The Adventures of That Lovely Child

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A young man, who is a hit with the girls because of the sizes of his cock and his adventures through school and into the work force

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Rough   Gang Bang   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

What ever it was about Warren Greenmonth he had a something about him that attracted him to women. Even as a baby he was always given phrase by other women. 'Oh! Isn't he a lovely child' or 'What a love smile' or 'What beautiful skin he has' and finally one comment that would become a trademark given by a casual teacher 'I bet he will be a hit with the girls', not only because of his beauty but because he had a prick on him that was double the size of any boy of his age.

He may have had the physical attraction but his academic progress was slow and in an all boys school he received no advancement what so ever to the extent that following the advice of an educationalists he was taken out and put into a public school whose reputation for learning was well down the list, but it was a school where his guardians thought he would be toughened up. It was also where he began to realise that he was attractive to girls who made it plain to all that he was on their 'hit list', especially as he was good on the sporting ovals. The school may not have much in the academic field but it did have a good sports team and it was after one spectacular sporting achievement that was gained in a finger nail finish with an opposite number in the education field; that he was to experience his first sexual adventure.

He was mobbed, especially by the girls, both senior and junior. For the seniors it was his cock that they wanted for rumours circulated that it was enormous, for the juniors it was hero worship. In the showers it was where he was to gain the reputation of being 'well hung' and as where the junior girls worshipped him as a hero, the senior girls worshipped his cock. Discipline in the school wasn't great. Its teachers knew that their placing was because they didn't match the requirements of the education department, so they really didn't care so when half a dozen senior girls invaded the showers, the teachers showed no interest or concern. The girls swooped, taking the boys by surprise but the greatest surprise Warren was to receive when his cock was seized and sucked, by a totally naked girl. The girls had stripped even before entering the shower and although he had never witnessed a naked woman, nature took over and with naked bouncing tits and very hairy groins running amok, his cock rose to the occasion. Now as he was sucked, his teeth almost rattled but when the girl guided him between her spread thighs and worked his throbbing and enormous cock into her pulsating cunt and said 'push' he entered a world, that was going to be a very visited place over the coming years and as for the girl and the other girls as well her backside would lift off the floor and she would buck as that great tool was plunged to areas in their cunts that no cock had ever graced ... He fucked and that great cock serviced all those girls and their cries of fulfilment was to be music to his ears as their 'Ahhhh's' and 'Ohhhh's' echoed off the cement walls of the shower room.

Popular he was with the girls, but hated by the other male students, for he could achieve in minutes what others would take days to achieve the seduction of a female student and no other boy could put a smile of the girl's faces like he could or have them walking bow-legged for days after an encounter with what the girls were calling 'The monster'. The environment was hostile so again he was moved, this time to a boarding school for he still had to achieve his leaving certificate even though he was the oldest student attempting that in a school that really didn't give a darn about academic results; for he had repeated a couple of classes along that rough terrain.

The boarding school was run by nuns, or so they were called but he was to find out that it was only a name given to a group of women who had taken over the school for under advantaged students. The school did get a government grant for there was no other like facility within hundreds of miles. The boarding school was over seventy miles from the town he called home, a town where he had been left with a carer and then forgotten by his natural mother who had found more interesting things to do than attend to an unwanted kid.

The nun showed him the facilities that although Spartan was clean. He was given a bed and a locker for his clothes in a dormitory that slept sixteen borders. He was then shown where meals were served, the times and what were required of the borders; you did a certain amount of domestic work, you washed your own clothes and in general kept your area of the dormitory clean. He was then shown the wash room and then introduced to the other inmates.

They were a tough bunch, boys who had no one to really care for them, boys without a recognized family but who had the intelligence to know they must all work together for this place was their home. However, he had to earn their trust and he worked hard to achieve that, doing his share without a complaint and gradually being accept as 'one of them' and like his old school he teamed up with the boys in his dormitory, especially with a chap, who was slightly older but was very friendly with one of the 'nuns', who although not overall attractive was well endowed for although they worn a uniform it couldn't hide her heavy set of tits.

The boy's name was Noel; he had been in the school for three years and knew all the nooks and crannies in the place. They were sitting eating a sandwich, a small snack that was available each weekend. "Have you taken much notice of the 'nun' called May?" Noel asked.

"I don't know any of them really by name", Warren replied. "There is a few and they work shift, different ones during the day to the ones in the evening".

"You can't miss May, she not that attractive but she has the biggest set of tits on any of them, they almost hang down to her navel and I think she could be the youngest. She was on duty yesterday morning", Noel said. Warren put his mind back a gear to yesterday and did recall a heavy breasted woman while he was washing the floor. "Yes there was a woman with big tits in the dining area yesterday. I didn't speak to her, nor did she say anything to me, just walked past. What about her anyway? He asked. Noel finished his sandwich and then said. "I'm going to fuck her".

Warren just caught his unfinished sandwich as he dropped it in sheer surprise. "You ... you are going to do what", he spluttered. Noel let his mind wander for a bit and then asked. "Have you ever fucked a woman, stuck your cock up their hairy cunts or if very lucky shoved your cock up their bums. Have you ever been sucked off?" he asked. Warren again spluttered for never before had he been asked such questions, but they bought back memories of his first experience in the shower room of his previous school. He admitted to all except the fucking of a woman's bum. "Terrific!" Noel excitingly said. "I reckon she would take the both of us on, may take us at the same time. The very thought of ramming my cock up her crack while she was sucking you off is already giving me a hard-on." He paused and then in almost a whisper said. "How about we go and get relieved. Outside our boundaries and down the lane is a girl, lives with an aged relative, maybe a grandmother or aunt; she is not that attractive but boy does she know what to do with a bloke's cock", he concluded.

Warren's only response was one word "Pardon!"

Noel led him to the large tank stands outside the wash room. He led the way through a narrow gap and then under the tank nearest the high fence that surrounded the school. He pushed aside a few panels revealing an opening that no fat person would ever navigate, something that wasn't a problem here for there were no fat borders. "Once on the other side", Noel said. "There is a hedge we run along that, double up for there are windows from the 'nun's' quarters that overlook it, however, once we reach the lane that runs beside the school we are in the clear. We just climb over a low fence and then half way down the lane is an old house; that is where this girl lives". It only took a couple of minutes to travel down the rough track till they reach a house set some distance from the lane, it was badly in need of maintenance. "Here we are", Noel said as he began to move towards the back of the establishment. "Don't we knock or something?" Warren asked. "Don't be stupid", Noel replied. "I have been fucking this girl quite regularly for the last year; I doubt if the relative has a clue. Every time I get a chance I'm out and I tell you this Warren, she can't get enough cock, that why I reckon she will be wrapped to have two cocks instead of one".

"What is her name?" Warren asked. Noel was surprised at the question. "I haven't a clue, I just fuck her; I'm not interested in her name".

As they rounded the side of the house the sound of chopping echoed around them. "She does most of the work", Noel said. "I have come around when she is up to her armpits in the outside maintenance. If she works as well as she fucks the old relative must be sitting on clover". He paused as the girl appeared; she was wearing a loose cotton dress and a pair of boots, she was swinging an axe. Her hair a tangled mess was hanging down her back. "Get your trousers off", Noel said as he removed his. "As soon as she comes over we get up her. None of this fucking foreplay, straight up her cunt, that what she wants and so does this old fellow that was on high alert; he flopped it up and down then smilingly said. "Now to let her know we are here".

He gave single loud whistle. The girl stopped in the art of bringing down the axe on a piece of timber, she turned in the direction of the whistle. Noel stepped into view and taking hold of his gentiles flopped them up and down. The girl put down the axe and began to walk towards them when a choking voice asked her where she was going. Her reply made Warren smile for it gave an indication of what was in store. "I'm going for a pee you silly old cunt", the girl replied for there was an outside toilet not far from where they stood. As soon as she was in reach Noel grabbed her and pulled up her dress and removed it, she was naked, no bra or panties. He pushed her down and snapped. "First suck our cocks" and within seconds gave off a groan of pleasure as she began to gobble on his erection while reaching and, to Warren's joy grabbed his cock and began to give it the manual treatment. Noel then stopped her, turned her around and drove his lubricated cock up her cunt while her mouth closed around Warren's now throbbing length.

Noel fucked with desperation almost as though the girl was going to disappear. Finally he gave a thrust that drove the girl forward, taking a great deal of Warren's cock into her mouth, much to his enjoyment. Noel stayed joined till every drop of cum was transferred up her cunt and then said. "Your turn, what do you want her cunt or her bum?" Warren took her between the legs and as his cock slid up her for a second he wondered about her age, for she didn't have much hair around that crack now totally consuming his prick and her tits were not great in size, but her nipples were so as he fucked he sucked, dragging them up and taking all the nipple into his mouth. Noel although he had blown was still sporting a semi hard cock and he pushed it into her mouth and pulled her head onto it and as Warren drove his cock to the limits of her crack, she sucked on that cum covered cock so when Warren gave a grunt and a thrust that lifted her bum off the ground, Noel emptied a load into her mouth.

They left her sitting on the ground and as they re-entered the school Noel said. "Fuck that was great. I reckon that should hold me for a day or so till I can work out a way to ram May". There was no doubt it had been a pleasant experience but how were they to get the opportunity to fuck this May woman, was the question circulating in Warren's head = later that evening he asked Noel what did he have in mind. "We have to get her alone", Noel replied. "You know that every Thursday we get a bath and one of the 'nuns' is there to supervise. Well we wait till May is on duty and wait till every bloke has been bathed and when she gives a final check we appear and let her know what is on the agenda", he replied with a smile across his face.

"That won't be for a week or so", Warren replied. "She is on day shift at the minute".

"That is OK!" Noel replied. "It gives me time to butter her up".

Thursday came and the two boys went through the baths and then concealed themselves amid the laundry that was due for washing. They waited till May after drying the last of the youngest gave the wash room one final check and it was as she turned to go up the stairs both Noel and Warren appeared, both naked and both sporting monsters of cocks. May's reaction was total shock; she attempted to voice her thoughts but only a grunt came from her for there was no doubt her focal point of concentration was on those two monster cocks that were like a hypnotic interest point. In the short time they had hid, Noel had told Warren that he had given May a brief touch up, a feel of her tit and the only result was a smile, nothing else. However, he reckoned that it was an opening, maybe to what he hoped was a thick triangle of hair at her groin.

Now rooted to the spot, the two boys approach, continually flopping their gentiles up and down till Noel reached her, he moved like lighting, running up her thigh till he reached his goal and the next utterance was a long gasp as May erupted as his fingers found her cunt and began to play a sort of chop-sticks of continuous jabs. Each jab pushed her back against one of the wash tables. He lifted her up, ripped down her panties and with her thighs opened gave a gasp of sheer delight as her cunt was covered in hair. He then inserted the head of his pulsating cock in between the lips of her crack and pushed. May rose off the table her cry of 'Ahhhhhh!' echoed around the room. With a thrust that sent his cock to the depths of her crack he pulled open her blouse and her bra and then as he fucked he sucked on surprising erect nipples. "Stick your cock in her mouth and get her to suck it", he gasped as he gave another thrust, but this time her cry was stopped as Warren, taking Noel recommendation shoved his prick into her mouth, pulled her head towards him and smiled as her mouth began to do what he wanted, suck his prick.

For a good ten minutes Noel did what his heart desired, fucked May then with a gasp emptied his balls. May's reaction was a muffled gargle as Warren's cock was still buried down her throat. "Your turn", Noel said as his limp cock fell out. Warren didn't waste time and seconds later May again bucked as in one thrust he was up to his balls. By the time he blew his balls Noel was hard again. "Turn her over and lets fuck her bum", he snapped. This time May lifted herself off that table, her tits bucked and swung as Noel rammed his cock to its limits up that large and attractive bum. He fucked and he blew and Warren did like wise so by the time they had serviced her, including having her suck them both dry it was well into the night.

They helped her to her quarters, which being on night shift was a small room just off the dormitories. She collapsed onto the bed and there they undress her and although revealed in all her nakedness both boys were too exhausted to mount her again, they threw the bed clothes over her and left with a whispered comment by Noel. "You were fantastic May, same time in the wash room tomorrow night".

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