A Swing and a...

by Wicked Ray

Copyright© 2013 by Wicked Ray

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Married couple get invited to a party but neither get the details. After indulging in to much drink by both they find themselves participating in their first Swingers Party.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Light Bond   Swinging   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   .

The drive to the party had been one for the books. Ray and Debra had fought the entire way. Ray's mother had again insulted his wife when they dropped the kids off to spend the night. Again commenting on how long the twin's hair had gotten and asking if Debra had gotten them matching dresses. Debra didn't take it lightly that Marie had spoken about their son's hair that way, again.

Ray hadn't spoke up to his Mother in support of his wife, which just upset Debra even more. The ride over had been full of Debra's angry rant about Marie, Ray foolishly tried to defend his mother. By the time they arrived at the party they weren't even speaking to each other. Ray had made a snide remark on the walk to the door that he knew who was going to get smashed at the party, to which Debra replied maybe he should try it just before the door opened and their host greeted them to the party.

Rick greeted them warmly and thanked them for coming. Ray thought he caught Rick looking Debra over and giving her a once over with his eyes. He couldn't blame him she was a beautiful woman and Ray often wondered why she had married him. At 5'2" and just 98 lbs. her 34C -26 - 32 frame wrapped in the sexy red dress was something to behold. Debra had gone to her hair stylist earlier in the day and had her bottle red hair made up to frame her beautiful face perfectly. Her diamond stud earrings, pearl necklace and red painted lips topped off her amazing appearance.

Neither Ray nor Debra knew Rick or Sharon very well and had only gotten to talking to the couple at their daughters softball games. Allie, Ray and Debra's daughter, had become good friends with their daughter Elizabeth, and so they had invited one another over for dinner twice the third event had been to this party. Ray had been given a written invitation at one of Allie's softball practices after talking to Rick for a while waiting for the practice to end. Ray had been distracted with the zipper on his jacket and hadn't paid much attention to the talk before Rick offered him the invitation, nor had he made it home with it, having lost it somewhere between the field and home. Had he paid attention to Rick that night or allowed Debra to see the invite then the couple might have had an idea what they had been invited to.

Ray had told Debra about it when he got home but Debra had to call to find out the when and where. She had called Sharon and gotten that information but had to hang up the phone when Ray's parents showed up with friends without calling ahead. Sharon had just told Debra to wear something sexy when Ray's parents showed up. Debra hadn't heard anything else Sharon told her before she had to hang up to deal with the intrusion. Had she not been distracted by her mother-in-law she might have heard Sharon ask her if she knew it was a Key party and what that meant. She might also have responded differently when Sharon asked her if she and Ray had been swinging long. Instead she answered "yes, yes I will have to see you at the party. We're really looking forward to it, see you tomorrow night. Sorry I have to go."

Now angry and at the party Debra quickly made her way to the kitchen after Rick told her they had the bar setup in there. He then held out a hat and asked Ray if he wanted to put his keys in. Ray looked at the 7 sets of keys in the hat and thought what the hell he would get just as drunk as his wife. If getting drunk was fine for her it had to be fine for him and hell, she suggested it. They didn't live to far away and the cab ride home wouldn't be that much. Deciding he too would get drunk he dropped his keys in the hat and headed for the bar himself.

Debra already had a screwdriver in her hand by the time Ray made it to the kitchen for a beer. He looked to her and saw her angry glare as she stormed off to the living room with the other women. Ray made his way out back to the deck with the guys. Rick and several of the men hung out around the grill talking about one another's wives and girlfriends. Ray couldn't believe some of the things said about Rick's wife and her oral skills by many of the other husbands. Ray had started talking college football with Reggie a friend of Rick's and former college player. He was asked several questions about Debra from the other husbands but usually responded with smart ass remarks about how cold and frigid she was when asked about her bedroom habits. The beers flowed freely till after dinner when Rick broke out the scotch and then the men moved into the den.

Debra found the girl talk at the party very frank as the woman openly discussed and commented on each other's husband's endowments in the crudest of manners. Ann and Sharon seemed to know a lot about one another's husbands' sexual prowess. Sue a woman Debra had just met at the party had been going on to Debra about how cute Ray looked. Debra rebuffed Sue's suggestion and tried to explain what an idiot he was.

When she talked to Ann after her fourth stiff drink Ann pointed out Debra was hitting the booze pretty hard and noting she had to get blitzed at her first couple of these parties. She asked Debra if this was Ray and hers first party. Debra replied no of course not, she was just drinking because Ray was an idiot. If Debra wasn't already so inebriated she might have given their conversation more thought. Instead she went on to bitch about Ray some more to this woman she had just met. Another new acquaintance of Debra's a single woman named Jill offered Debra a little white pill explaining it would help with the hangover and make the night more enjoyable. Debra gave it a look turning it over in her palm and thinking it looked like the pain aids she bought at the gas station they too advertised to help with hangovers and popped it in. She washed it down with the last of her fifth drink.

Debra had gotten blitzed by the time Sharon served dessert. She danced with the other women to songs on the radio and glared at Ray every chance she got, but never said a word to him. She was too drunk to understand what was happening when Sharon asked her to pick a key from the old cowboy hat. Explaining that since it was Ray's and hers first time at one of their parties she got first pick. Debra simply reached in and finding a single key attached to a fuzzy rabbits foot pulled it out without giving it a thought.

"Oh Deb you lucky girl you picked Rick you're going to be so happy you did." Sharon said leading the very drunk Debra by the arm to the Den. "Oh Rick guess whose key little Debra here pulled out of the hat." Sharon said entering the den with Debra in tow.

"I don't call it my lucky rabbits foot for nothing!" he said to the jeers of the other men while taking Debra by the arm. Leaning in close to her wrapping his arm around her tiny waist he asked her "I like to be nice and share at these things, how about you?"

"Yes, I share. I like to be nice and share." Debra said clueless to the meaning of the question or what was about to happen.

"Great! So let's establish your boundaries. You have any limits or boundaries your uncomfortable breaking at the party tonight? Any personal limits, boundaries you don't want to break?" He asked and waited for an answer. After several seconds without a response he added "Anything you and Ray have agreed is off limits?" Rick asked her seeing his wife Sharon lean in to hear Debra's answer.

Debra very drunk and confused heard the question as if Ray controlled her. "Ray can kiss my ass! Taking his mother's side over mine I swear I would be amazed if even had a pair." She slurred drunkenly.

"So you're good with me and any of the other guys who might be interested?" he asked excitedly looking first at Debra then to Sharon. Neither had any idea she was clueless as to what was being asked of her. They had both been swinging for more than five years and had encountered more than one young housewife who had to muster her courage from drink.

"Yea I'm fine with you guys. It's Ray I have a problem with." She muttered taking the final swig of her very stiff screwdriver and glaring at Ray. She had made it herself and the orange juice was more to hide the fact is was mostly just vodka, her eighth in just less than three hours.

Sharon took the empty glass from her wobbly hand and smiled at her overly happy husband and said "Oh you lucky, lucky man. You and your friends get her and you still have me." She told her husband and winked at Ben whom she had been with several times in the past.

"Great guys she's good with it give us half an hour or so." He called back to the men in the room while leading Debra out of the den and then scooping her up in his arms carrying her up the stairs.

"Oh I can't wait to get busy with you Deb. Tell me you like being tied up?" he asked pulling her close to his face as they made it to the top of the steps.

"Yea, Yea I do." She answered in her drunken state lost in his eyes not sure just what was going on. Still not registering what he was talking about. "I like to keep busy."

"Oh don't you worry we'll keep you busy." Rick said now standing in front of his master bedroom. He lowered her back to her feet gently and opened the double doors to his bedroom suite.

Those words ended as his left hand was softly placed in the middle of her back and pulled the zipper on the back of her red dress down. He pulled the dress off Debra as she stood before him drunk and shocked by what was happening. Rick knew he had a wild one staring at the young mother now wearing only a black Victoria's Secret corset with matching garter belt, hose and panties.

Rick dug in scoping the petite woman back into his arms and kissing her passionately on the lips. Debra was lost in the moment. She had no idea what was happening and as drunk and confused as she was she did what came natural. She kissed him back as his hands began exploring her body.

Back in the den Ray had asked what was going on after watching Rick walk up the stairs with his wife in his arms. He was told to relax he would get his turn soon enough. Ray started to get up but fell back down far too drunk to stand. Ray didn't drink much of the hard stuff and had drank several glasses of Scotch he had been given along with a shot of Jose. The combination had knocked him on his ass. Another glass of Scotch was handed to him as someone asked him his thoughts on the Mets prospects for the next season. His cloudy mind had already lost track of his thoughts of concern for his wife and he passed out before finishing his drink.

Debra's mind was lost in a cloudy state as well. She wasn't sure when they had made it to the bed or when Rick had removed his pants and feed his hard cock into her mouth. She was however keenly aware when he slipped first one and then a second finger into her slick cunt. She was really enjoying his handy work when he slipped off the bed and walked to the dresser. Debra said nothing as he pulled several lengths of rope from the bottom drawer and returned to her side.

She told him "No" as he slipped the rope around her elbows after pulling them behind her back. He slapped her butt playfully and told her to "Shut it. She knew she wanted it." as he bound both her arms behind her back securely.

She was still in a daze when he dropped her to the mattress again and moved between her legs. When had he taken off her panties she wondered as he ran his stiff cock back and forth across her glistening pussy? He teased her with the hardness of his massive cock as he ran it over the lips of her puckering sex tempting to enter her at any moment. In the middle of a long passionate kiss he finally sank into her womanhood gingerly several times before spearing in as far as he could. He then rolled her over so she was riding him. She couldn't help but pant as he began thrusting into her. His strokes so strong and powerful sending waves of pleasure thru her body, she closed her eyes lost in the moment.

She wasn't sure his endowment was any longer or thicker than Ray but he sure felt better than Ray, she thought not realizing the effects of the pill she had taken earlier.

The thrusting continued driving her wild as this virtual stranger made love to her helpless body. She was so lost in the moment the waves of passion and feelings of helplessness from being bound flowing in her. She lost track of everything around her until Rick flipped her back over to her back and really started thrusting into her even more powerfully. He pulled her breast free of the corset and suckled them aggressively as he drove into her with total abandon.

She opened her eyes again as she felt the powerful stream of sperm fired from Ricks cock hosing down her womb. "Sorry I forgot to ask did I need to wear a rubber?" he asked staring down at her.

"To late. Too late, it's too late. It doesn't matter anymore" She mumbled as he climbed off her.

She looked up still confused when she saw Ann's husband pull the condom off his already hard cock.

"Great I was hoping for this chance all night." Ron said as he climbed on top of Debra and slid into her already well used cunt. Debra began looking around the room shocked to see Blair sucking Rick's single friend Tony. She also saw Reg a large black man whom had been introduced to her as one of Ron's friends getting undressed behind him. Barry the other black man at the party grabbed her hair and fed his dark black phallus into her mouth.

Instinctively Debra began sucking the thick black cock as she slid back and forth on her bound arms under Ron's steady thrusts. Her drunken mind thinking back to the first time she was enjoyed by two men at once.

Her sophomore year of college she had attended a frat party. As a cheerleader she was always being asked to them and rarely attended. She had decided to go to this one after her older sister, the bad girl of the family had just totaled her new car and their father had bought her another without batting an eye.

Debra was so angry at her father this was just like him. Her own car had been hit months earlier by someone else while it was parked and her father left her dealing with the insurance company to get it fixed, it still wasn't. To get even with her father she decided to go be crazy at a wild frat party. It seemed like a logical reaction to an angry young lady.

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