Sensual Seniors

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2013 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Working around retirement centers has a decided plus side to it.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

I went through a good bit of my military career with little thought of what I would do after. But the time came soon enough, I was still in my forties when I retired. I had some medals, a pension and little else. My wife and I had split over ten years earlier and now I needed to find a job to get me to a more realistic retirement age.

My duty had been in a construction battalion and was lucky enough to snag a job with a company that operated a chain of retirement homes throughout the Southeast. I was brought on to visit each facility semiannually and do a thorough assessment of all repairs and replacements that were needed so the crews could come in and do the work.

I had agreed that I would stay in the retirement center if there was a room available, otherwise, I would take a motel room nearby. That seemed reasonable and I went to work visiting the facilities, the first one being in South Florida. They had no room available so I took an extended-stay room nearby.

On the first week, I went around the public area of the facility assessing what needed to be done and the office began informing the residents when I would be visiting each unit.

The first on my resident list was Mabel Tomlinson and when I rang her bell on Monday morning, the door opened and a small gray-haired woman stood there asking if I was the man that wanted to look around. I said I was and she began to show me some of the things she thought needed repair or replacement and then, after about thirty minutes, offered me a cup of tea.

I usually drink coffee but tea is perfectly acceptable so I sat at her kitchen table while she got it ready. She talked a little about her life, how and when she lost her husband, how she missed having a lot of friends around.

"It just gets lonely. This is nice that you've come by. Maybe we can have tea tomorrow?" she asked and I told her I would, that I'd be here at least another week, probably longer.

So, the next morning, I rang her bell about ten-twenty and she opened it, smiling, letting me in.

"Oh, this is so nice, let's have our tea," she said and was soon pouring us both cups of tea. She was nicely dressed complete with lipstick and I thought she must have done this especially for me. She also sat near me at the table and, as we were sipping our tea, placed one hand on my thigh which, being summer and wearing shorts, was bare.

It was when her hand began to move, to rub back and forth up and back along my thigh that I wondered if she was being sexual with me.

"You're legs are so brown and tanned. You must love summer," she said as her hand stroked my upper leg. I felt my cock lengthen as her hand kept moving, then it went under the leg opening almost to the tip of my cock being held tightly in my briefs.

"Mmm, you are a handsome man, Vince, I just wish I was a younger woman. You know what I would want, don't you?" she asked as she left her fingertips inside my shorts.

"Mabel, we're all the age that we are and those things really don't matter that much." Then I laughingly added, "Just what is it that you would want?"

"This," she said running her fingers up and over the first few inches of my cock. "Yes, I used to love doing my husband, giving him hand jobs; his felt just like yours," she said smiling at me. "And yours feels like it needs relieving. Nathan would get the same way, just all the time. We had lots of sex, of course, but it was never enough so in between I would do him by hand. I loved masturbating him."

I opened my legs a bit further as her fingers slid up along my swollen cock.

"Is it something you'd like to do. If it is you might just have a willing participant," I grinned.

"Let's go in my bedroom and I'll see to you right now if you want?"

I stood up and followed her into her bedroom where she swept the covers away. "Nathan always liked to be naked when I did it and he liked me to be as well but, well, I'll stay like this if you want."

"I'd like what you want, Mabel, and what you're comfortable with," I told her and we were both soon standing there naked in front of each other.

"Can we hug first? I haven't had a naked man hold me in a long time," she asked and we put our arms around each other as her hands ranged all over my back and butt. "Mmm, this feels so lovely. And you have a cock a lot like my husband. And certainly nice and hard," she said softly as her hand slipped between us to grip my erection.

She pulled the covers back on her bed and had me get down as she got a bottle of lube out of her bedside table. She knelt down beside me and began moving her hands around on my chest and stomach, petting me, circling my nipples with her fingertips but leaving my cock alone. Her hands moved down my thighs as she softly rubbed, then brought her hand up between my legs and back up onto my chest. She kept this up for five minutes or so just softly rubbing my body as my cock twitched and jumped in anticipation.

"Mmm, he's a lively one," she said nodding at my cock. "This is going to be fun, Vince, I think you're gonna be liking this."

She moved my legs apart and led her hand up under my balls and cupped them in one and lovingly caressed them with the other for a long time, just enjoying being a sexual woman again. Then she lifted my cock and bent over to kiss it.

"Oh, I am already," I moaned as she dribbled some lube over the head, then began tracing her pointer finger around and around the head as her other hand held me up, all the time looking at me.

"You look happy, Vince, just like Nathan always did. He always said I gave the best hand jobs in the world but I never wanted to ask how he might know that," she laughed.

She circled my crown and then rubbed along the underside where it always feels so good, then took several firm strokes up and down, then went back to teasing her finger around the head.

"I don't like to rush a man's pleasure, Vince. It was something I learned as a girl. Boys just loved it when I made them wait and wait while I masturbated them. I'll speed up if you want but this is the way I like to do it."

"It's fine with me, feels so good, you really are good, Mabel. Your husband must have been a happy man."

"Oh, he was, I loved to suck him as well. I'll bet you like that, don't you, Vince? I think every man does," she laughed as she placed her palm over my crown and began rubbing circles over it. "Good, huh?"

"Oh, very good," I groaned as I felt my whole cock become electrified under her slow, constant rubbing. I'm not sure exactly how long it took but it was longer than it takes me or anyone else who's ever done me, I know that. And I cummed a ton and the force of it all practically doubled me up. This lady knew what she was doing.

She slowly rubbed my cum all over my abdomen and chest then let me go shower.

So, while I was there in her area she said for me to call her whenever I needed relief and asked one last question, "Vince, would you like to meet some other friends of mine? It might be fun for you?"

That's how I got to be standing in front of Number 207, softly knocking at the door when Nellie Petty swung it open.

"You must be Vince Turner, come in, Mabel said so many nice things about you. And you're here right when she said you'd be."

"Would you like a beer?" she asked and I told her that would be lovely. I followed her into her small kitchen as she got one out of the refrigerator, opened it and handed it to me.

Nellie was a small, pretty woman, about five-one, and in a cotton housedress.

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