The Doctor and the Older Woman

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2013 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Dr John William Schaefer finally came to the end of his residency and accepted a job at the University Hospital, with a side job at Rest Haven, following his geriatric interests. Mag Gaines headed the records department at the hospital, and John William was in love with her, never thinking that she had her eye on him too.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

He found himself whistling, as he made his way through the hospital. Good mood indeed! The thought coursed through his mind. Yes, good mood indeed, for John William Schaefer, that is Dr John William Schaefer was finished with his residency. It was officially done.

He certainly appreciated the way that the time spent in residency broadened his outlook and increased his skills, his 'bag of tricks', as he called it.

John William was also intensely pleased that he was staying at the hospital. During his rotations as an intern and then as a resident he'd come to appreciate the kind of medicine that he wanted to practice, and, when he was offered a job on the ER staff at the University Hospital, he'd jumped at the chance with his almost immediate 'yes'. The salary was very good and the hours were so manageable that it left him free to pursue another kind of dream. He'd also signed on as one of the staff of a nearby home, Rest View. Geriatrics was another of his quirky interests.

It did make him laugh: "Geriatrics and emergency medicine," he mused with himself, "What a crazy combination!"

But he'd put in so much time on his preparation, his journey to this point and finding out exactly what it was that he was truly interested in was a huge plus for him, during all this time of preparation.

At the age of 27, John William was finally about to move into a freer period in his life. He'd been through all the time of dedicated work and sacrifice. He'd lived through the untimely death of his parents but now it looked much brighter ahead of him and he was pleased with that.

And speaking of pleased, he was right then on his way to the hospital records department. They were having a 'drop in' Christmas/Holiday party and the word was around that all were invited to stop in for a cookie and some punch.

That was fine with him. He never had time, in his bachelor digs, to make cookies or anything like that. Plus -- and for John William Schaefer, Dr John William Schaefer, the plus was a major one -- it was in records that Martha A Gaines worked, Maggie or Mag, to special friends, among whom John William counted.

John William was slim but in very good shape. He did take advantage of the hospital gym, which was available to staff members. He stood 6' even and had a shock of sandy hair that seemed to have a life and thoughts of its own, and only periodically was in accord with John William's wishes.

And, to tell the truth, John William was in love with Mag Gaines--at least he thought that he was. He certainly knew that he was 'in lust' with her, a thought that pleased him altogether. He wasn't sure that he wanted to test that idea more deeply than that just yet. He wasn't ready for it, not yet, maybe. So, that was his life secret.

They were the best of pals, had been ever since John William came to the University Hospital and lost his way on his second day and ended up in Records, where the director, who happened to be Mag Gaines, set him straight and told him how to navigate the hospital better.

He remembered that time, that rescue, if you will, quite clearly. He'd been dazzled right from the start by Mag Gaines. He shoved aside the notion that she should be 'unapproachable' for him. At the age of 40 Maggie was as pretty as a woman could expect to be in her life time. John William saw that and appreciated it. He tried to keep his mind on the friendly things that existed between them, and not think about the way her breasts always jutted out, hidden by the conservative blouses that she wore, and the way her hips swayed, beneath her skirts. That was all part of the 'dazzle' for John William but he tried hard to fend those thoughts off and not dwell on them. He was still in his 'getting established as a doctor' mode.

"After all," the thought went, "What lovely, 40 year old woman would want to take time with him, with his age, his lack of confidence about the hospital and getting around and all -- being the new 'doctor' on the block. He was so sure that she'd seen his type a thousand times before but was pleased, as time went by, to discover that Maggie Gaines was not only genuine but down right friendly.

Pushing all of that dialogue behind him, he arrived at Records and went through the door, and was immediately greeted by many of the people who were there. Then he heard it:

"John William!" It was Mag Gaines, coming toward him, looking, as usual, wonderful in a blue A-line skirt and a frilly blouse that gave just a hint of a lacy bra beneath a slip or camisole. (He pushed those thoughts from his mind immediately!)

She came to him and pulled him into a hug.

"Oh, John William," she said, leaning back and beaming at him, "I just heard that you're going to join the staff here! What a treat for the U Hospital, and all of us.

He was grinning at her now, standing with her arms around him.

"Happy holiday, Dr John William Schaefer," she said, and pulled him farther into the hug.

"Thank you, Mag!" he said with a return grin.

"Shall we celebrate with some holiday punch and a cookie?" she asked.

"Ah, yes, cookies! They have sadly been absent from my diet these many months! The lure of them, and your beauty, have drawn me here to this bacchanal!"

She laughed a lovely laugh and said: "Hardly that!"

"That indeed!" he quipped back at her and she kissed him on the cheek. (It made him shiver inside. There were times, when he wished that she knew but he was just afraid that her knowing would be the end of this precious friendship and he wasn't ready to risk that at all!)

She took him by the hand and led him around then, introducing him and mentioning to people who might not know it yet, that Dr John William Schaefer was joining the hospital staff as an ER doctor.

He refrained from mentioning to her the other job that he'd taken for some off hours at Rest View. That had to be his secret for a bit yet. He hoped she'd be pleased with that decision too.

Mag's momma was at Rest Haven. She'd been there initially to recover from a broken hip and, according to Mag was doing only so-so. Certainly her age, 85, was against her in that struggle, as he well knew.

John William was hoping to spring that particular surprise on Mag Gaines himself, maybe even that day. He knew that Mag went to visit her momma at Rest View daily, after work. He intended to be there that day and visit them. It was his plan.

The party went on for a bit and John William was pleased to get a chance to explain to people, who were interested, his choice of an ER specialty. He did keep quiet for the time being about his other interest in geriatrics.

Before he drifted from the party, Mag went to him secretly with a bag of cookies to take with him.

"Mag," he said, kissing her cheek, "You're the best of the best!"

"Hmm," she said, "I was going to say the same about you, the big newly employed Doctor!"

He laughed and said: "Yep, time to go out and spend some of my new money, maybe move away from the stalag and get a proper place to live, and a real, live car."

"Ah," she said, with barely suppressed joy, "Plans! Dr John William has plans!"

"He does!" he answered.

Rest View And A Fortuitous Accident

It was later that night. John William had gotten himself established at Rest View and tended to the few people who needed a doctor, consulting with the nurses and staff. Then he went to visit Elizabeth Gaines.

It was already after 9 PM and he didn't expect her to be awake but was hoping that Mag would be there. He was aware of the grueling schedule that she tended to keep with her visits to her momma, especially that day with the party and all at Records at the U hospital.

He entered the room and saw right away that Elizabeth Gaines was indeed in bed and sleeping. He was afraid that he'd missed Mag but movement from the left attracted his attention.

He stood and gaped, simply gaped. There was Mag in the bathroom, just putting down a wash cloth. She was, right then, naked, and in the process of pulling up a pair of pink panties. He stood. He stared. It was as though he were hit on the head by a hammer! He didn't move but then she noticed him.

Her reaction was interesting, almost amazing. She did nothing to cover herself. She stared back at him and put her hand over her mouth in surprise.

He turned immediately toward the door, his face red from the encounter. But she recovered first: "John William!" she said softly and actually gestured for him to come into the bathroom.

"Sorry, to ... uh ... walk in on you!"

She giggled.

"What are you doing here?" Mag asked, pulling her panties into place and reaching for a bra and putting it on, giving the outward appearance of being totally cool and in control.

John William certainly was far from cool; his attention was totally captured by her and her actions.

"I work here," he said, "I have the time and I give them a part time doctor."

"Ohh!" she said. "And you've caught me!"

"I did, sorry!" he said but she put her finger over his mouth.

John William didn't know what to do but Mag did. She pulled him into a hug. He put his hands lightly on the middle of here back, savoring the feel of the naked skin there, and was well aware of the fact that his erection, which he'd gotten immediately, was poking against her.

She giggled! "I can feel that, John William! Not a doctor now! Just a man!"

He looked at her then and took in her smile, and the radiance of it.

"I give myself a quick once over," she explained, "So that I can stay with momma for a bit and not be smelly."

"Aren't smelly!" he said, "Smell wonderful!"

"Oh, you are such a love!" she enthused and hugged him.

He chuckled.

"Yes?" She asked.

He blushed but she said: "Tell me! I demand it!"

"I'll have the image of you in my mind every time I play with myself for the rest of my life, I believe!"

She giggled then and put her had against his cheek. "Good," she said right away. She hesitated then: "Oh, John William," she said, "I have to dress now; momma will be waking up."

"Drat!" he said.

She giggled again. "Ok," she said, "You get to gawk at me just for another minute."

She broke off from their hug and went farther into the bathroom. She smiled at him, which turned to an all-out grin. She reached her arms up in the air and then she turned around slowly for him. The pink panties hid little or nothing. He stared at, gaped at her ass cheeks beneath the pink fabric and then the push of her luxurious pussy hair against the pink nylon came into view and the lacy bra with large, dark brown nipples pushing against the fabric.

"I'm going to cum in my pants!" he wailed softly and she giggled again.

"Got John William, Dr John William Schaefer in my sights!" she said with great glee.

"You do, Siren!" he said, and watched as she put her skirt and blouse on.

Then she took the panties, light blue ones, that she'd just taken off and put them in a bag. She shocked him then by handing him the bag, saying: "Take these and let them help you with your play time, John William!"

He just stared at her, taking the bag and grinning from ear to ear.

"We'll talk about this!" she said.

"Yes," he almost stammered. "We'll talk about this."

He left then and checked on her mother, who had made little or no progress in the past few days. They did talk about it.

The phone rang at 2 AM at his apartment. He picked it up and in a sleepy voice said: "Dr Schaefer!"

"This is the siren," Mag's voice purred and he was awake immediately. "Was wondering if you used my panties?"

"I did!" he said. "And I'll clean them for you."

"Want you to use them again now, while I listen!" she said softly.

"Ohhhhh!" he groaned. "Yes, I have them here on the other pillow."

"Hmm," she said, "My pillow?"

"Yes," he said back to her.

There was a short pause and she said in a low voice: "Did you try them on?"

He hesitated and said softly: "Yes!"

"Good!" she said. "Getting in my pants!"

He chuckled and so did she.

"Wearing now?" she asked.

"Nothing!" he said.

"Same as I am!" she said with a sly laugh.

"Ohh," he said, "What a picture that is!"

"Almost fainted earlier, when I caught you washing!" he said.

"Like it?" she asked.

"Very much!" was his quick answer.

"Tell me what you liked, John William!" she demanded.

This was going in a fortuitous direction that he might have always hoped for but never, ever thought would occur.

"Your..." he began and hesitated.

"John," she broke in, "Use the words now, use the rough words, the dirty words, the sly words, later, when we make love, that's what I want with you, John William, so later you can use love words but right now I want the other words. Will you do that for me?" she asked.

"Yes!" he said, "Your tits! Marvelous! Big! Large, large pointy nipples!"

"Mmmmmmm," John William, "You've got my motor running. I thought that I was going to have to attack you at work, in order to get your attention!" She giggled then, and was joined in the dirty laugh by his own.

"Always had that, Mag!" he said softly.

"Yes, now I know!" she replied. Then "More, John William;" she said, "I want more!"

"And your pussy, lovely, curly, thick pussy hair!" he said breathlessly.

"Yes, yes!" she sighed. "You don't mind me being hairy?"

"Mind!" he said, "It's your pussy hair that I want in between my teeth!" He finished chuckling outright.

She joined him in the laugh. "Have wanted to get you for such a long time!" she continued.

"Ohhh, how wonderful! We both had the same idea!" he said enthusiastically.

"Tell me more, John William!" she demanded.

"And your ass! Absolutely wonderful ass!" he said, "You filled my whole world! Right then and there!"

"Got me steamed up now, John, John William!" she said. "Playing with myself! Smell all nice now!" she said. "Took late night bath and now I'm a good smelling girl!"

"Panties smelled wonderful!" he said.

"You checked?" she said with a giggle.

"I did!" he said.

"Did you put them in your mouth?" she asked, in a sly voice.

"Yes," he answered. "Getting to know all my kinky things!"

"I need to know them!"

"Yes, I guess you do!" he said.

"John William, do it now; do it for me! Jerk off for me! Let me hear you doing it!" she said.

"Yes, yes, Mag, Ms Gaines! I'll just do it now."

"But tell me what you're doing, as you do it!" she said urgently.

"Prick standing up in the air!" he said.

"How big?" she asked with a snigger in her voice. "Surely you know; guys seem to know those things."

"A little less that nine inches!" he said.

She squealed: "John, John, Johnnie, John William! That's huge!"

"No means for comparison," he said.

"I have some and that's grand, just grand. That's gagging length!" she said, her voice trailing off in a giggle.

"Can't wait for that!" he said, then he added: "Stroking my cock up and down now!"

"Mmmm," she said, "Too bad you're not on video!"

"Yes, video!" he said.

"Using my panties?" she asked.

"Yes," he said, "Your panties are in my hand, the one that I'm using to jerk myself off!"

"Lucky panties!" she said.

"Ohhh, feels good!" he said, sighing, "All the while thinking of you standing there, surprised and naked. Almost peed my pants then."

She giggled! "Watch out, John William, I'll make you do that some time!"

He laughed, "Then I'll spank you!"

"Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!" she fairly shouted into the phone, "That's on the agenda! Just on the agenda. You dressed and me naked over your lap for a spanking!"

"Then I'll kiss and lick your ass!" he said.

"Yes, that too!" she said. "Coming close?" she asked.

"Yes," he said in a strangled voice. "Increasing the speed now and going to ... going to ... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"All over my panties?" she asked.

"Yes, all over your panties!" he said. "I'll clean them for you before I give them back."

"Maybe I'll give you another pair to use!" she said.

"Goodie!" was his answer.

"Or maybe I'll give you my hand to use! Or maybe I'll give you my mouth to use! Or maybe I'll give you my ass hole to use! Or maybe I'll give you my pussy to use!"

He simply groaned and groaned, while she intoned all of that information.

"Hard again!" he said, "You've made me hard again."

"Do it again, John William," she demanded, "Fuck my panties again!"

"Yes, doing it now!" he said.

"Stroke that big beauty, that big cock with my panties and think of me!" she said.

"Yes, yes! Right now!" he said.

"Tell me when you're ready," she said, "I'll bring myself at the same time."

She could hear his heavy breathing through the phone and when he said 'about now', she increased her pressure and movement of her own fingers in her pussy and came, when he did."

"You okay?" she asked softly then.

"Yes, Mag," he said, "Okay; kind of tired now!"

"You worked hard," she answered, "Both at doctoring and also at doing what I wanted you to do!"

"Yes, thank you for the help!" he said.

"John William," she said earnestly then, "I want this affair with you, want it badly, urgently, totally! It's been my barely hidden aim for a long time now!"

"An affair," he said softly, "Is that what we'll have?"

"Yes," she said.

"At least!" he said next.

"At least!" she agreed with him.

John William's intentions were not only for an affair. Having achieved a kind of intimacy with her that he was sure was never destined to be, he was equally determined now to have a relationship with her, to pursue her. He hoped against hope that this wasn't out of bounds for her.

"I'll have your panties for you tomorrow," he said.

"Good," she replied, "I won't wear any until you give them to me at work tomorrow."

"Glad I'll be wearing a long white coat," he said, "Hide my erection!"

She giggled at that.

"Going to sleep now, John William; promise me that next time it'll be with me in person!" she said.

"Yes, I promise!" he said.

"Have time this week? Dinner at my place?" she asked.

"Yes," he said, "My work schedule gives me this Friday off, and I won't be on duty at Rest View that night."

"Good," she said, "How about 6 PM at my place?"

"Lovely," he said.

"I'll give you directions tomorrow, when you deliver my panties!" she said.

"Rinsing them out now," he said.

"Put them over the bar in the bathroom!" she giggled.

"Yep!" he said.

"Good night, wonderful John William!" she said.

"Good night, beautiful Mag!" he responded and she giggled at that, as she hung up the phone.

He realized how close he'd come to telling her that he loved her, at the end of the call. But he knew that he needed to be careful with that information. He simply wasn't sure yet what her intention was for the 'affair' that she said that she wanted with him. But in any event it all left him wondering and grinning to himself. This was kind of the stuff that all his dreams lately had been made of. An affair, at least to start, with Mag Gaines! He said it to himself a number of times to test the reality of it and to simply feel what it felt like to have it happened.

In a moment of decision, a bit later, he called her; he'd memorized her number.

She already had a sleepy voice: "Hello?"

"Mag," he said softly.

"Oh, John William!" she said warmly.

"Mag, I just had to call to make sure that that phone call really occurred, and wasn't only me dreaming my usual dreams, dreams of you!"

She giggled: "I guess it happened! Was marvelous too. I'm sending you a tiny kiss directly on your cock head! That's for you, John William, to keep you until you give me back my panties and I get my hands on you!"

"Good night, Mag!" he said.

"Good night, John William, Dr John William!" she said, making the name sound like the sexiest words in the language.

It left him simply grinning! John William was certainly as close to heaven because of this as he ever hoped to be in this life! It was simply not anything that he ever suspected, though it was what he fervently longed for.

That was what was on his mind, as he drifted off, and he did go to sleep simply smiling.

He made plans so that he could stop at Hospital Records that day. He had a small bag with her panties in them; he kept simply smiling at the thought. He had a busy morning, working the day shift in the ER but it calmed down after a while and he told the staff that he was taking his break. The other doctor, John Realle Whalen, said that it seemed okay with things quiet. So, he went and made his way to Records. As he made his way to Records that afternoon, John William was smiling and humming to himself. He also had with him a cup of coffee for her and one for him

He was greeted there with both familiarity and smiles. He was told that Mag was in her office. He knocked on her office door and entered, when he heard her voice. Mag Gaines was instantly all smiles, as he walked in with the coffee.

"Oh, you brought me coffee," she said with appreciation, and then, with a smirk she went on: "But I thought that you were bringing something else that I need."

"The doctor to the rescue!" he said, taking a small bag out of his lab coat pocket and holding it out to her with a grin.

She took it and looked inside: "Oh, a pair of panties! Just what I need!"

"Are you really not..." he asked, getting red in the face.

She giggle and grabbed his face and kissed him. "I love the way that you blush at times," she said. "And, yes, I need these! I'm not wearing any. I did have a promise from you!"

While he watched, wide eyed, she stood and raised her skirt to her hips, displaying herself. With a twinkle in her eye, she showed him her naked pussy and then she did a slow twirl, putting her butt cheeks on display for him.

John William was instantly overcome with lust. It was almost as if this were going to be the very last opportunity that he'd have with Mag Gaines. As she turned to the front, he was on his knees and grabbed her by the hips, causing her to put her hands over her mouth to keep from crying out. His mouth was on her pussy mound and his tongue active immediately.

"Ohhhhh!" she breathed softly. "Didn't expect this but don't stop John William, don't stop!"

He moved one of her legs so that her thigh was now resting on his shoulder and he began to eat her in earnest, letting his hands wander back and take possession of her ass cheeks, as he licked his way and forced his way with his tongue into the depths of her vagina, always licking, always seeking, seeking.

A shock went through her totally, when his tongue finally came into contact with her center. She made a rough throat noise and grabbed him by the back of the head. The suddenness of his assault had left her with no defenses and she was quickly approaching an orgasm, an orgasm which, it seemed, he was almost pulling out of her with the clever manipulations of his tongue and lips.

"Yes, yes," she breathed hard into his hair, "Yes, this is what a lover does, this is what my love John William, Dr John William Schaefer does!" she sighed, and then her head went back and she barely suppressed her sexual noises as she clutched his head and began to cum.

When she was done, and he'd finished licking her, he sat back on his heels and simply smiled at her, getting her grin in return.

"Come up here to me now, lover!" she said. "Right now!"

They embraced and she kissed him avidly, licking at the wetness of his face herself.

"I owe you for that!" she said, "And I always pay what I owe! And next time, I'm going to make all my noises!"

"Yes, owe me! And noises! I'll like that!" he said.

"Wait 'til Friday!" she said to him.

"Coffee?" he asked, "Cigarette?"

She giggled at his suggestion and picked up the cup of coffee.

"Thank you for this and for that!" she said, smiling broadly at him.

He had a pang just then of reality, and, with the atmosphere in the room, spoke his mind: "Mag, I don't know what's real here and what's not! I'm living my grandest, loveliest, dirtiest and sexiest dream here! That's what I'm doing. But I'm seeking, reaching out for the reality that might be here."

"Oh, John, John, my John William," she cooed to him. "You and I are the reality! Can't you feel it? Feel it growing and becoming? It's frightening too, but maybe if we try to see to it, handle it together, we can work this out. Is that what you want? Is it, honey?"

"Yes," he said, "More than anything!"

He looked at his watch then and said: "I'm going to be a cad and go back to work. My break is about done."

"Eat and run!" she said grinning.

"Eat and run!" he admitted, chuckling.

"Wash your face, honey!" she said.

"Oh, yes, I'd better!" he replied.

It never left his mind for the rest of the day at the hospital.

Dinner, Exchanges And The Hospital Ball

It proved to be a busy week for the rest of the time. He made daily visits to her Mom at Rest View, and was sorry to see that she was indeed getting weaker, as the days passed. He did take time, after the work hours at Rest View to sit with Mag, in her mother's room. There was an unspoken but real connection between the two of them, as they kept a kind of vigil for the woman, who was slowly slipping from them both. John William's only point was to be there to support her,

On Thursday evening, after they'd sat for a while in her Mom's room, and he was ready to go, she went to him and put her arms around him:

"John William, I appreciate you being here with me so much; honey, it means the world to me. I know she's all but gone but she was my lifelong pal, and a great Mom!"

He held her as she talked, and then she kissed him, before he left for the evening.

"I promise that tomorrow, when you come to dinner, I'll be bright and cheery!" she said.

"You just be the way you need to be," he said.

"Oh, aren't you the best!" she sighed and held onto him a bit. Then he left.

The next day was a time off for him. He was pleased about that, since it gave him the morning to conspire and carry out a plan. He took some time to shop and had a package that he'd prepared for her to take with him to her place.

She greeted him at the door with a kiss and a hug.

"Don't you look spectacular!" he said with enthusiasm, giving her the once over with his eyes.

She was wearing a pair of tight brown slacks and a kind of off white sweater top.

"Why, thank you, John William!" she said cheerfully.

Then he handed her the gift that he'd brought.

"Oh, a gift!" she enthused, "I love gifts!"

She opened it and squealed immediately, as she gazed at the three pairs of panties that he bought for her. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, long and deeply.

"You feel so fine!" she said, kind of wiggling up against him.

"Thank you, beautiful Mag," he said, lips to lips.

"Supper will be ready in a bit," she said, "Come in and you can pour the wine."

He stood at the table and poured wine for each of them, watching her all the while. As she bent over to check the roast in the oven, her sweater got hiked up a bit and he could see the top band of a pair of leopard spotted panties, sticking above her waist line.

"Hmmm," he said, running his fingers along the top of her leopard skin panties, "Leopard skin! I like that!"

She straightened up and grinned at him: "You peeked!" she said.

"I did!" he admitted.

"There's some time left before this will be done," she said, "Come with me."

She took him by the hand into the family room, whose curtains were closed and, with him watching - staring, began to take her clothes off. She had the sweater up and off in a moment, and then her bra. Then she took her pants down and off, and stood there in her leopard skin panties.

She pushed the panties down and took them off and waved them at him, saying: "These are for you! Off with your clothes now!"

He chuckled and proceeded to take his own clothes off. Once he was totally naked, she gave him the panties and said: "Now put them on and let me see."

He put the panties on and stood there with his large erection pressing against the fabric of the panties.

"Oh, lookie, lookie!" she said. "These are for me!", she said as she took his own white jockeys and put them on, snugging them up around her thighs.

She danced around and showed herself to him, proclaiming all the while that she was the finest cat in the jungle now, with him laughing at her; then she went to him and knelt in front of him.

"This is what I want now!" she said, grasping his erection through the fabric of the panties. Saying this, she leaned forward and took the head of his erection into her mouth and began to mouth him through the panties.

She had him moaning quickly. She continued to suck through the panties, looking up at him and smiling at him as she did. She reached around and grabbed his panty covered butt cheeks and continued her sucking. She ran her teeth along the length of his erection and then clamped her mouth on the head again, and that was the end for him. He began to cum and cum, covering the front of the panties with it.

"Goodie!" she said.

"Wow!" was the only comment that he could manage at the moment.

"Dinner now, and more of this later!" she said.

"Yes, more later!" he said. "Dress?"

"I don't think so," she said. "I like you the way that you are! But we will at least clean you up a bit." She was giggling at the end of the sentence. She got a cloth then and, smiling up at him all the while, cleaned off his spent erection and the inside of the panties that he was still wearing.

"Ready now for dinner!" she said brightly putting her arms around his neck and kissing him.

"You're mine!" she said possessively into his lips, as they kissed. "Totally! All of you! Every bit of you! Mine! Do you know that?"

"Yes, yes," he sighed, "That's the coming true of my grandest dreams, wishes and desires!"

"Is it?" she asked him earnestly, "Don't play with me just now, John William," she pleaded, "Is it really?"

"It is the total and unvarnished truth!" he said to her kissing her again.

She lay her head on his upper chest and said softly: "Oh, John William, that makes me want to cry for the joy of it!"

He held her as she sobbed, and now and then kissed his chest.

They sat to dinner then, dressed as they were: she wearing his white jockeys, and he wearing her leopard skin bikinis. They continued to giggle and laugh about their outfits throughout the dinner but by the time that they were finished with dinner, both were so excited that they left the table to be cleared later and he got up from his chair and simply grabbed her up in his arms, with her sighing and giggling, and carried her to the bedroom.

"Gonna get into your pants now," he said.

"You already have!" she said triumphantly, "You'll have to get into your own pants now, big boy!"

He grinned at her fiercely and pulled the jockeys down and off, throwing them into the corner of the room. Then it was her panties, that he'd still been wearing that went into the corner of the room, and he crawled up onto the bed to be with her.

She lay with her legs spread wide to invite him inside. He snuggled between her legs and entered her easily.

"Been ready for you!" she said, her voice already straining. "All ready for my doctor! My love!"

They began their love making at a slow pace. She held him around the shoulders, as he moved on top of her.

At one point, with him lying down on top of her totally, she whispered to him: "Doggie! Please! Do me that way!"

He chuckled and said: "Yes, my dirty girl!"

"That's who I am, I just am your dirty girl!" she said, as they scrambled into position.

He was behind her now and entered her easily. She thrust herself back at him, moving her butt into his stomach. He reached around and grabbed one of her large breasts in each hand, getting a loud 'mewing' sound from her, when his fingers reached her nipples and began to pull at them, pinching now and then.

It was too much for Mag. She put her face into the pillow and simply howled, as she came from his treatment of her. She squealed then, as he moved quickly and ended with her straddling him, and him reaching out for her nipples, as she sat down on his erection. She began to giggle and bounce on him then, squeezing her thighs and vaginal muscles until she had him cumming.

Then, as he finally popped out of her, she lay down on top of him and wiggled around, gradually working her way to his side and speaking to him directly into his lips:

"I love you, John William! I do! And I want you to know. I know how much older than you I am but if you want an affair with this old woman, you've got it."

He spoke back to her then: "Talk like that, Mag, and I promise that I'll spank your ass!"

She squealed in delight: "Mean it? John? Johnnie? John William? Mean it?"

"Every word!" he said.

She grinned at him and said: "Did you know, doctor, that I'm older than you? Are you into old women?"

"There!" he said, "You've earned it and I'll make sure that I deliver!"

"I'll be waiting!" she said grinning.

He stared into her eyes then and said: "Mag, I'm not here for just an affair! I want you to know that from the beginning. I love you too, and have for all these months since I first met you at the hospital. I'm not here for anything short, or brief, or shallow!"

"Oh, Johnnie!" she sighed and put her head against his shoulder. "What a lucky girl I am!"

She looked into his face again and said: "Let's go to the Hospital Holiday Ball and show the world! Can we?"

"Of course," he said, "I love dancing!"

"Goodie!" she said. The she gave him a twinkling look and said: "Do me a favor?"

"Yes, anything," he said.

"Oh, goodie! Right answer!" she answered. "Fuck me again. I'll help!"

She moved then and made her way down to where his flaccid penis was lying against his thigh. She took it into her mouth until it had risen again, loving the sense of it growing in her mouth and threatening to choke her.

"Love the length, the fatness, the bigness of you!" she said. "Maybe I should tell the girls at the hospital and get you some business!"

"Make some money off of me?" he asked with a grin.

"Great idea!" she said, and then: "No, no, bad idea! I'm not sharing! Not at all!"

"Can you stay the night?" she asked softly.

"Yes, love to," he said. "I have the afternoon shift tomorrow."

The time passed quickly for them. They were constantly in each other's company. Mag had, for a number of years, purchased classy looking dresses for the holiday ball but always was one of the single gals at those events. It was always: look great, walk around, talk to the single gals and then go home.

She chose, for her outing with John William, an ankle length light green dress that simply clung to her.

She opened the door for him, when he arrived and smiled as he took time to simply gawk at her.

"My heavens, Mag," he said finally, "You are lovely beyond words!"

She grabbed him into a hug and said: "Oh, exactly the correct thing to say!"

"Here," he said, "I brought you these."

She squealed her delight, as she opened the gift and found a pair of diamond stud earrings.

"Oh, John William, how beautiful!" she said to him. "Help me put them on."

They mixed and talked to friends. While it was true that John William was new to the hospital staff, he was certainly popular with those he knew and Mag was everyone's favorite.

"Oh," she said to him, at one point, "Here comes Alice Murth; she is terrible. You'd best be prepared."

"Maggie," the short, stoutish woman said, with a kind of evil grin on her face. "Hired yourself a toy for this year! How imaginative. Going to share him? Does he have a going rate?" At the end of this she was giving them both a wide grin.

It was John William who spoke first: "Let me introduce myself," he said, "You apparently don't know me."

He said it with such cool authority that already Alice's smug look began to change.

"I am Dr John William Schaefer, a member of the hospital medical staff," he went on, and the smile left Alice's face altogether.

"I don't know who you are," he said next, "But I will thank you to not be rude to Mag, the woman that I intend to marry!"

Mag was gaping! Alice was about to strangle on her own tongue. She had at times a waspish personality but did revere authority.

"Sorry, doctor," she said, "I had no idea!"

"No, I guess you didn't!" he said.

"John William," Mag said, "Dance with me! Excuse us, Alice."

But John William bent forward and said, in a soft voice heard only by Mag and Alice: "Alice, when I get her home tonight, I'm going to strip her naked and, before I ravish her, am going to turn her over my knee and spank her naked ass!"

He was grinning as he finished. Mag had her hand over her mouth suppressing a squeal and Alice went positively pale.

"Yes, of course, doctor," was all that Alice managed as she wandered away, and John William took Mag to the dance floor.

She was giggling in his ear right away: "Marvelous! My Johnnie was marvelous! And do you know what I'm gonna do? Do you, huh?"

"What is that?" he asked, grinning at her.

"I'm gonna let you stick that big thing in my ass tonight!" she said, licking his ear.

"Oh, progress!" he said, "You mean after I spank you!"

"Yes," she said softly, "After you spank me!"

"The woman I'm going to marry?" she said faintly.

"Need to think about that one, I guess!" he said, "Sudden inspiration!"

"I like the inspiration!" she said, "Even if it was only part of the campaign against Alice.

"Maybe it wasn't!" he said.

"Ohhhh!" she moaned and they let it drop but it never left their minds, either of them.

They were grinning at one another and Mag happened to look to the side and saw Alice looking at them.

"John William," she said, "I have a request."

"Yes, love?" he responded.

"I want you to ask Alice to dance; I know how these things are, when you're only ever a spectator."

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