Never Too Clean to Get Dirty

by Guitarslim01

Copyright© 2013 by Guitarslim01

Sex Story: Husband can't control himself after his wife gets out of the shower

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

I walked slowly up the stairs, not wanting to disturb the sleeping children in their rooms. The hallway light was off, but there was light coming from the open bathroom door. As I reached the top of the stairs I could feel the moisture in the air which told me my wife had just got out of the bath.

It was heavy and hot and I could feel a dab of perspiration on my forehead as I peeked into the bathroom hoping to catch a glimpse of her drying off. Unfortunately she was not in there and the room was empty except for a puddle of her clothes on the floor. By the steam on the mirror and the water still draining from the tub I could tell she had only just recently got out and with a building excitement at still being able to catch a "forbidden" glimpse of her I walked over to my bedroom door which was shut.

I pushed the door open and it creaked drawing her attention to me immediately. She was laying on the bed wearing her red and white striped pajamas. The ones with the paper thin spaghetti top that barely covered her breasts and always managed to entice just the right reaction from me. She was laying there on her stomach with her arms folded across to pillow her chin and her book was propped in front of her. She must have been reading in the tub and she only half responded to my intrusion with a

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to change into something more comfortable."

I managed to blurt out hoping to sound innocent and allow her to continue back to her book. As her attention faded from me and returned back to her book I fully entered the room and walked past the bed towards the dresser my eyes never leaving her prone form. I visually drank in her beauty, from the glistening drops of water dripping out of her shoulder length that would land on her bare shoulders and then with each breath she took start a seductive crawl sliding down further her back, to the small strip of flesh visible between the pyjama top and bottom that was peeking out at me but could hardly be spared the attention as my eyes wandered to her perfectly shaped ass that was barely concealed beneath those striped pants.

I was almost startled to find my own pajama pants in my hands and barely managed to stifle an exclamation.

I shed my pants and underwear and donned my pj's. I took off my shirt and again had to pause and just stare at her. I think she felt the heat of my gaze because she turned slightly and looked at me over her shoulder. "What are you looking at?" she asked almost innocently but I imagine she knew exactly what I was looking at.

I struggled for words because when she had turned her right breast had appeared from under her and I could see the nipple poking at the fabric ever so slightly.

"Umm nothing, I'm just getting dressed." I finally managed. I'm sure I sounded like an idiot, but in my defense I was having most of my blood redirected away from my brain.

"Whatever" she mumbled rolling her eyes as she turned back to her book.

I dropped my shirt that I was still holding and decided to go in for the kill. Like a wild cat stalking it's prey I slowly crept to the bed trying to not draw her attention again until I was ready to pounce.

I successfully reached her side and it wasn't until I straddled her back that she realized that the cat had pounced.

"Hey" she cried "I'm trying to finish this chapter. Leave me alone." An evil grin split my face as I traced one of the water droplets journey along her smooth skin with my finger.

"Nobody is stopping you from reading." I said as she shivered slightly from the teasing touch of my finger. Dutifully she faced her book again as if to banish my presence by force of will alone. It may have worked, but I was too hungry and had caught a scent ... it must have been her body wash or maybe the bubble bath, but whatever it was I was able to detect the faint smell of fruit. Not enough to be overpowering or even identifiable, but just enough to draw me deeper into the trance. I replaced my finger with my lips and lightly kissed her bare back and shoulders. Seeing that she wasn't going to try and push me off I lifted my bulk up more and supported myself with my elbows.

I continued to lightly kiss her soft skin and worked my way up to her neck, pausing only briefly to move the damp hair from my path. When I reached her ear I could see she had closed her eyes and a smile of pleasure had appeared on her lips. With my right hand I slowly drug my fingertips up from her waist to her shoulder and started to slowly, ever so slowly push the strap of her top down towards her shoulder. It didn't bare any more skin, but it was a clear sign of intent.

"Hang on." she muttered and tried to wiggle out from under me. I relented and rolled off of her towards the middle of the bed and lay there supporting my head with my arm giving her room to sit up.

She placed her bookmark in her book and placed it on the night table, then to my delight crossed her arms at her waist and took off her top revealing her back to me in the process. I could feel my penis jump in excitement. The top was pulled over her head and tossed to the floor and in one motion she lay back and rolled to face me stopping with her face inches from mine. "You may continue." she mewed, shedding the feigned indifference of a few moments ago. Lacking words I just leaned forwards and kissed her lips. As we kissed I placed my left hand on her hip and slid it up her side until I reached her breasts.

With my fingertips I traced her nipple, running in slow circles around it. The nipple stiffened at my touch and her kisses intensified, threatening to knock me off of my precarious perch on my elbow. I removed my hand and placed it on her shoulder and pushed her flat back against the bed.

"Don't move" I said softly and winked at her as I lowered my head towards her right breast. A grunt of pleasure was my reward when my tongue first touched her nipple. I enjoy licking and suckling on her breasts a lot, fortunately she does as well and for the next few minutes. I continued to do so using my other hand to tease her other nipple. I made sure to switch nipples so as not to make them too sensitive or have one feel ignored and by her deepening breath I could tell she was enjoying it as much as I was.

I continued to tease her nipple with my tongue and lips but slowly drifted my hand from her breast down to her midsection and then to the hem of her pants. Like dipping under blankets I pushed my hand beneath the elastic of her waistband and searched for the treasure I knew was hidden beneath.

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