Family Pool Party

by Lubrican

Copyright© 2013 by Lubrican

Erotica Sex Story: Family reunions are usually fairly routine kinds of things. Usually. This one wasn't, though I didn't know that until my niece calmly informed me that my wife was cheating on me with her father. I didn't believe her, so she took me to see it. Then she suggested she'd be happy to help me get even. And that was just the beginning of the party!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Orgy   .


This is a story I found in my projects folder, already mostly written, with no notes. What that usually means is that I read a story somewhere that inspired me either to rewrite it, or write my own story based on the same plot idea. Sometimes those happen late at night, and I get this idea and I write most or all of a story, until I get sleepy. I think that’s what happened here. But if that’s what happened, I didn’t keep a record of whose story gave me the idea. So if this sounds familiar, it might be because somebody else wrote a story much like it. Before I did.

Like I always say, though, there’s nothing new under the sun. It’s just a simple stroke story, but I liked the characters, so I polished it up and here it is.


P.S. After posting this story, I got an email from Bondi Beach, who wrote the original story called Family Pool Party. (You’d think I’d have at least done a title search before posting my version!) He was very generous about letting me hijack his plot idea. I encourage everyone to read his original story at And I’m not saying that because I’m trying to look less thieving. I’m saying that because his story is good.

I looked around for Jill, my wife. We were the hosts of the family reunion, this year, and while I’d been getting more beer and wine for our clan, I hadn’t seen her in a while. It was getting late, and I saw that most of the extended family had already gone back to the RV park to get supper. Pretty much everybody had an RV, and they always combined a camping trip with the reunions we had every couple of years.

“Hey, you seen your aunt?” I asked my niece, Megan, as she came up to get a soda.

“She and Daddy were thick as thieves a little while ago,” said the girl.

Maybe ‘girl’ isn’t the right word for Megan any more. Yes, she’s still only seventeen, but she looks all woman, especially when she’s wearing a bikini that barely covers her nipples, and shows off her teenage camel toe like she’s looking for something to stuff in her pussy.

“Can you take over handing out drinks?” I asked. “I need to go find her.”

“She loves you to pieces, you know,” said Megan.

I had been looking around, but that brought my gaze back to her.


“You’re the love of her life,” she said.

“Well, that’s nice to know,” I said.

The ‘girl’ stepped closer, significantly invading my personal space. I wanted to look down at her thrusting breasts, to see how close they were to me, but I controlled the impulse. I looked at her face instead. Her head was tilted, as if she was examining me, and the look in her eyes was ... odd. Her lips moved, drawing my eyes as she spoke again.

“You don’t know about them ... do you.” It wasn’t a question. It was a statement. And the way she said it made something happen in my swim suit. That shocked me more than what she was suggesting.

“And you do?” It was bluster. I was flustered.

“David and I spied on her at New Years.”

I blinked. “Spied?”

“We saw them kissing at Thanksgiving. We were curious about what else they might do.”

“You saw my wife and your father ... kissing ... at Thanksgiving.”

“Don’t be that way,” she said, hearing the heat in my voice. “They grew up together. They were close. Very close. Naughty close.”

“How do you know this?” I gasped.

“Daddy got a little drunk one night.” She grinned, a lazy grin. “Okay, a lot drunk one night. And I asked him about why he looks at Aunt Jill the way he does, sometimes. It’s how the boys at school look at me sometimes. And he was drunk enough that he said some things he wished he hadn’t said later.”

“Naughty close?”

She moved closer, and suddenly I felt the wet tips of her bikini top touching my bare chest.

“Like when I used to sit on your lap and you got a boner,” she whispered.

There was a very long, very uncomfortable pause. At least for me. Then the fingertips of both her hands suddenly pressed against me as her hands came up to rest on my sides.

“You knew about that?” I asked weakly. That had only been three or four years back, when Megan was filling out and flowering into womanhood.

“So did my mother. She made me stop.”

“Oh shit,” I moaned.

“Oh, she wasn’t mad!” said Megan, leaning back. “She just said it wasn’t fair to you for me to tease you, if I wasn’t going to let you get any relief.”

“Oh,” I said.

“I thought you and her were having an affair, back then.”


“Well, she sat on your lap too, and when she made me stop, she didn’t stop herself.”

I thought about that. It was true that Susan sat on my lap with relative frequency. She didn’t stay there long. She usually just sat down, threw her arms around my neck and said something sweet to me. Now that I thought about it, she only stayed long enough to get me good and hard, before getting up and going on with whatever.

“We weren’t having an affair,” I said.

“I know that now. I watched the two of you like a hawk. That’s one reason I noticed Daddy and aunt Jill acting kind of secretive one time. I asked David about it and he said he’d thought about it too, but didn’t know why. So we spied on them after that, and saw them kissing at Thanksgiving and then...” she trailed off.

“And then?” I asked.

“I don’t want you to be unhappy,” she said. “I love you the way you are, and I don’t want things to change.”

“Well it’s kind of late for that,” I growled. “I mean you spilled the beans already. Now you have to empty the can.”

“That’s a stupid analogy,” she said, leaning forward to touch my chest again.

“Are you teasing me?” I asked suddenly.

“Maybe,” she said, her green eyes clear and unashamed.

“So what else did you see?”

“Can I tell you something first?”


“I wish I could sit on your lap right now.”

I blinked. That could mean so many things. It could mean she was melancholy for the past. It could mean she was tired of standing. It could mean she wanted to tease me, without offering me any relief.

Or ... it could mean she was now willing to supply that relief.

“It wouldn’t be a good idea at all for you to sit on my lap right now,” I said, feeling my penis reach full potential. You know the feeling ... when it’s very firm, and it knows what it was made for, but isn’t as diamond stiff as it will be as it actually slides in a juicy pussy. Not that I don’t like that feeling. It’s delightful. Even when your niece is the one causing it. The problem was that I was a little confused as to what else might be causing it. I had never thought about Jill and Dennis ... her brother ... kissing or ... doing other things together. And thinking about that now didn’t make me feel like I thought I was supposed to feel.

“Why?” she asked.

I actually had to think, to remember what her question referred to. My penis gave a twitch in my swim suit to remind me.

“It would be very uncomfortable, right now,” I said, without thinking it through.

One of her hands left my waist as she stepped back a little and looked down. I looked down too. For some reason my eyes centered on her bare feet. Her toenails were painted red. I was astonished more than you will ever know as her hand drifted forward, found my lump, and squeezed it gently ... testing.

“Is that because you know Daddy and Aunt Jill are being naughty close right now ... or because of me?”

My eyes snapped back up to her face so quickly it seemed like I could feel the inertia as they stopped. She looked back at me through lowered lashes. There was no trace of little girl in her now. How could she have known what I was thinking about? There was another of those pregnant pauses, while I reflected on things for a few seconds. She didn’t seem to mind the silence at all. She was not uncomfortable in the least.

‘What the fuck are you doing, girl?’ I wondered, actually curious about her uncharacteristic behavior. Normally she was just a happy, bubbly, seventeen-year-old girl, who happened to be beautiful and smart and fun to be around. She never acted the vamp, like this. But she was unbelievably sexy at this moment. And, she was completely composed and relaxed, despite the fact she had just told me my wife was cheating on me. And that she was willing to help me cheat on my wife.

I think. Suddenly things were too complicated for a beautiful, sunny day.

I didn’t give her a chance to answer the question. Instead I answered hers, just telling her the truth.

“I suspect it’s a little of each.”

Her smile bloomed and suddenly her arms were around my neck and her big, soft breasts were crushed against my chest. It was so weird to feel the cool of the wet cloth covering the tips, and the warm flesh that wasn’t covered by cloth, all at the same time.

“I’m so glad,” she sighed into my neck. “I didn’t want you to be silly and get mad.”

“After what you just told me, I think I’m supposed to be mad,” I said, resisting the urge to slide my hands down her naked back and cup her bottom.

“I know, but it isn’t like that. They’re just really close, that’s all. Like I said, you’re the love of her life. They just grew up doing this stuff, and sometimes they miss it, that’s all.”

“They grew up having incest?” I asked, resisting the urge to place a thoroughly incestuous kiss on my niece’s neck.

“That’s what I got out of him that night when he was drunk. He made me swear to never tell anybody.”

“You just told me,” I said.

“Not really. You guessed,” she said.

“The question is... why did you tell me,” I mused.

“I didn’t tell you,” she insisted. “You guessed.”

“Yeah, I know,” I said. “That’s your story and you’re sticking to it.”

“Exactly,” she said.

“Okay. Why did you set things up so I guessed?”

“You said you were going to go find her.”


“And I have a feeling that, if you had gone to find her, you’d have found out anyway.”

“You know where they are,” I said.

“She squirted ketchup on him.”

I blinked, confused.”

“And he got mustard on her.”

“I don’t understand,” I admitted.

“She said something about how now they’d have to go take a shower, and they both laughed.”

I got it. “You mean they’re taking a shower? Together?”

“If it was you and me it would be together,” she said, boldly.

“Don’t say things like that if you can’t back them up, little girl,” I warned.

Without batting an eye she reached for a can of root beer, shook it violently and then popped the top. I couldn’t believe it! The spray drenched us both and I yelped and leapt backwards.

“Oh gee,” she said, her voice calm. “I’m sure sorry, Uncle Bob. I guess we need to take a shower, now. I don’t want to go all the way home. Can I use yours?”

My cock had lost some of its firmness while we talked, but now it reared back up to full potential.

“Yes,” I said, calling her bluff.

“I think the one in the master bathroom is busy,” she said, licking her lips. I wondered if she was tasting the root beer on them, or thinking about something else. “We’ll have to use a different one.”

One reason we had reunions at our house was because it was the grandparent’s house. Jill’s parents were raised there, and Ricky was in the Army when they died, so the house was passed on to Jill. It had five bedrooms and three full baths, one of which was down in the basement. That’s where all the slumber parties and sleepovers had happened over the decades. There was also a little kitchen down there with a refrigerator and a big freezer for meat and stuff like that. That bathroom was the one my niece had in mind.

But on the way I detoured, steering her toward the master bedroom. She kept pulling at my hand, whispering for me not to do anything stupid, and reminding me that Jill really did love me, but I just kept pulling until we got close enough that she had to shut up or be heard.

The shower was running.

Nobody was in the bedroom, waiting for their turn, and when I cracked the door to the bathroom, I could see shapes through the glass. The female one was pressed against the male one, front to front. She had one leg up, and she seemed to be rising and falling gently. There were a lot of moans too. It was pretty clear that my wife’s brother ... or some other man ... was fucking her in the shower, standing up. It was also clear that she was having a good time.

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