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Erotica Sex Story: There's no place like home. A friend asked me to write this story about herself, her dad and her daughter. It's not true, but she wishes it were so...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Grand Parent   First   .

I saw them as they appeared in the station entrance, dragging pretty much the sum of their lives in two heavy suitcases. They looked tired and stressed and in the case of the youngest, close to tears, a pathetic sight, though I don't mean that in the nasty way some do, just worthy of pity I guess.

"Hi Dad." Said Tina my daughter. "Thanks for coming to collect us it's been a hell of a day."

"So I gathered." I replied before drawing the pair of them into a hug which seemed to open up the dam as both gave out deep sobs and tears flowed freely. "It'll be ok now Michelle, Granddad's here." I murmured in the young ones ear getting an even tighter hug in the process.

I helped them into the car and got their luggage into the boot space before closing the doors and setting off home. Home for us all now I mused and likely to be a crowded one too, still at least we all got on together, both Tina and Michelle being Daddy's girls to a certain extent, though in Michelle's case, definitely a Granddaddy's girl since the breakup of her mother's marriage.

We drove in silence, there didn't seem that much to say and an 'I told you so' would have been utterly crass on my part. I didn't understand my daughters taste in men, never had, she seemed fixated on a look, rather than on finding someone to look after her for the rest of her life. Still her ex and Tina had done one good thing in their train crash of a marriage and she was sitting behind Tina. She looked so much like her Mum did at the same age of fourteen, having hit puberty, but still very much developing I thought, such a beautiful child, still an innocent really, Tina had allowed her to remain a child and enjoy childhood rather than be drawn into an adult world.

"You'll at least both have your own rooms." I finally said for the want of saying something.

"Thanks Dad, it's so good of you to take us in, I know it won't be easy for you." Tina replied.

"You're my girls; there will always be a place for you with me, now and forever." I said.

Tina looked so like her mother, God rest her soul (no she's not dead, just wishful thinking on my part) a definite head turner or yummy mummy I suppose. Still, I thought, I'm probably past the days of threatening her 'boyfriends' or walking erections as I used to think of them. She's far more mature these days and hopefully will have learned from her mistakes, God I hope so...

As for her mother, well she no longer figured in any of our lives, her rank jealousy at her daughters special place in my heart and life had driven us apart years ago. There was no other special woman in my life, not that I was going without, I never had even when Tina's mother had been home and trying to deny me, I was just very discreet and had no complaints from my neighbours neglected wives.

As for me, well I'm Ronald, or Ron to friends and family I'm 57 and I guess I'm in reasonable condition for my age, though no one is ever going to mistake me for a thirty year old, still perhaps mid-forties on a good day ... perhaps. I'm six foot tall and weigh about 12 and a half stones or 190 pounds if you struggle with the odd way the Irish and British weigh things, short dark hair, blue ish eyes and I'm still quite fit as I go to a gym and also walk a lot as exercise. The only reason I used the car today was that the two girls had cases and a long trip behind them. I'm semi-retired, having made a few shrewd decisions with shares and such and so can work from home as an online accountant. I do know Tina's Mum thought she'd gotten the better deal in our acrimonious divorce, but my recent success has left her gain looking somewhat dwarfed and no, the courts won't let her have any of it.

We got home and the girls (yes I think of them both as girls) got out as I gathered their belongings and led the way inside. I'd spent the last few days sorting out enough space for them, I wouldn't say I was a tidy man by nature, but I didn't have that much stuff to make a mess with. Tina and Michelle pitched in with the unpacking and I went to get some drinks. Once back upstairs I was taken somewhat aback. Tina was busy sorting out the bed and leaning over it in an almost classic 'take me pose' Tight jeans showing off her lovely 34" bottom and shapely legs, her tee shirt dipping low to show off her tummy and a lacy white bra encasing her 34 C breasts. Eventually I coughed and Tina as well as Michelle got their drinks whilst I beat a hasty retreat to 'calm my nerves' so to speak. Normally Tina being Tina was just water under the bridge to me, I knew she was sexy and I knew that she had a special place in my heart, it's just I'd not until that moment seen her as a sexual creature in her own right, well not for years, though she had seriously tempted me in the past. I told myself to get a grip; I doubted Tina would be thinking in sexual terms after she'd caught her ex in bed shagging her so called best friend. She needed rest and recuperation I told myself, not the impression that her old man was a letch and coming on to her.

The girls got settled down and I sorted out a dinner for them and we sat in companionable silence at the table tucking in to a good meal.

"So..." I said eventually. "What are your plans?"

"I need to get some sort of job Dad. I expect to pay my way." Tina replied. "I also need to get Michelle into school, though that's not a priority as it's the holidays."

I nodded; Tina had always been the practical one in the family.

"If you want to get her into Loreto Secondary School you'd best plan accordingly." I replied.

"I know Dad, but her grades are very good so I have high hopes." Tina replied.

"I'll assume you know what you're doing, you normally do." I replied with a smile.

"Only in some things Dad." Sighed Tina. "Definitely not in others or why would we be here."

"Not your fault the man you chose wasn't worthy of you." I replied.

"You've never thought that of any of the guys I dated Dad." Tina said. "And don't deny it!"

"Is it my fault I only wanted the best for my princess?" I replied.

"No ... but living with you made it harder to find someone comparable to the best man I knew." Said Tina looking at me wryly.

"I wasn't that great." I replied. "You could have done better. But that's water under the bridge."

"True enough Dad." Tina said. "I don't want to fight over him; I've done that enough with him."

I could see Michelle looking troubled, so I reached across to tousle her hair.

"Don't worry lassie." I said. "It's ok to still have feelings for your Dad; we won't try to change that will we?"

"No Dad, we won't." Tina said giving Michelle a cuddle. "What went wrong wasn't your fault, never think that."

Michelle snuggled into her Mum and again I was overwhelmed with just how close she looked to young Tina all those many years ago. I figured on years of frightening away the local boys as she matured further.

I think an early night for this one might be called for." I said to Tina's nod.

"Yes Dad, but let her watch some telly first." She replied.

We gathered around the telly the girls to watch, I to read the paper just sitting in companionable silence as families sometimes do. Though Michelle tried to prolong it was fairly obvious she was struggling to stay awake and finally Tina gave her, her marching orders.

"No need to get up early." I said as she went up to sort out her bed and various associated tasks to do with personal hygiene.

"Yes Granddad." She replied.

With Michelle off to bed Tina and I chatted for a while until Tina got a blanket and covered herself as she snuggled in next to me as she had as a little girl and we chatted sporadically, just taking comfort in each other's company. Eventually a film came on that we both could watch. It wasn't anything special, called the 'Monster's Ball' I think. But and this is a big but, there was a very erotic sex scene in it which had an unfortunate effect upon me. Well I say unfortunate ... most men would think it a perfectly natural effect of watching Halle Berry being 'fucked' damned hard on the floor of her apartment. Most men didn't have their daughter snuggling into them breathing hard as she watched.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt Tina's hand slip over the bulge in my pants.

"What do you think you're doing girl?" I asked swallowing hard as my erection if anything got even harder.

"What comes naturally Dad." She whispered as she planted a soft kiss on my cheek.

"I'm your father, you shouldn't do this." I responded, but made no attempt to move her soft hand which was now gently squeezing my cock.

"Well it's obvious what he wants." Tina breathed in my ear.

"He has a mind of his own, doesn't mean I'd allow him to go around shagging anyone when he got hard." I said trying to be gruff as the ache and desire grew.

"You old hypocrite." Tina giggled. "Mum might not have caught you, but I know what you were up to with half the women in the neighbourhood."

"Yes, well they aren't my daughter." I replied.

"Did you ever figure out why I chose the boys and men I did Dad?" Tina asked apparently changing the subject.

"Well no not really just that none of them were good enough for you." I replied.

"It was their looks Dad; they all looked just like you..." Tina replied kissing me softly again. "I wanted the best man in my life to be in my life, but settled for someone who looked a little like him. The reason I never ratted you out to mother was that I hoped one day you just might have gotten around to me, I did catch you looking a few times. Mind you I'm surprised there aren't a few by blows of your adventures around."

"Just luck I guess." I replied with a grin. "Certainly wasn't for lack of trying, I always promised to pull out, but damned few would let me once I got their knickers off and their legs apart."

We then both kissed, a soft lovers kiss as we both knew now there was no stopping the events unfolding. My hands slid under the blanket and began to caress my beautiful daughter softly, feeling her warm silky soft skin twitch slightly at each caress.

"Mmmmm" Tina moaned as her own hands moved over my body sliding under my shirt to touch and feel the man she wanted.

I slid one of my hands up her tee shirt to cup one of those lovely breasts that had me so mesmerised earlier this afternoon, feeling warm softness tipped with a firmly erect nipple pressing through the material of her bra. A perfect handful as some men put it, or perhaps a perfect fit. Our lips met again and our tongues entwined as our movements became quicker and more direct as we sought to take what we now considered to be ours. The blanket hit the floor first followed by Tina's tee shirt and my hands lifted to unclasp her bra to allow the ripe fruit within fall into my palms and my lips moved forward to suckle each nipple in turn drawing it into my mouth and gently pressing the tip with my teeth.

"Oh yes Daddy, Oh yes!" Cried Tina going back to the childhood name she hadn't called me in years.

Her own hands were busy too as my shirt was swiftly undone and allowed to fall away from me. She then undid my belt and top button on my jeans and drew down my flies and slipped her hand within to caress my erection, now grown so hard as to be almost painful.

"Oh God!" I groaned as Tina's ministrations threatened to take me over the top.

I swiftly lowered my hands to undo the top button of her own jeans and we both stood to allow our pants to fall to the floor, Tina's needing a little help, so tight were they upon her body. We also drew down the final coverings to our desires and gazed at the results.

"Wow, you're so beautiful." I breathed at Tina's beautifully shaven pussy, slightly glistening in the gloom of the living room.

"Oh Daddy, at last, at last!" She gasped in return as I dropped to my knees and prepared to worship her with my tongue.

Falling back on the sofa I slipped my hands under her lower body to support myself as my tongue snaked into the valley between her nether lips to seek out and taste my lovely daughter.

"Aieeee! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh!" Tina cried out as waves of pleasure washed over her with each swirl of my tongue upon her clitoris. I varied my probing's sometimes using only the tip of my tongue to draw up and down the valley and occasionally stab into her hot wet entrance, other times I just used the flat of my tongue both front and back to rub over her clitoris until Tina's whole body stiffened and she gave out an almost strangled squeal of delight as an immense orgasm took her into virtual nirvana.

I moved up her body to softly kiss her.

"You ok my little princess?" I asked.

"Oh yes Daddy." Tina replied in a voice that almost throbbed with emotion. "It was everything I imagined and more."

"Not finished yet princess, unless you want me too?" I asked.

"Oh God no, I've wanted this since I was almost twelve and figured out just what it was adults did to make babies, but wanted you to teach me Daddy." She replied as her hand caressed the tip of my cock, her thumb running over the tip and smearing pre-cum everywhere.

Tina's hand drew my aching cock towards her hot wet entrance and with a groan I slid my length into her making her gasp in response.

Oh God was she tight; you'd never have believed Michelle had passed this way into the world.

"You feel so good princess." I breathed softly in Tina's ear.

"You feel so good inside me too Daddy." She gasped as I began my first thrusts into her.

Our lips met again in a passionate kiss as our arms enfolded each other and I did my best to pleasure the only woman who really meant a damn to me anymore. Long slow strokes gradually became quicker and more powerful as the sensations of Tina's powerful internal muscles sought to milk me of my seed. Our mutual moans and gasps became louder and louder until the moment of truth arrived.

"I'm going to cum!" I gasped as I prepared to withdraw my cock.

"I'll take my chances!" Moaned Tina as she clamped her powerful thighs over my buttocks to hold me firmly inside her body.

"Uhhhhnnn!" I gasped, as I let loose a virtual torrent of cum in several powerful blasts into my daughters waiting pussy, filling her cervix and womb with my seed.

"Oh yes! At last!" Crooned Tina in triumph as our bodies almost collapsed on the sofa dripping perspiration and our breath coming in shuddering gasps.

"Oh Tina, my Tina." I groaned. "What have we done?"

"The right thing at long last Daddy, now I have the best man in my life and in my pussy at long last!" Tina exclaimed as amazingly I felt myself begin to rise to the occasion again.

"Do you know the hell that will break loose if I get you pregnant princess?" I asked.

"Who's going to know it was you Daddy, not like I'll tell, is it?" Tina replied matter of factly to me.

"I know princess, but I worry about you, I always have, always will." I replied.

Tina's soft hand had reached down to caress my cock gently manipulating it up and down as incredibly my erection grew back far more quickly than I'd ever remembered.

"Well something knows what it wants." Tina said with a throaty chuckle.

"I am so going to hell for this." I muttered as I turned Tina over on the sofa and prepared to mount her doggy style.

She looked so sexy from behind with no clothes on as she had done earlier that day and my now resurgent cock was back to its best and twitching slightly with each pulse of my heart as I guided him back into Tina's tight pussy to resume our incestuous coupling. I still cannot believe just how good it felt to fuck my own daughter and to hear her cries of passion as I thrust hard into her, almost brutally, yet she seemed to egg me on to go ever harder. My hands grabbed her rounded hips to steady me slightly and also to increase the power of each stroke as Tina gabbled away almost incoherently at each stroke of my cock into her hot wet tunnel of love.

"Yes, yes, yes oh! Harder Daddy, harder, ooh! Oh God I'm cumming I'm cumming!" Poured out from her lips as her whole body shook with passion and her already tight pussy clamped down upon my thrusting cock as she moaned out her passion.

"That's right princess, cum for Daddy, let him know how you feel about his cock in you!" I gasped.

"Oh Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" Groaned Tina as my cock took her to ever greater heights of passion as one orgasm seemed to spill over into another until finally I released another blast of my seed deep within her making her gasp and sigh in total satisfaction.

We both collapsed onto the sofa, our chests heaving and sweat pouring from our bodies.

"Oh wow Dad, no wonder you're popular with the ladies." Tina gasped.

"Takes two princess and it's not often this good, has to be the forbidden aspect of it." I sighed.

"Never thought I'd get you Dad, but it was worth the wait." She replied before turning and slipping down my body to take me in her mouth.

It shouldn't have been possible, I'm 57 for God's sake, but Tina managed to restore my erection to a state which was manageable as she straddled my hips and lowered her shaven pussy down my shaft to enfold me in her hot depths.

"Oh God yessssss!" She moaned as with a delicate corkscrew motion she raised and lowered her body up and down on my shaft which became ever harder due to the sight of my gorgeous daughter enjoying the feel of my cock inside her. Tina's face was flushed, her eyes tightly closed and her bottom lip was held by her teeth as she concentrated on the sensations of my invasion of her body. Soon enough a series of bubbling orgasms washed over Tina as she rode my cock pressing down hard on the downstroke to maximise her pleasure and crying out slightly each time. My hands reached up to caress her breast and to tweak her small pink nipples which had remained erect for almost the full time of our coupling making her gasp in delight.

Tina rode my cock for what seemed an age an a long slow sensuous fuck as we both took a great deal of delight in each other's bodies but all good things come to an end as I stiffened and grasped her hips to hold her down as again I blasted my now diminished seed into her welcoming depths.

"Oh wow I think I'll sleep tonight." Sighed Tina in the afterglow.

"Best done in your own room." I replied. "Don't know what Michelle would think of seeing us together, but it probably wouldn't be good."

"Yeah Dad you're probably right, but one day..." Tina sighed.

Gathering up her clothing she went upstairs to shower and wash away the dried on cum and sweat from our frantic couplings. I just pulled on my pants and had a long hard thought about what happened. No, I had no regrets, but there were incredible risks as to what we were going to be doing regularly from now on, one of them being the little angel sleeping upstairs. But where there's a will, there's a way and I think we were both determined to keep having our way with each other.

The following morning Tina went off into town to sign on and look for work, I suspected she'd be gone for the most of the morning at least. Though we hadn't even mentioned last night to each other, there was a very healthy glow to Tina's face and her whole body language had changed, she looked more confident and far happier in life, even Michelle noticed and commented on it.

"There's just something about being and feeling at home." Said Tina. "I spent so many happy years here, it kind of rubs off."

"Can I come to town with you?" Asked Michelle.

"Not today baby, I have to deal with the government people, there'll be no time for shopping." Replied Tina. "You can stay here and help Granddad or just mess around."

Michelle just nodded, she hadn't said an awful lot since I picked her and her Mum up yesterday, but some of it was just her way of dealing with the recent events of having to come to live with me.

Michelle was so like Tina had been when she was growing up, a very feminine young lady, always well dressed, pretty and inclined to do girly things, I could see a lot of her mother as well as my ex-wife in her. She stood at 5' 1" weighing about 6 stone (84 pounds) a slim blonde child, smallish pert breasts and a slim if definitely womanly figure, She was still growing and I reckon within a year or two she'd top her mother's 5' 2".

"So what would you like to do today?" I asked after Tina left.

"I don't know." She replied sadly. "I don't know."

I could see tears forming so I cuddled her in.

"Things will get better my little Lady, I promise." I told her.

Michelle held me tight and sniffled for a while and I held her till it stopped.

"I have to do some housework, but if you want to play, you know where the computer is or there's some paper, pencils and crayons you can draw with over there." I pointed with a gentle smile.

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