Room Service With a Smile

by David Michaels

Copyright© 2013 by David Michaels

Fiction Sex Story: SO we normally read stories about someone doing the hotel worker as a tip, but what do the works think about?

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Workplace   .

We've all read at least one story where the writer stays at some hotel, orders room service, and the person delivering it is hot. They exchange looks and the tips turns out to be sexual in nature. Well this is one of those stories, but from the servers point of view. Yeah plenty of times as a server I have seen a hot guy or two that I wouldn't mind messing around with, as I'm sure we've all seen a hot server we have had more than a few dirty thoughts about how you'd like him to deliver your meal. Servers get just a hot, horny, and dirty minded as the rest of us. This is a TOTAL work of fiction, I just have an overactive imagination when it comes to these things.

Hi, my name is Jack. I just turned 21 and was now allowed to serve alcohol, as well as work the night shift at the 5 star hotel I found a job at several summers back. Being an employee has it's perks, like complete access to the gym, which I take full advantage of. I'm only around 5'6" tall and thanks to the gym I now weigh in at an impressive 155, which is mostly muscle. I keep my blonde hair cut as a high and tight, to honor my younger brother, who joined the service last year when he turned 18. I have hazel eyes, and a nice fat 8" cock which I keep trimmed. I find most sexual partners like it better that way, I know I hate coming off of someone with a mouth full of hair. I also hate labels, I do not consider myself gay, Bi, straight, or any label other than human male, I just happen to like SEX and a lot of it. As long as I get off, and the person I'm with gets off, then I consider it a great night. I am also an ass man, there's just something about a nicely shaped ass, that really gets me hard. I see a nice ass in a tight pair of slacks and I can only think about burying my tongue between those cheeks and going for broke. This particular evening, there was some country music show at the local venue, and our hotel was full of HOT, and I mean HOT country music lovers. Ever notice how country music lovers like to wear tight jeans? I did and spent most of the evening with a major hard-on, thank God I had thought to wear a jockstrap, so I at least kept it somewhat under control and not very visible. At least I was making good tips, I guess showing a little bulge can always help.

Around 3AM room 1403 called and ordered a Pizza Chocolate Strawberries, Strawberry Ice Cream and cookies. Sounded like the munchies to me, but I put in their order, got the delivery cart ready and went to the kitchen to wait on the food. We make our pizza almost from scratch, the dough is frozen, but we add everything else, so I knew I still had another 15 minuets or so before the food was ready. Not a problem, I had the hots for the overnight cook. He was roughly 5'9" 180# maybe a 32" waist and from previous boring nights, I knew he had a sweet smooth ass as well as a nice 7" uncut cock that both of which I loved tasting. He liked mine as well, especially when I shoved my thick cock into his tight freshly eaten ass. As we chatted while waiting for the food, he mentioned he had forgotten to buy a bus pass, and wondered if I might give him a lift home. He smiled and squeezed his cock saying it would be worth the drive, I squeezed mine in response and said I could wait to give him a ride ... home.

By the the food was ready so I wrapped it all up, and took it to room 1403, I was day-dreaming about taking the cook home when a vision wrapped in a silk nightie answered the door. Like I said I'm an ass man, but this young lady was smokin'. Long blonde hair, a nice set of (I'd guess) 34D's a slim 29-30" waist and legs that just would stop, right up to her, OMG sweet ass. I was drooling by the time she turned back around and invited me in. It took a lot of concentration to go over the order and explain the bill, and where to sign. Just then a gentleman emerged from the bathroom, wearing a pair of leather shorts. He was roughly the same height as her, hairy legs, hairy chest that was maybe 46" and a nice trim 34" waist. Then I saw his ass, perfectly molded within those leather shorts, and did it ever look firm. He went over by the window, and as I thought of burying my face in his ass, she cleared her throat," Humhh, here's you book back, I hope I did it right." It took two attempts to get the book from her hands, I just couldn't take my eyes off of his ass. He reached back and scratched one cheek, "I'd love to scratch that then lick it, bite, it kiss it, anything you want," I thought. She cleared her throat again. "He's got a nice ass doesn't he?" she asked.

"HUH? What? I wasn't looking." I fumbled.

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