My Wife's First Fat One

by Barebacker

Copyright© 2013 by Barebacker

Erotica Sex Story: my sweet wife and the big guy in the neighborhoods flirting gets tiring and his wife and I get caught up in it to the point that we want them to consumate as much as they do so we help them get to the next step.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Wife Watching   Cream Pie   Size   .

We had lived in the subdivision for a couple of years and one of the couples that we saw a bit of were about 10 years older than my wife's 31 and my 33 years old. They were a fun couple, he was the big man in the neighbourhood, swaggering around, which wasn't much of a hit with me, but he also "walked his talk", and would help any of his neighbours with anything they were doing. I don't know that I warmed up to him much, but he brought the neighbourhood together and I never had any doubt he was a good guy. He was country & western and I was blues, reggae, and anything Annie Lennox, the fact that his favourite person in the whole subdivision was my wife didn't help either. Anytime there was a party, special event, whatever, those two gravitated together like horny teenagers. A real odd couple: Ellen is five two, a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet, very petite, Jeff is six feet tall, one ninety five and solid, not buff, but solid, built like a bull, she's dark, he's fair. Their chumminess and flirting would sometimes get on my nerves after awhile and one Saturday we were at an afternoon pool party at their house when Jeff's wife; Connie, came over and sat beside me. Nodding towards our spouses she asked: "Does this ever get under your skin at all, Dave?" I didn't want to put my foot in my mouth, but fuck it! "Ya, sometimes."

"Me too."


"Ya, Today." We both sat there watching them, maybe it being sunny and warm, with my honey in a small bikini, not tiny, but small, and Jeff in snug trunks, not super tight, but snug, was cranking it up, they both looked good and they looked hot together as a couple. We had seen it all before but usually not so blatant. "Do you think the've hooked up?" I asked. "No, I don't think so. They're too obvious. I think they would be more careful in public if they were getting it on. Jeff's a lousy sneak."

"Ellen's the same way, I think I would know. Maybe not, but I think I would. I sometimes wish they would get it over with, their endless foreplay is getting tedious." Connie laughed so hard she choked on her beer. "You okay?"

"I'm okay, just caught me off guard." She looks around: "I've thought the same thing. Ellen being so tiny and Jeff so big, it raises some, uh, interesting visuals." My turn to laugh and say: "I've thought the same thing." Then Connie raised the temperature a few degrees; "He's a very large man." Then in a lower voice: "Everywhere." I looked at Connie, early forties, five six, looked about one thirty five, ya, she could take a solid banging. I took a chance: "You don't sound too concerned about them becoming friendlier?" She looked at me seriously for a long moment then half smiled: "I don't think I am. You?" I hung my head thinking how to answer. "Between us, in confidence?"

"Completely, you as well?" We shook hands on it. "Sometimes, I'm more enthused about the idea than opposed." While we were occupied with our conversation they had moved to the pool and Jeff hoisted Ellen in the air and tossed her in the deep end. More foreplay. Connie looked at me and smiled, "How do you feel about us facilitating their progress?" I was more than ready to be more candid and I was getting too aroused to keep it bottled up. "When they do it I'd like to be watching." I don't know that she was ready for the conversation to go this far, this fast. She looked away for a second and then whispered: "Me too." Now it was us getting turned on.

As soon as the kids were asleep Ellen called me into our bedroom and was laying on the bed wearing only a dirty grin leaning back on her elbows with her knees bent and legs spread, nostrils flared, showing me a very fucking wet and swollen beaver. That night I fucked her brains out, I played it really arrogant, not my style, but Ellen loved it. I stripped, no smiles, no eye contact, staring at her drooling cunt and knelt on the bed at her feet, pushed her thighs onto her breasts and told her to: "Hold them!" I knee walked up between her legs to the cunt that barely resembled the pussy I knew and loved, it was now a sluts cunt, hanging open, lips distended, frothy from the abuse she was giving it before I walked in. The rest of her is so tiny that it looked "crazy hot" how her whole vulva was bulging out. It belonged on a woman twice her size after she had fucked a biker gang. Ellen had never been in heat like this before. FUCK!!! I was so turned on, I started slapping my hardon on her upturned pussy. It sounded like hitting wet meat. Wap! ... Wap! ... Wap! ... in a steady rhythm. She ooofffed every slap and gripped her thighs harder, digging in her fingers to pull them back further to offer her vulva up to me. I started whacking my cock right on her clit, hard. She had her eyes squeezed shut and was arching up every time it smacked her cunt. I didn't say a word, leaned back and rolled her over onto her knees and slammed in to the root in her tight hole then sat back on my heels pulling her back by her shoulders tight to my groin. Not thrusting but grinding her crotch up and down mine, stretching her hole out, using her to masturbate. She moaned loudly and started frigging her clit like a mad woman. She would build up, her whole body contracting, not breathing, then gasp, moaning she would slump panting, then start building again. Every peak she hit I would bang her especially hard and making her groan louder. I was all the way in and her cunt had no resistance, usually I bottom out when my six and a half inches is buried doggy style, but not tonight. When she came: she clamped down so hard on my cock it hurt and I slammed her even harder trying to shove my balls in as well, then it was there! Too fucking intense, I leaned back and ground her crotch on mine as hard as I could spasming rope after rope of cum into her. Halfway way through my orgasm she came again, moaning loudly and when we finished she flopped on the mattress cupping her cunt, gasping for breath. When her breathing slowed down Ellen turned her head to look at me and she looked guilty as hell. At first I thought maybe they did something I didn't know about but realized pretty quickly that she was thinking of Jeff while I was banging her. I decided to phone Connie soon.

By Wednesday I still hadn't worked up the nerve to phone Connie, Ellen and I were fucking up storm every night, her usually tight pussy was becoming much more accommodating and I was getting paranoid. Ellen was at a birthday party with the kids when I got home from work one day and I used the time alone to go through her drawers, I wasn't looking for anything in particular, maybe just reassurance. I didn't find it, but under her underwear I found a new silicone dildo, almost eight inches long and two inches thick. I measured. No wonder her pussy was being more welcoming, how the hell was she getting that thing into herself. Ellen had c sections for our children so she hadn't been stretched by child birth and had a naturally small, but luckily, very, very, wet vagina. All I had to do was fondle her breasts for a minute and her pussy would be dripping her slippery juice, it sometimes bugged her how easy she was. My medium thickness, six and a half incher commonly left her sore inside after a hot session, only her slick lube saved her from abrasion. After I whacked off in the bathroom sink I called Connie.

"Hi Connie, it's Dave. Is this a good time?"

"Yes, Jeff's mowing the grass. How are things going?" I told her my wife was trying to kill me with her pussy. Connie laughed and said Jeff had her waddling like a duck. Every time he got near her he was trying to get into her pants and usually succeeded. "We need to do something! I love sex but I'll be ruined if it keeps up at this pace. Jeff has friction burns on his cock and flinches when we have sex but he's so horny he can't stop himself!" Connie gasped when I told her about Ellen's new toy and it's dimensions. "I wonder if it's a coincidence?"

"What do you mean?"

"Jeff's cock is eight and a half inches long and two and three quarters inches thick"

"Oh fuck!" She was fantasizing herself on his cock. "Dave, I think if we don't steer this our way it'll happen without us and we don't want to miss the show. Let me think about it and I'll call you tomorrow."

"Here's my number at work, call me there." and that's how we left it. That night I tied Ellen to the bed and put clamps on her nipples, one of our old dildos in her vagina and a butt plug up her ass. I licked her nipples and clit till she came then rolled her over, retied her, and worked my lubed cock into her anus. At least it was still tight. When I was ready to cum I reached under her and held her vibrator to her clit while I pounded her bum hole. I dumped the biggest load of my life in her rectum and she screamed, literally screamed, when she came, waking the kids up, probably the neighbours as well. When I got back to our bedroom after settling the children down she was out, the untied restraints still on her wrists and ankles, the toys laying on the bed with the vibrator buzzing harmlessly on the sheets. I went to sleep with a hardon.

"Hi Dave, it's Connie. Can you talk?"

"Yes. Did you come up with anything?"

"I've got a few ideas. Do you and Ellen smoke pot?"

"Once in awhile, we toned it down when the kids came along."

"Jeff and I are the same. Anyway, I called a girlfriend who smokes and picked up a bag of very nice weed, then I asked the inlaws if they could take the kids for an overnight on Saturday. I told them I had a surprise for Jeff, I didn't mention what. The four of us, after dark, some smoke and wine, sounds like a skinny dip and what ever else."

"I'm going to the bathroom for some relief when I get off the phone" I worried that I sounded really tacky saying something like that. Connie's reply was: "I couldn't wait." Did she mean what it sounded like? "Your doing it now?" A little giggle and a throaty: "Yesss!"

"Fuck, I'm going to cum in my pants. First Ellen's trying to kill me and now you. I'm toast."

"And I'm ... cumming! AH ... AH ... AHHHH. Oh! that was good! God! I can't believe I just did that!" I had to get off of the phone soon or else I wouldn't be responsible for my actions. "How are we going to set up Saturday night?"

"Will you have any trouble finding someone for the kids, Uh, Uh, Ellen's parents are always asking for them to stay over."

"Okay, I'll phone Ellen today and tell her I'm having a surprise husband appreciation day for Jeff on Saturday night and tell her our kids are staying with the inlaws overnight to put the suggestion in her mind. I think we'll naturally end up with a surprise husband appreciation day for both our husbands. After we're a little relaxed by the pool I'll ask you guys what you want as a reward for being so good and that's your cue to say something like: 'you've always wanted to go for a skinny dip in our pool' and I'll ask Jeff to save his request for later. The rest we'll play by ear. What do you think?"

"I think I really need some privacy right now!"

"See you Saturday I hope" I didn't even say goodbye just groaned into the phone and hung up.

When I got home from work Ellen was waiting at the door with a glass of wine in each hand, a sip and a smooch, perfect! When we were in the kitchen getting dinner ready she mentioned Connie had called and invited us over Saturday night. I acted casual and asked: "Who's else is going?"

"There'll be just the four of us."

"What did you tell her?"

"I said I'd talk to you and get back to her. Are you interested?" She drained her wine glass and refilled it right away. I stalled by asking her something about the meal we were making, letting the wine loosen her up. "I have fun with them but I know you're not crazy about Jeff and well, he flirts with me sometimes." I almost choked! 'Flirts with me sometimes'!!! Calmly as if it's no big deal; "Ya, I know you guys flirt and so does Connie, it gives us something to talk about." I didn't look at her but I knew she had a deer in the headlights look on her face: "Pass the salt please."

"Are we that obvious?" I lied: "No, no. Not at all. Connie and I see it because we know you two so well, to tell you the truth Connie thinks it's cute."

"What do you think?"

"I think if my wife, the woman I love, is having a good time, then I'm having a good time, period, no exceptions." Now I looked up and gave her some loving eye contact, not too much, and went back to work on dinner. When we were cleaning up and the kids had left for the family room, Ellen sidled up to me at the sink looking a little apprehensive: "If your okay with it I'd like to go to Jeff and Connie's on Saturday?" I didn't look at her but in my peripheral vision I could see her chewing her lip. "Sounds good. I think we'll have a great time." I gave her a little hip check and she wrapped her arms around me hugging my back, a big loving hug. That night we made love for the first time in awhile, hard sex is very exciting but lovemaking makes life better. And Friday night we slept spooned together and didn't have any sex. I think we both came away from that night knowing that whatever happened on Saturday we were okay. I felt an easy going confidence in my relationship with my wife.

Saturday night progressed to the skinny dip without a hitch, the pot and the wine mellowed us all out. It was very exciting for the four of us to take off our bathing suits together and watch Ellen and Jeff checking out each others equipment. We swam and flirted, Connie and I felt each other up, playfully. Jeff was throwing Ellen all over the pool, him roaring and her squealing, one small step from some serious chest beating. Connie was the first to hop out and passed me a towel, Jeff and Ellen started drying each other and Connie rubbed her towel on my chest. I started stiffening and desperately wanted to jack off, pot does that to me and affects Ellen twice as much, and the weed Connie got was really strong. Jeff was half hard already and Ellen's inner labia were protruding though her, waxed fresh today, lips. She left a little girl tuft above her mound. I couldn't help it, I had a full hard on. I was so horny and so fucking embarrassed. It only took a moment for everyone to notice and by that time the first drop of lube was dripping off the tip. Connie saved me; stepping to my side, she smiled at her husband and my wife, wrapped her fingers around my cock and led us all into the spare bedroom in the basement. Connie started slowly and firmly masturbating me with full length pumps, she was very good at it, and knew just how tight to grip my penis. Nice talent she had, some subtleties that I had not experienced before, little scratches and pinches in out of the way places. I thought she was the most accomplished woman I ever had the pleasure of jacking me off. I leaned down and gave her a nice kiss. When our kiss broke we looked at our spouses and they were rounding third base headed for home, holy shit! we only started two minutes ago and my wife was frogged on Jeff with her arms around his neck licking his tonsils and her legs locked on his waist. Jeff's hands were cupping her ass and supporting her weight while his prick bobbed and poked forward searching her crack for a hole big enough to take the brutal looking blunt head. My cock head comes to a bit of a point and spears a small pussy or anus very well, but this thing of Jeff's was a battering ram and had to be positioned. Looking at his pussy wrecker I thought: "What the hell! All or nothing." and took Connie's hand and pulled her down to her knees beside me at Jeff's feet. I took a grip on Jeff's mighty tool and gave it some full strokes, fuck, it felt hot in my hand and so fucking much bigger than my own cock, the difference was like between a man and a boy. I'm circumcised so I had never handled an uncut one before and was now wishing I had a foreskin; it felt awesome to push the hood over his cock head and then pull it back while I squeezed his balls with my other hand. Connie's hand snaked by her husbands cock to push her thumb into Ellen's wet pussy and give it a solid couple of rams, making my wife grunt with each one then slipping her now well lubed thumb out of Ellen's cunt and into her little pink back door. I heard Ellen's gasp and watched her push back and pucker her anus out to take Connie's thumb until it was seated firmly. Spearing my wife's cunt with her two middle fingers Connie started pumping Ellen like an oil derrick: fingers deep in her pussy and thumb almost out of her ass, then pull her fingers out and ease her thumb all the way in. I stopped jacking Jeff's shaft and started massaging the head with the palm of my hand, spreading his fuck juice and making him hump it in mid air like a dog in heat, looking for a hole. I thought it was time for big cock to meet small pussy.

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