The Boys on the Road

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2013 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: This is a story in honor of expatdad. The character appeared in one of his stories and is featured here. Petra has a startling meeting with the Junior Minister, and was put under his desk, naked, to service him. But she left frustrated, even after dealing with his secretary. But she came across two younger men on the road, seeking a ride, and her evening was a success.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   MaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Double Penetration   .


Petra J was still weak in the knees, when she got to her car. She was simply shaking her head about the experience that she'd just had.

"Extraordinary!" she mumbled to herself, as she reached the car. She mused that not even her fertile imagination could have come up with a scenario even remotely like what had just happened in the office of the Junior Minister.

Petra's, a statuesque blonde, with long hair that frequently, in a pony tail, hung down to the middle of her back, very pleasing legs and a nicely heart shaped butt, plus 38c breasts that called attention to themselves, had been in Africa for a short while, and was already discovering the truth of the attitudes and the physical characteristics of African men. They were, she mused with herself, a groping society. She was constantly groped casually by men in crowded places. Her breasts and butt were the constant targets of lewd hands that sought to simply play with her a bit.

Petra didn't really mind that. She was, she realized, having the time of her life. But not even her liberal sexual attitudes made her ready for the way that the Junior Minister moved in on her, having 'his way' with her almost immediately, after meeting her. Nor was she prepared for the way that the same Junior Minister made arrangements with her boss to have her stay on in Africa as the manager of the companies new arrangements with the local government.

It had been a dazzling, just dazzling flow of events, and Petra discovered that she liked the sex, liked the fact that African men did, from what she'd been able to discover, indeed have big cocks, proving the 'old wive's' tale was a fact. She liked being groped even, having the sensations and not knowing when a hand was going to steal out and cup her ass or, stroke her pussy or grab a nipple quickly. She just liked that. That was a part of her almost every outing these days. Still, this day was a stunner for her.

She'd had a meeting that afternoon with the Junior Minister, a meeting that, she realized, was to be a normal event for her, about once every month or so. His male secretary had sent her into the Minister's office immediately, and the Junior Minister himself, pleased to see her, had greeted her with a hand kiss. Nor did he waste any time in making known to her what he wanted:

"Beautiful Petra," he'd said, "I'm sorry to be rushing you and non-gentlemanly today but I have a full schedule ahead of me this morning. I'll need you here for about the next half hour."

She smiled and nodded her head. "I'm pleased to be here, Minister," she said, "And will work to make sure that what you need is accomplished."

(Petra took her new Manager's responsibility seriously.)

"Fine, my dear," he said, "Let's begin by having you take those clothes off."

She was stunned! Absolutely stunned.

"Please hurry," he said, "It will be busy here."

Petra found herself, with the order that he'd given, the demand, to be totally, instantly turned on. She smiled at him and reached around and undid side buttons of her wrap dress, letting it fall away from her. She stepped out of it, and put it on a chair, where he told her to place her things. She stood smiling at him in her pretty panties and bra, thigh highs and heels, when he made a hand gesture to tell her to take the rest off. She did. She put her bra and matching pearl, white panties on the chair on top of her dress, on top of everything. It left her naked and almost shaking from the wave of lust that encompassed her immediately.

He held up his hand then and said: "Fine! Now come here!"

He was soon on the phone, and with hand gestures mainly got Petra to actually hunker down and crawl under his desk. There she was, totally naked, except for her shoes, under his desk. Then he sat down at the desk, and the secretary, after knocking, hurried in to show him the schedule.

"A moment," the Junior Minister said to the secretary, who bent to take Petra's clothes out of the office.

"Leave them!" the Junior Minister said, and they were indeed left on the chair, her underwear on top, for anyone who came into the office to see.

"Here, Petra," he said, and the secretary watched as the Junior Minister unzipped his pants and took out a six to seven inch soft cock. "Open your mouth, sweet one."

Petra, dazzled, did as she was told, and took the soft cock into her mouth.

"Good," the Junior Minister said, "Just hold it there for now; I'll tell you when you may begin to suck me off."

The secretary, standing next to the Junior Minister just looked down at Petra, at the naked woman crouched beneath the desk and grinned. Petra looked up at him and simply did what she was told: she held the stiffening cock in her mouth. It caused her mouth to water a bit and she wiped her mouth now and again.

"Here's what we have, sir!" the secretary said.

"Fine," was his answer. "Let's begin."

So, as Petra crouched there with the cock in her mouth, just holding it there, as she was ordered to do, the secretary began to show people into the office. Groups or individuals only stayed for about 10 minutes a piece. And upon entering the room, the first thing that they saw was the pile of clothes on the chair by the desk, with the delicate panties and bra on top of the pile.

One of the groups that was shown into the room was a group of older women, who represented a kind of society that had a request of the Junior Minister. As soon as they were seated, casting glances over at the pile of clothes and the prominently displayed underwear, the Junior Minister interrupted their speaker and, looking beneath his desk at Petra, said: "Okay, begin now."

The women gasped at the obvious meaning of what the Junior Minister had said, and what was being done under the desk.

Their conversation with the Junior Minister continued, and the Junior Minister was very polite to them. He held up a hand at one point and said to Petra: "Make some wet noises! I'll like that."

With the office full of the fuming women, Petra J began to loudly suck the Junior Minister's cock, while kneeling under his desk, and between his splayed thighs.

"Now, ladies, as you were saying!" the Junior Minister continued.

(He was a powerful enough man that no one, but no one gave him any grief about what was happening.)

Their business done, and the favor that they were asking having been granted, the women got up to leave. The Junior Minister stayed where he was and each of the women then went to him to shake his hand. As each one did, they got a full view of Petra, beneath that desk, her blonde hair glistening in the shadows under that desk, sucking on the Junior Minister's cock.

Then the secretary was there again. He began to tell the Junior Minister who was next, when the Junior Minister put up a hand and said: "Wait, we're just finishing here."

Having said that, with the secretary looking on, he grabbed Petra by her long blonde hair and pulled her face into his crotch, so that her nose was already in his pubic hair, as he came and came into her mouth. She struggled with it, fighting not to gag, and breathing through her nose quickly. He released his grip on her hair, when he was totally done, and had been cleaned by Petra's mouth. Then he pushed his chair back and said to the secretary:

"Wait a moment with the next. Take her and her clothes and get her settled."

Petra came crawling out from beneath the desk, aware that the secretary was looking on and grinning. She leaned forward, when the Junior Minister grabbed her head again and she planted a kiss on his shriveled but still displayed cock. Then the secretary led her from the room, carrying her clothes.

They went into a side room with chairs and couches and before Petra could react, the secretary, still staring at her nakedness, pushed her to her knees. She was too dazed by what she'd just gone through to put up any resistance, nor was she of a mind to resist at all. She was truly in a state. As she watched, never taking her eyes off of what he was doing, he slowly unzipped his own pants and fished another nice sized black cock out and wiped it across her face, wetting her face with his precum. She licked at the cock head, as it moved past her mouth, licked at it with her tongue. He laughed: "Slut woman!" he said to her, and continued to taunt her, slapping her cheeks with his erection, with her moaning to have it put in her mouth.

"Please, please!" she begged, all pride gone totally, "Give it to me! Please let me have it in my mouth!"

He laughed saying: "It's what the white woman wants! This black cock!"

"Yes, yes, yes, sir!" she mumbled, as he wiped it again across her face, wetting her cheeks yet again.

Then he reached down and said: "Show me, white woman, that you have the mouth for it."

He inserted his fingers in her mouth and pulled her cheeks wide apart, showing the width of her mouth.

"Good, big mouth, ready for serving!" he said next.

"Yes," she agreed, "Ready for serving. Please, please may I serve you, sir?" She smiled at him, looking up at him and continued to beg, the humiliation of it washing over her.

Then with a final laugh, he gave her his cock to suck. She did, avidly, actively, with more loud, wet noises, doing anything that she could think of to please him, as he fed it into her mouth. She held his balls; licked his balls. He came after a bit and then looked at her with disdain: "Get dressed and leave. The Minister will tell you, when he needs your mouth next."

"Yes, thank you," she said, still savoring the tastes in her mouth.

She left reeling and totally on fire from what had happened. She realized quickly, however, that she had not been satisfied, just, merely used. But she liked that! She knew that much; she liked being used that way. She liked the crazy scene, her huddled, naked beneath that desk. Not all knew that she was there but many of them had seen her crouching there and sucking the Junior Minister's cock or simply holding it in her mouth, such as that group of mature African women.She knew that. Many of them were aware of it, and all of them had seen her pile of clothing, with the underwear on top of the pile. All of them had seen that.

She got to her car and began the slow, longish trip back to the Safari Lodge, where she was still staying. She was restless and terribly turned on by it all still. The scene played over and over again in her mind.


The more that she thought about it, the more Petra was bothered by the fact that she didn't get 'taken care of'. She positively delighted in being used the way that she was. She even wondered if there were someone that she could confide in to tell what it was like to be beneath that desk, during a busy morning of meetings, wearing only her shoes, nothing else at all, and for many minutes, simply holding the Junior Minister's cock in her mouth, her mouth watering all the while. It made her giggle but she had to admit that she sucked off the Junior Minister, and then she sucked off his secretary but had not chance to get off herself.

"Girl," she said to herself out loud in the privacy of the car, "You need to grab the next African man that you find and get yourself fucked!" She laughed out loud at the sound of it, the sound of the words in her mouth.

"Nice mouth on you!" she said, and a kind of inner voice answered directly: "Yes, but remember that that mouth was just a kind of resting place for the Junior Minister's growing cock!"

She giggled and went on with the thought: "Oh, dear!" said the Junior Minister, where did I put my cock? I can't find it. Oh, yes, it's right here in the slut's mouth. She's keeping it for me all nice and warm and growing.!"

She was, by then, laughing almost like a maniac. "And when he wanted wet noises for the women he was meeting with," Petra sang out, "Guess who provided the wet noises? Petra the mouth! Ta-da! Petra the mouth!"

"Get a grip, girl!" she told herself then, and the answer came shooting back: "I did! I got a grip on his not totally erect cock with my lips! Then I held it. Didn't want to hold his hand but certainly did want to hold his cock between my lips."

By this time, Petra was cackling to herself!

"Oh dear!" she moaned, "You need to get laid! Badly! But at least it'll be my favorites, my fingers tonight, playing with Momma's pud!"

There were tears rolling down her cheeks from her jollity.

She shook her head then and said: "Amazing! Sexy! Dirty! Captivating!"

She was shaking her head actively then and said: "When he wants me to do that again, I'll sure as hell do it! That much I know."

There was a brief silence and she cautioned herself to calm down a bit.

"Yes, yes, calm down!" she said, but then plaintively: "But I want to get laid! There must be some black African cock around here someplace for me, for poor 'only gets to suck them off' Petra!"

Her fugue state was starting to abate when she looked up the road and there, sitting by the side of the road and hitch hiking in a very laid back fashion were two young African men.

"Oho!" Petra said, her fey mood returning again quickly. "Requests are answered around here."

She slowed and stopped a bit in front of the two seated young men. She judged their ages to be about 19 to 23 or so.

She pushed a button and had the window rolled down.

"Hi, guys!" she said. "Where you need to be?"

They gave her the name of a town that was nearby and close to where she was going.

"Well," she said "You can ride with me."

Their faces lit up immediately. "We'd love to ride with the Pretty, white lady!" one of them said with the other nodding in agreement.

"Then get in," Petra said, and they did. One in the front and one in the back. The one in the back got into the seat directly behind Petra's seat.

"I'm Petra," she said right away. "I'm Matthew," the one in the front said, "Joseph", came the voice of the one in the back.

"Pretty, white lady is out alone today!" Matthew said.

"Yes, a meeting with the government," Petra said causally and she drove off.

"Miss Petra is very nice looking," Joseph said from the back, "Very nice looking indeed!"

"Yes," Matthew agreed, "Nice, Pretty, white lady with such Pretty hair and such a nice shape. Yes indeed!"

"Thank you, both of you," she said. She appreciated what they said, and was wondering from the start if this might be the answer to her restlessness and lack of being 'taken care of'.

They made small talk for a bit, most of it, from the two young men, including how Pretty they thought Petra was, with her long blonde hair and Pretty shape. There was a certain tension in the air in that car but Petra was enjoying the tension, making it a part of this terribly exciting day.

Their talk was only serving to urge her on, in her thoughts about what she didn't get for herself at the Junior Minister's.

It was Joseph from the back who changed things. As Petra was driving, he put his hands around her seat and grabbed her breasts in his hands.

Petra squealed with the surprise.

"Petra, Pretty woman," Matthew said, "Careful of your driving. Careful!"

"Yes," she said, breathlessly, "Careful!"

But they noticed that she did not tell Joseph to remove his hands. He took the encouragement and rubbed his hands around her breasts, causing her nipples to respond and begin to stand out on their own.

"Ohhh," she moaned.

"Pretty Petra likes this," Joseph said, "Pretty Petra's nipples are hard as stones now! Yes sir!"

"Yes, Pretty Petra likes that!" Matthew said, and reached for a breast himself.

"Ohhh," she moaned again, as the other pair of hands were playing with her breasts. "Yes, Petra likes that; likes it very much!"

They did that for many minutes, as she tried to concentrate on her driving. They rubbed their hands across and around her breasts. But it was Joseph again who changed the action a bit. He grasped her left nipple and squeezed.

Petra let out a shout and the two of them laughed.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she moaned, after the shout.

"Likes her nipples played with, yes!" Joseph said.

Then her confusion increased, as Joseph from behind began to unbutton the side buttons on her dress. He unbuttoned the others too, and pushed the flaps of the dress to the side, showing Petra's panties and bra.

(Petra had been in a real state, when she picked them up by the side of the road, especially after dealing with the Junior Minister and his secretary. She had thoughts about them immediately but didn't know how she might begin anything with them, until Joseph began it himself. At that point, she simply let it happen, confident of the fact that she would finally get laid this night!)

"Look at the Pretty, white lady now!" Matthew said, reaching over and taking one of Petra's lace covered breasts in his hand. "Does Pretty Petra like that?" he asked.

She shook her head quickly but it wasn't enough for them. Matthew, emboldened by what had already happened with this white woman, lightly slapped her face and said: "Answer!"

"Sorry, sorry," she said quickly, reacting positively to the face slap, "I do like that!"

"You like being slutty with native boys?" Matthew asked.

She knew what they wanted then but it was what she wanted also right then: "Yes, I like being slutty with native boys!" she declared.

Matthew followed up the slap with an attack on Petra's nipple. He grasped it and twisted it cruelly.

"Ahhhhhh!" she whined., "Hurts! Hurts!"

Both boys laughed. "Maybe Pretty Petra likes the hurt?" Matthew said grinning.

"Yes, yes," she sighed, "Petra likes the hurt! Likes it!"

Joseph laughed at her admission about being slutty, and liking the hurting of her nipples, and then from behind, pulled on the back of the dress, and Matthew pushed Petra a bit forward. She slowed down now, knowing what they had in mind, and raised herself up from the seat, as Joseph pulled the dress from her totally, leaving her in her panties and bra to drive.

(She had not, indeed, put her stockings back on at the Junior Minister's office. So that she was left now with her pearl white panties and matching bra and her heels.)

"There is a clearing ahead," Joseph said, "Pull in there, Pretty Petra."

She did as she was told. She pulled in and stopped the car. The car headlights were illuminating the clearing area, allowing them to see. She waited for them; she certainly knew by then that they were in charge, much the same as the Junior Minister had been in charge, when he ordered her under his desk, naked, to hold his cock in her mouth, until he was ready to have it sucked, and the secretary had been in charge after that, when he was slapping Petra's up-turned face with his erect cock.

It was Matthew who broke into her reverie: "Our Pretty Petra," he said, "Now you get out and walk in the light of the headlights up the road just a little bit. Show us how Pretty Petra looks, when she walks."

Petra smiled at them, eager to do whatever they wanted of her but Joseph intervened.

"Wait!" he said, and reaching over the back seat unhooked Petra's bra and took it. Matthew, seeing what his friend was doing, then moved to take Petra's panties off. With a giggle, she lifted her hips to help him with that and was then naked, except for her shoes.

It was then that she got out of the car and stood first in the glare of the headlights, while the two of them inside the car enjoyed the sight of this Pretty, and well formed white woman, who was now parading around, in the glare of the car's headlights, for them naked.

Petra turned, with her hips swaying and swishing and stalked out of the clearing and up the road, swinging her ass cheeks as she went. They stood outside of the car and cheered for her, as she moved.

"Lovely!" Joseph called to her, and she turned, smiling at them now and stalked back in their direction. When she neared the car, she had a sudden, unexpected intake of breath. The two of them were standing there and were naked, waiting for her, their large erections standing out proudly in front of them.

"Oh, yes!" she said, coming near to them, and reaching out to take a stiff erection in each of her hands, as she kissed first Joseph and the Matthew, licking their lips, when the kisses were finished.

"Here I am," she said, "Tell me what you want!"

They got her into the position that they wanted. Joseph lay down on the hood of the car, his erection standing straight up and Matthew pushed Petra into position. She leaned down, a hand on either side of Joseph's hips and lowered her mouth on his erection. Then, to her relief and final pleasure, Matthew cozied up behind her and pushed himself inside of her.

She let out a huge sigh!

"This is it, girl," she said to herself, "This is what the night was supposed to come to; you're finally getting laid!"

(Petra was finally in the position that she'd wanted that day. She was finally being taken care of! She certainly didn't mind the kinkiness at the Junior Minister's office. It had appealed to the wildness in her, and also later with the demanding secretary but no one had taken the time for her, not until these two wonderful boys, with their gorgeous nakedness and insistence on how they were going to screw her.)

They were moving together and Petra was reduced to sounds that were wet and came from her throat, as she sucked off Joseph. But then something happened that altered their night a little. As he was moving behind her, and enjoying the bright moonlight on Petra's naked ass, Matthew slapped her. He slapped her ass, hard.

Petra reacted immediately. She squealed loudly around Joseph's erection and moved her mouth away from it.

"Joseph," Matthew said, "It sounds so nice, so lovely, when you slap this white woman's ass!" He was laughing, as he said it.

They changed their positions then. Joseph got down off of the hood of the car and joined Matthew. They pushed Petra, who was frustrated that they'd stopped but was now in the midst of another 'kink' that she loved. She simply loved spanking and the kinds of pain that it represented. They pushed her until she had her hands on the hood of the car, and was bending over at the waist, presenting her ass cheeks to them.

Now the two boys were behind Petra, whose naked ass was their target. They were working her ass cheeks over, Joseph slapping one cheek and Matthew the other. They were laughing and their laughter was spurred on by Petra's constant groans, as she then held her hands up in the air and let it happen.

They moved her then, with Matthew behind her and Joseph in front. He began to slap her breasts back and forth, and still there was a lot of laughter, with constant grimaces of pain from Petra, who was being used this way.

She intervened then: "Guys, guys," she pleaded, "Later, I'll let you do all the slapping you want later but now I want to be fucked!"

"Later, Pretty, white woman?" Matthew asked.

"Yes, later!" she promised.

"All that we want?" Joseph asked.

"Yes," she said, "All that you want!"

Both boys had a gleeful look on their faces, when she admitted that later they could do all the slapping that she wanted. She was in such a heat then that she didn't notice the looks that they gave one another.

They took her then and bent her again from the waist. Now Joseph was inside of her from behind and Matthew was in her mouth in front. They worked her over that way, to her delight, for a good long time. They switched then, once they'd cum the first time with her. She just grabbed onto Joseph and hugged him, when they were done.

Joseph then spoke to Matthew in a native tongue and they both laughed.

"Come here, Pretty Petra!" Matthew said.

They took her off to the side to a tree. Joseph had her bra, and he tied her hands behind her and around a tree.

"What are you two planning now?" she said, giggling.

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