They Howl in the Night

by WVBoy

Copyright© 2013 by WVBoy

Erotica Sex Story: Like many young lovers, Jodie and Jim spread a few wild oats and have so great outdoor sex. A story that has been repeated hundreds of times, but this time is has a strange twist.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Fiction   White Couple   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy   .

The night was dark as Jodie walked from her car to the entrance of the club. Not just normal night darkness, but that deep darkness brought on by the fact that there was no moon. This was June 6th, the first night of the new moon. The sky looked like black velvet had been glued overhead and someone had taken a hand full of diamonds and thrown them at the sky and they had stuck to the black background in a random pattern, heavy in some spots, light in others, each giving their own small sparkle, providing the only light for the dark night.

As Jodie stepped from the dark outdoors into the dim light of the club she caught the first scents pouring from the interior. As she breathed in she could smell stale beer, bad food, and something else, the scent of men. Even with the heavy perfumed body washes and colognes, she could smell the heavy musky scent of several men within the room. She knew that this was where she needed to be for the night.

By all accounts Jodie was beautiful, she was tall, just over six foot with the three inch heels that she was wearing and they shaped her legs into works of art, making the calf muscles form shapes that any man would love to find wrapped around his waist. Jodie had a body that could have been on any poster or magazine cover, slim and trim, yet filled out in all the right places. Her breasts were not large but just the right size for her frame, each doing a small dance within the confines of her loose fitting top. She loved to go without a bra, the friction between her inch long nipples and the fabric of her blouse was a real turn on. With each step she took, she could feel the caressing of her nipples as they slid across the inside of her top.

As Jodie drew in another breath filled with the scents of the club, she could feel a tingling deep between her legs. It was hard for her to keep from slipping her hand inside her short skirt and bringing herself to that peak of pleasure that she had felt so many times. With each breath she took, the scent of men went in through her nose and instantly sank to her pussy. Jodie kept herself clean shaven; she loved the way that a man's tongue felt against her smoothly shaven skin.

She had no trouble seeing in the darkened room, there were many men who appeared to be by themselves or in small groups, just her kind of place. Yes, there were several couples there but tonight she would not bother with any of those, even though she knew that it would be no problem for her to break into any couple there and steal the male away from the female. Most women didn't know how to keep their man happy enough to assure that he could never be stolen away by a beautiful woman.

As she stood there, framed by the door behind her, it only took a couple of seconds for heads to turn and eyes to gaze upon her. Whispers could be heard all over the room, she could pick up small parts of the whispered conversations, "Wow", "Where did she come from", "Never saw her before", "Boy would I ever love to get to know her". She knew that her plan for the evening had started.

After giving everyone in the room enough time to take in her beauty she slowly walked toward the bar. Her walk looked like she was gliding on a cushion of air, her hips swayed from side to side, not in a jerky motion but a completely fluid movement. The crowd had become hushed. With each step; the clicking of her heels on the hard wooden floor seemed to echo from every part of the room. Her spell had been cast.

Jodie moved first up to the bar, sliding her firm ass onto one of the stools, swiveling her body so that everyone in the room was sure to catch a glimpse of her beautiful long legs. If there had been more light many would have been able to see that she was not wearing panties.

She could feel the eyes of the crowd trying to catch a glimpse under her skirt, trying to answer the question that was on every mind. She bent low over the bar as the bar tender came to take her order. She knew that she was allowing him to see down her low-cut top, probably almost all the way to her nipples. As he took her order he could not take his eyes off of her breasts, not that she minded, but just once it would be nice to hold a conversation with a man who could keep his gaze on her eyes. Jodie's eyes were special; they were so dark that they appeared black, these were eyes that could stare a hole through anyone. Many people would become nervous when she looked at them, her eyes were able to see more than what was on the outside; she was able to stare deep inside a person, seeing the very soul of the person she was looking at.

The click of the glass on the bar and the bartender's voice brought her back into the world of reality, "This one is on the house."

Jodie picked up the glass, told the bartender "Thank you," and placed it to her lips, lips that were wet with anticipation. Slowly she allowed herself to swivel on the stool, slowly scanning the room and starting to narrow down the field for the night. That one is too short, that one is too heavy. On and on she with her critiquing of each male present. She would not make the move but would act in such a way as to invite the first move from the man of her choice.

Leaving her drink on the bar, she slowly slid off the stool and made her way across the crowded floor in the direction of the restrooms, this would allow her to pass close to most of the men in the bar. With each step she could pick up the scent of different men as she passed every so close, but not touching any of them.

The door of the restroom slowly closed behind her, she glanced in the mirror, "Perfect." That was all she could say, everything was just perfect, her lips were just the right color, her eyes had just enough makeup applied to focus on her dark eyes, every hair was in place, and she was just that, perfect.

While standing there she couldn't help but drop her hand to the hem of her skirt and slowly raise the skirt. Now her fingers were touching her ever so smooth pussy lips, she was hot, she was wet, and she was ready for a night filled with sex, fun and fulfilling her mission for the night.

As Jodie left the confines of the restroom, she took a different path back to the bar so she could pass within inches of almost every male in the club. Continuing to narrow down the choices for the night, she eliminated most of the room with a simple glance.

Taking her seat once more at the bar, she could tell that every eye in the house was watching her fluid motions as she turned back toward the bar. She was being undressed in the minds of every male; each fantasying about what she would look like without her clothes.

Even facing the bar she had a perfect view of most of the room by looking into the mirror. As she slowly lifted her glass to her lips she continued to discard possible lovers one by one until she was down to one.

In the center of the room sat a man who seemed to be about her height. His face was rugged with the full mustache, yet it also seemed to be so genteel. Even in the darkened room she could see that he was well muscled, from good stock. Now all she had to do was put the next part of her plan into motion.

After emptying the glass, she returned it to the bar, slowly turned toward the stranger parted her legs so that he would have a perfect view of the promised land. Sliding off the bar stool, once more she made her way toward the rest room. This time she picked her route very carefully as to pass close to the handsome stranger who was seated at a table with several other men. As she walked toward him she made sure that she was bouncing just right with each step, making her breasts carry on a dance of their own within the confines of her top.

The stranger could not take his eyes from her beautiful body, he wasn't just looking at her, he was drinking in every part of her body through his eyes. He had never seen a woman so beautiful in his life. Every step she took, was like music, all parts of her body flowed together with such poise and grace. He couldn't take his eyes off of her, the sway of her breasts was hypnotizing him, he was losing his will and self control.

As she passed within inches of him, he could smell her perfume. It was different than anything he had ever smelled before; it seemed to be a mixture of all the scents of the forest. Flowers, leaves, wild animals, there was no way of describing it, it just flowed through his nose and filled his body with both pleasure and desire.

As Jodie passed within an inch of the stranger, she lowered her eyes to look deep within his; she could see ever detail about him. Many things were hidden, yet to her they were as plain as reading a book. She could see his masculine side, rough and brawny and also the other side, gentle as a lamb.

This was another trip to the restroom that she really didn't need other than to touch herself once more. Within the confines of the small room she began to once more run her fingers across the now swollen lips of her pussy, this time she couldn't resist temptation, she dipped her fingers deep within herself. Jody had to bite her lip to keep from allowing a scream to slip out. She had to get herself together and make her play for this stranger. Bringing her fingers to her lips, she could both smell and taste her readiness.

As she stepped from the restroom she surveyed the room to plan a return route that would take her close to the stranger once more, not only did she want to pass close to him but she wanted to make sure that he could watch her coming toward him, watch each step, watch each bounce.

As she approached the stranger she slowed down her steps, making sure that her breasts were bouncing just right, as turned on as she was, her hardened nipples were straining at the fabric of her blouse.

A couple of steps from the stranger she allowed her ankle to turn and she fell almost face first into the lap of the stranger. Extending his hands to catch her, she managed to fall with her breasts making contact with his open hands. "Thanks for catching me; I think I turned my ankle."

Jodie stood back on her feet, but pretended that she couldn't put any weight on her left ankle. "Let me look at it." Jodie lifted her leg and placed it on the chair in front of the stranger. This had its desired effect, placing her knee right at eye level with him. Even in the dim light he should be able to see all the way up her skirt.

The dark stranger said, "It looks ok to me." With that he wrapped his hands around her ankle and began to massage it. "Does it hurt?"

"Yes, right there."

"Here sit down and keep your weight off it for a few minutes, by the way, I'm Jim."

"Thanks for catching me Jim, I'm Jodie, strange way to meet but I'm glad that you were there."

Jodie and Jim exchanged glances, trying to avoid her eyes, Jim glanced from side to side, but as he came back across her field of view, his eyes locked with hers. Now she had him, he was falling under the hypnotic trance of her eyes. His senses were becoming overwhelmed, her beauty, her eyes, her soft voice and her scent was too much to break away from.

Jim found himself melting into her eyes, he tried to escape but there was no way out, it was like falling into a deep hole, each second was taking him deeper and farther from his only route of escape.

Jodie smiled, inside, she knew that she had him hooked, "Good job," she thought to herself.

"If you don't mind, I think I'll sit here instead of making my way back to the bar."

"Can I order you a drink?"

Jim ordered drinks for the two of them. Within a couple of minutes they had been delivered to the table. "What shall we drink to?"

"New friends," said Jodie, but deep inside she was thinking, "Drink to whatever you want, you are mine."

"I don't think I've ever seen you here before."

To which Jodie replied, "This is my first time, I'm passing through town and thought I would take a few minutes to relax before continuing on with my travels."

"Then this must be my lucky night."

They sat and made small talk, sipping their drinks. Around 11:00, Jodie said, "I have to go, would you mind walking me to my car, I'm not too sure how steady I will be on that ankle and I don't want to take a chance of falling again."

Jodie slowly raised herself to her full height, presenting her wonderful body for his viewing enjoyment. Jim stood next to her and slipped his hand under her arm to help support her. As he did, Jodie clamped her arm down on his hand, forcing it into the side of her breast. How good his hand felt against her, so strong and firm, exactly what she had been searching for. The young couple made their way to the door and out into the parking lot. Jodie steered him to the dark back corner of the lot where she had parked her SUV.

As they entered the darkness Jodie spoke, "What a beautiful night, look at all of those stars, I would love to find a place away from the city so I could just drink them in."

"You should see them from my farm, it is about 15 miles out and I have no close neighbors. Many nights I turn off all the lights and sit out on the hill side and just watch the stars. I let my mind wander; asking myself what it would be like to visit some of those alien worlds."

"I know that we just met, but I'm from the city and I don't think I've ever really had a chance to see the stars without all of the lights. Would you be so kind as to show me? I'll follow you."

Jim pointed out his truck and said, "That is my truck, I'll drive slow so you don't get lost."

Slowly the couple pulled out of the parking lot, Jodie followed close behind, not wanting to lose sight of her prize. The miles passed quickly as the city lights began to fade in the rear view mirror and the stars that filled the sky grew brighter through the front window. They turned off of the main road onto a small dirt road, it was hard to see with all the dust being raised, but Jodie followed Jim to a point where they turned from the dirt road onto a tree covered lane. Ahead she could see the lights of a house.

"We are here," Jim said as he walked back to her SUV. "It's not much, but I call it home."

As Jodie stepped from her vehicle the brightness of the stars almost took her breath away. "It is beautiful, look at all of those stars, I've never seen so many."

"Wait here," Jim said, "I'll turn of the house lights and bring a flash light and we can walk back on the hill and then you will have a real view of the stars."

Jodie licked her lips; she felt like a cat closing in on its prey, her plan was working down to the smallest detail, maybe even better than she had planned. She saw the lights of the house go out one by one until the only artificial light was the swaying beam of the flash light as it moved toward her.

She went to the back of her SUV, took off her high heels and replaced those with a pair of running shoes that she always carried.

"Are you sure your ankle will support you over the path? I hope you don't mind but I brought a blanket for us to sit on, by now the grass is to damp to be comfortable on."

"It feels much better now; I think I can make it, and no I don't mind at all, I was hoping that we would have something to sit on." Deep inside Jodie knew that she would make this trip no matter what.

Again Jim interlocked his hand under her arm, this time he wasn't bashful about touching the side of her breast. Slowly they ascended the winding path to the top of the hill, with each step he could feel her breast bounce against his hand. Once on top, the sky seemed to stretch on forever. Off in the distance, small spots of light indicated other farm houses were busy with evening activities.

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