The Restaurant

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2013 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: Two friends meet online and finally have a date.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

I have been talking to my friend Edward for the past few months. We have been having cyber sex online for awhile now. We have had some very hot and exciting conversations. We have traded pictures back and forth and have decided that we will finally meet.

We plan to meet at a Japanese restaurant. I am very excited and want to look my best. I decide to where a flirty and fun dress. The dress is red and accentuates my curves. It is very tight. The hemline is very short. The neck is low and plunging. I wear my hair down. I am wearing my earrings, necklace and a ring. I apply my makeup, and spray my favorite perfume on. We have agreed to meet at 7:00 PM at the restaurant.

I arrive at the Japanese restaurant. You are waiting by the Koi pond that is filled with the most amazing and beautiful fish. The ambiance is just wonderful. There is Japanese music playing and there is all of these beautiful Japanese fans on the walls. There are beautiful standing lacquer vases with the most beautiful flower arrangements in them.

I approach you and you look just like your picture. We hug each other and walk into the restaurant. The hostess sits us in a quiet section of the restaurant. Even though we have never met, it feels like we have known each other for a very long time.

The waiter takes our drink order. You get a beer and I get a mixed drink. We start to talk and its exciting to finally be in front of each other. We have been talking for months, but always behind the presence of a computer. We kiss, lips barely touching. Your tongue licks the top of my lip gently. As we look over the menu, your right hand finds my left knee and gently rubs the inside. I don't say a thing or push you away. Your fingers are moving in circles, traveling further up my thigh. My breath quickens, my nipples become evident through my dress.

I never take my eyes off the menu. You start to feel the moistening of my pussy through my panties. I open my thighs invitingly as your middle finger strokes my swollen lips through the thin fabric. Your erection is building up your leg and I can feel your hardness thru your pants. I start to unzip your pants and you push my hand away and say "Not Yet."

The waiter returns to take our order. Your hand never leaves my thighs. We tell the waiter what we would like for dinner. As the waiter leaves, you tell me to go to the ladies room and take off my now soaked panties, and hand them to you back at the table.

I do it without question. As I come back to the table, you open my hand and take my soaked sexy underwear. You lay my panties on the table, as the waiter brings our food out. The waiter sees the panties and smiles.

We start eating, barely saying a word. Your fingers are between my legs again. Your middle and ring fingers open my wet lips and slide inside of me. My pussy is so wet. I softly moan as you are fingering me and rubbing my clitoris. My eyes are closed and I spread my legs wider as you work on my swollen pussy.

I then unzip your pants. I take out your rock hard cock and start to stroke it. Your cock is so hard. I start to rub you from your base to your head. Your cum is oozing. I rub my fingers across your cock and bring it to my lips. We both want each other so much.

The waiter comes by to clean the table and asks us if we want dessert. You tell the waiter that I am dessert and motions towards the still wet panties on the table. We leave them there as you pay the bill.

You booked a room at a nearby hotel. We barely get through the door. We start kissing very deep and passionately. Our tongues are dancing in each others mouths. We help each other undress. You unzip my dress and the dress falls to the floor and you remove my bra. I unbutton your shirt and take it off of you. I unzip your pants and remove your boxers.

Our bodies are pressed against each other. Your hands are all over me. Massaging and caressing my breasts. You start to pull my nipples, pinching them, flicking them, twirling them, biting them.

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