Sweet Surender

by Maria Rendes

Copyright© 2013 by Maria Rendes

Romantic Sex Story: Two lovers making passionate love to each other.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Slow   .

Sleep came naturally to her that night. She'd curled up in bed reading a book and wearing her favourite Disney night shirt with a matching pair of white bra and panties. Yet as she turned the pages, her yawning was becoming more and more persistent. She kept looking at the glass of water next to her and wondered if it had been laced. Shaking that thought from her head she tried to concentrate on the page, but the words started to look jumbled up and blurry. Feeling disappointed she put the book aside and switched off the night lamp before snuggling under the covers. Sleep was almost instantaneous.

He approached the bed and watched his sleeping angel. Her hair spread around her like a halo and the moonlight shinning through the window made her delicate features more alluring. He wasted no time to undress. His excitement evident as it bounced off his belly to the thought of what he was about to do. He pulled off the covers and smiled when he saw what she was wearing and but what caught his eye, was the fact that the shirt had ridden up; showing a large expanse of her thigh and the beginnings of her white pants.

Very gently he disrobed her and took each wrist to securely tie it to the bed post, but not too tight. He neatly folded her clothes and placed them on a chair before going back to her. He wanted to take her at that very instant. She lay on her back with her arms above her head, pushing up her already full breasts with the lightly coloured nipples which had hardened against the cool air. He began to breathe deeply as the sight aroused him even more. He resisted to touch himself and ignored the little bounces his engorged member did.

His eyes travelled down the length of her body admiring her full figure, before travelling up to the junction between her thighs. He placed a hand on each knee and gently parted them before gasping. She was hairless. As her feminine features came into view his pulse rapidly began to increase. The lips tightly closed as a form of protection and the jewel hidden from sight. He stepped back and took hold of himself as he stroked himself. He didn't was to cum too soon but the sight before him was taking him to the edge.

Reluctantly letting go, he climbed up next to her and lay on his side to watch her. She seemed oblivious to his presence as she lay on her back in a sleep trance. He reached out to stroke her belly light feathery touches seemed to burn his fingertips. He leaned in to kiss her on the lips like Prince Charming would do in those cartoons. He smiled against her mouth when he thought of the things he was going to do that Disney would never show.

His kisses travelled down her neck and onto the valley between her breasts. He took a breast and kneaded it rolling her nipple with his palm before taking the other nipple between his lips and sucking on the rubbery texture and feeling it tighten. He then took turn with her other breasts and the reaction was the same. He sat back up on his hunches and saw he had left trails of fluid on her belly like a snail. He reached out with both hands and began mould her breasts again. They felt so comforting in his palms.

He slid his hands down across her ribs until he reached her thighs that had remained unmoved. He widened her thighs even more and settled between them to take a closer look. Using a finger he parted the lips to reveal her slit which was still closed. Her clit also remained hidden behind the hood. He planted a kiss directly on her lips and felt her stir slightly, but otherwise remained unmoved. Making his tongue like an arrow, he probed her opening until the tip went inside, but he quickly withdrew as he didn't intend to pleasure her with his mouth. He had a much thick object straining to be inside her.

Her ran his tongue up to her clit's hood and wrapped his lips around it and began to suck on it to entice it to come out. He noticed her breathing had slightly changed and that she was shifting under his administrations. He slowly moved up her body with sensuous kisses and not stopping till he reached her mouth. Taking hold of himself, he ran it across her opening and using his secretions to make entry slick and easy.

Her breathing was becoming erratic as her clit had emerged and the tip of his cock kept bumping against it sending delicious shivers down his spine. Being persistent he managed to push the tip inside and he had to muster all the resistance he had not to come. The warmth, wetness and tightness amazed him, he knew she'd feel great, but never imagined this great, very cautiously he rocked his hips back and forth trying not to push in too deeply.

He was so focused on the sensations that he didn't notice a pair of brown eyes burning with passion stared back at him admiring his full concentration. He immediately stopped when he saw she had woken up and was smiling back at him before her eyes gesturing to the binds around her wrists. Leaning forward he undid the binds and let her arms fall onto the pillow.

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