The Price Was Chocolate

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A mental institution closed and the daughter was sent home. The mother unable to cope calls upon a distant cousin to help. He helps and finds out that a bar of chocolate can have fantastic results

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Food   .

Brenda was frantic; she had just received news that the institution that housed her daughter for the last twelve years was closing. The reasons given were either 'financial' or 'the institutions were a violation of the rights of the inhabitants'. It would be more in their interests to be with their families, so the 'good doers' of society said. "Families", Brenda screamed. "The family had almost been destroyed when Belinda was home. From the age of ten she had totally gone off the rails; she couldn't be controlled and her behaviour had finally split the marriage, her husband told her he had, had enough and split, leaving Brenda with a girl who one minute could be as pleasant as pie and the next a force of total destruction.

What could she do, she needed help but there would be none coming from any social welfare group and she knew that Belinda was not a little girl any more, but a woman approaching twenty-five. She was in tears as she again read the government letter and it was then that a 'fridge magnet' seemed to jump out in front of her. The magnet was from a distance cousin who lived in the country some three hours drive from her city suburb. She turned the magnet over and stuck to the back was his phone number and address. 'Could she turn to this man and ask for help?'

Warren had just come inside from his work shed when the phone rang. "Warren Crawford", he said.

"Warren!" Came the female voice over the receiver. "It is Brenda, your distance cousin from Melbourne". It had been ages since he had heard from her, the last time was for a birthday, her daughter's, who would have been around twelve. "It has been awhile Brenda", he replied. Over the next fifteen minutes he heard of the problems, the closing of the institutions which he didn't know the daughter had been sent to and the desperation in the voice of the mother. "Could you give her a holiday of sorts in the country", she pleaded. "I'm at wits end and I don't know what to do". There was silence on the other end as Warren digested the request and just wondered how bad the daughter was when Brenda said the words that made up his mind. "Help me Warren and you can fuck me stupid". Fucking Brenda has once entered his mind for then she was an attractive woman, heavy breasted and a large inviting bottom; a thought that never did eventuate. However that was years ago, what would be her appearance now was the sixty-four dollar question, but it was a quest he was willing to investigate especially as she had aroused a long ago consideration.

He left his abode just after seven in the morning, arriving at Brenda's just after ten. She welcomed him in and introduced him to the woman who was but a girl when he was last here. "Belinda dear", she said. "This is your cousin Warren, he is going to give you a holiday in the country". The girl or more correctly 'woman' was busy changing channels on the television, going from one cartoon to another; she took no notice of the introduction. For his part he took notice of a woman with long but un-kept hair, a dress just held on the shoulders by two frayed straps but loose enough to reveal ample flesh of her very large tits. Her mother shrugged and then signalled him to follow her. He entered her bedroom, she locked the door and removed the house coat she was wearing; she was nude under it. Her tits although sagging still wobbled and bounced, the nipples were erect but what made him give a gasp was the growth of hair at her groin. It was a miniature forest; hair was growing well up her stomach and down the insides of her thighs. He always fancied women with hair at their groins, women who shaved their cunts turned him off completely. Years had made her a bit flabby, but she was still reasonable so he said. "Fuck Brenda you are fantastic". Stripping was very quickly achieved and with his cock sticking out like a miniature lance he asked as he lifted her tit and pulled her nipple. "Give it a suck before we fuck", he asked. She didn't verbally respond, just sank down, gripped that throbbing length and began to suck; a suck that made his teeth rattle.

For a good five minutes he held her head hard against his groin. Although his mind was more focused on what she was doing the fact that she had taken his entire length and was giving his cock such a suck told him that Brenda was no novice, she had sucked cock before.

Reluctantly he stopped her. "I would love for you to suck me totally off, but you said something about a fuck", he said. She pulled away; his cock was covered in saliva. She lay, legs wide open and as he mounted her and pushed that throbbing length into that hair covered cunt, grunted. "I love a hair covered cunt". With that he thrust and drove his not small cock to the limits of her cunt. Her bum rose to receive it and as he pumped gasped between the grunts "Give it to me hard" and hard he did. He fucked her as he did with any escort women he occasionally used. He drove his cock in with a force that made her being shudder but the harder his cock worked the more she responded and when he emptied his balls her response was a long gasp of appreciation.

Slowly he got up, she untangled herself and handed him a tissue to wipe his lubricated prick. "Stay for lunch?" she asked as she put her house coat back on. He nodded and shortly joined her in the kitchen; the daughter was still clued to the television. It was just after two when he left; he buckled his charge in and then put her luggage in the back; he gave a wave to Brenda and thought as he drove away that the reason she wanted her daughter out of the way was because old Brenda couldn't entertain. He smiled to himself for he was now sure that Brenda was either a prostitute or a woman who just fucked, she was certainly no amateur.

Belinda was beginning to show signs of life the further they got into the country, she was thrilled when they had to stop as a herd of cows crossed the road, she jumped up in the seat waving and giggling as the cows passed close to the car. The animals and the country side seemed to do wonders for her that was until there was a clap of thunder, it terrified her and she made a grab for him. So sudden was the move that for seconds he lost control, the car swayed and it was when he had four wheels back on the road that he became conscious where she had grabbed him, right on his cock. He certainly wasn't going to discourage her for she was like her mother, heavily breasted and he had already noted she was braless. How disturbed she really was he didn't know or even care for whether she knew what she was doing or not he didn't consider for he was hardening to the extend that he was very uncomfortable, especially as she was constantly squeezing him. He gripped the steering wheel till his knuckles were white and held on till they were just a short distance from his destination; he slowed down, undid his belt and pulled his trousers down, his prick jumped out, relieved to be free. What thoughts went through her mind he didn't know, but without any hesitation she loosened her seat belt, bent forward, took his cock into her mouth and sucked.

She sucked while he drove and just as he pulled into his drive and for seconds before his balls exploded had a good feel of a tit and a pull of her hard and erect nipple. Automatically he pushed her head hard into his groin and let his cock shoot into her mouth. Slowly she pulled away, cum and saliva dripping from her mouth. He handed her a tissue, she wiped her mouth and then with a grin said. "I get a chocolate now?"

"Chocolate how do you mean?" he asked as he pulled his trousers up.

"Doctor in my home always gives me a chocolate when I suck his cock and make him squirt his balls", she replied.

"Oh! He did, did he?" He asked. "Well once inside you can have a chocolate, you deserve it. He broke off a section of a bar of dark chocolate and as she excitingly grabbed it he wondered what the price was for a fuck and just how many times chocolate had changed hands. There was no doubt that she had sucked, for she was even better than her mother, she was fucking fantastic.

Whether she would fuck was a question that was going to circulate in his mind for as she bounced around the house, her braless tits constantly vibrating before him and in some cases even flopping out, it was difficult to not grab her, bend her over the table or the lounge and drive his throbbing cock up her hopefully hairy cunt or maybe even fuck her up the bum. It was a desire that he would have to endure for a couple of days, that was till he stepped out of the shower, only to find her sitting on his bed, topless and bouncing both her tits up and down. In seconds he was as hard as a rock. "Like more chocolate?" he asked. As she grabbed that throbbing length and began to suck he gasped. "What do you get for a fuck?" Her sucking immediately stopped. She pulled back, a great grin crossed her mouth; she got up, pulled her dress up and revealed that she wore no panties. "Fuck!" she excitingly cried. "We fuck, fuck, fuck". She was on the bed, her legs wide and her bottom rising and falling as she excitingly kept saying. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck cunt, fuck cunt". No further introduction was needed. She may be as nutty as a fruitcake but he was going to enjoy that hairy triangle and fuck the consequences.

He pounded her for all he was worth, driving his cock in till his balls were banging against her bottom. Every thrust was greeted with a cry of delight and she gripped him, working in rhyme to his every thrust. "You randy little cunt", he gasped as he pumped. "I'm going to fuck you stupid and then I'm going to shove it up your bum", with that he gave the thrust that emptied his balls and she responded with a squeal that echoed around the room.

He got off and wiped his cum covered cock through the ample hair at her groin. "More chocolate?" he asked. She sat up, her tits wobbling and with a big smile said. "I like more chocolate". She followed him into the kitchen and greedily accepted more of the bar of dark chocolate he had previously offered her. He didn't dress for he was going to take this woman as often as he could for the institution where she had been housed, and the one she called home, must have so conditioned her to sex that fucking and sucking were but second nature and the only cost was a block of chocolate.

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