didn't know people's bodies could be so responsive."

"Nate, I think we all have the ability to be that responsive, yet people fear losing control, so they hold back and block the responsiveness. You're a lucky guy to have someone who trusts you enough to let go and freely share."

"Looking down farther, you get to something I've loved since the day I first saw her. She has the most delicate hands. They're small, yet not fragile. She's strong, yet you'll never find a lighter more gentle touch. Her touch soothes my anxiety, melts my pain, touches me deep to my soul, and can even put me to sleep ... when she isn't using it to arouse me. She's an artist with those hands."

"I can believe that ... Nate, when I view Terri's flowing curves, I am reminded of the bunny slopes at the ski lodge. They are designed to comfortably flow from one slope to the next. There are no extremes, but lead to unending adventures with positive surprises."

"I've always found it very challenging to view her curves without wanting to glide my hands over and around them. You see the beautiful sight, but I've experienced the exhilarating responses. Sliding around her is so warm and smooth, yet every time I pass over a trigger point, I experience a deeper connection. Rather than bucking me off, these responses seem to lasso me and draw me closer."

"That must really feel great to be drawn into a love that deep."

"I can't even begin to describe how it feels to be loved by Terri. I feel her love all around me, yet it feels warming and protective rather than smothering or controlling ... Kim, I can't understand how our society promotes bigger is better. Just look at Terri's compact butt. I find it so cute. Her body hints at the sensuality that fills her. I'm drawn in, rather than feel I need to pull back to breath. She is filled with subtleties. As I get closer, I become aware of her subtle natural scent. It's great knowing I get to enjoy that subtle scent rather than finding myself overwhelmed by strong perfume. I love enjoying her, not a mask she feels she needs to hide behind. By revealing her true self to me, she declares her trust to me. That assures me this is where I truly belong."

"And there is nothing better than truly belonging."

"That's for sure."

"Nate, Terri's yoga exercises sure do wonders for her. Her leg muscles are long and lean, not bulky like a runner, but more like a ballerina. Her legs seem to go on forever. I sense they can be very expressive, on top of being very functional. They look like they can be used as an extra set of arms, and probably hold you very close in a loving embrace."

"You can't imagine how wonderful it feels to be embraced by both her arms and legs. I feel caressed in so many places simultaneously, I lose my ability to think. I end up just feeling lost in her sweet love. When her feet and toes are put into use, I am sent over the edge. She has just as much dexterity with her feet and toes as she has with her hands and fingers. Sometimes I sense she must have someone else helping her love me, as I don't see how one person can do all she does."

"Nate, let's help Terri roll over." As they rolled Terri over, a hesitant yet inviting smile was revealed on her face.

"Mona Lisa has nothing on Terri," said Nate. "I can't seem to get enough of watching her smile. Her face is simple yet very expressive. Her skin is smooth and soft, and I love when she nuzzles into me and looks up into my eyes. I never know when I'll see the innocent look or the hot desire look. Boring she'll never be."

"So many of us women have to work hard with our makeup to soften harsh features or fix problem areas, yet Terri has none of that to deal with. If an artist came up with a painting of her, people would say she was too perfect to be real, like comparing a diamond to cubic zirconium. Her features complement each other with simplicity."

"I must admit I never have to wait hours for her to get ready to go anywhere. She might spend ten minutes on her makeup for a special occasion. I would hate for her to hide behind makeup. Just look at her lips. Who could even think of covering them up with brightly colored lipstick? Actually, covering them with my lips would be the only enhancement I could think of."

"They sure look kissable ... Nate, look at her body as a whole, and watch how all of her gets involved with her breathing. Look at her face, her chest, and her stomach. See how everything flows so smoothly and effortlessly, yet notice how her breathing changes as we explore her. Her breathing deepens, and catches occasionally, as she realizes how much we are enjoying her beauty. She feels our desire, which deepens her own desire."

"Kim, Terri has always been filled with passionate desire. Just look at her mouth and watch her lips quiver. I love knowing she can't hide her desire from me. No matter what she hears in her head, her beautiful desire flows strongly within her. Watch her body, and you can see it come to the surface. It's like going fishing and knowing the fish can't hide themselves from you. You get a hint of one here, and then there. Did you just see her left foot twitch simultaneously with her smile?"

"Nate, we've looked her over completely; have you found a flaw, yet?"

"Not unless you consider her too cute navel a flaw. In all the years I've known her, the only flaw I've ever seen is her unwillingness to see how beautiful she actually is. I can't say she's perfect for everyone, as people have different tastes, but I know she's perfect for me."

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