Cheating With an Audi?

by Dual Writer

Copyright© 2013 by Dual Writer

Drama Story: A wife stupidly prefers cheating.

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating   .

She laughed at me.

How do you rationally respond to a wife who laughs at your loving advances as she tells you she has a young lover who gives her the satisfaction she needs.

She actually laughed at me.

What the fuck kind of idiocy does it take to let you laugh at a guy who had recently exited the Army after spending multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan? We're talking about a guy who sighted through his scope, and shot and killed dozens and dozens of other human beings. I was done being a killer and had been enjoying civilian life, but this reawakened all of those thoughts.

Can you believe the bitch laughed at me?

My new career wasn't the most prestigious, but it would pay well. The hours often suck, but that was made up for with extra days off. I would be making far above the average wage of new college grads in the area. Because of my goal, I was also taking a heavy load through the state university's internet based extension classes.

I suppose it was a good thing that we didn't have any kids yet, although I've wanted some since we first got married.

Tammy didn't want kids yet; she said she wanted to explore all of her career opportunities before she settled down with kids. I could understand her feelings, since now that I was free of the military, I wanted to spread my wings and settle into a great occupation that let me bring big bucks home.

Can you believe she told me that she has a young stud who takes care of her needs? She even said the guy uses his smaller cock to make her feel good every time. She actually made me feel inferior for having a big dick. What the fuck?

Oh course, the first thing that came to mind and that I asked her was, "Who the fuck is this guy? Who are you fucking?"

She laughed at me.

Well, tough shit because she forgot that I've been studying police procedures and how to conduct an investigation. I had to learn all the ways to find answers if I was going to be a detective.

I woke up in the middle of the night as I had planned, and went through her purse. I wrote down all strange names, phone numbers, and locations that were unfamiliar to me. I also pulled her cell phone bill and copied it on our printer/copier so that I would have a record or who she was calling and who called her. I looked through her text messages and found several that arranged meetings and made note of the number. She had a pattern where she would text the guy, then he would reply with a place and time. There was even a place and time for tomorrow.

I needed a long range pair of field glasses, but they are expensive. Thinking that I was going to miss the opportunity to see the competition, I almost forgot about the scope on my hunting rifle. I pulled the scope off my Winchester 308 and went out to find a location that would give me a view of the area that I wanted observe.

Sure enough, my eager wife was the first to arrive on site, then a guy showed up in an Audi, of all things. They met and shared a ferocious kiss before he went into the motel office, returned, and led my wife to a nearby room.

I made sure I had his license number as State motor vehicle records are fairly open. There was no reason for me to hang around while they were doing whatever they were doing, so I left and was driving home when I saw a pawn shop that was known to be fair.

I found all kinds of goodies I would like to buy inside the pawnshop, but my current cash on hand just didn't allow it. I was living off of just over minimum wage and the small stipend allowed while you go to school.

Then I saw a very unique pair of small field glasses and was amazed at how strong they were when I tried them. The neat thing with these was the camera that was attached to them. All you had to do is pop a Kodak 110 film cartridge in, focus on your target, and take a picture. The price on the glasses was thirty dollars, so when I was asked if I wanted them, I told the man I'd give him ten bucks for the glasses.

He was going to laugh at me, but I told him, "If you loan these to me for ten dollars, I'll bring them back when I finish with them, and you can buy them back for five. That's a good deal, right?"

The man said, "If you're going to do what I think you're doing, take them for the ten, and I'll give you the whole ten back when you bring them back. You can probably use a break."

I was out of there in a flash and found a Walgreens that carried the 110 ten cartridges. I drove back to the motel, hoping they would still be there, and what do you know; both cars were still there. That's when I remembered that she had told me she had a late meeting today.

I took several pictures of the motel and surrounding area by using various distance settings on the glasses.

They both came from the room about the time I was going to leave, still hanging all over each other. I snapped them in the door of the room, complete with the room number and the name of motel showing overhead. I zeroed in and caught them in a close-up kiss with one of his hands cupping a breast and the other under her skirt. The only thing better would have been live video of what they did in the room.

You could tell they were having an intense discussion, and neither one was happy with how they left it. I wish I could read lips.

Knowing that the wife went to the store on the way home all the time, I raced home and spread my school work out so that she would think I was working hard to earn a good living.

I was all smiles when she came in, and she flippantly told me that she was going to take a nap. I figured she would probably shower before her nap, and soon heard the water running. I hope she washes all of him off her.

I knew that the only way that I would end up with everything I started out with when we got together, was to show and prove infidelity. The text messages, the telephone numbers, her verbal statements that I had recorded during the last tirade she went through, and now the pictures I had, should do it. I hoped it was legal to record what was said to me in my home. If not, she would own my socks as well as my underwear.

She rebuffed me again when I tried to tease her into some pussy that night, and with the recorder running she said, "What do I need you for when I have a stud to take care of my needs. Get away from me and find somewhere else to live. You're cramping my style."

I didn't say anything, so she sat up and said, "I want a divorce. Go sleep on the couch or somewhere else, because I can't stand sleeping in the same bed as you."

I didn't say anything once again, but got out of bed and went to the living room to sleep on the couch.

I went to work after she did the next morning. I researched the Audi's license number and found out that it was her boss' son who was playing with her. A little more research revealed that he had a wife and kid. He was going to have a problem with this.

It was when I found that the man had fifty percent interest in the business that I figured I could come out of this in fine shape. All I needed was just a little more proof of infidelity on both their parts.

I took the 110 film cartridge to Walgreen's and had it developed. The man was quick and had my pictures spewing from his machine in minutes. I was amazed at how clear and distinct the photos of their two faces were. The close-up really was a close-up. With just a little better resolution, I would be able to tell the color of their eyes.

I had checked her phone when I got up and found another message that had been sent to her late last night setting up a meeting for today. I was thinking that I might want someone else to be a witness to my sleuthing, so I looked up the guy's residence address and went there.

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