Two Men Wanted

by Friskee_cpl

Copyright© 2013 by Friskee_cpl

Erotica Sex Story: He wants to take some photographs of her with two men but somehow the ad was mis-interpreted. Now she has to deal with her mistake.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Rough   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .


TE: If you would like to see a nude pic of Sharon, send us a message.

Two Men Wanted: Two young men needed to fulfil our fantasy of having two men fuck the wife as hubby takes photos. Must be prepared to have photos taken and published on the net. Must also be prepared to perform DP and not scared of another man's dick. 

I typed the message into the online personals profile and hovered over the 'Enter' button.

"Are you happy with this and the photos?" I asked Sharon as she lay naked next to me. 

"No one will reply," she said. 

"Bullshit," I said. "You'll be swamped with offers."

"No young men are interested in a 43 year old, middle aged woman."

"It's all to do with attitude," I said. "And you have plenty of attitude."

"Nah," She rolled onto her back. "It's been seven years since we had that threesome. I'm not as hot as I was."

My mind flashed back to our first threesome when Sharon had her first double penetration. I can still recall the images of her lying down with her legs spread wide and cum dribbling out of her mouth and cunt. It was like it was yesterday. 

"Look at you," I pressed enter and sent it on its way. "You want it real bad don't you?"

"I'm going to have to make do with Mr Happy forever and ever," She picked up her dildo and rubbed it on her pussy. "Because no one will want any of this."

I pulled my expanding cock out of my track suit pants and stroked it as she closed her eyes and slipped the dildo into her hairy, but trimmed pussy. I walked over to her as I admired her long black curly hair that fell back on the bed and her flat belly and nice tits as she rubbed her clit.

"I certainly want it," I said as I rubbed my cock against her mouth. 

Three days later I opened up our profile on AMF and lo and behold there were 265 messages.

"Look at this," I said as I moved the laptop over to her. "265 messages from a bunch of horny men in three days."

"Bullshit!" she said as she spun the laptop around towards her. "I'm going to have to check these out." Finally she believed what I had been telling her all along.

"Women can easily score," I said to her for the umpteenth time. "Now pick two and I will organise the rest ok."

"Some are pretty young," she said. "Here is one that is 19. And he's hot too."

I could see she was getting excited about what she was doing and her pert boobs were nearly out of her short black nightie as she leant over the laptop. I reached in and gave one a squeeze and she slapped me on the hand.

"You'll get yours later," she said. "I have work to do."

She certainly did.

"I have the two I want," she said. "One is that 19 year old you saw last week and the other is a 26 year old Italian lad."

"Show me." I lay on the bed next to her and looked at the images on the monitor. "I suppose they look ok."

I lifted up the bottom of her nightie and rubbed her arse. 

"Send them the details of where we will meet," I said. "I've booked the honeymoon suite at Crowne Plaza. Get their mobile phone numbers so we can contact them on the day."

"I already have them," she said.

She was certainly keen.

I lugged the flash equipment and my cameras up to the room and set the Elinchroms and reflectors up in strategic positions around the room. The scenario was that Sharon was to be the mother of a bride who gets fucked by the two groomsmen. I don't know why we were bothering with a scenario but it just seemed like a bit more fun than just a straight shoot. The two lads were to be dressed in tuxedos and were to get her drunk and seduce her before going to the wedding. 

Sharon was out getting herself a full beauty treatment as I set up and at about 5.30 there was a knock on the door. I opened it up and there before me was Sharon looking better than she had looked for years. Her hair was dark and curly as always but it shone. Her face looked ten years younger and the short black dress she wore accentuated her firm boobs and hot arse. The fish net stockings only helped things along.

"Fucking hell," I said. "You look 33 not 43."

"Yeah I look alright don't I." She waltzed into the room. 

"How am I supposed to wait until 7.30 before I get to see what's below."

She pulled a bottle of champagne out of the fridge and grabbed one of the joints I'd rolled of the top of the dresser. 

"We can have a drink, order a meal and relax," she said.

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