Mother Watches Son Masturbate

by RonBo

Copyright© 2013 by RonBo

Erotica Sex Story: Sharon liked watching her son stroke his big cock. Read this if you want to know where this watching leads to.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Size   .

Jack was spread eagle and naked on his bed. His hand was gripping his man sized cock firmly as he slowly stroked himself. Jack was proud of his cock. He had measured it once and found that his thick man meat was over seven inches long. He could see the envy on his classmates faces when they all showered together.

He even saw that little Eric Fastman was licking his lips while he stared at Jack's prick. He bet that the little fag would love to put his mouth on Jack's prick and feel it grow in his little boy mouth but although the thought of being sucked off by Eric turned him on he knew that it would never happen. His first blow job was not going to be from some little faggot kid.

Jack continued to stroke himself very slowly. The sixteen years old boy was putting on a show. The sixty watt bulb in his nightstand lamp threw just enough light past the partially open bedroom door into the dark hallway where he could just make out his mother watching him.

This was the third night in a row that thirty eight years old Sharon Glass peeked in at her son while he masturbated. She touched herself lightly through the thin material of her nightgown while she watched her son's hand move up and down on his cock. She couldn't believe how big the boy's cock was for someone so young. At least two inches of the boy's shaft was visible both under and over Jack's fist with a large spongy head oozing a generous amount of precum.

The first night that Jack had noticed his mother watching him jerk off he was embarrassed, but not embarrassed enough to stop. What he did was increase the rhythm of his stroking until his hand was a blur, finally ejaculating sending his sperm high into the air to fall back dropping globs of his spend onto his chest, belly and pubic area.

When he was done he looked over to see that his mother was no longer there. As Jack cleaned himself up with tissues his cock started to rise again. No longer embarrassed he thought his mother watching him was very erotic and sexy. He jerked off every night at bedtime and hoped his mother would watch him again. This time he would drag it out a bit letting his mother get a good long look at his prick. He was proud of his cock and the thought of his mother watching him again had his cock hard and ready again.

Jack stroked himself to another climax before falling into a deep slumber where he dreamt that his mother came into the room while he was masturbating so she could get a better look at her son's big cock. That thought was in Jack's head when he woke the next morning creating fodder for a quick morning jerk off.

The next night Jack made sure to leave his door open even a little wider than his normal twelve inches. He tilted his bedside lamp a little to put a better light on his pubic area and hopefully to get a better view of his mother in the hallway. He wanted to make sure his mother had a good view. He was lightly fingering his cock not wanting to really start to flog himself until his mother was present. I hope she DOES show up.

Jack had almost given up on his mother when she finally showed up and he saw her in the shadows looking in at his naked body on the bed. Sharon watched as her son made a slow deliberate move to wrap his right hand around his thick cock. There was already precum weeping from it's pea hole which Jack used a finger from his left hand to rub all over his cockhead making it shiny and Sharon's pussy wet.

Jack could make out the open mouth smile on his mother's face as he stroked his cock up and down feeling rather than seeing more precum oozing from his pee hole and running down his hand. He could see his mother's hand moving over her nightgown pushing the material tight against her pussy as she began masturbating also.

Jack had wanted to hold off longer but his cock couldn't wait. He gritted his teeth and held his breath but in the end he gave in to the wonderful feeling in his cock and let his cum shoot high into the air while he looked directly into his mother's face seeing that her eyes were glued on his cock firing shot after shot of his slimy ejaculate.

As before after he cleaned up she was gone. This time he crept from his room and stood by his parents closed bedroom door. He could barely make out his father's voice. "Three nights in a row you come in here horny and start fucking me. I'm not complaining but what the fuck is going on?"

He couldn't make out his mother's words but his father's voice came to him loud and clear. "You've been watching Jack do what? Here suck on this and you can pretend you're giving Jack a good blow job."

Jack was still naked and his cock was firming up again. Giving Jack a good blow job? Wouldn't that be great. No one but he had ever touched his cock before and the thought of his slim pretty mother wrapping her pouty lips around his big boner had Jack touching himself once more.

He stroked himself just outside of his parents bedroom listening closely. He thought he could actually hear slurping as his mother sucked his father's cock. Jack could only imagine what his mother looked like with a cock protruding from her mouth. He had seen videos of blow jobs on the internet but had to believe that watching it in person was better and feeling a mouth on your own pecker had to be the best experience.

"Climb up and fuck me Sharon. Make me cum in your horny cunt." Hearing those words from his father's usually mild mouth caused Jack to cum on the spot shooting his stuff all over the hardwood floor. He needed tissues. He quickly retrieved the box of tissues from his room and on his knees as he wiped up the he could hear the loud moans coming from both parents as they neared completion.

The next day at school Jack could not help but get hard several times as his thoughts kept going back to hearing his father tell his wife Pretend you're giving Jack a good blow job. Oh wouldn't that be wonderful!

He couldn't wait to get home to masturbate to the thoughts of his mother sucking him off. Then he would fuck her good. He had never had sex before but he was more than ready. He got scared thinking that maybe his mother wouldn't watch him later that night. His orgasms were so much more powerful when his mother watched him stroke his fat cock for her.

Jack had nothing to worry about. His mother was hooked on watching her son masturbate. Growing up she had watched her brother masturbate many times when he thought he was alone in the house. It always made her wet to watch and now she had a son to watch. And his cock was bigger than her brother's and longer by at least two inches than her husband's was. Thicker too. A man sized cock on her sixteen years old boy was too much for her. Sharon HAD to watch.

Sharon stealthily went to Jack's bedroom door, thankful that the boy never closed it all the way. As in the previous three nights Jack was naked and touching his beautiful hard cock. As if on queue Jack stopped using his finger to rub himself and gripped his prick in his fist and began the slow pumping that she so much enjoyed watching. This time Sharon wiggled her hand under her nightgown to touch her bare pussy while she enjoyed the show her son was putting on.

As soon as Jack noticed that his mother was at the door he began using his hand in earnest on his erect penis. Up and down. Up and down, he stroked his cock. He wasn't sure that it would feel as good as it did if his mother wasn't watching him jerk off. He could see enough in the dim light to see that his mother wasn't wearing panties. She was using her hand to rub herself while she watched the performance that unbeknownst to her Jack was putting on just for her.

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