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Erotica Sex Story: An Omni-sexual guy goes from mostly gay to bi to bi plus. Just a fun story of getting together and the fun of it all. "Warning" not for homophobes.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   TransGender   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   .

Sitting in front of the TV watching some male to male porn displayed while I stroked my dick became a sudden awakening of introspection.

While still stroking my hard cock, I began evaluating what I liked but where my life was.

My sex life was mostly with men but in reality I was more omni-sexual than gay. I liked sex of all varieties but I enjoyed sex with men possibly just a little bit more.

I really enjoyed fucking a guy's asshole while jacking him off.

There is almost nothing better than to suck a nice dick until it shoots torrents of semen into your mouth for you to taste and swallow.

It is so good to feel a dick rub back and forth on your prostate until your own cum blasts up your body and sometimes into your mouth. I taste sooo good.

But I needed a new direction. I needed to think about my future and what I wanted for a life in my future.

While sitting on the sofa with my hard dick in my hand and an alarmingly hot video playing, my thoughts raced to the future and what I would like to experience.

I wanted to experience being a husband of a woman. (That was a weird thought from left field) I wanted to experience being a dad, perhaps being a dad multiple times.

My dick wilted as my mind raced into the future. Some of my preferences would have to change and some of my activities would have to change.

The next morning, Saturday morning, I stretched out and began running the trail I ran most every day. Who knows why but I was pushing myself a little by running faster than normal. Mostly I jogged but this morning I was running and not tiring from the exertion.

I ran past multiple people running together not paying a lot of attention to them as I sped past them but when I came to a group of runners I had to go outside the concrete sidewalk to get around them.

As I passed the last runner in the pack the runner in front of her stepped into my path and I tried to side step him but he elbowed me just enough to send me sprawling.

The group stopped to help me up and the group following them stopped as well. The following group was quick to condemn the group I was passing for obstructing and hitting me.

I was still having trouble breathing as I had taken a good tumble.

A young lady stood over me and offered me a hand to stand-up. She smiled as she asked, "Are you okay to keep running?"

After moving my arms and legs and stretching a little to see if I was okay I made a suggestion, "Go ahead and I'll just trot along to find out what I might need."

All of the morning joggers ran off but the one lady who helped me up stayed to watch me. I began jogging slowly and she followed alongside of me.

She said, "You seem to be doing okay. Are you hurting anywhere?"

As I slogged along I told her, "I think I'm fine but I'm going to head home to get a hot shower and perhaps go for some breakfast."

The girl said as she ran beside me, "I'm Marty and I'll change and be at your door so we can go to breakfast together. Is that okay?"

"How do you know where I live?"

"Easy," she said, "I've been running with you or rather following you for months. I'll be at your condo's front door. Let's eat together."

We separated at the entrance to my condo's high-rise building. I watched her run to the next tall building and turn in. It was reasonable that we had run together for months or perhaps years and never met. My shower and shave didn't take long and I was back down at the building's front door when she walked up.

I stepped out and stuck out my hand, "Hi, I'm Dean and you're?"

The lady laughed and said as she took my hand, "Marty. I think I told you but we really didn't introduce ourselves did we?"

I suggested, "How about the Village Inn a couple of blocks up. We can have breakfast there unless you have somewhere special you'd like to go."

Marty smiled and said, "Village Inn is a good choice."

We casually walked the couple of blocks to the restaurant while talking about how crowded it has been in the area lately. She told me she had often followed me while I ran as I was big enough to encourage others to move over for me. I agreed with her that of late it has been more difficult to get people to move over for runners who were faster.

While eating, we continued our get to know each other conversation. I found out she rented with a girl friend and she found out I was a new condo owner after having rented for years. She was an interior decorator architect and I was a tenant exec for a large property holder. We actually had probably crossed paths multiple times in the past but didn't realize it.

When we finished our breakfast, I asked Marty what she had on tap for today. She told me nothing, as she only needed to do some laundry but that it could wait if I had something better to do.

Now I was stymied, as I didn't have anything special to do either but whatever we did needed to be within neutral territory. "Marty, how about looking into the convention center to check out the boats there. They'll have more boats outside that are really big and are all just drooling specimens."

"I'm up for it Dean. Sounds like a great way to spend the day."

The boat show was everything we thought it would be. Inside were boats all the way up to forty feet long. We went through boat after boat and talked about what we liked and didn't like about each. When we went outside, the first boat we looked at was a sixty-five foot cruiser that wasn't all that nice. It was fancy and had some nice features but the cost of operation figures were enough to scare me away.

We looked through several boats before we came to a group of catamarans. The first couple was motor boats that were nice but you had to carry a lot of fuel to go anywhere. The cost of fuel was enough to keep you away.

The next group of catamarans was sailboats and we began with the smaller ones and went through each on the way up to a seventy-five footer. It was easy to see that we were out of our class there and went back to a forty-four footer that had a very nice layout.

I lost Marty as I talked with a seasoned salesman about learning to sail a boat such as this. The man was good as he kept showing me how easy it was to lift and lower sails and the various configurations it would take to sail the boat. The salesman offered me a way out by offering me a two day experience on a catamaran to find out if I like it or not. We set it up for the following weekend.

When Marty came up from below after looking at the staterooms, she said, "This is the way to do it. If I had a sailboat it would be like this."

I told her that I had taken up the offer of a weekend on a catamaran sailboat so I could decide if something like this would be right for me.

Marty looked at me with half closed eyes, "Take me with you Dean. I want to see if I like it on board a sailboat too. If I really like it, I'll get one of my own."

Marty and I ended up running with each other every morning starting on Sunday. After our run Sunday, Marty asked if I wanted to go to church with her. I didn't care one way or another so I agreed to meet her at her building's front door in a half-hour to go to church.

After church I suggested we take my car to a restaurant for lunch. We didn't go to a local place but drove across the bay to end up at a small place near Pass-a-grill beach that had delicious seafood. While we ate, Marty asked, "How come you didn't invite me over last night to get better acquainted?"

I was smiling as I told her, "Long ago I learned not to be too aggressive with young ladies I have just met. You are someone I'd like to know better and for a long time so I figured we needed to get to know each other one step at a time."

Marty told me, "Well, next week we are going to be out for two nights on that sail boat so we better be good friends by then."

I reassured her, "There are four staterooms on the boat so we will each have our own room. You don't have to worry about having to share a room with me."

Marty looked at me with a blushing half-closed eyes come on, "I may not want my own room Dean. We might want to share one."

Sprong. I wasn't and had not thought of us getting together but that comment brought on a major woody. My pants were stretched to the max.

Now this is funny as most all of my sexual activity for the past several years had all been male to male, pure homosexual. I was not flagrant about it but I enjoyed sucking off a load from a friend and I enjoyed being fucked until I squirted. I enjoyed fucking a partner until I filled a condom and loved to be sucked until I loosed a barrage of cum into another's mouth. I figured I was close to gay, queer, homo. Is this babe going to screw up my entire sexual mentality? Is she going to be the answer to those questions I had been asking myself?"

Friday morning as I stretched out on the walkway, Marty came up to me and stretched with me. When we were ready, we began to jog slowly preparing ourselves to run. Marty asked, "Are you excited about sailing?"

I nodded and smiled, "Actually Marty, I am. This is going to be fun as well as educational. Are you looking forward to it?"

Marty was picking up the pace but said, "You bet. I want to feel the water under me and watch the sails fill with air as we're pushed along."

As we parted that morning, Marty grabbed my arm and pulled me around. She looked me in the eye and said, "I hope we both have a good time sailing this weekend." She pulled my head to hers and kissed me. That left me with a smile as I watched her trot off to her building.

I was in my car, sitting in front of Marty's building at five-fifteen. I no sooner had stopped than she ran out of the building with a small duffel bag on her shoulder. Once in my car, she buckled up and settled back in the seat. As I drove from her building, she said, "I can't believe how excited I am about this weekend. I hope it's as good as I'm anticipating."

Friday evening traffic toward the beaches is horrible but we rode along talking about our week. Both of us had experienced a grueling week but we were able to overcome obstacles and make it a success. We talked about what we wanted from the sailing experience and we both hinted that we were interested beyond what was considered the norm. I didn't give away that I was really into men and she didn't define her interests.

We parked in the time measured public parking area of Clearwater beach but considered the safety of that area worth it. We walked to where the boat was birthed to find the deck busy with people preparing the boat for sailing.

The salesman came from the cabin and welcomed us. He took us to one side of the catamaran and showed us the fore and aft cabins. After Marty selected the front cabin, I took the aft. All we did was throw our duffel bags on the beds.

On deck we listened and learned as the men worked on lines, un-wrapped sails, and tested electronics. We learned this was a boat that was for sale by a customer who needed to get out from under the payment. It was explained that this was a forty-four foot Lagoon catamaran sailboat that was only three years old and had not been used much at all.

We were given a tour of the boat that included the galley area that had a microwave, stovetop, oven, freezer, refrigerator, dishwasher, lots of storage and a small wine cooler. There were two small diesel motors that would normally be run simultaneously but could be run independently. There was a generator that supplied power to the air conditioning and other electronics if the batteries were depleted. That should not happen often, as there were solar panels on top of the main cabin as well as a small wind turbine on the main mast.

I was almost ready to blow off most of the information as I figured there was no way I could afford something like this.

When I asked how much water the boat could carry, I was in for a surprise. There was not much of a fresh water tank but that's when I learned the boat had a desalination system that could keep the fresh water tank full. This was a nice boat.

There were three people acting as crew to get us ready to sail but I figured at least one or two would get off the boat before we cast off.


I watched as one of the crew was at the wheel, a guy was catching lines as they were untied, and the third crewman or person was throwing the lines on deck from the dock before she jumped on deck. The crew was two good-looking guys and a very attractive female. Considering there were two staterooms on the other side of the boat, I didn't think too much about it until I realized the salesman was still with us. Hopefully they didn't think Marty and I was an item and would be sleeping with each other.

We motored out from the slip until we were clear of traffic before hoisting sail. We were shown how to hoist sail and how to lash it tight. The crew decided on an additional front sail, a billowing Genoa that would give us a little extra push so I learned how to hoist that one too. Everything you pulled up had to be able to be taken down so I was instructed how I would take a sail down as I put it up. There was an awful lot to learn.

While we were gaining speed, a whopping ten knots, one of the crew and I had time to chat. Don was a college student about my age who was working for a couple of semesters before continuing his schooling. Between our conversations and his occasional intimate touches, I figured him for a friendly bed partner if it should work out that way.

I watched as Marty and the female crew member became very good friends. The two women were doing everything but kissing in the galley area.

Don and the other male crewman were working together polishing chrome items while sitting on the deck, occasionally touching each other and chatting.

Only the salesman was content to be alone and didn't come up to me or any of the others to join in or talk.

We were away from port about two hours when the girls announced, "Supper's ready. Steady the boat and come eat."

I was impressed, as the table was set up for all of us to eat at once. We sat and ate as the boat sailed along on its own without a problem. The salesman even asked if we noticed how the boat was able to continue without anyone at the wheel.

After we ate, I helped clean up the table and galley but found out that most of the dishes went into the dishwasher. This whole adventure was becoming very informative.

When the sun had been down for a couple of hours, I mentioned that I was beat from a tough week. Carl, the salesman said he would stay at the wheel a while before lowering the sails and tossing the anchor to drag a while.

The guy that had been hanging with me leaned to me and asked, "How about I help you go to sleep. I think we might be on the same wave length. If you're really into it, Denny would love to make it a threesome."

I didn't want to appear that eager to run off with a crewman but Marty and the female crewperson were giving each other the moon eyes and went below for the night.

I slipped below with my two new friends and we were soon stripped bare and touching each other. As we gently kissed for the first time, we heard moans from the other end of our pontoon. My one partner smiled and said, "Janet loves to love a woman like your Marty. I'm surprised you two are not together."

The truth was, "Marty and I are just acquaintances so far. You can tell I'm into someone like you two so I may desire your companionship over Marty's."

My guy said, "Janet is one of the best fucks known to man and we're lucky enough to be two of the men who know. Your salesman is somewhat of a narcissist who I think usually pleasures himself and seldom anyone else. Come on Dean, get down and suck me dry. Let Denny work on your ass to open it up."

The three of us drained every bit of bodily fluid from each other all night long. When we finally fell asleep, my dick was buried in an ass after shooting my last load up into him.

Someone whispered in my ear. "Get up, come up on deck and we'll swim this morning. Come on, you don't need to get dressed or anything."

I rolled from my guy and smiled into the lips of Marty. She reached down and stroked my growing cock before saying, "Come on and wash that thing in the gulf so I can use it just for me."

That didn't help as I followed her out of the cabin and out on the back deck with my dick leading the way.

Janet, the crew-person, took hold of my hard on and pulled on it. "Nice one Dean. Come get it washed off good so I can get my morning drink of protein."

I dove from the rear and swam out a dozen yards before turning and swimming back. I was met by Marty who had dived in after me. As we met and kissed, Janet dived in with us and joined us in a group hug. I noticed the boat slipping away from us and swam for it. Janet laughed and said, "Carl is watching us and won't let us be left out here. All the sail is down so it is only drifting. If we get too far away, Carl will start an engine and come get us."

Within a few minutes, the three crew, Marty, and me were all crawling up on the steps at the rear of the cat. The salesman was watching us from the cockpit ready to retrieve us if needed.

The next order of business was washing off the salt water and preparing breakfast.

I had my first introduction to salt water soap. The five of us were on the tail of the cat washing each other. Janet was becoming very intimate with me by stroking me into a full erection. Marty was doing one of my overnight buds the same way. The more we stroked, the hornier we became until I had Janet on her knees pounding away from behind.

My overnight friend was doing the same to Marty but had somehow come up with a condom. While we two couples were engaged, I watched as the other crewman was watching us from between Carl's legs while he gave the salesman head. I think the six of us all came as one. Oh so good.

We had a great breakfast before hoisting sail and heading out into the gulf. As we sailed in very light wind, it was decided we should troll for our noon meal.

Baited hooks on lines were thrown out the back and we didn't pay much attention to them. When Marty went to check on them she was squealing that we had fish on both lines. We reeled in our catch to find two very large trout. This was enough for us to enjoy a great fresh fish lunch.

During the day, everyone but the salesman stripped down and sunbathed nude on the deck. The prevailing winds were carrying us north at the time but it was perfect for some hanky panky with sun tan lotion.

Janet with messing with one of my overnight buds and Marty had decided we should find out more of each other. After sharing some kisses, we played with each other until I was kissing and licking everywhere on Marty's generous body. At first I had her on her stomach as I kissed and licked her back and butt cheeks. When my tongue found her pucker, she screamed but pushed back into me. With my tongue in her butt and my fingers in her pussy, Marty squirted all over my face and chest. This was as good as it gets.

When Marty collapsed, she turned on me and tried to inhale my cock. I would have enjoyed this immensely but Marty began choking from trying to swallow more than she could handle. We finally worked it out and I flooded her mouth with my jism as she tried to suck me dry.

Minutes later we were going at each other again as we prepared to join the way man and woman were intended to join. As I slid into Marty, she exhaled slowly, smiling as she said, "Oh, I want this every day Dean. Fuck me baby and keep fucking me."

Now that's almost too scary to continue plowing some good pussy. This lady just scared the shit out of me.

We didn't quit fucking though and the two of us pounded each other until our juices were squirting from between us.

The day was spent tied up to the St. Petersburg pier. We were approached by literally hundreds of lookers who wanted a closer look at the boat. The salesman welcomed the increased traffic but finally shooed the visitors off the boat when we wanted to get out on the gulf again.

We had a salad and some steaks for the night and cleaned up early. As we drifted, dragging an anchor, the salesman asked me if I was ready to buy the boat yet. When he quoted the price of the boat, I almost swallowed my tongue. It was hundreds of thousands under what I thought it would be. He said he had run my credit and if I were to put ten percent down, he could arrange financing. This was too much to even consider this fast. I told the salesman that I would sleep on it and we'd talk in the morning.

When it was time for bed, Janet and Marty told Don and me to clean up and meet them in the far cabin. After scrubbing and shaving, we entered the cabin seeing the two women were laying in each other's arms, nude, kissing. When we tried to get on either side of them they told us to lie together first and give each other pleasure so they could watch.

We two men hugged, kissed, and caressed each other until we were both ready to spew cum over each other.

Meanwhile, the two women had been pleasuring each other the whole time and had each other ready to explode.

Un-choreographed, the four of us split into two male-female couples and made love to each other until all of our juices flowed.

After fucking Marty until I had come a second time, my bud was sucking me up and offering me his almost hard cock. I sucked him off then fucked his butt until he squirted again. Our pleasure was increased as we watched the two women pleasure each other.

When we settled down to sleep, Marty snuggled to me and asked, "Do you think the two of us could handle this boat by ourselves? The salesman told me what you might need to pay per month to keep this for yourself but if you would consider a partner, I think I'd like to join you on this experiment. If we don't work out, we can sell it and go about our lives. What do you think?"

I pulled Marty to me and kissed her. "We're pretty new to each other and this could be more than either of us think it is. You and I are both interested in some same sex relationships so can we make it as a couple?"

Marty was smiling as she squirmed on top of me. As she stroked me hard and fit me into her slippery pussy, she whispered, "I think I can keep this thing inside me happy if you will let me. I love the feel of you inside me and would enjoy it every morning. Can you? Will you? I'm all for you and me fucking our brains out everyday for the rest of our lives."

We kissed and pushed as we loved each other one more time.

Our future was sealed. Marty moved in with me but we still both enjoyed our same sex fun. The difference was that when it was right, we had a threesome instead of just a male/male or female/female fuck fest.

A dozen years later, we were still fucking and sucking more than any couple should expect. So far, no kids yet but we are still enjoying each other.

That's when a new neighbor moved in and our lives changed.

It was a Friday afternoon when I came home early as Marty and I wanted to get out on the gulf for the night. I didn't notice a visitor when I walked through the condo on the way to the bedroom to change. When I was in shorts, T-shirt, and deck shoes, I walked into the kitchen to find Marty talking to a tall shapely, brunette. Marty gave me a kiss and said, "This is Cindy our new neighbor. I've asked her if she wants to go sailing with us. She's even promised to help polish chrome."

"Nice to meet you Cindy. Have you sailed much?"

She said, "I was in the Navy and did get a couple of opportunities to go out on a small sailboat. I love the water."

Marty told me, "I've made up some sandwiches to eat on the way and have food for the weekend in the cooler. You bring the cooler and I'll grab our clothes and lets get going."

It didn't take us long to get the boat ready to sail as we always cleaned it up before we left it for the week. Within a half-hour, we were motoring out to the open water so we could hoist sail. After we were under way with the sails billowing, Marty came up to me and rubbed her full breast on my arm. This was usually reserved for something special she wanted to get. But this time she whispered in my ear, "You are going to be so surprised tonight. You are in for a real treat or at least I hope so."

I smiled and asked, "Well, Cindy looks like she might be a treat for you too."

"Oh she will be Dean, she will be."

We were making about twelve to thirteen knots west in the gulf. Before we came to the real deep water, we took down the sail and dropped the anchor to drag along to keep us stable.

The girls had gone below while I was closing the boat and turning on the parameter alarm. I stopped in the head to wash and shave noticing the other cabin on this side of the boat was dark with the door open. This meant both girls were in the master cabin.

Upon entering the cabin I was treated to a nude Marty and Cindy topless and only wearing some skimpy panties. The two girls were in each other's arms and separated from kissing to look up at me. Marty told me, "Come lay next to me and you and Cindy can send me to the moon. I'm so horny I'm going to soak us all with my juices."

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