What Does It All Mean

by Maria Rendes

Copyright© 2013 by Maria Rendes

True Story: A conversation between two lovers.

Tags: Ma/Fa  

"Hi. How are you?" what does he want, she asked herself shocked to receive a message after four years of no news.

"I am well. How are you?" she wrote back reluctantly.

"What are you doing now?" he continued to text.

"Just the usual" she replied.

"Be at my house by 8pm before I change my mind" he suddenly wrote.

"That's not a good idea" her heart was beating so fast that she had to calm herself before she started to hyperventilate.

"I want to cool down your pussy and give it a hard fuck" he continued, totally unphased from her response.

"For four years there has been no news and suddenly you expect me to come to you?" in total shock.

"You have a nice pussy bitch" he wrote.

"Thank you", she didn't know what else she could say under the circumstances.

"Don't you miss the sex? Be honest" he asked arrogantly, avoiding her question.

"How can I miss something that I have in my life" she replied, if only he knew that he had been the only man she had known. This made her angrier that he was indulging with other women whilst she had been cast aside with no reason.

"Cool" he replied, although he couldn't tell if she was telling him the truth. He liked the fact that she didn't have anyone in her life. She was as pure as they came. He knew the other women had men in their lives, but this girl was different.

She tried to ignore him. How could he do this to her after all this time? To her he was dead, or so she thought. He'd been the one to lose contact and now he was playing the victim. She would never be free of him-that much she was certain of. She had once laughed off her friend's remark that the only way they would be separated would be with either one moving to another country or death.

She wanted to kick herself for her stupidity and loyalty towards a man who had been the cause of undeserving tears. She had to be careful and not give away any information about her life. Let him think that she had been with other men after all isn't that what he had complained about the last time; her sexual inexperience? She wanted to know what the reason was for him encouraging her to go with other men, but soon after he would call to enquire how many men she had 'fucked'. What did it matter to him whom she was seeing?

Yet deep down she felt connected to him. Maybe because he was her first and she stupidly had remained faithful. At the back of her mind a voice kept saying 'he's only using you to boost his ego, don't be fooled'. But if that was the case and he could get any girl he liked according to him, then why did he always want her?

Each day she fought hard from giving into him even though he was insistent with his lewd texts during all hours of the day. She kept telling herself that she could do better. Could she? There was no-one that caught her eye and this frustrated her more and more. He was starting to act like his old self i.e. ignoring her or texting her when he felt like it. He would even tell her that the only reason why she kept replying to his texts was because she wanted him badly.

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