Fantasy Becomes Fact

by niteowluk2003

Copyright© 2013 by niteowluk2003

Fan Fiction Sex Story: A man thinks back to his teen years when he recalls reading a true rape story and decides to plan and execute the perfect rape.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Rough   Light Bond   White Couple   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   .

Chapter 1: the fantasy is born.

John Roberts; was an average student with a sharp mind but easily distracted; you could say he was often overpowered by his mother's authority but to the outside world he was just an average guy. Every since he was thirteen he had developed a fascination with rape after reading a victim's account of being raped by a strong silent man. He read that court account in his local paper; several times before turning to investigate other true rape accounts but non of those seemed to pique his attention like the first one he read.

It involved a man kidnapping a relative; blindfolding her and immobilising her in an old bed frame; before the actual rape took place and the rape to over four days to play out. The man raped her mouth; her cunt and her anal opening several times and used a hose pipe to wash away his DNA after every rape. He only got caught when a slip of the tongue revealed he must personally know his victim intimately; and that stuck in the victim's mind. She reported the crime to the police and told them the person actually knew of things in her family only other family members could have known.

John decided to plan his ultimate rape; just as a fantasy you understand but he began to plan every single detail; from who the victim would be to how he would kidnap them; where he would hold them; for how long; How he would immobilise them and finally and most deliciously in his own mind exactly how he would rape them.

Firstly he made a list of known victims; people he would love to force to fuck him, which included his own mother; in fact his mother was top of the list as he thought how he would pay her back for all those times he had to submit to her authority. The list included teacher's who he had bad dealings with; relatives who he had often caught erotic glimpses of; and other people he knew and could easily fantasise about fucking.

Next he planned elaborate schemes to kidnap the intended victim; some of these involved him dressing up in clothes that would be unusual for him to wear including dresses and false breasts, wigs and other disguises. For example he fantasised often about kidnapping his own mother by turning up with a large empty cardboard box on a cart and dressed as a delivery man he would overpower his mother with chloroform and simply drop her body inside the box before carting it away in a van.

Where the person may not know him it was easier to fantasise about how he would kidnap them; he would get a gun and stalk the person until an opportunity to discretely ask them for directions would occur and then produce the gun and make them get into his car and force them down into the floor well where he would use the chloroform and drive off.

He always planned that his hideout or place of the rape was an old disused property set well back from the road and far enough away from neighbours as to not be a problem about noise; he even went as far as to scout out these types of buildings taking photo's to help with his fantasises.

He delighted in planning in some detail the way in which he would incapacitate his victim but in such a way that all their private bits would be accessible with the minimum of relocations. So much so that he designed and built what he called his fuck loom; it was basically two spreader bars top and bottom with adjustable side bars which would stretch the victim to their limits and a t shaped footing which when bolted to the side bars would make the unit stand up and give complete access front and rear. See attached design plan.

He spent many a happy hour wanking as he thought about committing the perfect rape crime; always he made sure that if he did speak during his fantasy it was in mono syllable tones and never using any names or personal information.

So far they was not a problem as fantasises are not illegal but as the years went on he found the idea of just a fantasy was not enough; he wanted to feel the adrenalin rush of committing the crime; the satisfaction of having power over a defenceless woman and making her take his medium sized cock in her mouth even though she did not want to; this also extended to her cunt and arse as he dreamed of total domination over his victim.

Chapter 2: Fantasises lose their effect

John had been harbouring these fantasises for years and despite him actually searching out places and victims; he found that the edge he felt at the beginning was beginning to fade; he no longer felt the same rush of adrenalin as he mentally went through with each rape scenario.

It started with him having difficulty in concentrating on the facts of his private fantasy; he would become easily distracted and lose the plot; or he would get side tracked on thoughts not sexually related to his latest version of his fantasy. Finally he noticed he began losing his hard on or rather he would find it hard to maintain an erection whilst mentally picturing what he was doing to his bound and sometimes gagged imaginary victim.

John Roberts finally accepted that he would have to carry out a real kidnap and rape or would have to find totally different fantasises to image if he was not going to carry out a rape. So in his mind he knew it was now or never; would he have the balls to actually kidnap and rape a unwilling victim and more importantly to him; could he remain undetected if he did do it.

Late one evening he was walking along a road he was not normally travelling on; when he saw a vision. Not a religious vision or even a matter of fact vision; no this vision was of a pure sexy blonde haired woman. She was five foot six; medium build with a great pair of tits and a delightful pear shaped arse; which rhythmically swung as she walked. Straight away he knew if he was going to put his fantasy into action this goddess of beauty was the perfect victim; instantly he had a vision of her hanging naked from his fuck loom, her legs stretched taut to the corners of his device while her hands form the top part of his favourite X shape and her tits were very very vulnerable. In his mind's eye he saw her with a bushy blonde haired cunt and even thought how cute it would be to trim her cunt hairs with nail clippers whilst pinching her nipples hard.

Even as he began to dream his wishes; he felt his cock harden like never before; a sign to him that this was the right on to be his first true victim. He imagined her pleading with him to let her go and she would not tell anyone; she would soon be whimpering as she tried to fight the feelings his fingers were generating in her soaking wet well thumbed cunt. Mentally he saw her tits tremble as the first onset of an orgasm ripped through her body as he systematically played with her tits and cunt whilst delighting in telling her what a whore she was and how he was going to fuck her three holes until she confessed her undying love to him. Yes in his mind's eye he always ended up being loved and thanked by his victims and always they managed to express that they had never orgasmed like this before; so hard and for so long.

Suddenly he realised he had stopped walking and looked kind of awkward stood there ogling this woman plus the fact that anyone looking at him reasonably closely would see he was obviously aroused. He turned away and scurried off rather like a rat to its lair to plan his own form of attack on his unsuspecting victim. Later he cursed himself for he knew where she lived having first seen her coming out of a house on the street where he walked but he had not hung around long enough to discover if she was single; married and whether she had a set routine.

Two agonising weeks later he had not only discovered as much as he could about his golden haired slut but also he had the final draft of a plan of action which would lead to his cock ravaging this hapless woman. He thought that the most risky aspect of kidnapping her was the point of over powering her and removing her from the street. To this end he laid plans to do both together; his ploy was simple he would require her to willingly help him and for him to manoeuvre her into climbing into his van where he could incapacitate her away from prying eyes.

So it was that on the chosen night he set the scene he hoped would lead to him being successful in claiming his first victim. He stood with his left arm in a sling beside a small but bulky sofa at the open back doors of a van; sure enough the woman came out of her house as she usually did and could not help but notice the injured man struggling to position the sofa into the van. Curiously she stepped up to him and asked if he needed any help; he silently prayed that she would not turn and retreat to the house in order to bring out some strong armed male to lift the sofa into the van.

It seemed his luck was with him as she took hold of the opposite end of the sofa and even eagerly climbed into the back of the van at his suggestion as he used the sofa to block her immediate exit. Stepping up into the van he moved close to her and began to thank her for her help; when she smiled he pounced managing to get the chloroformed gauze over her mouth and nose. She fought back and for a split second seemed as if she was going to overpower him and gain her freedom; but as she struggled the chloroform began to take effect and she found her strength waning; the last thing she remembered was the walls of the van closing in on her as everything went black. He quickly closed the van doors and tied her hands behind her back before gagging her and laying her on the sofa. Slowly now so as not to draw attention to the van he drove carefully down the road and away on to his planned route towards an old derelict house he had seen previously.

Silently John congratulated himself on such a smooth operation; he had secured his victim with minimum of fuss and noise. Now stage two of the plan had to be negotiated before the woman came to from the chloroform; the only problem was the traffic which was heavier than he anticipated at that time of day. Behind him he could already hear the blonde beginning to stir but no need to panic just yet as she was securely bound and could not be seen from outside the van without the viewer peering directly in through the windows.

Turning off the main road; John steered the van down the side road until he came to the gateway which marked the change from proper roads to dirt tracks; deeper and deeper now he drove into the woodland. The surrounding cover prevented the van from being seen by anyone other than a person using the same dirt track and this led John to smiling to himself as his cock began to twitch in anticipation of what he intended for his victim.

Suddenly he seemed to lurch the van onto the sharp left gateway and drove it into the high walled yard; but not content with this amount of cover he drove on into a broken down garage, before coming to a halt and scrambling over the seat into the back of the van. It was much easier now to subdue the woman; for with her hands tied behind her back she offered very little defence from the chloroform rag. Unconscious again; John planned to move her into the unused house; curiously he found her handbag and could not resist looking through it; he found a driving licence in the woman's name of Sarah Manning; from her date of birth he worked out she was thirty eight years old.

Carrying his fuck loom duffel bag into the old house he found that the living room had an old easy chair and an old smelly mattress and that was all, so he set up the lower half of the loom before returning to the van and humping the slumped body of Sarah over his shoulder and into the living room. He delighted in dumping her body down onto the smelly piss stained mattress; before untying her feet and re-securing them in the Velcro grips. Sliding his hand up under Sarah's skirt he was delighted to find she was wearing self supporting stockings and lacy panties.

Leaving Sarah's prone body; John returned to the van and collected her handbag before closing and locking the van. Once more in the living room he completed the construction of the Fuck loom before removing Sarah's skirt; he then fixed her ankles as wide as she could go to the base pole of his loom. Struggling now to turn Sarah over in order to gain access to her coat and blouse buttons; he cursed at having tied her hands behind her back and made a mental note in future to tie the hands in front. Realising he would have to undo her hands in order to remove her coat and blouse he took the chance of her still being unconscious. He soon had her down to her bra and panties; delighting in how hard his cock felt right now as he actually carried out his plans.

With a sense of pride in his planning; he gazed almost lovingly at his half naked victim, he the spotted the label on her bra strap and quickly checking he beamed a broad smile as he repeated to himself that she was a 38C and looking at the amount of tit flesh he reasoned she was about the same size of his domineering mother which added to his triumph. He planned to take out all his lust and hatred on this woman who could almost pass as his mother if only she had black hair.

Now Fastening her hands as wide as possible to the top bar he adjusted the side rails until he felt they could not be raised any further; then he tipped the loom upright and adjusted the detachable feet. Now his victim; his sweet Sarah; was stuck upright and unable to move. Tipping her handbag out on the mattress he seized upon a bright red lipstick and taking the knife from his pocket he proceeded to cut her panties to remove them; quickly followed by her bra. He noticed that her nipples were large if a little soft and he smiled to himself when he thought of what he had in store for those beautiful nipples.

Taking the lipstick he wrote across her stomach, "SLUT BITCH" on her arse he wrote "COCK LOVER "; with that he pulled the old easy chair over and sat watching his slumped victim. Slowly she began to stir when suddenly John had an idea and he quickly converted her bra strap into a blindfold and made sure that she would not be able to see him.

Sarah having recovered enough to try to move her arms and legs now began screaming; until the sharp stinging sensation of a strong slap grabbed her attention. Then with a rising terror she listened as a strange voice informed her that she was his Fuck slut and before he had finished she would learn to love his cock in any of her holes; he warned her that if he stuck his cock into her mouth and she tried to bite it then she would discover the exquisite pain of burning flesh. As if to reinforce this she could smell the distinct odour of petrol and she trembled at the thought of becoming a human torch.

John asked, "Sarah, are you a virgin?" and was a little disappointed to learn she was not; Again he was disappointed to learn she was not even an anal virgin; but his cock still throbbed with the rush of kidnapping a woman and having her totally at his mercy.

Chapter 3: Fantasy becomes reality

Now a shocked and silent Sarah; began to wonder what was in store for her and decided that no matter what she was going to survive. She determined that no matter what she had to do she would survive even if it meant her having to submit to every single demand by this pervert,

Suddenly she felt a cold clammy hand on her breast as if weighing it; she shuddered and a voice close to her left ear told her that she should call him master and obey his every command or she would be made to suffer terribly. As he spoke his fingers lightly crawled along her breast flesh towards her nipple; as is to reinforce his words he suddenly gripped her nipple between his fingers and squeezed hard. Instantly a searing pain shot through her left breast and she started to open her mouth to scream; only to hear that dreaded voice tell her that the same would happen to her other nipple if she let out a single murmur. Harder and harder he squeezed the nipple and Sarah almost fainted with the pain; but she remained silent.

Next John moved around in front of her and brought his mouth down on to her right nipple; instantly gripping her nipple hard in his teeth; this time he pulled his head back stretching her nipple from her breast and delighting in the feel of her flesh trapped between his teeth. Again Sarah grimaced but managed to remain silent even though it felt like he was tearing her nipple off with his teeth.

Just as quickly; her nipples were free and she managed to subdue a sob; as she waited for his next assault; she did not have to wait long as she suddenly felt his fingers on her upper thigh as it crept nearer and nearer towards her exposed bushy cunt. The fingers seemed to stroke her pubic hair before lightly stroking her cunt slit; such gently pressure was applied that his finger barely parted her cunt lips but it did manage to nudge her clit. Inwardly she groaned as she found her clit twitching at this slightest of contacts.

She tried to think of other things and hoped that this would prevent her being turned on by any contact with her sensitive clit; but it was pointless, for her cunt lips opened like the petals of a flower seeking out the warm soft touch of the sun. John smiled to himself as he noticed an increase in the moisture inside her cunt lips; and on his third stroke he paused with his finger over the entrance of her inner labia lips; her heat felt like a furnace and his finger felt oily as she could not help but lubricate it.

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